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New Volume of Orgonomic Functionalism Available

I have the great pleasure of announcing the publication of volume 7 of Orgonomic Functionalism, an occasional publication from WRIT and Orgonon. It is several years since the last volume appeared. This is a sure sign that the organisation is coming to life again after a difficult period. I do not have an actual table of contents, but readers can be sure that this volume (118 pages) will contain a collection of Reich's unpublished writings, as relevant, pioneering and inspiring as ever. I will try to post a direct purchase link. Watch this space. (28. 6. 19.)

RIP Rod Freeman 27/6/1944 - 30/4/2019

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to announce the death of C O R E's friend and supporter, Rod Freeman. Those of you who visited our London exhibition at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill last year may remember him as the older chap with a moustache. I had not known Rod long. He got in touch via C O R E's website and after a warm exchange of e-mails he came to visit me in Preston. We established an immediate rapport and he helped me and our other helper, Sophie Fernandez, to set up and run the exhibition. He did the main part of the preparatory work, burning a good deal of shoe leather visiting venues and making enquiries. I shall be for ever grateful to him for his great contribution. His local knowledge was invaluable in helping to solve the inevitable last-minute problems that always arise when you run an event. His contribution and support were even greater than they seemed, as he was by no means in the best of health at that time, still recovering from heart surgery. I was his guest in his home over that week and we had some splendid orgonomic conversations. Orgonomy has few friends in the UK and the loss of such a faithful and knowledgeable one as Rod is a deep loss. Rod learnt about orgonomy from another veteran of the British jazz world and orgonomy, Peter Ind. He was a professional musician for many years prior to retirement. My condolences to his two daughters, Ella and Susanna. (10. 5. 19)

Tigers - The Truth about the Marketing of Bottle-Milk for Babies

This film, (http://www.babymilkaction.org/tigers) which tells the story of a salesman whistle-blower who had the courage to reveal the illegal marketing practices of Nestle and other companies, is now on release and being shown all over the country. Please go and see it and tell other people about it. Breast-feeding provides the vital bio-energetic contact between mother and baby that is so under threat in our culture. If you don't know what that sentence means, please go to our breast-feeding page and/or read our booklet on The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding. You can have a copy of this, free, including our paying the postage, if you choose this as your free booklet, an offer available to all new enquirers. So few people take up this offer that it is clear that site-visitors don't spend enough time on our site to notice the offer. Just send us (info@orgonomyuk.org.uk) your name and address and the title of the booklet that you would like and we will send it you. For a list of titles, please see our Publications Page, (hyperlink above, second line down). (All personal details remain confidential and are never handed on to anyone else or any other organisation.) 23. 4. 19.


allicantellyou.com is a free-of-charge biographical platform which offers that gift for posterity and a chance to meet new like-minded friends. This is a social media platform with a difference - we promote kindness, love and positivity. PS from PJ (9. 4. 19): this site is now up and running, so you can now sign up, if you want to.

(PS added March 12th: All I Can Tell You announce that their launch day is now April 4th. Please do everything you can to support this noble venture.) The lines above have been copied from an on-line search. If you are getting fed up with the chicanery, censorship, and the secret algorhythms of social media, here is some good news for you. I have not been a member of any of the current well-known culprits, such as Twitter and Facebook, but I have already signed up for this one. The woman who is setting this project up, Catherine Catto, hopes to attract positive life-stories and to encourage contact and expansion rather than envy and point-scoring. I am not sure how she is going to encourage this, but doubtless she has got plans and thought seriously about the obvious difficulties in a culture, already well-established, where all the negatives are so rampant and dominant. Perhaps it will be down to the users to establish a positive tradition ourselves? The project has, I believe, been long in the planning, so it must be a lucky coincidence that she is about to open at a time when so many people are leaving FB in disgust. The service will be opening mid-March, if I remember correctly and you can already sign up for it, as I have done. In fact I had forgotten that I had signed up and was immediately suspicious when I got an e-mail telling me about the opening and giving me their web-address. So I mailed back in rather challenging language, I am afraid, asking about the project and whether it was going to be free and free of adverts. If there is one thing I can't stand about the internet, it is the way it is dominated by irrelevant commercial marketing pressures. (I will guarantee that you will never see an advert on this site. If I say a book or a microscope is wonderful, that is because I have read or used it and I think it will be helpful to students of orgonomy, not because someone has paid me to say so.)  Believe it or not, I received a personal reply from Catherine herself and we have been having an interesting correspondence since about current cultural attitudes and trends. So, please join the project and help to make it positive and life-enhancing. As you may have noticed, there is quite a lot of grumbling on this site, as current social trends are pretty dark, but here is a light on the horizon. Let's join in and make that light a bit brighter. If I understand it correctly, there are going to be forums (fora?) on it, so maybe we can open a life-energy forum and start a conversation between C O R E's site visitors? I hope I will meet you there. If you go to allicantellyou.com you will find the latest information about the project. (Posted 2. 3. 19.)

Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust

Summer Conference

July 8-12 2019


Passages from selected articles by Wilhelm Reich:

• Work democracy implies the triumph of rational thinking, work, knowledge, and natural love over mysticism, serfdom, political chicanery, pornography, deception, disenfranchisement, and exploitation of the masses.

• Whoever tells the people, “I can’t promise you anything, I can’t help you, you and you alone must bear the responsibility for your lives”–this is the one who doesn’t release them from their responsibility but rather enlightens them and charges them with it; this is the one who will have understood the true meaning of work democracy.

• Work democracy is not an ideological system. Nor is it a “political” system, which could be imposed upon human society by the propaganda of a party, individual politicians, or any group sharing a common ideology. Natural work democracy is the sum total of all functions of life governed by the rational interpersonal relations that have come into being, grown and

developed in a natural and organic way. What is new in work democracy is that for the first time in the history of sociology, a possible future regulation of human society is derived not from ideologies or conditions that must be created, but from natural processes that have been present and have been developing from the very beginning.

• Work democracy consciously develops formal democracy, which is expressed in the mere election of political representatives and does not entail any further responsibility on the part of the electorate, into a genuine, factual, and practical democracy on an international scale. This democracy is borne by the functions of love, work and knowledge and is developed organically. It fights mysticism and the idea of the totalitarian state not through political attitudes but through practical functions of life, which obey their own laws. In short, natural work democracy is a newly discovered bio-sociologic, natural and basic function of society.

Between the years 1938 and 1945, Wilhelm Reich wrote six important texts on work democracy:

1939: The Natural Organization of Work in Work Democracy

1941: Further Problems of Work Democracy

1942: “The Biological Miscalculation in the Human Struggle for Freedom”

1943: “Give Responsibility to Vitally Necessary Work!” and “Work Democracy versus Politics: The Natural Forces for the Mastery of the Emotional Pest.”

1944: “Work Democracy in Action”

The conference will focus on the main concepts of work democracy in these works.

Speakers will include James E. Strick, PhD, Philip W. Bennett, PhD, David Brahinsky, PhD, and Patricia Estrada, Centro Reichiano de México.

The conference will include

• a wine and cheese reception at the Observatory

• an international panel discussion from a variety of different perspectives about Reich’s ideas on work democracy

• a screening of a 2009 interview with the late Mary Boyd Higgins, who was the trustee of Reich’s estate for fifty-eight years

• a rare archival recording of Reich speaking about organizations.

Bring a bathing suit for an afternoon hike with swimming.

Spanish translation will be provided.

For those who can stay through Saturday night, a concert of standards from the great American songbook will be performed by renowned jazz pianist Andy Kahn on Saturday evening July 13th.



Includes tuition, information packet, daily homemade breakfast and refreshments.  A 25% discount is available for full-time college students who can document their status and for those traveling from outside the US and Canada. Registration may be made using  check Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.  Call (207) 864-3443, send check to Orgonon, PO Box 687, Rangeley, Maine 04970 USA, or e-mail wilhelmreichmuseum@gmail.com


Conference Building at Orgonon (Wilhelm Reich Museum) located on Dodge Pond Road in Rangeley, Maine     


IRS regulations permit an income tax deduction for educational expenses to maintain or improve professional skills.


Hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, lakefront cottages and other rentals, and campgrounds are available in and around Rangeley.   We encourage you to make reservations early as this is the busy season.  Try https://www.vrbo.com/ or AirBNB, or for information, contact the Rangeley Chamber of Commerce: Tel. 1-800-685-2537.   Or e-mail: mtlakes@rangeley.org


To apply for the Thomas E. Ross and Chester M. Raphael Scholarships, please contact us at:  wilhelmreichmuseum@gmail.com  

All applications must be received by May 15, 2019.


Call us at (207) 864-3443, or e-mail:  wilhelmreichmuseum@gmail.com

Two Orgone Accumulators under Construction in Lancashire

I am busy helping someone to make an orgone accumulator and someone else not far from Preston is also building one - two at the same time in the same county must be a record. I hope to be able to post some photos before too long. Watch this space. (10. 2. 19.)

Captain Flinders, Robert Brown, and Wilhelm Reich

https://www.theguardian.com/science/the-h-word/2014/jul/18/matthew-flinders-bicentenary-statue-navigator-science-history  This link, believe it or not, has a distant connection to Wilhelm Reich and his bion research. I will add the story tonight, all being well. PJ. (30. 1. 19.) Yes, here I am, as promised. I came across this link to Captain Flinders by accident this morning. The link is to an interesting piece about his history and the rediscovery of his grave under one of the platforms at London's Euston station which is being excavated during the works of the new HS2 railway link to Birmingham. Apparently there used to be a cemetery there and the original station was built over it, the graves remaining untouched. The article told the story of Flinders' historic voyage round Australia between 1801 and 1805. It did not mention that the scientist on board was the great botanist and microscopist, Robert Brown, who, one day, if I have anything to do with it, will be honoured as the discover of the bions, along with Wilhelm Reich. Brown was not sure what he was describing, but if you read his 1828 paper on Active Molecules, (full text available in my book Artificers of Fraud), you will recognise that his descriptions sound very like Reich's descriptions of the bions. If you repeat Brown's examination of pollen grains and what happens to them when added to water, you will be convinced beyond doubt of the connection. Apparently Flinders is a big name in Australian history with several geographical features named after him and a town and a university.  (30. 1. 19.)

RIP Mary Boyd Higgins (1925-2019)

Here is a link to an obituary of MBH published in the New York Times. It contains a very interesting photograph of her and the apparatus for the To-T experiment and the internal construction of an orgone accumulator. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/23/obituaries/mary-boyd-higgins-dead.html?fbclid=IwAR2rQ-HAkkNmfbnnQoz6hXsSEUF-OiuM-xRcKsFgX4hZ3B6D3rfQn-vFKxk Thanks to Dr James Strick for this link. (Posted 24. 12. 19.)

It is with great regret and sadness that I have to announce the death of Mary Higgins, who died a few days ago after a stroke. Please see obituary below for details of her life and work for orgonomy. Newcomers to orgonomy or chance browsers on this site may be wondering 'Mary who?' If you look in the frontispiece of any current edition of any of Wilhelm Reich's books, you will see that it was edited by Mary Higgins, usually in collaboration with Dr Chester Raphael. Without their commitment to the preservation of Reich's work after his death in 1957, there would probably be no available literature for students today. In collaboration with Roger Straus of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, she as Reich's executor, ensured the survival of Reich's books into the present. We owe her a huge debt.  Without her efforts orgonomy and Orgonon would probably not have survived. I had the privilege of meeting her when I attended the 2004 summer conference at Orgonon. Dr Strick's obituary below speaks for itself and for her and I cannot add anything of importance myself. (14. 1. 19) 

Mary Boyd Higgins  13 October 1925- 8 January 2019

            Mary Boyd Higgins was born on 13 October 1925 into a well-to-do family in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Educated at Vassar College, she graduated in May 1946 with a degree in Theater (Dramatic Production).  In January 1947 she moved to New York City and became involved in the theater scene, with a goal of becoming an actress.  She also lived in Paris for a year, 1950-1951, and upon her return continued piano studies with a teacher in New York City.  Her piano teacher first gave her Reich’s The Function of the Orgasm to read, a book she felt “made a lot of sense.”  Later when in some personal difficulties she called the Orgone Energy Clinic in NYC and began therapy, 1953-1956, with Dr. Chester Raphael. 

