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NB Babies in Arms are Welcome at All C O R E Events

Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust

Summer Conference

July 8-12 2019


Passages from selected articles by Wilhelm Reich:

• Work democracy implies the triumph of rational thinking, work, knowledge, and natural love over mysticism, serfdom, political chicanery, pornography, deception, disenfranchisement, and exploitation of the masses.

• Whoever tells the people, “I can’t promise you anything, I can’t help you, you and you alone must bear the responsibility for your lives”–this is the one who doesn’t release them from their responsibility but rather enlightens them and charges them with it; this is the one who will have understood the true meaning of work democracy.

• Work democracy is not an ideological system. Nor is it a “political” system, which could be imposed upon human society by the propaganda of a party, individual politicians, or any group sharing a common ideology. Natural work democracy is the sum total of all functions of life governed by the rational interpersonal relations that have come into being, grown and

developed in a natural and organic way. What is new in work democracy is that for the first time in the history of sociology, a possible future regulation of human society is derived not from ideologies or conditions that must be created, but from natural processes that have been present and have been developing from the very beginning.

• Work democracy consciously develops formal democracy, which is expressed in the mere election of political representatives and does not entail any further responsibility on the part of the electorate, into a genuine, factual, and practical democracy on an international scale. This democracy is borne by the functions of love, work and knowledge and is developed organically. It fights mysticism and the idea of the totalitarian state not through political attitudes but through practical functions of life, which obey their own laws. In short, natural work democracy is a newly discovered bio-sociologic, natural and basic function of society.

Between the years 1938 and 1945, Wilhelm Reich wrote six important texts on work democracy:

1939: The Natural Organization of Work in Work Democracy

1941: Further Problems of Work Democracy

1942: “The Biological Miscalculation in the Human Struggle for Freedom”

1943: “Give Responsibility to Vitally Necessary Work!” and “Work Democracy versus Politics: The Natural Forces for the Mastery of the Emotional Pest.”

1944: “Work Democracy in Action”

The conference will focus on the main concepts of work democracy in these works.

Speakers will include James E. Strick, PhD, Philip W. Bennett, PhD, David Brahinsky, PhD, and Patricia Estrada, Centro Reichiano de México.

The conference will include

• a wine and cheese reception at the Observatory

• an international panel discussion from a variety of different perspectives about Reich’s ideas on work democracy

• a screening of a 2009 interview with the late Mary Boyd Higgins, who was the trustee of Reich’s estate for fifty-eight years

• a rare archival recording of Reich speaking about organizations.

Bring a bathing suit for an afternoon hike with swimming.

Spanish translation will be provided.

For those who can stay through Saturday night, a concert of standards from the great American songbook will be performed by renowned jazz pianist Andy Kahn on Saturday evening July 13th.


  REGISTRATION FEE - $275.00   

Includes tuition, information packet, daily homemade breakfast and refreshments.  A 25% discount is available for full-time college students who can document their status and for those traveling from outside the US and Canada. Registration may be made using  check Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.  Call (207) 864-3443, send check to Orgonon, PO Box 687, Rangeley, Maine 04970 USA, or e-mail


Conference Building at Orgonon (Wilhelm Reich Museum) located on Dodge Pond Road in Rangeley, Maine     


IRS regulations permit an income tax deduction for educational expenses to maintain or improve professional skills.


Hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, lakefront cottages and other rentals, and campgrounds are available in and around Rangeley.   We encourage you to make reservations early as this is the busy season.  Try or AirBNB, or for information, contact the Rangeley Chamber of Commerce: Tel. 1-800-685-2537.   Or e-mail:


To apply for the Thomas E. Ross and Chester M. Raphael Scholarships, please contact us at:  

All applications must be received by May 15, 2019.


Call us at (207) 864-3443, or e-mail:

James DeMeo:  Forthcoming Events in Germany and USA


* A one-day Weekend Seminar will be offered next March in Germany. The exact date, location and subject are not yet fixed. I don't get to Europe very often, and am willing to present material on the interests of those who would attend, be it on my Saharasia discovery, Bion experiments, the Orgone Accumulator, Orgone Physics, Cloudbusting, my new Water Research, or Reich's (and my own) UFO observations and research on gravitation. This is a good opportunity for both newcomers and serious students of orgonomy. If you are interested to possibly attend, send me a short email marked "Germany Seminar", along with your primary subject interests.

