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PayPal Link for Buying Artificers

The PayPal link is up at last and you can go to it either by clicking on the old links at the top of other pages or go to artificers-of-fraud. I hope this works. It has been done for me by helpers and I am not sure how it all works. Please complain to if you are having problems. (6. 6. 13.)

I've seen the new PaPal link page today, so it  should not be long now. Thanks to our helpers in London, who are doing all this for C O R E. (23. 5. 13.)

The PayPal link to enable people to pay for copies of Artificers onlineis in hand and should not be long now. My apologies for the delay in arranging this, if it has kept you waiting. A few people have bought and paid for the book from outside the UK, so it can't be impossible, if you are really motivated, even without PayPal. (22. 5. 13.)

Artificers - Progress?

Progress? You must be joking! Alas, (you know what's coming, don't you?) there has been no progress since I posted the paragraph below. Artificers has not been ordered by a single UK bookshop or bought directly via C O R E's website by a single UK reader. There has been a small number of orders, but these have all been from people known to me already. There has not been a single order from anyone new to orgonomy who has read about the book and found the information interesting enough to make them want to read it. On top of this bad news, we have not been able to rent a stall at a forthcoming book fair in London to be run by the Association Of Radical Booksellers. The man organising it says they are fully booked and anyway he thinks C O R E's 'esoteric' publications are unsuitable as they are committed to 'hard' politics. This is the status of Reich and orgonomy in this pathetic country. The literate, reading, book-buying public are so ignorant and incurious that they think orgonomy is 'esoteric'! That comes from a man who runs a so-called radical bookshop! Until Artificers is seen in bookshops and found by accident by people browsing in the book-shops, it stands no chance of being read outside the very small orgonomic ghetto. I don't know if it will help to get it noticed if buyers order it through their bookshops rather than through C O R E. Would anyone like to try? You will save the cost of the postage of course, but C O R E will earn less money for our building fund. Anyway, with things as they are the building fund is a distant dream, rapidly vanishing into the mist, so please don't let that bother you. (21. 4. 13.)

How is Artificers doing? Well... It's not on any best-seller lists yet, and I don't suppose it ever will be, but orders are trickling in after I have sent out almost all the complimentary copies to supporters, friends, and helpers. One of the small number of purchasers is so impressed with it that he has asked for a further six copies. Presumably he is planning to hand these out to friends and acquaintances. A few supporters have taken copies to peddle to bookshops here and there and now after everyone has commented very positviely on the book's appearance and production quality, comments are beginning to come in from those who have read it. These are all friends of orgonomy so far, so can be accused of prejudice in my favour, but comments from people who know the subject well, in some cases very well, are very appreciative indeed. All this bodes well for its eventual success at raising funds for C O R E's building project. And if it doesn't raise enough for that ambitious project, we can use the funds realised to publish other titles on my hard drive. There are still several titles waiting to be published, so there is no danger that we will run out of manuscripts! Thanks to those of you who have taken the trouble to buy the book. See my blog for more details. I will be posting a page of comments on the book soon. Watch out for Artificers Comments. (29. 3. 13.)

Publishing Information on Artificers for Your Website, Twitter, etc.

Apparently some people want to post the publishing info on their own website, Facebook, Twitter, etc and are having trouble lifting the info from this page. I have therefore posted it to a page of its own, which you can lift wholesale without any bother, I hope. Thanks to those of you who want to do this. This will help our project enormously and is exactly the sort of generous assistance it needs. Please go to Artificers' Leaflet. Orders are trickling in, albeit only from known friends of orgonomy at the moment. I don't know what has to happen for the general public, or a few of them to start buying it. There won't be any reviews of a book like Artificers. Well, I am not expecting any, except in, possibly, ForteanTimes and Nexus. There will be a PayPal link as soon as I can arrange it. (15. 3. 13.) 

Artificers Out Now!

Artificers has now been published. I have just been up to our printers, T Snape Ltd, and collected a very heavy trolleyful of copies, all in tidy boxes. What a day for C O R E and orgonomy in the UK. 1,000 copies of a book take up a lot of space, and they are very kindly holding on to the main stock while I get rid of the first 150 copies. Many thanks to Dominic Swarbrick and Adrian Corcoran at Snape's for their assistance in this, for C O R E, mammoth project. (5. 3. 13) To order copies of Artificers, please send a cheque payable to C O R E ( address below), for £13:50 for one copy and £26:00 for two. This postage rate covers a second-class package, as far as we can see, the cheapest way of posting the book to you. If you want it urgently, 'guaranteed next day delivery' for example, or ordinary first class or recorded delivery, just ask for details and we will find out the price for you from the Post Office's website. Please include an e-mail link, so we can inform you when your book(s) has/have been despatched. (We will never pass on personal info to anyone else without your permission and will not send you lots of boring advertising junk trying to sell you things. The worst we will inflict on you will be  a simple e-mail telling you that we have published another title, and that could take us another year.) (Added 7. 3. 13.)

C O R E's postal address is - Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ.

