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Вильгельм Райх иа русском языке!  (Wilhelm Reich in Russian!) 

The latest addition to C O R E's library is a handful of Reich's orgonomic classics in Russian, obtained more cheaply than we could have hoped, thanks to the kind help of Maria Baulcombe, who went to the trouble of buying them in Russia and carrying them back to England in her own luggage. Thank you, Maria, со всей душой. I am sure that she had not even heard of orgonomy until  she bumped into me while  I was in London for our week's exhibition in Notting Hill Gate in February. The four titles are Массы и Психология ФашищмаФуикция ОргазмаБиопатия Рака, and Убийство Христа: (respectively MPF, FO, CB, and MoC).  (24. 08. 18.)                

Thanks to Roberto Maglione for yet another donation to C O R E's collection. This is his latest book, in English, The Motions of Life - Was Einstein really modelling Brownian movement? I will be writing a full review of it for a new page Book Reviews. Other recent donations from an orgonomic researcher are In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, the latest edition (the third) of The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, both by James DeMeo, and A History of Modern Morals by Max Hodann, edited by James DeMeo. This last title is an almost forgotten classic of sexology dating from the nineteen thirties. Needless to say all these titles are of great importance to the study of orgonomy and should be in every serious student's library. (20. 9. 14.)

The latest significant addition to C O R E's library is a presentation copy of Biofisica e Medicina Orgonica by Roberto Maglione and Dr Alberto Mazzocchi. Many thanks to Roberto for this gift, which helps to keep our library up to date. As the title implies, this is a history of Reich's medical and bio-physical experiments and theories. The contents include - Wilhelm Reich: a biographical sketch; orgone energy; orgone devices; bion theory; the cancer biopathy; clinical investigations, international and Italian experiments; the emotional plague; medico-legal aspects of the practice of orgonomic medicine in Italy; bio-physical orgonometry; the Oranur experiment; cloud-busting and the regulation of the atmosphere. The book is generously illustrated with both photos and diagrams and includes 189 references over 160 pages. I can't vouch for the quality of the contents as my Italian is not up to leafing through the book  and skim-reading a few pages here and there to gain a quick first impression, as I would with a book in English. I will have to plod more slowly through it with a dictionary to hand. However first impressions are very favourable. It is beautifully produced, on excellent paper with a very attractive type-face.  The only missing item is an index. A scientific text-cum-history surely needs an index. Perhaps this is a national fashion. No UK non-fiction book of this quality would appear without an index. I'll post further comments when I have read more. It would be good to have these new Italian texts translated into English. Anyone reading this speak enough Italian to translate a 160 page book? (12. 12. 13.)

A further addition to our library from Italy is a copy of Roberto Maglione's latest book, in English, Methods and Procedures in Biophysical Orgonometry. This is a summary of Reich's bio-physical orgonomic experiments and work done after his death by various other researchers in the field. Some of it is familar, for example To-T and the electrosocope discharge rate in an accumulator, some of it is new to me and will, I am sure, be new to other students of orgonomy. It's yours to read, free, if you attend one of C O R E's events in Preston. (5. 10. 12.)

Recent additions to C O R E's library include Reich's Function in Portuguese and Italian and a copy of Wilhelm Reich: Una Formidabile Avventura Scientifica a Umana edited by Luigi De Marchi and Vincenzo Valenzi with large contributions by our friends and colleagues, Roberto Maglione and James DeMeo. While the UK produces works like Turner's dreadful Orgasmatron book, Italy and other countries produce thoughtful, informed volumes on Reich and orgonomy. We have also acquired a copy of The Bion Experiments in Italian - Esperimenti bionici sull'origine della vita.

Why do we take the trouble to acquire so many of Reich's books in other languages? For all our efforts to stimulate interest in this country, all of our students are from abroad and we feel obliged, if they take the enormous trouble of making a long journey to get here to study orgonomy with us, to help them out with basic orgonomic resources here. If someone wants to refer to a point in one of Reich's books, it is much easier for them to find it in their own language in an edition they know than it is in an English edition. Also reading these books is a good way for me, PJ, to learn basic orgonomc terminology in other languages to facilitate my presentations at conferences in other countries and contact with visiting students.

C O R E's library of literature on orgonomy and related subjects is an absolute treasure trove of information and rare publications. That's not me, Peter Jones, speaking, but the words of most of the visitors to C O R E, who have browsed through the shelves and noticed the incredible riches of this small collection, which totals about 2,000 volumes. Apart from almost all of Reich's publications, this collection includes many books on closely related topics, such as the anthropology of the few remaining self-regulated cultures that have been documented before they were swept away by the march of industrialism, (the Trobrianders, the Muria, and the Yequana, if you want to know); on self-regulated and libertarian education, dissident science, little known predecessors to Reich in the field of research into the origin of life, vitalism, and authoritarianism, fascism, and communism.

There are probably not many libraries in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter, that have in their stock Pouchet's Heterogenie and Bastian's The Beginnings of Life and Studies in Heterogenesis. Though both these authors are long forgotten by mainstream science (or have they been deliberately buried?) and hardly known nowadays, these works are classics in the field and provide enough work for an army of orgonomic microscopists to repeat and develop. One of our two copies of Bastian's Studies was actually being dumped by the Wellcome Institute Library. This dumping of works deemed to be irrelevant and outdated by contemporary librarians is a subtle form of censorship, as it means that future students browsing in the catalogues will not even realise that these people ever existed.


In addition to all this material closely related to orgonomy, the library also includes a considerable collection of completely mainstream background material in the subjects that form a background to orgonomy and which any student ought to know about, before they embark upon serious orgonomic research. It is fashionable amongst some dissident circles, particularly amongst new-age, mystical people, to dismiss mainstream science as a 'load of rubbish'. I do not share that view at all. A lot of ordinary science is solid fact and well-grounded and anyone working in a field 'explained' by mainstream science, such as the origin of life, evolution, and cosmology, certainly needs to know the conventional explanations for what they are studying orgonomically before they start finding new explanations. We invite only ridicule if we stand up and pontificate orgonomically without knowing what mainstream opponents will throw at us, if we go public.


The library also includes a good number of basic refence works and textbooks on medicine, psychology, physiology, microbiology, microscopy, biology, plant sciences,  evolution, the history of science, astronomy, cosmology, optics, natural history, history, childbirth, geology, archaeology, anthropology, amd philosophy. 


Much of this material is far too rare and valuable to lend out. Interested students may contact C O R E and arrange to visit to use the collection for private study at a mutually convenient time. We can scan and send texts for you, if a visit is not possible. We can also photo-copy items for you and post them on at cost price. Although we are a tiny, invisible organisation, we provide a serious, high-quality reference service in this field. In fact we see this service as a very important part of C O R E's activities and the services that we provide to the small public interested in orgonomy. Please do not be too shy to ask about having important orgonomic texts copied. We are more than happy to do this for students of orgonomy.   

Last updated October 10th, 2018.

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