* A two-day Seminar will be offered early next Summer. The seminar will be held at the OBRL facility near Ashland, Oregon, with lectures and demonstrations, and various opportunities for open discussions on aspect of both social and experimental-physical orgonomy. The subject of the Seminar has not yet been fixed, nor has the date. Probably in late May or early June. To stay informed on this event, keep on this mailing list, and check the OBRL Events Page periodically:

* A one-day international Webinar round-table discussion may be offered for serious students of orgonomy, for those studying in the universities or similarly engaged in serious research. This would allow for open exchange of ideas on such things as how to navigate research projects on orgonomic subjects into the mainstream of science, difficulties encountered, and also for advice on specific points of research and methodology in orgonomic science. The event would take advantage of the new service offered by which is very easy to use for anyone with a computer having a microphone, videocam, and internet connection of sufficent speed. You can test your system here: If it works for you, and if interested, send me a separate email marked "Webinar".

Forthcoming Publications to be announced in the near future:

* One of my research articles recently cleared peer-review for publication in a mainstream science journal, and will soon become available for on-line viewing. This is a major 30+ page article summarizing many years of research, detailing changes in the spectroscopic properties of water charged up inside the orgone accumulator. It is a new discovery that provides substantial support for Wilhelm Reich's orgonomic science. I'll have another announcement on that in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is a YouTube lecture on this subject, with preliminary info:

"Anomalous Living Spectrographic Changes in Structured Water"

* New Book in the works, hopefully by the end of this year, or early next

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science, by James DeMeo

NOTE: You can review all past OBRL Notices and Newsletters on our Wordpress Blog, which archives them.

ALSO: You can review a summary of my resesarch record and other activities undertaken at OBRL over the years by reading our most recent fund-raising letter, here:

Please Support Orgonomic Science Research at the DeMeo Laboratory

Orgone Biophysical Research Lab – OBRL

Take a moment to consider making a donation to OBRL, which is a non-profit scientific research and educational foundation, approved by the IRS for tax deductions. This, and our book sales, is how my research is supported. To donate right away, please go here: You can select for a single donation, or a recurring donation of any amount, as you prefer, using any credit card (via the PayPal system). Written checks can also be sent to "OBRL" at the address below.

Thanks for your interest and support.

James DeMeo, PhD

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

Ashland, Oregon, USA

e-mail:  demeo(at)mind(dot)net                         Share this item with your own network of contacts. Thanks!

´╗┐OBRL, PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA.                               (Posted by  C O R  E   24.  10.  18.)

Please don't forget our offer to any newcomers to orgonomy of a free copy of C O R E's booklet An Introduction to Orgonomy or any other booklet of your choice. For a full list of titles, please see our Publications Page. To obtain your free copy, please just send us your postal address, which we will not hand on to anyone else. (

This page will be short and to the point, a simple listing of C O R E's past and future events, so that site-visitors can see at a glance what is on in the future and what we have done in the past. We will also include other orgonomic events that may interest site-visitors and non-orgonomic events at which items of interest to students of orgonomy are to be presented.

Publication of  Our Next  Book - Expansion  and  Contraction

C O R E's next publication, an anthology containing all our booklets up to about 2015, 45 in number, will be available within a couple of weeks and for sale during our London event in February at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill Gate, running from  February 12th-18th inclusive, 1200-2000 every day. See the news page for details. (25. 1. 18.) PS. This book is now out and available. You will be able to buy it at the exhibition.

Forthcoming Events in London and Preston

Colleagues in London and I are setting up an event in London in the Notting Hill area in February 2018 (12th-18th) to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of Wilhelm Reich's death in 1957, venue to be the Tabernacle, in Notting Hill Gate, Powis Square, nearest tube station Westbourne Road. We will be open from 1400 to 2000. There will be an exhibition of bion-inspired paintings, and informal demonstrations and talks. There will be an art workshop with a chance to look at some bions down a microscope and materials to create whatever images the bions inspire in you. Obviously of interest to children, but everyone is welcome to participate. I hope to include a drop-in baby-therapy session, if there is interest. If you have a baby and are interested in taking part, please locate the venue, etc and attend at a time convenient to you. It would  help if you let me know in advance ( (updated 10. 12. 17.) I am also going to be running similar baby-therapy sessions in Preston soon. Watch this space!