First Order for Artificers

 Well, someone had to do it, didn't they? And they have done it. One of C O R E's few UK friends and supporters has ordered and paid for a copy of Artificers, before the book is even in my hands. Thank you, PH. I often think of March 1st as the first day of spring and at the moment in the north western UK the weather has definitely suddenly become much brighter and sunnier and warmer during the day. So I can't imagine anything more appropriate than an order for Artificers. If visitors new to the site and this page are wondering why I am making such a fuss about the book, I must explain that it is not just any old book. The publication of a book on orgonomy or an orgonomic topic in the UK, the great orgonomic desert of Europe, is very rare. Artificers may well be the first orgonomic text ever published in this country. It is certainly the first properly researched, orgone-friendly text that I know of to be published here. Its reception will be a big pointer to orgonomic progress here. Publishing it is a huge gamble and I have no idea how it will be received. I shall post regularly information about reviews, any comments from readers sent to C O R E, etc. (1. 3. 13.)

There At Last!

We're there at last! I have handed in the final proofs and the rest is up to our very helpful and competent printers, J Snape Ltd. What a relief. The books will be ready in '3-4 weeks'. (PS 27. 2. 13. That means 1-2 weeks now!) Many thanks to Adrian Corcoran, Snape's printing technician, who set up the text and illustrations for me and juggled with the pictures to get them just how I wanted them. The books will arrive in time for the small group coming over to the UK for study with me just before Easter. Attached below, if I can get the system to work, are a couple of photos of the final proofs, the cover and some of the illustrations inside.


The pictures on the cover show Robert Brown, his microscope, Wilhelm Reich, and a modern phase-contrast microscope made by Zenith. The illustrations, a couple of pages out of six, show Brown's microscope again, C O R E's Brunel SP150 microscope, a Brunel SP100 set up on the corner of a dining table, to show students what one can do with improvised facilities, and portraits again of Brown and Reich. I place a strong emphasis in the book on the fact that it is possible to do these pioneering experiments in improvised home facilities with microscopes that a couple of teenagers could manage to buy together from weekend wages. I have done the basic bion experiment on a microscope bought on e-bay for £150. It is an unfortunate fact that those best placed to repeat these experiments, trained, experienced scientists, with easy access to labs and microscopes, will not take the trouble to do that and that the people most likely to have a try at them are a small handful of committed, courageous teenagers, whose minds have not been paralysed by prejudice and scientific bigotry. We shall soon see, once the book is out in the world. By the way, if the picture of Brown's microscope looks strange to you, it is a simple microscope, in effect a very high-power magnifiying glass mounted on a column which allows for accurate focussing. Brown was a genius with the simple microscope and was the first person, as far as I know, to observe the bions and to describe them accurately, though he did not know what he was looking at at the time. If you want to know the full story, you will just have to buy the book, won't you? (13. 2. 13.) 

Nearly There - the Final Hurdle

We are nearly there! I've been up to Snape's again today to hand in the corrected proofs and have arranged to drop for a final check on their corrections tomorrow. No major snags as far as I can see.  What a relief it will be to let them get on with it at last. If you want to order the book now, you can send a cheque made out to C O R E and send it by ordinary post to PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ. A single copy is £12 and will for the time being, (but not for long), be post-free, as I don't yet know exactly what the postage will cost, not having a sample copy to pack and weigh. Buyers outside the UK will have to wait until I can set up on-line payment, probably via PayPal. (11. 2. 13.)

Artificers' Proofs OK!

Good news, if you are following this saga! (I know one or two people are.) I have now got the proofs of Artificers with me and the photos are better than I dared hope, though still not brilliant. Never mind, they're good enough. I hope to be able to hand them back to Snape's tomorrow and then it's a quiet wait for two to three weeks, while they print the finished version. Students coming at Easter will definitely be able to have copies. (7. 2. 13.)

Artificers Goes to the Printers

Yes, I've at last taken a short walk up the hill to our printers and handed in the disc and discussed a few problems with the very competent man responsible for the project, Adrian. For me, personally, this is the most difficult part of this project. I am waiting for the problems to arise! Once the actual printing is under way, I shall be fine, but at the moment the problems with the illustrations are causing anxiety. The pictures are not of very high quality, but they are the best I can manage in the circumstances. Adrian assures me he will be able to work with them. The continuing complete lack of someone to help with the graphics side of C O R E's publications drives me mad. And the next title, Life-Energy for Young Learners needs even more pictures. If you have any skills with computer graphics and live within reach of the north west UK, please, please get in touch. Don't be modest. My skills are so completely non-existent that you will certainly be able to help in some way at least. Anyway, a major step ahead. The next step is the production of a proof copy that I have to read through, adding any final corrections and changes. (4. 2. 13.)

Almost There!