            After Reich’s death, his daughter Eva became the Trustee of his estate; however, after a year she stated she no longer wanted the job.  For several weeks no one stepped forward, causing a perilous legal limbo for the fledgling Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust created in Reich’s Will.  Ms. Higgins had never met Reich in person, though she had attended his 1956 trial in Portland, Maine.  But because she deeply felt the injustice of how Reich was treated, she volunteered for the job as Trustee.  Dr. Raphael at first opposed this, thinking it was far too great a responsibility.  But Higgins persisted as no one else offered, and eventually it was decided she should try it.  In later years she said, “I had no idea how huge a task I was getting into.  It’s so much more than a full-time job.”  After meeting with Eva Reich, who legally transferred the role, Higgins became Trustee in March 1959—a job she continued to execute faithfully for almost 60 years.  She also said in later years, “You can see how bad things were at that point, when no one who knew Reich wanted or was willing to take this job.  So that in the end it was taken up by a total stranger.”

            The Trust faced many legal challenges under Higgins’ leadership.  The first was that Reich’s entire archives had been stolen by Aurora Karrer, a woman Reich was romantically involved with leading up to the time of his imprisonment and death.  Karrer flatly denied having anything that belonged to Reich; two lengthy legal battles were required to force her to return the vast majority of the material—though some items, most notably Reich’s diaries from 1922-1934, remain missing.

            The FDA’s Injunction against Reich was breathtakingly sweeping in legally sanctioning the destruction of orgone energy accumulators and the burning of Reich’s soft cover scientific journals.  It did not, however, sanction the burning of Reich’s hardcover books, instead only demanding they be withdrawn from circulation until “all reference to orgone energy was deleted.”  Nonetheless, when FDA officials arrived at the Orgone Institute Press warehouse in New York City in August 1956, they insisted that Reich’s employees also load the hardcover books onto a truck and throw them into the fire at the Gansevoort Street Incinerator Plant.  Tragically, Reich’s employees did not push back on this egregious violation of an Injunction whose provisions were already draconian enough.

            In 1960, FDA officials discovered another New York City warehouse still contained some of the journals slated for destruction and the banned books, and they alerted Higgins of their plan to destroy these materials also.  Knowing of the previous episode, she met them at the warehouse with her lawyer.  When the FDA agents again tried to take the hardcover books along with the journals, the 34-year old Higgins said “Put those back, they don’t belong to you.”  They meekly complied.  So often, all it takes for evil to happen is for good people to stand by and say nothing.

            Ms. Higgins repeatedly credited several figures as crucial in helping the Trust in its early years.  One was Tom Ross, Reich’s longtime caretaker at Orgonon, from whom Higgins says she learned an enormous amount about Reich’s way of working and thinking.  More than that, Higgins credited the human warmth, hospitality and support Ross and his wife Bea offered her.  Lawyer Leonard Kolleeny served as the Trust’s legal counsel, almost entirely pro bono, for decades.  New York publisher Roger Straus knew little about Reich’s work but committed to help Higgins bring his works back into print, beginning in 1960, because of his hatred of censorship.  Dr. Chester Raphael offered her a lot of help as well, especially in editing Reich’s works for publication and in opening the Wilhelm Reich Museum—in the former Orgone Energy Observatory building.  Richard Wolfe, Rare Books Librarian at Harvard’s Countway Library of Medicine, also helped Higgins arrange the safe preservation of Reich’s archives there, beginning in 1973.  While these men (with the exception of Ross and Raphael), knew little or nothing about Reich’s work, each was struck and inspired by the force of Higgins’ personality and the depth of her commitment to protecting Reich’s legacy, according to the instructions left in his Will.

