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C O R E's Finances

 I don't suppose many site-visitors are interested in where C O R E gets its money from, so here is a separate page for those to whom it occurs to wonder how C O R E is financed.

C O R E's activities and facilities were financed entirely out of my (PJ's) own pocket until I retired from my job in the NHS. C O R E is completely unsupported by any other organisations or funding bodies. Our small income comes entirely from our own activities, mainly the sales of Artificers,  of our other books, and our booklets. We also receive occasional donations from visiting students. The status of orgonomy in the UK is that of such a pariah that it is pointless to appeal to funding bodies for money to further our activities. As regular site-visitors will know, the  thing we need money, and lots of it, for is the purchase or construction of a building to house our library and scientific equipment and in general to function as a home for orgonomic teaching and research in this country. I estimate that if such a building is in Preston or the surrounding area, it will cost about £250,000, the price of a larger residential house or building with equivalent space. As we now have about £3,000 in the bank we have a long way to go. We have, however, already acquired the things that such a building needs to function and if we had a building today, we could open it as an orgonomic teaching and research centre tomorrow. 

Thanks to Midwifery Week Participants

Thanks to students who attended our recent study days on orgonomic midwifery and the bions. Your generous donations will enable C O R E to publish yet another of PJ's books, possibly even two titles. Please watch out for news on our latest publications on either the news page of the forthcoming publications page. (I'm sorry I can't insert hyperlinks here to these pages. The new cPanel software won't allow it. Please use the hyperlinks at the top of the page.) (28. 4. 15.)

Supporting C O R E

While we are talking about money, you might like to think about donating to C O R E, if you feel you have benefitted from this website and would like to see orgonomy take root and thrive in the UK and in the world at large. You can be certain that any money donated will be used purely and solely for C O R E's orgonomic activities. Our Co-op bank account receives all payments made to C O R E and expenditure from it is confined entirely to our orgonomic activities, mainly paying for printing inks, paper, microscope sundries, the occasional book for our student's library, and postage on copies of Artificers. Needless to say, all payments for copies of  Artificers or our other books, whether via PayPal or direct, go into this account. You can send us a cheque payable to 'C O R E' at -

 Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ.

If you want your donation to be spent on some particular item or part of orgonomy that you wish to encourage, please say so when you send it. We will let you know what we have done with it. Otherwise your donation will just help our building fund to accumulate in the hope that one day we may be able to finance our urgently needed teaching and research centre in the UK. (Until now, April , 2018, we have received no donations from site-visitors.)

C O R E Now Self-Supporting

Site-visitors will be surprised to read, and I was surprised to discover, that C O R E is now, believe it or not, financially self-supporting. By that I mean that our tiny income from the sales of Artificers, our other books , and our booklets and donations from students who visit to study here covers our day-to-day running costs. These costs are those of printing ink and paper, postage, microscopy and laboratory sundries, occasional books for our library, drinks and refreshments for visitors, and so on. None of them are large amounts, but they would be a substantial drain on my own pocket if I had to pay them all, as I did until recently. As I am now retired and living on a minute pension, the days of buying expensive telescopes, microscopes, or laboratory items are over. C O R E will have to manage on what we have already got. I can just about afford to pay for the Korotkov energy-field meter, which will be available next year and that will be it, the last substantial item of scientific equipment that we can afford. Unless of course, generous folk reading this decide that C O R E's work is a cause worth supporting and decide to send us some money. You can send UK cheques to the postal address above or if you live outside the UK, you can donate via our PayPal page, access to which you can get by clicking on Artificers of Fraud. You can add a buyer's message telling us that your payment is not a purchase but a donation. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, (we always ask for permission), we will acknowledge your donation on our news page. We are extremely grateful to the small number of people who have given donations after visiting to study or while buying copies of Artificers. For example, almost everyone who bought a copy of Artificers at the recent conference in Bulgaria gave me a $20 bill or Euro 20 note and told me to keep the change (for a $15/Euro price). Thanks to all of you for your generosity. If we had a few hundred buyers doing that, we really would be prospering. (19. 11. 13.)

This account is C O R E's own working current account and you can be certain that your donation will be spent of orgonomic activities and aims. No money is paid to individuals from this account. We are trying to save money to finance premises at the moment, a monumental task. We need about £250,000 and so far we have about £3,000 in our account. But... you've got to start somewhere. (See below and the reasons for publishing Artificers.) These first thousands have accumulated from donations made by students appreciative of what they have learnt from visiting C O R E over the last few years, the occasional, small direct donation from well-wishers, the sale of our booklets, and the sale of a few copies of Artificers. (14. 6. 13.)

Artificers of Fraud to Earn Income for C O R E?

In case you hadn't noticed, my book, Artificers of Fraud, is now out. The whole aim in publishing this volume is to earn some significant income for orgonomy in the UK. I had had a brain-storming session with myself to see what I could do, unaided and alone, given the complete lack of interest in and support for orgonomy in this country. The only thing I could think of that I could do on my own was to publish one of the many orgonomic books gathering dust on my hard drive. There is no orgonomic clientele in the UK book-buying public and a book only about orgonomy would not stand a chance here. I had a good think about the plan and this title seemed the most likely to prove of interest to a wider public beyond orgonomy. It is anyway of importance to expose the fraud involved in mainstream science's interpretation of Brown's research and the ignoring of Reich's work in the same field. The story fits into two categories popular here at the moment, the history of science, which has over recent years become very popular, and stories of the underdog, which the British have always seemed to like. If the book really takes off and sells in thousands and tens of thousands, (very  unlikely, I agree), it could just about earn enough to pay for the building that we so urgently need for our teaching and research activities. If it does not sell very well, it may still generate some income to support some of our activities, for example the financing of further publications. Even a  few hundred pounds' profit would be helpful. Please buy the book and tell other people about it. All income generated by sales will go to our building fund. No individual is to benefit from the sales of the book and I have taken no payment for my years of work on the project. I have financed the printing out of my own pocket and will not be reclaiming this money from the proceeds. (11. 4. 13.)

