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Forthcoming Publications

Life-Energy for Young Learners (LEYL). Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care (OMBC), Collected Orgonomic Essays (COE), Bions for Beginners (BB), and Orgonomic Midwifery textbook

COE (to be published as Expansion and Contraction)

This volume, a collection of C O R E's booklets, except the last two or three published since I started to gather this project for printing, is still in the pipeline and should be available sometime later this year. I apologise for the long delays with almost all our printed publications. These delays are always due to the same thing, the immense difficulties that C O R E has in obtaining assistance with the graphics side of the job. (We can't afford to pay commercial rates for these jobs.) But we get there in the end. (May, 2017.)

Because of the definite interest being shown by several people in our Easter study week on orgonomic midwifery, I am pushing ahead actively with the writing of a basic textbook on orgonomic midwifery. This is a very different book from the earlier one in progress, on Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care, which is meant for expectant mothers. The title is Orgonomic Midwifery - an Introductory Textbook. It has been written for midwives and student midwives and anyone else interested in the support of active, natural birth. Needless to say, expectant mothers will also find it useful, though it is definitely more technical than the first title and assumes some knowledge of midwifery practice. This book is now available and you can order it via our Artificers of Fraud PayPal page. Just add a message saying you want a copy of OM and not AF. OM costs £10:00 a copy, postage rates are the same for both books.) (13. 9. 15.)

C O R E's Textbook on Orgonomic Midwifery

The publication of this book has been unexpectedly delayed. The printers accidentally produced the original batch of 100 copies without the illustrations and have had to print them again. They have advised us that they will now be delivered on Wednesday, April 22nd. Apologies to anyone who is waiting for a copy. Believe it or not, we have already have received an order for a copy and the participants in our Easter study week are getting free copies to celebrate the publication. (20. 4. 15.)

While C O R E's website has been stranded in cyberspace I have been busy working on my midwifery textbook. This is now on the verge of publication. It is with our printers, Print on Demand World Wide and should be printed and despatched to us any day now. You can place an order for it in the usual ways, either via our PayPal page for Artificers, (just add a message that you want the textbook), or send a cheque payable to C O R E to Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 0SZ. The price is £10:00 and the postage charges are the same, UK second class £1:50. (25. 3. 15.)

Progress report (13. 12. 14.). This project is advancing in fits and starts. I have just printed a copy of the text as it stands at present to send it to our friend in Germany, Natali Mahn, for proof-reading and general criticism. If anyone else would like to read and criticise the text for me, I will be happy to send you a printed copy. The more people check it before the final printing the better. You will help to weed out minor mistakes and typos and also give an objective opinion of the book in general and my approach. I am still having trouble finding someone who can do the  illustrations and this obstacle may scupper my hopes of getting it printed in time for our Easter midwifery week.

Introduction, Glossary of Terms, chapter 1, Natural Birth; chapter 2, Muscular Armouring and Childbirth; chapter 3, Principles of Orgone Therapy, the ANS and Birth, Expansion and Contraction; chapter 4, The Segmental Arrangement of the Armouring; chapter 5, Recognising Armouring; chapter 6, Emotional Contact; chapter 7, Orgone Therapy in the Labour Room; chapter 8, Assessing Orgone-Therapeutic Birth Preparation; chapter 9, The Onset of Labour; chapter 10, Care of the New-Born Baby; chapter 11, The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding*; chapter 12, Future Research Projects; Appendix A, Everyday Orgone Therapy*; Appendix B, Orgone Therapy in Midwifery - a Beginner's Practical Guide*; Reading List and Requisites for Midwives Using Orgone Therapy; Training in this Field; Index.

Items marked * are adapted texts of earlier C O R E publications relevant to midwifery. They are still available separately. A third appendix was going to be the research assessment forms that I have devised in the hope that eventually someone will start serious research into orgonomic midwifery, comparing outcomes of orgone-therapeutically supported women to those of other women. It turns out to be impractical to print these forms in such a small format as A5. I will print them separately and include a sample set with all copies handed out to students at Easter or sold to buyers.

The writing of this is progressing well. In fact I have already completed the first draft and almost completed the references and general revision. Two big outstanding jobs remain, getting a small number of line life-drawings done for it and compiling the index. It looks like it is going to be about 150 pages long and will cost about £10-£12. 

(Please scroll down for access to information on Orgonomic Midwifery)

Collected Orgonomic Essays

COE Difficulties Resolved?