Talk on Character Analysis, Orgone Therapy, and Armouring in London

Our friend and colleague in London, Dan Lowe, is giving a talk on the above at Treadwell's bookshop, 33, Store Street, WC 1, on February 23rd. I am not sure exactly where this is, but believe it's close to or just off Tottenham Court Road. Some of C O R E's books and booklets will be on sale. You have to get a ticket for this event, it seems. Presumably space is limited. Please check their website for details. (15. 2. 17.) 

Orgonomic Microscopy Week March 28th - April 1st, 2016

This week will run for five days, from midday, Monday, March 28th to midday, Friday, April 1st, and will cover the basic microscopy skills that students need to be able to conduct the bion experiments themselves at home and also, if desired, the Reich blood tests. As the name implies, it is a concentrated course in basic orgonomic microscopy. Students should leave knowing how to operate a biological microscope and possess enough information to buy their own model, if they are thinking of getting involved actively in independent orgonomic study with the microscope. You should also know how to conduct a bion experiment and the Reich blood tests on your own

C O R E will provide all equipment and facilities. You do not need to bring anything of your own, except, possibly, a note-book, drawing pad and suitable pencils (2-4B).

The program will be flexible and tailored to individual students’ needs and wishes. Provisionally, it will cover the following:

            The basics of a biological microscope. Parts, use, care, operation.

            Reich’s bion experiments, history, theory, practice.

            Conduct your own bion experiment. Large choice of materials.

            The grass infusion experiment.

            Using phase contrast and darkfield lighting.

            Sterile precautions, autoclaving, red-heat.

            Filming and photographing your work. The basics.

           The Reich blood tests, history, theory, methods.


No experience of microscopy or scientific orgonomy is assumed. It will help you greatly and save the group a great deal of time, if you can read either The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life and/or The Cancer Biopathy in advance. CB contains summaries of experiments described in detail in The Bion Experiments. C O R E’s three booklets covering the topics are a shorter introduction – Three Experiments with the Microscope for the Amateur Orgonomist, Further Experiments with the Microscope, and The Reich Blood Tests. Our book, Artificers of Fraud, covers much the same ground and includes information on how to conduct these experiments. C O R E’s new text, Bions for Beginners will be printed in time for this event. This will cover the same ground as the study week and will be invaluable back-up material for those who wish to carry on with bion research independently at home. Participants will receive a free copy.

 Students will be free to work at their own pace. The time-table will be flexible and can be changed as we go along. Although C O R E’s facilities are physically rather limited, hence the small number of places, a maximum of six, we have an excellent collection of high quality microscopes and filming equipment. You can see samples of our video film work on YouTube under the channel orglancs. The equipment is the vital element in this work and some of ours would not disgrace a university lab. We also have an outstanding orgonomic library which will be available to students during the week. You can also see photographs of our equipment on our website. Please go to the Facilities and Equipment or Bion Experiment pages for further information.

 Accommodation: In cases of extreme financial difficulties it may be possible to arrange overnight accommodation for students who need it with friends of C O R E in the local neighbourhood. There is also a ‘budget hotel’ with easy walking distance of C O R E and for those who can afford it, a Premiere Inn about ten minutes’ walk away. The price per night for this accommodation is respectively £15, £25, and £40 per night. Only Premiere Inn provides breakfast which is not included in the room charge. We can provide you with a simple breakfast for a token charge. (Premiere Inn have a habit of suddenly increasing their room charges for certain nights on public holidays, etc. Be careful to get a definite quote if you book in advance with them.)

 For further information, if you need it, please refer first to our web-pages at You will find links to pages on all the topics mentioned above. For more detailed travel information, etc, contact us at . Preston is easy to get to by train, bus, or car. It is about an hour's direct train journey from Manchester airport.

Venue: If up to three students enrol, my home in Preston. If more than three students register, we will rent a room in St James’ church hall rooms, Avenham, Preston.

Peter Jones, C O R E, Preston, March, 2016.