Nearer and nearer! Well, it took me a long time to find the PDFs and even longer to copy them to a disc for the printers, but I have managed it, almost over my own dead body, but it's done. The whole thing, text, pictures, cover, and a few incidentals, is now on disc as PDFs and if the printers didn't close early on Fridays, they would have the disc already. so, Monday morning... and the job will be down to them, at last. This makes me very happy and optimistic. It is not often that we have a public orgonomic event in the wretched UK, is it? But I think we can call the publication of a seriously researched book on Brown and Reich and their experimental microscopy a public event, can't we? It may even be the first orgonomic text ever published in this country. Let's hope it makes up for the damage done by the dreadful Orgasmatron book. (1. 2. 13.)

After hours of desparate frustration downloading a software system that would convert my Word documents to a PDF and finding out how to get the thing to work, I have managed to convert the necessary items, text of Artificers, illustrations,  captions to illustrations, and cover and frontispiece pages. I am at last ready for the final step, transferring these PDFs to a disc or discs. When I can manage that I can take the discs to Snapes and hand the job over to them. The only difficulty that I can foresee at the moment is finding the PDFs! The Nitro free software that I have used seems to do the converting alright, but once it has done it, it shuts down, showing 'finish' and I have no idea where it has stored the files. If you are reading this and happen to know, please let me know, will you? Thanks. It may take me some hours to find the files, if I am lucky, 10 minutes. See what I mean about being handicapped as far as IT goes? Still...we are nearly there. (31. 1. 13)

Meeting at the Printer's

Last Tuesday I went to Snape's, the local printers (so local that I can see them from my flat window!) with my Artificers note-book in hand and a long list of queries about actual printing and problems I had foreseen. Once the job had got this far, I thought they might need an appointment to discuss so many things, but, no, the usual chap was busy, but he called someone out from the back and he answered all my queries and it soon became clear what I now need to do, before I can take my discs in and hand the job over to them. I have printed another proof copy to do a final proof-reading myself, (It has already been proof-read by two different people, but I have added a few small changes since then.) Within a couple of days I should, barring accidents, be able to take the discs in and let them get on with it. They will then, within a few days, produce a draft copy. I run through that, checking everything, take it back in, and they get down to printing the whole run of 1,000 copies. This takes 3-4 weeks. So, with luck we might have actual copies by the end of February. Not that it matters. There is no deadline, though it is going to be nice to be able to hand out copies to the students at our Easter week.

Those of you interested in ordering the book can place your orders now. It is near enough for that. (27. 1. 13.)

Movement at Last

 We are really getting there at last. I've now paid two royalty fees, one to FS&G, for premission to quote lengthy extracts from Reich's works, and the other to the Natural History Museum for permission to use a photo taken specially for me by the helpful librarians there, of a sample 'slip' of Robert Brown's. He wrote his botanical notes on small, improvised slips of paper, torn up from larger sheets of paper. There are thousands of them in small boxes in the library there. The last outstanding job was to negotiate editing of the illustrations and titles with the printers and to commission the printing. I am now doing that and finalising a copy of the book on disc together with the illustrations, cover, etc. Amazingly, it appears to be easier than I thought and is going to cost less than I had thought. I first visited these local printers to get some rough figures and basic information about printing, which is a comletely new world to me.

As far as I know very few books, if any, contain longer extracts of Reich's own writings. I think this is probably because of his executor Mary Higgin's policy of refusing permission, given the appalling treatment meted out to Reich and his work by most commentators. This policy, for which she has been heavily criticised, is quite justified, in my opinion. Maybe these extracts will do something to reclaim Reich's reputation after his treatment at the hands of ignorant London literati last year in their reviews of the dreadful Orgasmatron book. I am quite consciously dreading their reception of Artificers. If it attracts much attention, they will doubtless go for me like a pack of jackals. (18. 1. 13. updated, 22. 1. 13.) seems plan B is not necessary after all. FS&G have at last responded to my renewed request for permission to include large quotations from Reich's major works relevant to the history and permission will be given, once C O R E pays up. We are not quite on the home straight, but maybe we are on the last lap. I shall be busy now setting the final editing of the pictures and the printing arranged. This is all a huge relief as the book would be much weaker without Reich's contribution. (16. 1. 13.)

Plan B for C O R E's Publishing Activities

As I say in the introduction to Artificer of Fraud, I am publishing that book in the hope that it will attract attention, sell well, and produce some money to pay for the teaching and research centre that C O R E so urgently needs. This is, of course, a desperate solution and unlikely to work. I am well aware of that, but it is the only one I can think of, given the complete indifference to orgonomy in the UK. I have wondered what I can do if the plan does not work. A coincidence has thrown up an answer to that. Apparently a young relative of mine is showing some interest in orgonomy and asking questions about it. I dug out from my dusty hard-drive the text of a book on orgonomy for the young scientist that I completed in 2002. (I have several books written over the years and awaiting publication.) I thought it would be a good idea to print a rough copy, get it spiral-bound and give it to him in the hope that he will find answers to his questions there. I am now working on it, revising it, adding a few things, tidying it up generally and getting it ready for publication. If Artificers sells some copies but not enought to finance our centre, a very probable eventuality, I shall use the proceeds to get this book printed. Even without a building, a centre on the ground, it will at least be something to publish another orgonomic text, especially one that might reach a few curious young minds. The original title was to be An Introduction to Orgonomy for the Young Scientist. I am not happy with that title, as I know that the young person most likely to be interested in orgonomy is probably not going to think of themselves as a scientist. As we know, most scientists, if not all of them, think orgonomy is utter rubbish, if  they know about it. Anyway, finding a new title is a minor problem. I am open to suggestions from site-visitors. A provisional new title is Life-Energy for Young Learners. I will make this title available in spiral bound, 'home-made' form to interested students until I can get it published properly. (25. 12. 12.)