I am pleased to be able to tell site-visitors that our new title, Collected Orgonomic Essays, is at last on the move again. The new edition of Word seems, touch wood, to have restored the text to exactly the same format as before, so, thank goodness, the index is still valid and I haven't got to compile it again, item by item. In the chaos caused by my computer change-over the illustrations have got lost, but, mercifully, our helpful graphic artist, Megan Vaughan, still had the original document of her drawings and was able to send us a copy within an hour or two of a frantic e-mail to her. The only outstanding job, apart from preparing the pdf for the print-on-demand publishers, is to redesign a cover for it. I plan to use the format of the Artificers cover with different, appropriate photos in the boxes on the right. And I need to find a better title for it. Any ideas, anyone? I've got some of my own, obviously, but still haven't settled on anything definite. (1. 10. 14.)

Difficulties with COE

Thanks to problems stemming from the change-over to a new computer and the installation of a new version of Word, all work on this project is suspended for the time being. Apologies, if you are waiting for the book. I haven't had any enquiries about it, so suppose that there aren't too many of you waiting for it. I thought I might have to retype the whole text, all 900 pages of it, but, mercifully, the text seems to have survived in tact, though with the pagination slightly altered, which means that I may have to rewrite the whole of the index again. It took about three weeks of full-time work to compile it. Until I can get some professional help with all these problems, I am leaving the project for the time being. (9. 8. 14.)

Latest Information on COE and Bions for Beginners

Miracles do happen, it seems! Our kind graphics helper has got the illustrations for COE finished to a  high professional standard, much better than any illustrations in C O R E's other publications and we can now go ahead with arranging printing with the print-on-demand company. There are still one or two technical problems, perhaps not even problems, just queries, that I presume they will be able to deal with. I have still got to think of a good title.  Watch this space. (7. 5. 14.)

Thanks to the initiative of one of C O R E's supporters in London, it looks as if this volume may be ready in time for the Helsinki conference (http://wilhelmreich.fi/index.php/en/ ) and anyway a lot sooner than I thought. She has found a friendly graphic artist who is willing to organise the illutrations for us for a token fee. We hope to meet in London during the Easter holidays to work out a plan for them. Heartfelt thanks to Sophie Hamilton for this help. Regular readers will notice a new title, Bions for Beginners. This is  a a little 'how to do it' book for anyone who wants to try the bion experiments themselves. You might think such a publication would be a hopeless venture, but several people have got down to bion experiments and microscopy work after reading Artificers. Clearly there is enough curiosity and active interest about for a few people to want to get involved in this project. All these books have already been written. it is just a question of getting the necessary illustrations up to a publishable standard. The CollectedEssays is a huge tome, 900 pages long, and its selling price will be about £20:00. BionsforBeginners is a mere 90 pages in its present form and will probably sell at about £7:50. (3. 4. 14.)

I have now finished compiling the index. It needs revising and editing, but the basic page numbers are down on paper at last, all 900 pages' worth!  The next big job is the illustrations. But we are moving. (22. 2. 14.)

Though a repetitive and boring slog, this is going well and I have now compiled the index for over 70% of the text. I have no idea whether this is 70% of the real index as it will actually be, as the number of index items on any given page varies enormously from one booklet to another. The scientific ones on the bions and topics like orgonotic medicine and orgonotic pulsation seem to be the densest ones with the most items to list. I have also had an offer of real help with the illustrations from the original booklets. I hope to re-use the same cover design as on Artificers wth the column of pictures on the right chosen to be relevant to the collection. I plan to use the same pattern for all C O R E's forthcoming publications, so that the books will have a 'brand' appearance. No, I haven't been reading a textbook on marketing. I just liked the original Artificers cover, one of several offered by our desigher, Dan Clement, and like the idea of using the basic layout and blue orgonotic colour, adapting the text and pictures to the title in question. If this title interests you, (it's a cheap way of buying all of C O R E's booklets at once), you can place an order now, though please don't send any money until I know exactly what it will cost and how much postage will be. The retail price will probably be about £20:00. (11. 2. 14.)

The massive job of compiling the index for COE is going well, for the simple reason that it is not down to my computer skills, but simple hard work and perseverance. I don't use any fancy software. I compile it 'by hand', combing thought each page, jotting down the items for the index and then going to the index pages at the pack and adding all the numbers to the list of entries there, most of which I had written out before starting, so that for many items, I just have to add a page number. I am more than half-way through now, up to page 470 odd. If only the illustrations, all simple diagrams and line drawings, were going to be that easy to do, the book would be out in three months, if not sooner. I have been looking for a really simple graphics program that would allow me to do such drawings, but there does not seem to be one. Just in case you know of such a program, I mention this yet again... (7. 2. 14.)