NB Babies in Arms are Welcome at all C O R E Events

Future Events

Important Event at Orgonon

This isn't one of C O R E's events but we have been asked to publicise it and are only too happy to do so. This event is a bion experiment lab course to be held at Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine, July 11th-17th. The course teachers are Stephen Nagy MD, Grier Sellers PhD, and James Strick PhD. You could not get a more concentrated collection of expertise, experience and knowledge in this subject anywhere else. Quite apart from the high-level teaching, this is an opportunity to visit Reich's old home and to soak up the inspiring and interesting atmosphere of the museum devoted to Reich's life and of the work Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust, whose headquarters are located here. Anyone remotely interested in orgonomy should visit Orgonon at least once in their life. I cannot recommend the course and a visit too strongly. I went in 2004 and it was one of the highlights of my orgonomic studies. Info is on the WRIT website  - 16 02.html I hope this link works. My apologies, if it doesn't. If it doesn't work, please try Orgonon or Wilhelm Reich Trust in a search. Hyperlinks seem to be a problem on Pickaweb and I can't install new ones. (24. 2. 16.)

Bion and Reich Blood Test Week, March 28th-April 1st, 2016

 I have checked the dates of Easter and here are more details of this study-week. March 28th is Easter Monday and April 1st is the following Friday. We have already had several enquiries for this event, so it looks like it will definitely run. I will post an outline time-table shortly. If you are interested and want to prepare for it, I suggest you read either Reich's Bion experiments on the Origin of Life or the relevant sections of The Cancer Biopathy (which contains most of the same information in summarised form) or my Artificers of Fraud, which also contains a great deal of how-to-do-it information on the same experiments. My forthcoming guide to the bion experiments, Bions for Beginners, will be ready in time for this workshop week. The book is already written and only  one or two remaining jobs need doing before printing. (5. 2. 16.) 

A Study Week for Orgonomic Beginners 2016 and a Bion Week, Easter 2016

 In addition to the summer week for beginners advertised in the paragraph below, we are now going to offer a bion week next Easter, 2016. There are up to eight places for this training week, that means each student having a microscope to themselves to use all week. The week will run from midday Monday after Easter until midday on the following Friday. We will run it with a minimum of four students, so if you want to take part and want it to run, you could persuade a friend to come, too. Cost variable, according to students' ability to pay, £25-£150 per person. More details shortly. (28. 12. 15.)

After having to cancel this event because of an absence of interested students, we have already received requests for the same sort of event sometime next year from three people already. (And we have had yet another definite booking (3. 1. 16.). At this rate it will be oversubscribed.) So we are planning a summer school on orgonomy for beginners in the summer holiday period of 2016. Please watch this page to find out more details, dates, content, cost, etc.  (2. 11. 15.)

This event (the 2015 summer school) will not now, alas, be taking place. The three apparently definite students have vanished into the mist again and we have no bookings for it.  This is orgonomy in the UK in 2015 - no active interest whatsoever. Apologies to anyone who has found out about us at the last minute and is disappointed. You can still arrange to visit C O R E privately ( (13. 7. 15.) PS (30. 10. 15.) I have already received enquiries from three different people about this sort of event, a week for beginners, since I cancelled it. It looks as if some interest in it is building up. If it continues to build, we may be able to run it next Easter or in the summer. Please get in touch and record your interest, if you would like to attend this event next year.


Second Italian Conference

In a bitter sort of way, it is consoling to know that even in other countries where the interest in orgonomy seems to be much stronger than in the UK, they have difficulties in getting a conference to be viable. This conference has been postponed until next year for lack of participants, apparently. There was to be a second Italian orgonomy conference in  the summer of 2015. (13. 7 . 15.) PS September. Apparently they had only 19 bookings. Nineteen?! I would feel we were doing really well, if we had that many bookings for a UK event. I hope the event takes place next year. If you want to attend a positive orgonomic event in Europe, please watch out for further news.

Past Events

Study week on orgonomic midwifery, Easter 2015

Study week on the bion experiments and the Reich blood test, Easter, 2015.