Information for Booksellers and Buyers


Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education


publishing as Orgonomy UK (





Artificers of Fraud


by Peter Jones


ISBN 978-0-9574850-06

Paperback, £12:00 Publication date – March 2013

A5 format, 170 + vii pages, B/W photographs and diagrams, glossary, and index.


This book tells the story of how mainstream science has twice denied and concealed the discovery of the origin of life, the until now mysterious step by which non-life moves to become life. Robert Brown, the great botanist and microscopist witnessed the process in 1827 and described it in his famous  1828 paper, A Brief Account of Microscopical Observations…He observed apparently alive, motile bodies emerging from pollen grains in water. These gathered in clumps that spontaneously rolled or bent. He unmistakeably connected his discovery to the earlier work of other pioneers in the same field. A year later, in 1829, he published a strange document, Additional Remarks, in which he denied he had ever made such a claim.  His paper has gone down in the history of science as the discovery of ‘Brownian motion.’


In 1936 Wilhelm Reich discovered the process of bionous disintegration.  Dead matter, allowed to swell in water or a nutrient fluid, broke down into microscopic vesicles that he named bions. These pulsated, danced around each other in pairs, and often agglomerated into motile proto-organisms. His moving vesicles were dismissed as ‘Brownian motion’ or contamination. He published his findings openly, but no-one made  a serious attempt to replicate his experiments and his findings were ridiculed. A press campaign tried to hound him out of Norway, where he was working as a refugee from Nazism. He escaped to the USA just before the outbreak of World War II and continued with his work.


Artificers of Fraud summarises the stories of Browns and Reich’s work, and shows how science’s denial and concealment have continued to this day. It includes the text of Brown’s original two papers and extracts from Reich’s writings on the topic. It includes enough information for students of microscopy and even beginners to repeat these classic experiments themselves, information on buying a microscope, a detailed glossary of relevant terms and names, and an index.


Peter Jones has been a life-long student of orgonomy, the science of the life-energy, and has made a special study of Brown’s experiments and precursors of Reich’s discoveries. He is the founder of C O R E (Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education), the UK’s only life-energy research and teaching organisation, and has contributed to orgonomic conferences and seminars in various countries.


The proceeds from the sales of this book will be devoted entirely to the support of orgonomy, the science of the life energy, in the UK.





As Artificers now exists in the UK book-selling system, here are some extracts for the enlightenment of anyone who wonders whether the book is worth buying. I have omitted the many references here.

As with many discoveries made far before their time, there was no framework at all into which Brown’s discovery could be placed and so it floated in limbo for decades and eventually was assimilated by physics into conventional science as something that it was not. I was going to say that no-one in 1828, when his Active Molecules article was first published, could conceivably have realised that these items were bions and that there was a charge of life energy driving their movement. But that does an injustice to Brown. He, himself, realised this at first, writing that these were possibly the basic elements of life and made connections between the items that he had observed and those hypothesised or observed by earlier scientists. (Chapter 2, Robert Brown, page 13)


I have made it my main interest to repeat Brown’s investigations as best I can and as exactly as I can, and to determine exactly what he did see while he was doing these experiments. I have gone as far as going to the botanical library at the Natural History Museum in London to read his own, original notes. Like his diaries, these do not give a lot away. As I read his slips, (those that are decipherable, that is, as his writing is difficuilt to decipher), I recognised whole sentences which are found almost unaltered in his final article. I came across an expression that figures in the article and which no-one else, as far as I know, has quoted. He describes the motion of some of the particles he is observing as ‘slightly vermicular,’ in plain English, worm-like. This must surely be a reference to the contractile or pulsatory movement that he has noticed in some of the particles, bulges forming on one side and, concavities on the other, and the undulating motion of the agglomerations of the molecules. (Same chapter, page 16.)


... He had discovered the muscular armouring. When he started to work on the physical tensions themselves to release them, therapy progressed much faster and more deeply. He also worked to remobilise the patient’s breathing, which was inhibited by the armouring. As patients became able to breathe more fully and their muscular tensions gave way, they would often report to Reich strong sensations of something moving within their bodies. This sensation was always described as if it were water, something flowing in waves, streamings. (Readers who are not too armoured will recognise descriptions of their own sensations at times of great happiness, ecstasy, or joy.)


