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Professor Korotkov's New Energy-Field Reader

Those of you who follow fringe science and research in the field of bio-energy will know of Professor Korotkov and his work on technology in this field. You can see any number of videos of him speaking on YouTube. I asked him about the status of his new item of equipment at the recent water conference in Bulgaria and he told me that it will be available early next year and will cost 650 Euros. That was much cheaper than I had assumed it would be and C O R E will just about be able to afford to buy one. This will almost certainly be the last substantial item of scientific equipment that I will have the money to buy, unless people start donating generously. If you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of this equipment, please contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk Thanks to the buyers of my book at the conference, almost all of whom told me to 'keep the change'. We have already raised a small part of the purchase price.

This energy-field meter means that we will be able to further some of our pet projects, for example, the testing of the bio-energetic vitality of babies, simply by placing their foot or hand under the meter. It will have many potential applications. Presumably it will be possible to assess objectively the orgonotic vitality of mother's milk and bottle-milk, for example, quickly and simply without having to prepare the Reich blood test. The same will apply, I hope, to food, water, and soil samples. This instrument has enormous potential. (5. 11. 13.)

Dry Run for Public Bion Demonstrations?

Last month I helped to run a water micro-life day for children at our local nature conservation centre at Brockholes. (www.brockholes.org ). For the first time, I took our SP150 microscope and CCTV camera with the new portable TV monitor shown below. This set-up worked very well indeed and enthusiastic knots of children, not to mention parents and grandparents, kept gathering round to look at whatever was under the microscope at the time. This is very satisfying, as it means, if there is any public curiosity and invitations to  give public demonstrations in the future, (a possibility, now Artificers of Fraud has been published), that I will be able to demonstrate a bion experiment to an audience. We now know that all the components in the chain work and are safely portable. If you are interested in arranging such a demonstration, please contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk Such a demonstration would probably be the first ever public demonstration of a bion experiment in the UK. I include that information, just in case anyone reading this has pretensions to historical immortality and fancies attending an event of historical importance! We won't, of course, know if it was historical until about 100 years have passed. (4. 3. 13.)

New Portable Flat-Screen TV Monitor

To add to the camera below we now have a lightweight, portable, flat-screen TV monitor. We now have all the items needed to show a presentation and demonstration of the bion experiments to an audience in a venue where there are no microscopy facilities. We can bring everything in from outside. The more I show things to people on screen, the better this way of seeing things down a microscope seems, especially for teaching purposes. It is so easy to present something to a roomful of people on screen compared to helping them to see the items in question directly down a microscope, one person after the other. The photographs below shows the image of the bions developing from a single iron filing in Reich's classic experiment and our SP150 microscope packed up with the screen and loaded on C O R E's trolley. To see a video of the bions from an iron filing, go to YouTube - Bions from an Iron Filing - which you van view on our orglancs channel ( http://youtu.be/8IXIvoBZ9AY ). (5. 11. 12.) (PS September, 2013: we now even have a 240v portable power supply, so we can run the microscope, camera, and monitor in a venue with no electricity supply!)


This week we took delivery of a second CCTV camera, the JVC model recommended by Brunel Microscopes. It is now in use on our SP150 microscope and I have already made some test recordings with it. Doubtless some of our new YouTube videos will be made with this camera, as it is on the microscope that we use the most. It will also be used for demonstrations and talks as our Olympus microscope is too heavy and valuable to move around. The SP150 now also has an excellent carrying case and we will be using these items together for the public events that C O R E takes part in. It also means that we can provide our own equipment where learners request a workshop and have no microscope available. One microscope is all you need to show things to a roomful of people on a screen. (14. 10. 12.)


Major addition to C O R E's facilities  - we have now taken delivery of a small laboratory oven from Genlab, the makers of the incubator that we have had for some years. This oven enables us to heat dry items to a temperature of 225oC and will make our bion experiments absolutely 'bullet-proof' as far as the standard criticism of Reich's original claims goes, contamination from germs in the atmosphere. The other standard criticism by which orgonomic claims are waved away by orthodox science is Brownian motion. For further information on  the misuse of this explanation and the neutering of Brown's original discovery, please see C O R E's video on YouTube - Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich and my book, Artificers of Fraud, now available. There is a summary of this history in our booklet of the same title. 