Balto-Nordic Orgonomy Conference - June, 2014

Water Conference, late October, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

I was invited to talk about the Brown and Reich history, as told in my book Artificers of Fraud, at this annual conference, this year held in Bulgaria. The venue was in Borovets, a ski-resort about 60 miles from the capital Sofia. This place would make a marvelous site for an orgonomic observatory and atmospheric studies. It is 1300 metres above sea level, (about 4,000 feet), and the atmosphere there is unpolluted and full of a beautifully expansive orgonotic sparkle. Also at night there is little light-pollution and it would be a great place for astronomy. The hotel people had not thought of using that as an attraction to draw in custom from another community as well as the skiers that are their main custom through the winter. This conference is an annual event and the regular participants seemed very pleased with the way things went. It was also a good experience for me and orgonomy. Many of the participants were very interested in my presentation and a few plan to get microscopes and engage in serious bion research. I took ten copies of Artificers and sold them all. Many of the buyers threw in a few extra dollars or Euros as a donation. Thanks to you all for your interest. (30. 10. 13.)

Rome Conference October 2013

The October Rome conference has been and gone. It was a great success and everyone spoke very positively of it as they left. 100 participants! Imagine that in London! Possible?

ICA London: Talk on Reich's SexPol Essays Recently Re-Published

There was a talk at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London on Reich's SexPol Essays on Tuesday, June 4th. The speaker was Dr Stella Stanford, philosopher and academic, whose interests include sexology, feminism, gender studies, and related matters. If you want to know more about her, she is on the Kingston University website as a member of staff. (You can see a talk by her on YouTube on the Guardian channel in their series Radical Thinkers.)

 World-Wide, March 5th, 2013!

I don't know whether this counts as an event: there hasn't been any formal 'launch', but in another sense this is surely a momentous event in the history of orgonomy in the UK, the great orgonomic desert of the world, the publication of a well-researched, original orgonomic text on the discovery of the bions and the concealment of this discovery by mainstream science for almost two hundred years. For details, please go to Artificers' own page. The vagueness of the date was simply because the printers say it would take 'from three to four weeks'. They actually had it finished in less than three weeks. It will be very positive to have it in time for our Easter students' visit. Complimentary copies are already going out to various people who have helped with the project. I have also sent review copies to a couple of journals who review such books. (I expect the mainstream media to ignore it.) If you know of some journal within or outside the UK who you think might publish a review, please let C O R E know. ( ) You can now order and pay for Artificers on our PayPal link page.

Past events organised and run by C O R E

Berlin, May 5th, 2012.

This was not a C O R E event, but was a very important one, in my opinion, in the development of orgonomy. This was a public meeting of the Wilhelm Reich Gesellschaft at which there was, amonst other items, a presentation by Dr Gunter Hebenstreit of his work on the confirmation of Reich's bio-electrical investigation of sexuality and anxiety. You don't often get a chance to hear a working scientist speaking of his replication of a basic, pioneering experiment of a great predecessor. This work is very significant, in my opinion, for the future of orgonomy. Further info -

Italy, Easter 2012 - Francesco D'Ingiullo organised a four-day gathering on pregnancy, self-regulation, the continuum concept, breast-feeding, and related topics, at Carunchio, in Chieti. PJ was a main contributor to this event.

December 2011 - weekend seminar on orgonomy in Nicosia, Cyprus, organised by KKO and Christos Pechlivanis. There were several old friends of C O R E present at this event. 

August 2011 - Peter Jones contributed several talks and demonstrations to the OBRL Conference on New Research in Orgonomy at Karavomilos, in Greece. He gave the first public presentation of his work on Robert Brown and the 'burying' of his discovery of the bions in the early nineteenth century.

Easter 2011 and after - Open House for interested students. There was only one enquiry about our proposed Easter school that year, so I offered a more flexible option. C O R E would be open to students during the weeks each side of Easter and students could attend and study whatever aspects of orgonomy that they wanted to. Eventually 8 students came at different times and got through a lot of work. They also gave very generous donations to C O R E's threadbare finances, for which I am very grateful. 

Easter 2010 - Easter School in the Lancashire countryside, an informal educational gathering, 10 participants from all over Europe and South America, covering most aspects of orgonomy.

August 2007 - Chipping, Lancashire, 7-day conference to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Wilhelm Reich. Combined with (at the weekend) the second OBRL Conference on New Research in Orgonomy.

We have also in the past, too long ago to bother with dates and venues, run a bion workshop in Preston, workshops on the use of orgone therapy in childbirth for midwives and expectant mothers, baby-therapy demonstrations at a La Leche League Conference, and other formal and informal events.

Posted March 16th, 2012. Last revised February 18th, 2019.

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