As he developed his therapeutic techniques, Reich wondered what the ‘something moving’ was and whether the sensations of expansion and contraction that his patients reported and the accompanying movements which he observed were functions common to nature in general. He was already seeing common factors in, for example, human breathing and the pulsatory movements of jellyfish. At first he planned to set up an aquarium so that he could observe common marine invertebrates such as jellyfish, starfish, and echinoderms. He changed his plans and decided to study micro-organisms, amoebae. (Chapter 3, Wilhelm Reich, page 26.)


There is also the relentless, repetitive drip-drip of the conventional models of biology and medicine. Findings and experiments allegedly proving these models and theories are repeated in almost every textbook one cares to look in. These are repeated in a bland, unquestioning way with no suggestion that there might be any differing interpretation of the facts or experiments and theories. Differing interpretations never get a mention in mainstream works. If we study the history of spontaneous generation and vitalism in the nineteenth century, it is clear that nothing is really proved or disproved. It is simply that the faction affirming the occurrence of spontaneous generation lost a political battle and once they had been defeated in this way, no-one new to science dared embrace these theories and models, and the old supporters died off one by one until there were none left. When H C Bastian died in 1915 his obituaries expressed relief that the last, wearisome, obstinate advocate of a dead-and-buried doctrine, the last flat-earther, had finally died. If we think of this history as a conspiracy in a family not to ever mention an embarrassing episode in the family’s history, then Bastian was the last living witness to the crime. He was now dead and everyone could at last sleep peacefully at night. There was no-one left who could spill the beans. (Chapter 4, Dismissing Reich, page 36.)


Given this background in 1828, it is not too fanciful to claim that some influential gentleman-scientist, possibly someone who was not even a scientist, someone interested and socially aware, must have come up to Brown one quiet evening in the late Sir Joseph’s library and pointed out how damaging it would be to his reputation and encouraging to the radicals and the mob to be seen to be advocating such a disreputable, godless doctrine as that of spontaneous generation. To do so would be to give ammunition to one’s enemies. Given Brown’s diffident character, this persuasion would not have needed to be even a slap on the wrist. A hand on the elbow, a few quiet words in his ear, would have been enough. And so we have the strange document, the Additional Remarks. (Chapter 4, Rebellion from Below, page 48.)

'In many of the substances examined, especially those of a fibrous structure, as asbestos, actinolite, tremolite, zeolite, and even steatite, along with the spherical molecules, other corpuscles were found, like short fibres somewhat moniliform, whose transverse diameter appeared not to exceed that of the molecule, of which they seemed to be primary combinations. These fibrils, when of such length as to be probably composed of not more than four or five molecules, and still more evidently when formed of two or three only, were generally in motion, at least as vivid as that of the simple molecule itself; and which from the fibril often changing its position in the fluid, and from its occasional bending, might be said to be somewhat vermicular.' (Chapter 6, The Drip, Drip, Drip of Deception, a quotation from Brown's 1828 article, page 61.)
... However sympathetic you are to Reich’s written work and however much you feel that all his ideas, observations, and theories are sensible and reasonable, you enter a peculiarly unique area of experience and emotion, when you carry out these projects and actually confirm Reich’s findings, which, of course, you will. The bion experiments produce an emotionally powerful reaction. It is one thing to have read about the bions and to know the theory. Anyone can read a book, remember a scientific report, summarise the argument, and, if they wish, tell other people about it. But to repeat an experiment and to actually see with your own eyes the forms described by Reich and Brown is an experience of a different order altogether. I can’t put a single word to this feeling: it is a mixture of vibrating curiosity, a sense of awe at seeing an unknown natural process for the first time, and the imaginative wonder one feels when looking at something in a museum that is exactly as it was a hundred, even two hundred years ago. We are seeing what Reich and his colleagues must have been observing in Oslo in the nineteen-thirties and what Brown observed and described in 1828. It is a strange feeling to be walking around knowing these things that contradict everything we are taught at school and in science books. It can be a difficult feeling to live with. (Chapter 7, Repeating Reich's and Brown's Experiment, page 93.)
To begin with you will probably see nothing moving in the fluid surrounding your iron-filing. After about 5 minutes you should see single bions dancing about here and there. Within 10 minutes there will probably be plenty more. Follow the edge of your iron particle round until you find a ‘bay’ and you should see a real sea of bions dancing, cavorting together in pairs, and quite complex agglomerations of bions in advanced stages of combination. If you want to know what to expect or to check your findings, once you have done this experiment, you can see C O R E’s video of the experiment on YouTube – Bions from an Iron Filing (after Wilhelm Reich). 
And that’s it. It’s very simple. But the results are incontestable and irrefutable. If you show this to an ordinary biologist, be prepared for a strong, and probably irrational, reaction. (The same chapter, page 98.)
Minor Hold-Up Waiting for Copyright Permission
I don't suppose many site-visitors are waiting with bated breath to order this book, but just in case there is one, our apologies to you for yet another delay. It is nothing disastrous, just publisher's administration. There is a chapter in the book consisting entirely of quotations from Reich's books relevant to my story. They have already given permission (for a price) to print these quotations, but it has expired and I have had to request another permission. They have had this request for a good two months now and I know from experience last time that they move very slowly and take a long time. I had been hoping to have the book out by now or certainly before the end of the year. All these delays and difficulties are down to one simple factor, that I am doing this entire job myself without any assistance whatever. Wouldn't life be easy with an assistant, even for one day a week? (4. 12. 12.)

