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Apologies to recent visitors. Since we updated our PC and browser we have lost access to this video, which shows a jellyfish pulsating in water.

All living things pulsate. Orgonotic pulsation is the core life function, discovered by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). For the rest of this video see orglancs channel on YouTube and the complete film, Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich. This video clip of a pulsating jellyfish doesn't work any longer. Our apologies for this minor difficulty. The link below will take you to the complete video on YouTube. 

 ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dLMvzpdsYo )

The most active page on our site is the News Page. If you are not sure where to go first, please try that page. If you are a complete beginner, you may find What is Orgonomy? of interest. C O R E has run two teaching events this year at Easter on orgonomic midwifery and the bion experiments. A summer week in August for complete beginners on orgonomy in general was planned, but had no subscribers. Please go to Events Page to see what you missed and the sort of events we run.

Please note the Quick Page for those with not much time. This site is being added to frequently. Please visit regularly to keep up to date with C O R E's activities and news. Something new is added to the site almost every day, mainly on the News Page, but also on any page that becomes topical. Recent additions include items on the Booklets PageBirth Page, Artificers of Fraud, and the Bion Experiments page. The latest new pages are VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarean) and the text of Dr Hanspeter Seiler's article on spiral cultures. Equipment for Doers was an earlier 'new page' of  information collected on one page for those looking for information about the many technical devices, binoculars, microscopes, etc, that are mentioned  all over the site in different places. Another new page now includes the whole text of C O R E's booklet The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding. I have also written a new page on Work Democracy. Further recent additions are Orgone Accumulators, YouTube Videos, Picture GalleryOrgonomic Functionalism, the history of orgonomy, questions and answersstudying orgonomy, the Reich blood tests, and Sensing the Orgone.

Special interests:

C O R E, founded by Peter Jones in 1996, is the UK's only orgonomic research and teaching organisation. Our main aim is to tell the world and in particular the UK public, about orgonomy and to offer teaching resources to students interested to learn about orgonomy. We publish an extensive range of informative booklets on orgonomy and three books, Artificers of Fraud, Orgonomic Midwifery, and Bions for Beginners. The second title is a very basic textbook on  the use of orgone therapy in childbirth and pregnancy and is designed for midwives and ante-natal teachers, though expectant mothers may find it useful, too. We also conduct scientific research, run events, and contribute to orgonomic conferences and seminars in other countries. (There aren't any in the UK!) For further information, please look at our site or contact us at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk Thanks for your interest.

This picture gives a good impression of C O R E's very crowded work facilities, a corner of our microscopy 'lab.' The bench carries books, specimens, microscopy sundries and the new Brunel SP150 to the right. To the right of the bench is our orgone accumulator and on top of that stored empy boxes for fragile equipment, if we ever have to move, and a bale of Thermafleece sheep's wool roof-insulation for lining accumulators with. On the extreme right you can see the edge of a book-case which holds many valuable items on the history of science, especially biology and microbiology. A cluttered treasure-trove, but nevertheless a treasure-trove. We, PJ and visiting students, have managed to achieve good work here.

Thank you for your interest in C O R E and orgonomy. We hope you find the site interesting and informative. We have done our best to ensure accuracy and good sense. Please let C O R E know if you find anything inaccurate or incomprehensible. Please click on any of the above page names to learn more about a particular aspect of orgonomy or C O R E's activities. 

My book on the history of the discovery of the bions by Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich has now been published. For more information about the book and how to order, go to Artificers Info Page. To read some comments on the early readers please go to Artificers Comments.

C O R E offers all new enquirers a free copy of our booklet An Introduction to Orgonomy or another of our booklets, if there is some particular aspect of orgonomy that interests you more than that booklet. As you will see from  the list, the titles cover a very wide range of subjects. (Incredibly, out of about 70,000 site-visitors since we first posted this offer, only seven people have taken it up and asked for  a copy. We have heard from only two of them since. From the others, not even a thank you!)  Please go to Booklets for details.

A recent addition to C O R E's site is a selection of sample pages from our booklets.  Four have been posted so far, and we hope to post one from every booklet. This may help to give newcomers to orgonomy a more informed impression of what orgonomy is. Please go to Booklets to see these pages. Thanks to our colleague in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, for suggesting this obvious, simple improvement. Also the full text of other booklets is being added where this has become important. See the appropriate pages for The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding, Orgonomic Functionalism, The Orgone Accumulator, and A Seed-Germination Experiment with the Orgone Accumulator.  This booklet shows you how to carry out the experiment, the result of which is shown in a photograph on various pages of this site. Here it is yet again immediately below. It is impressive evidence for the effect of the orgone on plant life. A motivated ten-year old could do this experiment. If you look carefully, you can see in the dish on the left many more white shoots of the beans germinating in the orgone accumulator than in the control seedlings on the right.

Thank you for your interest in orgonomy and C O R E's website. C O R E urgently needs the help of a skilled volunteer who can manage the site for us and help with design and uploading. We still cannot manage to upload video clips and can only just cope with pictures. Apparently, according to one.com's statistics, we have many Russian visitors. At last with a newer version of Word we can upload text in Russian and have already posted a translation of the What is Orgonomy? page in Russian здесь.

To see one of C O R E's latest publications, please go to YouTube to see our video on Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich and the Discovery of the Bions - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dLMvzpdsYo We have posted a further video on this topic - Life from Sterile Hay-Infusions? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXickkE3aDU There is now a page containing the links and background details to all our videos on YouTube.  A page on The Future of Orgonomy in the UK was posted in January, 2011. (At the moment it has no future at all, so if orgonomy is important to you, please get in touch to see how we can change this situation, especially if you are from the UK, as this is particularly a UK problem.) For a complete list of our paper publications, please go to Booklets. NB Offer to all newcomers of a free copy of Introduction to Orgonomy or any other booklet of your choice. To obtain this all you need to do is to send us your postal address - info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . (No contact details handed out to anyone else.)

Peter Jones, C O R E.

Last updated -  September 15th, 2016.