Phew! Done it! Done what? Finished copying and editing (roughly) all my A5 booklets into one document in preparation for this monster orgonomic tome, Collected Orgonomic Essays. It comes to 907 pages and 381,713 words. I am enjoying this publishing project much more than Artificers, because I am doing it for pleasure and it doesn't matter a damn, if the book sells only 6 copies. I shall probably print 50 to start with. Publishing Artificers was a desperate gamble, a project that might just succeed and earn some significant money for C O R E and my plan for an orgonomic teaching and research centre in this country. I knew it was a high-risk venture and so it has proved. So the fact that Artificers sells one copy a week, if we are lucky, is a wretched disappointment, whereas even the existence of COE will be a triumph. It will mean that my booklets survive for future students of orgonomy when I depart.

There is still a huge amount of work to be done on it. There is the usual mountain to climb, the illustrations. Most of the illustrations for my booklets were simple pencil sketches or diagrams photo-copied. They certainly are not good enough for a published book, however simple it is, so I need help with the illustrations. (Funny that, I think I have heard myself say that before. Oh, dear! Am I getting to be one of thus bumbling old gits who walk round saying the same thing all day? (To our foreign visitors - that's English humour, ignore it.) Hell, do I get sick of hearing my self saying, writing the same thing about orgonomy in the great UK?!) Then there's the index. Which means I've got to read the book, page by page, 'noticing' every item worth putting in the index. Pro rata, (a few days' work for Aritificer's index), that will be at least a couple of week's work. The thing is, although it is a mammoth task and rather boring, I know I can do it and it is just a question of ploughing on with it from one day to another. There won't be too much computer frustration. I have enormous perseverance, if I feel I am moving forwards, even if it is only at one mile an hour. So... with a bit of luck, three new titles this year. If you want to help with this project, please get in touch. No specialist publishing skills or experience needed. And please don't forget the illustrations. (23. 1. 14.)

If you have visited this page before you will realise this is a new item, added in January 2014. Our ever-thoughtful and motivated friend in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, made a great suggestion to me recently. Had I ever thought of publishing my booklets as a book? My first thought was of the cost, relative to the cost of printing Artificers and I immediately thought, no, impossible, far too expensive. Then I though of print-on-demand and the possible cost of printing, say, 50 or 100 copies. Even before I knew what that might cost I suddenly changed my mind and very definitely wanted to see that book in print! I estimated that it would be an enormous tome, possibly 800 pages. Since deciding to go ahead with it I have been at work furiously on the job on my computer and so far have copied 45 out of 47 booklets into the new document. It is over 800 pages and at the last word count a few booklets back the number was over 350,000 words! So the whole book will be more than 400,000. In the meantime I have obtained an on-line estimate from a site with this facility and the cost is quite reasonable and definitely possible. Copying the text is only half the job. It needs a massive amount of editing and 'repairing' as Word copies the texts in a strange way, changing all sorts of things, which I have to correct, almost line by line, certainly paragraph by paragraph. And then my hand-done sketches for a small number of the booklets, the practical ones on the bion experiments and Reich blood tests, etc, will need re-doing to a much higher standard and at the moment I haven't even got a graphic artist who can do those, so it  will be a while yet before the tome is printable, but the job is well in hand. I am still working on the other two titles on this page. (10. 1. 14.)

Inspired by finding that the publication of Artificers of Fraud is going to cost half of what I had been expecting to pay for it, I am already pushing ahead actively with the work needed to get another two C O R E titles ready for publication. I wrote my introduction to orgonomy for younger learners a long time ago, in 2002, and it has been gathering dust on my hard drive ever since then. I write my orgonomic books and forget about them, as there is no chance whatever of finding an ordinary commercial publisher for a book on Reich or orgonomy, especially one that has been written from an informed, knowledgeable point of view and which is positive about Reich's discoveries and takes him seriously as a scientist. We saw only too clearly in 2011 what the London literati think of Reich with the frightful, mendacious, and abusive reviews of the Orgasmatron book. Those reviews were possibly the worst blows ever meted out to Reich's battered reputation in this country.

So... What is Life-Energy for Young Learners about? Well, I hope it is what it says, straight and simple. It is an introduction to orgonomy with a strong emphasis on the practical and things that enthusiastic, interested teenagers or even younger children can do themselves. I include an introductory chapter on the orgone and some simple exercises that will help you with the assistance of a partner to feel your own orgone energy in motion. And there is a further chapter, a revised version of my booklet, Everyday Orgone Therapy, which explains the principles of orgone therapy and armouring through the speech of everyday life, as I believe strongly that everyone actually knows about the basics of orgone therapy from their own experience of armouring themselves as a child and from having to cope with a world full of armoured people. Every day, every hour, every minute, people say things that show that they understand the basics of orgone therapy.

