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Orgone-Therapeutic Breast-Feeding Support

NB Babies in arms welcome at all C O R E events

Orgonomic research shows us that breast-feeding, amongst other functions, enables the maintenenance of the bio-energetic bond between mother and baby. This bond, which cannot form at all, if a baby is bottle-fed, is therefore vital to the health of the neonate, not to mention the mother, of course. All advice given out via this page is, therefore based on the premise that it is absolutely vital to maintain breast-feeding, whatever difficulties any particular mother-baby pair are experiencing. In the UK medical advice is frequently to abandon breast-feeding and to start bottle-feeding. In this country  ordinary doctors, GPs (general practitioners to our foreign visitors), are not trained at all in breast-feeding support, unless they happen to have a special interest in the topic. Like most people they do not know anything about the bio-energetics of breast-feeding and do not see it as vital. They therefore tend to advocate a change to the bottle as soon as any significant difficulty arises. For more information please see C O R E's web-page - The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding and The Cancer Biopathy, pages 383-385. (The text of this booklet is included in C O R E's latest publication, Orgonomic Midwifery - an Introductory Textbook. You can order this via our PayPal Artificers of Fraud page. Just add a message that you are ordering OM and not AF.) You can also request our booklet version of this text as your free booklet and we will send you a copy without charge, paying the postage, even if you happen to live in Australia..

Breast-Feeding Festival in Manchester, August 2014 was too much to be hoped for, wasn't it? The relentless censorship of orgonomy in the UK strikes again. C O R E will not be having a stall at this event. Why? Because the organisers will not permit it! Our polite and informative e-mail offering to contribute and asking to have a stall at this meeting has been ignored and received no reply. When we contacted the original breast-feeding festival in Ulverston in 2010, at least we got a reply, a clear no. The organiser(s) of the Manchester event have not even deigned to reply. This is the predicament of orgonomy in the UK. We can't even take part in a public event! Beyond belief, isn't it, but, alas, all too true. We offer information about a new area of knowledge, highly relevant to breast-feeding mothers and babies. Until my retirement I was a well-regarded professional in the field, and ???? C O R E must not be allowed over the doorstep. (8. 4. 14.)

There is to be a breast-feeding festival in Manchester in August this year. C O R E hopes to be contributing. Info re dates, venue, contributors, etc will be posted as soon as available, and also on our Events page and Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding page. Watch this space. Please tell your friends about this event. (19. 3. 14.)

Human Milk from GM Cows?

The latest atrocity to be devised by the unholy marriage of marketing and mechanistic science is the production of human milk from genetically modified cattle! I bumped into this by accident on YouTube while looking at videos of human milk posted by our friend and supporter in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, who alerts me to so many important things. At the end of the video of his wife's milk up came the usual collection of related videos and there were two amongst them showing how GM cows have been persuaded to produce human milk. According to one of the videos, the people developing this 'product' expect it to be on sale within about three years. Is there anything more stupid than slogging away in lab and factory in an effort to produce industrially something that humans can make perfectly well without any help from science? Doubtless mothers buying this 'product' will think they are breast-feeding their babies by giving it them, unknowingly denying them the crucial part of breast-feeding, the bio-energetic contact with their mother, something whose existence is denied by mechanistic science. Mechanistic science has reduced 'breast-feeding' to the chemical contents of the milk. (15. 7. 13.) 

Lansinoh for Sore Nipples

A photo of a friend with her new baby on the breast with a nipple shield on has reminded me of one of the most common problems faced by breast-feeding mothers - sore nipples. If you have already got sore nipples, before you take time to contact me at C O R E, go out and get yourself a tube of Lansinoh, if you haven't already got some. This is highly refined, completely pure lanolin, the natural grease found in sheep's wool.  It is miraculously effective on sore nipples. You should also get someone to check that your baby is latching on correctly and not just sucking on your nipple as opposed to being thoroughly attached with his mouth right round your nipple and squeezing on the areola, the dark area round the nipple. Above all, he must not squeeze on the nipple itself, absolutely not.

You may unawares be adding to your problems by putting absorbent breast-pads in your bra in the hope of protecting your tender nipples. This is only helpful, if the paper is dry. If your nipples are sitting in milk-sodden paper, the moisture will only traumatise your skin further. Continuing exposure to moisture is very traumatising to skin. Make sure you change the pads often. Another easy method of self-treatment is to air your nipples, ie to walk or lie about at home with them exposed to the air. I hope this helps. Please contact us at if it doesn't. (2. 7. 13.) (Afterthought, September, 2014: doubtless treatment with an orgone device, a shooter or blanket, would speed up healing, though I don't suppose there are many breast-feeding mothers with access to such a device.)