C O R E has an improvised laboratory and an excellent collection of microscopes and the accompanying items needed for bion research and the the Reich blood tests. We have just re-organised the laboratory so that we now have 4 microscope stations available for students. The microscopes are;

The Olympus is equipped with a Sony CCTC camera which we normally have linked up to a large HD TV monitor. This camera can be also attached to some of our other microscopes with a bit of improvisatory skill involving elastic bands(!). This camera records with phenomenal definition, far greater than you can see on C O R E's YouTube videos. When  one of these videos is played on a modern HD screen, such as we had available in the hotel conference centre in Nicosia in December 2011, you could see every last twitching bion. I was staggered at the difference.


Four of C O R E's microscopes: left to right - Brunel SP150, Olympus BX50, Zenith phase contrast, and Brunel SP100. I was trying the last model out on a Workmate bench to see if this would be a usable improvised worktop for a home microscopist with limited facilities. It works quite well. A solid workbench is vital for effective microscopy. The tiny shaking of an unstable work surface is magnified by the microscope and ruins the images obtained.

C O R E also has an improvised observatory on a fourth floor balcony with panoramic views over the south of Preston and the surrounding countryside. Our observing instruments include;

Below from left to right: Helios observation binoculars, Opticron spottiong scope, Strathspey giant binoculars.


Left: C O R E's solarscope. You can look straight at the sun with this. Right: C O R E's 10" (25cm) Newtonian reflector with a distant view of the horizon to the south. This view provides an excellent sight of the atmospheric west-to-east orgonotic wave motion in the right conditions.

C O R E possesses Labjack data-acquisition software and has plans for some important physics experiments using some of this optical equipment. As always, we need expert help with the computing side of this work. Any volunteers? If you can help and live within reach of the north-west UK, please get in touch. (Contact)

A few years ago we purchased PIP software. This is a major advance in the field of the science of bio-energetics and was developed by Dr Harry Oldfield. It allows us to film the bio-energy field, that is the orgone-energy field, of any living organism. The potential for this program is endless, an absolute dream come true for orgonomy, but...we can barely use it, as it needs more pairs of hands to be used effectively and a room like a studio with a bare, neutral background so that the energy fields are not interfered with by visual clutter. And visual clutter, alas, dominates C O R E's improvised quarters fitted into a normal domestic environment. All the more reason for those who think orgonomy and life energy research is a good thing to dig into their pockets and donate to help us buy suitable accommodation for C O R E. (No, don't bother. I'm only joking! I'd hate to put you out.)

We also have a full-size orgone accumulator, large enough to sit in and use for treatment, an orgone blanket, and a small, experimental accumulator with a capacity of about a cubic foot, for scientific experiments. We keep a vacor tube in this, which is continually charged with orgone energy. This luminates in the dark when stroked by a hand or stroked against the body, if the person involved is themselves bio-energetically alive enough. This is one of the most impressive demonstrations of the existence of the orgone. We also have a suitable power supply to attach to the tube, which, when a current is passed through it, will  luminate. We cannot use this equipment safely yet for lack of space.

The small experimental accumulator was originally built for seed-germination experiments and we have conducted these many times in this accumulator with very positive results.

We have an old-fashioned laboratory balance, bought with a view to repeating Reich's remarkable gravity experiment. In this experiment, an orgone- accumulating device is placed in the ground immediately below one of the pans of the balance and the pans are exactly balanced with weights. This is done early in the day, when the atmospheric energy field is still fairly contracted. According to Reich's findings, published in Orgonomic Functionalism, volume 6, 1996, as the earth's atmospheric field expands during the day, the balance comes down towards the earth on the side of the accumulating device. This is a prodigious, unbelievable finding, which we would love to replicate. If this finding of Reich's is confirmed, it completely disproves current models of gravity and physics. To do this we need some safe access to the ground. Any offers?

We also possess a couple of Experimental Life Energy Meters (LEMs), made by Heliognosis. We now also have taken delivery of the liquid probes for these meters. These connect to the meter and give a reading of the relative orgonotic vitality of any experimental fluid that one wishes to measure compared to that of a control sample of fluid, say distilled water. We have already compared samples of distilled water and water charged up in an orgone accumulator for 10 days or so and the meter seems to work very well and accurately with these probes attached. These probes open up many opportunities for orgonomic experimentation. Interested students who live within reach of Lancashire are welcome to visit C O R E by arrangement to see these meters at work.

Last updated April 8th, 2019.

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