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Expansion and Contraction Now Available

This collection of my booklets is now available at £21:00 + postage. (Please enquire for details.) It is nearly 800 pages long and includes all C O R E's A5 booklets up to a couple of years ago. There is an extensive, detailed index and the full text of the original booklets, including about 1500 references! It is a great learning resource for serious students. (23. 11. 18)

Bions for Beginners Now Available

Bions for Beginners, a short practical introduction to the bion experiments and bionous disintegration, is now available, price £7:50 plus £1:20 postage in the UK. You can send a cheque made out to 'C O R E' at PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 0SZ, or pay via the Artificers of Fraud PayPal page, adding a message that you want BB and not AF. See News Page for other postage rates. (15. 9. 9.)

Orgonomic Midwifery - an Introductory Textbook now on Sale

Orgonomic Midwifery - an Introductory Textbook is now available to order. The cost is £10:00 a copy and the postage charges are the same as for Artificers (£1:50, second class within UK).  If you want to use the PayPal page to pay for it, just add a message that you want OM and not AoF. (25. 3. 15.)

(You can also order and pay for Artificers now via PayPal. Click on Artificers of Fraud above and it will take you to the PayPal Page.) Artificers is finally here and we are sending out copies already. You can order copies from within the UK now and they will be despatched to you, probably on the same day. Second-class inland postage is £1:50 for one copy, £2:00 for two and postage outside the UK a good deal more. To order from within the UK, you can also send a cheque for £13:50 (which includes postage and packing) for one copy and £26:00 for two, made out to C O R E with your usual details to:

Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ.

Please include an e-mail link so that we can inform you when your package has been posted. C O R E will not pass on your personal details to anyone else under any circumstances without your expressed permission. We will also not plague you with e-mails trying to persuade you to buy things you do not want. If you wish to stay up-to-date with our activities and things available from C O R E you will have to visit this website from time to time. All income generated by the sale of Artificers will go straight into C O R E's account and be saved in the hope that one day we will have a physical, bricks-and-mortar centre to pay for. Please tell anyone you think might be interested about the publication of this important book. (Updated 7. 3. 13.)

NEW! (October, 2011.) A new edition of James DeMeo's Orgone Accumulator Handbook is now available. C O R E' stock of the previous edition has now all been bought up. We are now, unfortunately, out of this important item, though we will obtain some copies of the new edition from OBRL as soon as possible. Price and details to be announced as soon as we have the information. We also have a few copies of Reich's The Function of the Orgasm and DeMeo's Saharasia. We are selling off The Function at £5:00 a copy plus postage, so it is a bargain, in comparison with the current edition, which sells at £14.99.

No, C O R E is not becoming a business. But we do have various items for sale as well as our booklets. When you buy laboratory equipment, you often have to buy items in large quantities, many more than you really need in a small organisation like C O R E, for example, needles, test-tubes, microscope slides and coverslips, and all the sundry paraphernalia of microscope work. We recently bought a wholesale quantity (500!) of 30ml autoclavable vials for our bion experiments. If you need a dozen, please contact C O R E. You can, of course, get started with one microscope and a dozen slides and other sundries. So, if you are short of money or live somewhere where obtaining such sundries is difficult, please contact C O R E. We may be able to help you get started.

We also have a small stock of larger items, which we bought when we encountered them as a great bargain that might be useful to some future student of orgonomy. For instance, while picking up an ebay purchase locally a couple of years ago, I was offered some observation binoculars for £50 that new cost £300 now. I knew they were a good buy as they were the identical model to the ones that we first started observing the orgone with some years ago. They were in perfect condition. They are now in Brazil, bought for the same price by one of the participants in our Easter school. We have similar bargain-price microscopes, also bought on ebay. We sell these on to interested students for what we ourselves paid for them. If buyers wish to pay C O R E a donation for our help with their orgonomic studies, that is obviously very acceptable, though we do not demand it. We know how short of money young students, possibly still at school, are going to be. At the time of writing C O R E has two second-hand microscopes suitable for beginners for sale.

So...if you are starting out on a path of practical orgonomic study, please get in touch. We may have equipment that is suitable for your needs.

We also have a small stock of secondhand-books by Reich, new copies of Saharasia and The Orgone Accumulator Handbook by James DeMeo, and A History of Cloudbusting by Roberto Maglione. (The last two titles are temporarily out of stock.) People beginning their study of orgonomy may be interested to know that there is a huge selection of books by Reich on And I mean huge. The number is usually more than 2000 different copies of his books. (Last time I checked, in August, 2013, the total on offer was 2300!) We are living in wonderful times as far as Reich's books are concerned. When I started my study of orgonomy in the nineteen sixties there were only a couple of his books in print. Now they are almost all in print, albeit on a print-on-demand basis, but still available. Many of the UK suppliers on ABE have large stocks and supply immediately. (Only yesterday I saw a bookseller in the USA offering The Bion Experiments for sale on line - number available 100! I don't suppose there are that many copies in the whole of the UK.) I urge you to buy these books now. We do not know when they will all disappear again. The fact that these books have remained in print for so long is down to the committment of the late Roger Straus of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York. He was so outraged by the FDA censorship of Reich's work that he committed his firm to keeping Reich's books in print. He died recently and his firm's policy may change.

Also, if you are not a native-speaker of English, you will find that Reich's books are available in many languages, some of them highly improbable. For instance The Function of the Orgasm is available in Persian (Farsi)! Doubtless it is on the forbidden list, but presumably there must be a few copies at least circulating within Iran, if someone thinks it is worth publishing this book in that language. If you are reading this in Iran, please get in touch. C O R E would love to hear from you. What is it like trying to study orgonomy in a deeply anti-sexual theocracy? Please let us know if there is any way we can help you with your studies. Most of Reich's books are available in Turkish: Turkey is apparently the only muslim country where he is at all known. Very small editions of The Function and The Cancer Biopathy (100 copies!) have recently been published in Russia. C O R E has copies of both in our library.

Last updated - November 23rd, 2018.

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