Mother's Milk and the Reich Blood Test

Some years ago, before C O R E had very high magnification facility on our Olympus microscope and before we had filming equipment I submitted samples of mother's milk and ready-made baby-milk to the Reich blood tests. While doing the tests on blood, as Reich developed and designed it, it occurred to me that it might be possible to assess the relative orgonotic vitality of breast-milk and artificial milk using the Reich blood test, as milk is only a few cells away from the blood stream and is produced from the blood. I have recently added a new page to this site on the Reich Blood Tests and while adding a short report of this experiment to that page, it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to repeat it now and to film the findings, so that I can present them at the Italian meeting next October, when I am due to talk about the RBTs. So, (and I know this is a very long shot), if there is anyone reading this who lives in or within reach of Preston, UK, who is feeding a baby at the moment or is going to be within the next few months, can you please be kind enough to donate to C O R E a few mls of your milk, so that we can repeat these investigations? This work is very important for the support of breast-feeding.  The commercial makers of artifical feed for babies try all the time to produce something that is bio-chemically close to your milk. But the one thing they don't even know about and will never be able to 'manufacture' is the orgone charge of milk made from a living mother's blood stream. This is something that only a mother can provide. If you want to help us with this project, please contact me at . Thank you. To read a fuller report on the preliminary findings of this research, please go to the bottom of the Reich Blood Test page. (5. 1. 13.)

I have recently received an enquiry about breast-feeding from a woman with a very specific problem. She had read her way round the site and been interested and impressed enough to see if I had any information or advice that might help her. It occurred to me while responding to her that there may be a small number of mothers here and there who acknowledge the bio-energetic bond with their baby and might want breast-feeding advice from someone who also acknowlwedges the bond and makes its maintenance a basic plank of their breast-feeding advice. It may seem strange for a man to be handing out breast-feeding advice and in a way it is. It shows how badly the maternal folklore of breast-feeding has broken down that there is even a need at all for this support from outside. In cultures where all babies are breast-fed and little girls see women walking around feeding babies all the time, the little girls grow up knowing how to feed a baby before they are even aware of it. I remember meeting a woman in the British NHS who had grown up in such a culture. She shook her head at the way women in the UK (and any other westernised country, of course) had problems breast-feeding their babies. How was that possible? She just couldn't understand it.

The first enquirer has given me permission to post her original enquiry and my reply. I will not automatically publish enquiries, unless you give me permission. I will use a pseudonym for all enquirers, unless you want me to publish your real name. The answers posted to this page will, I hope, be helpful to mothers with similar problems.

I suppose I had better give my credentials that give me the right to offer this advice. I trained as a midwife in the UK National Health Service between 1991 and 1994 and training in supporting and assisting breast-feeding mothers was and still is a basic part of that training. All British midwives are trained breast-feeding advisors. In addition to that training I followed a further module in breast-feeding after I had qualified. This was half a day a week for a university term with a dissertation at the end of it at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). On top of that formal training until I retired I worked for fifteen years as a hospital midwife and an important part of that work was helping mothers with breast-feeding problems. Having an orgonomic background, I was very aware of the absolute importance of satisfying breast-feeding for the maintenance of the baby's bio-energetic bond with his/her mother and the avoidance of the muscular armouring that ensues if this bond is broken, (and also of how the mother's muscular armouring may interfere with her ability to feed her baby satisfyingly and to enjoy the feeding herself). This total committment seemed to have a very positive effect on the mothers I worked with.

This experience was enormously varied and kept me on my feet all the time. All nursing pairs, mother and baby, are different and if they have problems, have different difficulties. On the maternity wards we never knew what was going to be thrown at us next and we had to find answers as quickly and as flexibly as we could. Neo-nates can't go too long without feeding, before they become hypoglycaemic and are then at major risk. I always made it my aim to avoid this if at all possible, as at our maternity unit the medical hypoclycaemia regime was draconian and highly intrusive. It involved taking a blood sample before and after every feed until it was known the baby's blood sugar levels were stable again and of course this was very painful to the baby and produced further bio-energtic contraction, as does any pain, not to mention the distress it caused the mothers. This is a classic example of the fact that the ignorance of orthodox medicine of bio-energetic processes and expansion and contraction means that it is actually doing the worst thing that it could be doing, causing the baby to contract further, when it is already suffering from contraction. If the idea of bio-energetic expansion and contraction is new to you, please see the text of my booklet on this site, The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding and chapter VII, 6, of The Function of the Orgasm, Pleasure (Expansion) and Anxiety (Contraction): The Primary Antithesis of Vegetative Life. You can find a summarised version of Reich's model of expansion and contraction in C O R E's booklet Armouring, Physiology, and Orgone Energy.  


Question: Having given birth at home to two boys and expecting to become pregnant again sometime in the future I am interested in your birthing information.  Also, I am currently breast feeding my youngest but have had a shortage of milk with both children and had to supplement.  Could your therapy help with milk production? Emily. (Real name, used with enquirer's permission at her own suggestion. If other enquirers who give permission for their question to be posted wish to remain anonymous, I will use a pseudonym, either supplied or agreed on by the enquirer. I promise absolute privacy, if you wish to remain private. No questions will be posted without the consent of the enquirer. ).

Paragraphs in blue are my further thoughts added as I type this up on the web-page.