ISBN Now Obtained

Things are hotting up at last. The ISBN agency have just e-mailed our ISBNs for C O R E's next ten titles. You can only buy a minimum of ten. Don't worry. I have about 6-7 books already written that need publishing, if this one takes off. The number for Artificers of Fraud is 978-0-9574850-06. If you want to order the book from a bookseller, this number will make it a lot easier for the people to trace the book. If you order it direct from CO R E, of course, we will know exactly what you want and you will be helping our efforts to raise money much more by buying direct from C O R E. That means that all the profit goes to C O R E's building fund. I have financed this publication out of my own pocket and all proceeds will be paid directly into our building fund. (12. 11. 12.)

Further Progress

Things continue to advance. Our PO Box application has been accepted and a box number arranged from December 3rd. It is - 

Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ

Our application for an ISBN has been sent off and we should get this back within 10 days. An International Standard Book Number is not compulsory, but without one a book is outside the marketing and stock-control systems that all booksellers use these days. The ISBN is contained in the bar-code that you see on the back of any book's cover. It means you can order any book anywhere simply by quoting this number. Once we have got the ISBN it is off to the printers to arrange a bit of final editing and the actual printing. You can place an order now, if you wish. Cheques payable to C O R E, cost £15. Provisionally, £1:00 for postage and packing. That is probably an underestimate and will probably go up slightly when I know exactly what the weight and postage rate are. So if you order early, you may save yourself a few pence. We shall be arranging facilities for on-line payment for our readers outside the UK. All funds generated by this publishing venture will go directly to C O R E's building fund. I am not taking a penny for my personal labours. (2. 11. 12.)

Artificers Moving Ahead

It's only an administrative matter, but C O R E's application for a P O Box number has been sent off. We can't get our ISBN until we have that, as the ISBN system demands a copy of the frontispiece page containing the publisher's address and other basic information. We will now record orders for copies of Artificers, if you want to get yours in soon. This will mean early despatch, once the book arrives at C O R E from the printers. (25. 10. 12.) 

Yes, you may have given up hope, but this project is still alive. I have had to ask Farrar, Straus and Giroux to renew the payment form they sent me when I first asked for permission to reprint extracts from Reich's writings in this book. They can take several weeks to reply to requests, so that may be a while yet. The original permission was only valid for 90 days from the date on the form, now long since gone. The Linnean Society has already given consent for the use of a portrait of Brown that they own and their photograph of his original microscope. I am waiting for a reply from the Natural History Museum for my request for permission to use their photos of Brown's notes on the work summarised in his famous 1828 paper on ActiveMolecules. These illustrations are important items in my opinion, significant parts of the greater picture. (They have just given permission on payment of a small royaly. 18. 10. 12.) Other jobs, much simpler, are to arrange an ISBN for the book and to obtain a PO Box as the address of C O R E Publications. So...Lebensenergiegenossen, wir machen Fortschritte. Chers amis de l'orgone, on avance! (17. 10. 12.)

Illustrations for Artificers, etc.

Yes, the project is moving! I have at last, after many attempts and experiments, almost conducted blindfold, such is my lack of understanding of computer graphics, managed to collect all the illustrations for the book, copied them to a CD ready for the printer and also written the captions for them and copied them to the CD, all of which would have taken a competent computer person half an hour, if that, at the most, whereas it took me weeks to even find out how to do it. BUT, it is done and a major obstacle has been surmounted. If you don't know about modern printing practices, all this work is necessary to bring the price down to the realm of the manageable. If a book is 'disc-ready', (I think that is the word the printers use), it is much cheaper to have it printed. My pictures are not quite disc-ready but they will be close to it and easy for the printer to edit into the book lay-out, I hope. The text is disc-ready. Roll on the day when I hand it all in to the printers and sit back while they produce the copies. The next steps now are to pay Farrar, Straus and Giroux their royalties, payable for permission to print extracts from Reich's works, obtain premission to use photos provided by The Linnean Society and the Natural History Museum, arrange ISBNs and a Post Office Box no for my publishing address, and we are just about there, barring unforseen disasters. A couple more people have asked for copies when it is available. We are already creeping up towards double figures readership! Actually I will be sending out at least 20 copies to various individuals who have by their contributions earned a gratis copy and a few more to contacts in the newspaper reviewing world and academia. The first real landmark will be selling 100 copies. Well, it wouldn't do to be too optimistic, would it? (1. 10. 12.)