The Financial Advantages of Charitable Status

This may become relevant in the future and is anyway important for readers from outside the UK, who will probably not know about this. I have been reminded of this point by a phone-call a couple of nights ago from the Soil Association, of which I am a member. They wanted to know if I am a UK tax-payer, and if I am, could they reclaim income tax from my subscription. The Soil Association, the UK's most important and best-known organic organisation, is a legal charity. This gives it enormous financial advantages that C O R E should also have, as we in practice function as a charity. But not having legal charitable status, we do not have the benefits, which are these. Charities are exempt from VAT, (turn-over tax), which is now 20% in this country. It also means that a charity gets back income tax paid by subscribers and people who donate money, (if they are tax-payers, which most people are). Roughly speaking this means that £100 obtained in subs and donations is worth about £150. I have over the last 15 years spent about £50,000 of my own money on scientific equipment and books for C O R E's library. Imagine how much more it would have bought, if it were worth £75,000! If we buy a microscope costing £1,000 the VAT on it is £200. A charity would not have to pay that. The tax rate is 25%, I think, which means that to obtain £1,000 to spend we only in fact need to find a little more than £800 in donated money. So instead of costing £1,200 our microscope in fact costs us, say, £825. Sobering, isn't it?

Another huge advantage of charitable status is that you are automatically seen as a 'good guy' and organisations are willing to do you all sorts of unofficial favours, such as low rates for premises for events. (Some even have officially much lower rates for charities.) It is easy to ask a firm for a freebie, when you are a charity. They know no-one is making a profit from your activities and hard work and are much more willing to give you things and generally be helpful.

C O R E has made an application to register as a charity and it was rejected. We urgently need the advantages of charitable status and making another application is a huge job that needs an individual to work on it. Any volunteers? No, of course not. No-one offers to do anything for orgonomy in this country, do they? And anyway, isn't it illegal? (Added, 6. 2. 13.) Further PS October, 2014: since we first applied for charitable status the law has been changed and an organisation now needs a minimum annual income of £5,000 to qualify as a charity. So that is us out for a long time to come, unless the sales of Artificers suddenly takes off. At present our income is not even £1,000  a year. PS  November 2017: charity law in the UK is changing all the time and there is now a new charitable legal entity that, as far as I can see, C O R E could legally become - a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, known in the charity world as a CIO. To become a CIO we just need two more people willing to become trustees.

C O R E Earns Small 'Profit' in 2011-2012!

For the first time ever C O R E's precarious bank account showed by the end of the last financial year a small increase of the balance of a few hundred pounds - an amazing and cheering event. This must be entirely due to the generous donations from several of our occasional students who visited last Easter. Thanks to all of you who donated. I am especially appreciative of these donations, as I know some of them came from people whose own incomes are not at all large, but who realise how important C O R E's work is for the future of orgonomy. I always feel that finding the first thousand is always the hardest part of any fund-raising effort. Maybe after this year's summer school we will reach the magical first thousand pounds. Only £199,000 to go! (I estimate that we need at least £200,000 to set up our own centre, possible a good deal more.) If C O R E were an official charity, raising this sum would be much easier.

C O R E's income consists entirely of small donations usually sent when people order some booklets and enclose more than is needed, telling us to keep the change. These amounts of, say, £5 and £10, are paid directly into C O R E's Co-op community bank account.  We hope to register formally as a community interest company, but to do that we need a couple of active co-workers to act as treasurer and trustees. (For some strange reason we cannot find the people who want to do these jobs.) Eventually we hope to become a formal charity, a status which gives a non-profit-making organisation enormous financial advantages.

Occasionally we get much larger donations, usually from individuals have attended our informal private study days, for example, a total of 8 people at different times took advantage of our open house offer last Easter and between them donated a few hundred pounds between them to C O R E to acknowledge our efforts. This meant that last year, 2011-2012, for the first time ever, C O R E actually earned some money, not even £1000, but at least a beginning. I am sure that the first thousand pounds are the hardest to find. I take no payment for my time and that, too, is in effect a donation. In 2007 a US contact paid us the full fee (about £300) for our anniversary conference and then was unable to attend. He asked us to keep the fee as a donation, by far the most generous donation we have ever received, but that was an exceptional circumstance and is unlikely to be repeated.

As we need at least £200,000 to buy or build our orgonomic teaching and research centre we still have a long way to go. I have published my book Artificers of Fraud in the faint hope that it will prove popular and earn some money to pay for C O R E's centre. I have no illusions about this and know that it is a desperate gamble. But it is the only way of making any significant money for C O R E that I can think of. You can help by buying a copy direct from C O R E and by telling other people about it. All income from the sales of this book goes direct to C O R E's account. No-one benefits financially from its sales. (PS Financially, the publication of Artificers has been a complete fiasco. It is not being stocked by any UK bookshops and so far sales have been confined entirely to the orgonomic ghetto.)

Peter Jones, Preston, Lancs.

Posted March 18th, 2012, last revised May 8th, 2018.

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