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Awkward Facts for Neuro-Science

And Yet More

I have referred to this briefly on the News Page. Here are more complicating facts for neuro-psychology. There is a discussion on Radio 3's website at the moment on something that interests almost all those of us who like listening to or playing classical music: what is actually happening when we feel a tingle somewhere in our body while listening to or playing certain music? A professor of neuro-psychology comes out with an explanation, needless to say, all to do with certain parts of the brain.

The professor won't, of course, know anything about muscular armouring and the movement of orgone energy and what inhibits or encourages this movement and how we are aware of it. It is possible to help someone to feel these tingles almost to order, using simple orgone-therapeutic techniques, unless the individual in question is very armoured. A crucially important fact is that the more fully a person breathes, the stronger the tingles will be and the more widespread through the body will there be this pleasurable sensation of movement. I have also posted something about this on my blog. Here's the link to the BBC website and the discussion: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zx6sfg8 (2. 8. 14.) PS May, 2017: Sorry, my blog got lost in the tranfer from one.com to Pickaweb. I hope to restart it eventually.)

I'm sorry to impose yet another page on our site-visitors, but this is important! The reason why this site just goes on growing and growing is that there are no journal outlets for orgonomic information and research in the UK, so anything of importance that crops up gets posted here. (C O R E has had the first issue of an orgonomic journal planned and written for years, but can't publish it because we have no graphics assistant to do the lay-out and illustrations for it.)

Anyway, the point of this page is to publicise awkward facts that orgonomic science has uncovered and confirmed and which conflict with current paradigms in conventional science. Anyone who keeps their ear to the ground to track scientific fashions and fads will have noticed that the current flavour of the month, (more probably of the decade), is 'neuroscience'. Now that scientists have access to the brain and its workings via MRI scanning they can see which parts of the brain 'light up' during particular activities and this demonstrates, so they say, which areas of the brain are involved during a given activity, such as recognising a face, solving a maths problem, feeling excited, listening, or remembering.

Threaded through all this model of how humans function is the assumption that any human activity involving 'consciousness' goes on in the brain and that humans more or less function entirely within their brains, with the body as an embarassing add-on that we can forget about with a bit of luck. Now anyone who has experienced orgone therapy will have had the strange experience of re-remembering a completely forgotten episode of their life, usually, but not always, one from their early childhood, as the result of their muscular armouring dissolving during orgone therapy. I have experienced this myself and seen other people in orgone therapy having the same experience. Reich writes of this strange phenomenon in The Function of the Orgasm, page 315 of the currently available Souvenir Press UK edition:

This fact cannot be overemphasized; it is as important as it is typical. It is not that under certain circumstances a memory brings about an affect,  but that the concentration of vegetative excitation and its break-through produces the remembrance. (Reich's own italics.)

How can neuroscience and its theories conceivably explain this occurrence in terms of the brain? It cannot. This phenomenon suggests that 'memory' or part of it, is contained within either the musculature or the bio-energy field. As psychology denies the existence of muscular armouring and science denies the existence of the orgone, the animal bio-energy field, it cannot possibly explain these facts.

I look forward to an interesting dialogue with all the neuro-scientists who visit out site. (Well, there might be one in a year, mightn't there? After all, we have had more than 70,00 visitors since the site was set up. Surely before long, one of these will be a neuro-scientist? Er... (That's enough pathetically optimistic illusions, ed.)

Posted January 8th, 2011, last revised  September 18th, 2017.

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