Latest News - September, 2012

I'm sorry if you are still waiting for this book to appear. C O R E's summer visitors and our summer school have taken up all my time and energy over the last few months. Things are quietening down again and I am getting on with this long-delayed project. Please accept my apologies for the endless delays. This is what happens when you are managing a project on your own. I know there are at least two or three of C O R E's supporters who are waiting for this book, as they have e-mailed me to order a copy. One of the students who attended our summer school has done a further detailed proof-reading and I have just finished incorporating his corrections. (Many thanks for your hard work, Iain.) (9. 9. 12.)

Momentum Continues

The positive momentum with this project continues. The index is now complete and I have revised it as thoroughly as one can revise one's own work. I have printed a second draft so a volunteer can proof-read it again. Iain Stobbs has kindly offered to do the proof-reading and a draft print-off will be on its way to him today. Many thanks Iain.While he is doing that, I shall sort out the illustrations with the help of my brother. A German contact has offered to translate the book into German. And one or two more people wish to buy the book as soon as it is out. At this rate sales will make double figures! It is great to have this project advancing again so actively. (24. 5. 12.)


Index Completed

I have now got the index for Artificers finished, bar a few loose ends, dates of obscure authors I am citing and things like that. This job has been a slog, but taken much less time than I thought it would. The next steps are to get the pictures collated into a presentable centre-fold, print off a draft copy for a volunteer proof-reader, and arrange an ISBN. While that is going through, (it takes about a month, apparently), I need to get it recorded on disc and the printers with it! That takes another month. We're getting there! (17. 5. 12.)

Site-visitors with an interest in this project will be pleased to know that it is at last moving ahead again. My brother is assisting actively with the illustrations and photos for the book and I am getting on with the last remaining job of the writing, the compiling of the index. In any non-fiction book the index is of great importance and can make or mar the book as a whole, so I am spending a lot of time and energy on this. It is rather laborious and demanding, but I don't mind. At least I can do it and am already up to about page 110 out of 160, so...movement at last! (16. 5. 12.)


I regret to have to inform anyone who is waiting for this book (one e-mail contact has actually asked for a copy, believe it or not), that this project has finally ground to a halt. I just cannot manage the graphics tasks needed to complete the book and get it into printable form. I have had a few offers of help from people in the most impossible places, one even from the other side of the world. I find that IT advice sent in e-mails by someone who can't see what is happening at my end of the link is absolutely pointless. I can never manage what the adviser is trying to help me to do and the whole effort goes nowhere. The kindly helpers, in their innocent expertise, have no idea of the incredible, endless difficulties I have with computer graphics and picture editing software. The only computer program that I can use moderately confidently is Microsoft Word and even that sometimes defeats me.

So, yet again, will someone who is competent with computer graphics and picture-editing software please come to Preston and give me a hand in this very important work? I will pay your expenses and  for any phone calls that turn out to be necessary. But C O R E has no money to pay expensive graphic-artists' hourly rates, I am afraid. I am sure that the outstanding jobs on the book would take a competent person a matter of an hour or two, no more.


Here is a summary of the history contained in this book in C O R E's first video - 

Please accept my apologies, if you are waiting to receive this publication. Because of my severe difficulties with the illustrations, this project has almost ground to a complete halt, but it is still alive and I am still working on it. These difficulties underline C O R E's desperate need for a local helper with computer graphics. (How sick I am of that sentence, which was true 5 years ago and is even truer now.) The indefatiguable Stergios Tsiompatsis, who has the skills but lives in Greece, has offered to help. I don't quite understand how this can be possible at such a distance, but he assures me it is, and so I look forward with his assistance to breaking the log-jam that is holding this project up. (22. 12. 11.)


Most of my time and energy in recent weeks has gone into preparing for the Karavomilos conference. There for the first time, I gave a public presentation of the theme of this book. At the end I showed the video that is posted to YouTube. The revelations caused quite a ripple amongst the audience. People just do not suspect that such a fraud could possibly be perpetrated for so long by science. I am now working on getting the illustrations into the text, a decidedly difficult job for me and my limited graphic skills. But it seems to be working slowly. Watch this space! After that the next big job is compiling the index, a crucial part of any serious non-fiction book. (15. 8. 11.)


Dan has delivered the finished illustrations for the book. Now it's up to me. (1. 8. 11.)


Our graphic artist has almost finished the diagrams and illustrations for the book contents and promised delivery in a few days. I am busy preparing materials for my contributions to the OBRL research seminar in Greece in early August. When that is over, the book will be a priority again. And someone has ordered a copy! (21. 7. 11.)

Things continue to move slowly but definitely. The original illustrator, a paid commercial artist, has re-appeared and is getting on with the job. C O R E's volunteer is now working on another project. (Yes, we have a second book, Bions for Beginners, planned and already written.) After many difficulties, a draft version of the text of Artificers, sent out for proof-reading, has returned home with a huge number of important corrections that improve the text immeasurably. Many thanks to our volunteer proof-reader, Michelle. The list of 'jobs to do' is slowly getting shorter. (18. 5. 11.) 