Yes, orgone therapy, even short-term 'first aid' therapy, could almost certainly help with milk supply as lactation is a classic example of an 'autonomic' process mediated by hormones and smooth muscle.

I daresay, and this is only a guess based on intuition and experience, skin-to-skin with your baby, especially when he is asleep, might help your lactation. I base this on the following amazing anecdote. It occurred in one of my early baby-therapy workshops in Germany. The event was over two days, and on the second morning, after mothers had had a day of watching, listening, and maybe seeing me do OT with their own baby. During such an event on the second day I always ask participants whether anyone has had any interesting reactions, experiences, or dreams while they have been at home overnight. One quiet lady who had not offered her baby as a demonstration guinea-pig the day before, said, yes, I have got something really amazing to tellAnd she told this story. She had watched carefully what I had done with the babies and decided, as she was putting her 2-year-old child to bed that evening, to have a try at the therapy herself. So she did it as best she could and her toddler loved it and in the end fell asleep while she was doing it. So she dressed her and put her to bed, herself feeling very relaxed and happy with the way things had gone. She had not been feeding her baby for 6 months. She decided to go and have a shower. As she was absent-mindedly soaping and squeezing her breasts in the shower, she realised that she was lactating again!

To put that briefly, in other words, emotional contact has a huge effect on the physiology of lactation. (And on other physiology, too, needless to say.) Anything that helps emotional expansion helps lactation. Even in the armoured UK Health Service, where there is certainly no awareness of the bio-energetics of breast-feeding and bio-energetic contact between mother and baby, recommended practice, if a baby is unable to latch onto the breast, is to give him/her a long period of direct skin-to-skin contact, research findings showing that this helps a baby to root and fix more actively. I do not know where the research to support this practice was done, possibly in Sweden. I will try and find it and post it here for interested readers. We can be certain that such a gentle, pro-baby policy must definitely have solid research support to be official policy in the UK Health Service. The explanation for this effect is very simple in orgonomic terms, though. The contact with the mother helps the baby to expand bio-energetically and his natural urge to root and suck becomes stronger and he decides to feed. He feels the strong urge to feed that any healthy baby normally feels

Now, the other idea that I have had. Some years ago I wrote a teach-yourself manual for people trying to learn about the use of orgone therapy in labour. It contains simple diagrams of common breathing patterns and the natural breathing patterns as discovered by Reich and which most people are able to get into with a little support from a therapeutic helper. The book was printed on A4 pages and spiral-bound, so that users could literally have it open on the floor and work from it as they went along, with a volunteer friend/student. I can send you the text on line and you could just read it and print a copy and have a go at some of this breathing. It was what I used with all the women I looked after in labour, in ordinary labour-rooms in an ordinary National Health Service maternity unit, the women all unprepared and unknown to me. Almost all my ladies seemed to benefit to some extent from it and some spectacularly so. I assume that fuller breathing in labour leads to increased oxytocin levels. I'll send you another diagram that is not in the teaching manual, but which shows the general physiology of this. It apples to nursing as much as labour, I think. Even if it doesn't work it won't harm you, assuming that you have no major psychiatric history, psychosis, suicide attempts, etc. You should not try the breathing, if you have such a history.

I have sent Emily this booklet and a diagram extracted from C O R E's booklet An Introduction to Orgonomic Midwifery. The diagram is posted below. (No, it isn't! Sorry about that. I will do my best to post it soon, but I do have major problems with posting anything visual to this site, so I may not be able to manage it.) Fuller breathing stimulates the parasympathetic side of the autonomic nervous system. Labour contractions are parasympathetic functions and the let down reflex is, too, as is vaso-dilation. This is crucial in breast-feeding. Lactation depends on a generous blood supply to the breasts. Your milk is produced from your blood by cells supplied by the blood circulation. You will have noticed how all the blood vessels in your breasts are much more visible than usual, once you are pregnant and particularly when you are lactating. Hence the need for a generous blood circulation during lactation. This diagram is based on Reich's table of the ANS functions in The Function of the Orgasm, pages291-292 in the current edition. I have just added the hormones of labour and lactation to it. I can't change the boxes now but a bottom line could be added for lactation and feeding - organ/system - lactation, parasympathetic = vaso-dilation, oxytocin up, let-down reflex strong, good lactation: sympathetic = vaso-constriction, reduced oxytocin level, no let-down reflex, lactation reduced.











Tear supply ↑



Tear supply ↓

Dry, dull


Blood vessels



Blood pressure ↓

Skin, hands and feet warm and pink



Blood pressure ↑

Pale, cool skin and hands and feet




Pulse slower


Pulse faster




Slow and full


Fast and shallow




Urge to urinate, Contracts, empties


Held closed by muscular sphincter



Sexual organs


Blood supply ↑

Secretions ↑

Sexual desire


Blood supply ↓

Secretions ↓

No sexual feelings





Labour progressing



Labour inhibited






Remains closed



First posted July 4th, 2012. Last revised February 6th, 2019.
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