There are chapters on the bion experiments and orgonomic microscopy, orgone watching, the orgone accumulator, and suggestions for further research projects that will, I hope, be within the pocket of someone still at school or being home- educated and who will not have lots of money to spare. I give some idea of the cost of things and list relevant books at the end of each chapter.

Please don't expect this to be available within weeks. I am still re-writing it. I know a lot more now than I did when I wrote the original text. It needs extensive re-writing. Also I am trying to reduce it by 10-20 pages to make it cheaper to print. But some things will be easier and quicker. I already have ISBN numbers and C O R E has its PO Box number and I am familiar with my printers' needs and habits and how a text has to be made ready for printing, so the process should be a lot easier. As we used to say to women on delivery suite, it's a lot easier the second time! This book would benefit from some young proof-readers and critics. If you are a younger teenager, say 14 rather than 18, or are the parent of such a possible reader, can you please get in touch, if you or your child would like to read a proof copy and help us make this book as good as we can for our younger readers?

The big snag that could delay eventual printing is that this book needs lots of illustrations for the many practical projects it contains. C O R E still has no graphics assistance. This is still our most pressing need. The top item in our 'needed' list is assistance with computer graphics. The illustrations for Artificers have been a nightmare and this Life-Energy for Young Learner's contains lots more pictures, or will, when they have been drawn and arranged. So... someone... please..!


Preamble for young learners

Preamble for parents or adults helping these young learners

Chapter 1  What is Orgonomy? A History and Explanation

Chapter 2 What is Orgone Energy? How Can You Feel It? Some Simple Exercises that you Can Do with a Friend

Chapter 3  Feelings, Primary Needs, and Armouring

Chapter 4  The Orgone Accummulator

Chapter 5  Some Experiments with the Orgone Accumulator for the Beginner More Advanced Experiments with the Accumulator

Chapter 6  Orgonomy and the Microscope - What You Need, Getting Started. The Reich Blood Test, Bionous Disintegration and the Bions.

Chapter 7  Armouring, Movement, and Pulsation in Babies

Chapter 8  Orgone Energy in Art and  History

Chapter 9 Next Steps 1) With the Accumulator 2) With the Microscope 3) Atmospheric Orgonomy 4) The Reich Blood Tests

Chapter 10  Building a Full-Size Orgone Accumulator

Postscript  Studying Orgonomy



Sample pages to be posted shortly

Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care

This book was written more recently than Young Learners. I actually wrote it in a fit of despair, having more or less abandoned all hope of ever getting anyone interested in my work with the use of orgone therapy in childbirth in this country, or even anywhere at all. I thought it was important to document what I had learnt and my experience in the UK NHS, while I was still able to. That still appplies, though, amazingly, this book has now been translated into Italian, Portuguese, and Greek. It is about to be published in Italy, (October, 2013), and has got a publisher in Greece. Since it seems self-publishing is much cheaper than I thought, it is now a realistic proposition to try and publish this title in English as well.

The topic of this book is obvious and exactly what the title says. It lays out the theory and practice of the use of orgone therapy in midwifery and includes some case histories from my experience in the UK NHS. Apart from the effects of muscular armouring on the physiology of labour, I also pay some attention to other influences that work in the same direction, helping women to feel anxious and therefore contracted during labour. Maternity care, should, of course, do exactly the opposite, and help women in labour to expand.

The baby's experience of being born is often neglected, even amongst advocates of 'natural birth', who focus more on the mother than the baby. If a baby has a traumatising experience of being born, he will be contracted at birth and find it difficult to feed. And so the cycle of contraction and armouring begins again. This can be avoided and I offer some advice on how we might do this. The priority is an expansive birth for the mother. Orgone therapy can play a major part in making this possible, even in today's armoured world with armoured women.

The book needs some illustrations and these have apparently already been done and handed on to the Italian translator. I have not seen them yet and am not sure whether they will be best incorporated into the text or on a centre-fold of pages on their own. They are obviously an important part of the book, especially for anyone trying out some of the basic techniques themselves, and they will be included somehow or other.



Chapter 1 The Life and Work of Wilhelm Reich

Chapter 2 The Principles of Orgone Therapy

Chaper 3 Armouring, Physiology, and Childbirth

Chapter 4 Anxiety-Provoking Factors in Present-Day Maternity Care

Chapter 5 Some Case-Histories

Chapter 6 Orgone-Therapeutic Preparation for Childbirth

Chapter 7 The Orgone Accumulator in Pregnancy

Chapter 8 Orgone Therapy with Babies and the Care of Your New-Born Baby

Chapter 9 What to Do if This Book Has Impressed You

Appendix 1 Training in Orgone Therapeutics

Appendix 2 Further Reading 

Glossary of Medical and Orgonomic Terms


Posted January 27th, 2013, last revised May 18th, 2017

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