Latest news on this venture. One of C O R E's Easter student visitors has volunteered to help with the graphics for Artificers of Fraud and the project is moving ahead slowly. He is now working on the drawings. He has got as full-time job, so this is quite an undertaking. I am extremely grateful to him for this contribution to the publication. I still hope to have copies available to take to the OBRL research seminar in Greece in August.  The way this project manages to generate glitches, I think it's touch and go whether I'll be able to manage that. I am going to present a talk and demonstration on the subject of the book at that gathering. And on top of all that, a proof-copy of the book, which I had given out to a volunteer to be proof-read has returned, apparently thoroughly checked and read, with lots of mistakes and typos, etc, marked. Many thanks to our volunteer proof-reader. Another step forward. (1. 5. 11.)

Where has Artificers of Fraud got to?My first book to be published was, I thought, progressing slowly and would appear in the early summer, barring accidents. Alas, it is completely stuck again. I have completed the text, apart from a few minor additions and alterations that will doubtless prove necessary in the final stages. I thought I had found a professional illustrator. We met and he was getting on with the project, so I thought. The graphics side of the book is quite limited and, I imagine, would be completed quite quickly. I reckoned without that inevitable resistance to orgonomy that shows itelf as a terrible reluctance to do anything. The graphic artist has disappeared and I have got to start again with finding an illustrator. This is proving so difficult that if there was the smallest chance of doing it myself, I would try to do it. A book with match-stick-men in the illustrations would look silly, wouldn't it, but my drawing talents barely stretch to that, so I am stuck looking though Yellow Pages for a graphic artist. There are dozens of them, but they are all really commercial artists, not the same thing at all. (15. 4. 11.)

For the hundreds of C O R E supporters who can't wait to have this book in their hands, I shall keep this page thoroughly up to date. Please keep track of it. The minute things start moving again, I shall tell you. 

The last big job to be done is to compile the index, which cannot be done until the pages are where they are going to be in the final printed version. Add a paragraph somewhere in the body of the book, dislocate everything by a page, and all the numbers in the index are out. Apparently Word's index program doesn't correct for this and you have to alter every page number by hand! Farrer, Straus and Giroux have granted permission to reprint lengthy extracts from Reich's three books relevant to this history, The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life, The Cancer Biopathy, and Ether, God and Devil. Slow progress, but definitely progress.

For those of you itching to buy a copy of this massive work of huge scientific and historic importance, (it is going to be at least 160 pages long, possibly 170), here is a summary of the contents. You can see a video presenting the experimental basis of the story on YouTube - Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich. We can anticipate the massive impact this book is going to have by the fact that over 6,000 people have seen the video on YouTube and not a ripple has disturbed the scientific pond, even though my thesis is dynamite and undermines one of the pet dogmas of modern biology. The selling price will be about £15:00. Format A5, paperback. Illustrated with photos and diagrams.


What's this book about? Who is the author? Who is Robert Brown? Who is Wilhelm Reich? What is a bion? Acknowledgements.

Chapter 1

Robert Brown (1770-1855). His life, work and personality. His 1828 paper on Active Molecules.

Chapter 2

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). His life and work. The discovery of the bions,  bionous disintegration, and of the orgone. The reception of these discoveries and the misuse of 'Brownian motion' to ridicule and dimiss Reich's work.

Chapter 3

Dismissing Reich. 'Brownian motion' and contamination. Experimental evidence. The refusal to replicate Reich's experiments. The basic dogmas of mechanistic science.

Chapter 4

Rebellion from Below. The ninteenth century fear of the mob and rebellion from below. The conflation of 'spontaneous generation' and work democracy, the masses rising from below and organising their own lives. Brown's shy, fearful personality. Was he warned away from his original theory that he had witnessed the onset of life from dead matter?

Chapter 5

Motivations. The Assumptions of Mechanistic Science, Implications and Consequences.

Chapter 6

The Drip, Drip, Drip of Deception. How science hands down a neutered version of Brown's discovery and ignores Brown's mention of pulsating particles and spontaneously moving agglomerations. A selection of writers who have over the years connived at this distortion of Brown's findings.

Chapter 7

Repeating Reich's and Brown's Experiments. The sort of microscope you will need to do this. Other items needed. Reich's basic bion experiment. Learning to recognise bionous motility. Brown's pollen experiment. Reich's simple iron-filing experiment.

Appendix 1

Robert Brown's 1828 paper on Active Molecules - the full original text including the strange AdditionalRemarks.

Appendix 2

Extracts from Reich's works relevant to this history and his discovery of the bions and the orgone.

Reich's publications cited in the references. Useful books on microscopy. Suppliers of microscopes, microscope sundries, and work-benches. Microscopes on ebay.


Explanations of orgonomic terms and specialist terminology commonly used in microscopy and biology. This also includes brief biographies of important workers in the fields of orgonomy, microscopy, and the history of science who are relevant to this history.


Peter Jones, Preston, March, 2011.

Posted March, 2011, last updated  June 20th, 2013.

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