            Over the sixty years since becoming Trustee, Higgins worked long and hard to learn copyright law, museum design, and a hundred other areas of expertise.  Among her many accomplishments are:

When asked once if she recalled anything in her upbringing or education that might have prepared her to be such a fierce defender of Reich’s legacy—indeed to devote most of her life to that effort—Higgins replied: “Growing up, I was very aware and was always haunted about what happens to unusual, creative people, how generally they are destroyed….I sensed it personally and I read a lot of books about unusual people.  That’s something I understood very early and to this day understand.  And that played a role in my horror of what was going on with Reich, and my feeling for this country.  I was horrified by what was going on.

      “And I think I brought something else to it.  I certainly didn’t bring any knowledge of science.  In fact I had avoided science…it didn’t interest me at all.  It really wasn’t until I began to study Reich that I began to realize that science and art, the humanities…were joined.  But I was capable of standing on my own.  I didn’t need a lot of people to approve of me.  And I think that has served me very well….These things don’t look like anything if you were to put them on a curriculum vita—I have nothing on my curriculum vita that would mean anything….But I have these human experiences which have enabled me to do the best I can with it.  And I think everyone, whether they know it or not, functions on that basis.”


At the beginning of the New Year Mary Boyd Higgins suffered a stroke and died peacefully a few days later in the company of a dear friend on 8 January 2019.  This unique and remarkable woman will be greatly missed.

by James E. Strick (president of board of directors of the Wilhelm Reich Trust)

Если вы говорите или читаете по русский....

родным языком, вас будет интересовать новая версия на русском языке нашего первого видео, Роберт Браун и Вильгельм Райх. Это видео рассказывает историю открытия бионов  и бионного распада.   https://youtu.be/YQstiuX7_os   (C O R E's video on the bions, Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich, now available in a Russian version. ) (7. 10. 18.)       

Dr  James Demeo Podcast

https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/20181007_demeo/ is the link to the podcast to be broadcast tonight,  Sunday, October 7th, between 2100 and midnight, US Pacific coast time, several hours behind  European and UK  time. It will  be available afterwards,  of course, as a podcast. It is a  rare event,  such a long broadcast on an important orgonomic topic, Dr DeMeo's research and book on the subject of Saharasia. (7.  10. 18)

Please see our events page for information about summer camps for children in Italy organised by CRES. These are run on the principles of self - regulation and the protection of children's autonomy.  There are very few such events anywhere on the planet. Please support this event if you have children and tell other people about it. (17. 05. 18)

RIP Dr Morton  Herskowitz  (1918-2018)

I  have just  heard  via a message  sent to all members of the Orgonomic Science Group that Dr Herskowitz died earlier today. The dates above are a guess.  (PS: A  circular announcing his death, sent by the IOS this evening confirms his age as 100.) When I last heard his age mentioned I believe he was 99.  He was an important link with the past of orgonomy, the last physician who was trained by and worked with Reich himself. I did not ever meet him and so cannot wax personal about him. As far as I know,  he was an active contributor to orgonomy almost until the end of his life. Meetings of  the  Institute for Orgonomic Science were  held in his home until very recently. (6 . 08. 18.)

Another Orgone Accumulator Built, This One in South Africa (and a Microscope in Italy)

I am delighted to be able to announce that a new contact in S Africa has just built a full-size sit-in accumulator. Demian van Loggerenberg, who obviously has a high level of woodworking and building skills, got on with the project in double-quick time and had his orac made within a few days. He is running a log-book to collect the comments of anyone who sits in his accumulator and is already making serious and interesting comments on the effects  of the accumulator and users' experience. In addition to his own enthusiasm, the supplier of his fibre-glass insulating material, when he told him on the phone what he wanted it for, gave it to him free! If only such generosity greeted orgonomic projects in the UK, where you are more likely to be spat at than given a free item by a supplier. Demian would appear to have professional construction skills, as his accumulator has been beautifully made. He has sent me lots of photos of the finished item and the construction process. I  hope to post these soon in a special feature on the orgone accumulator page. It is so cheering when an enthusiast gets off their arse and does something for orgonomy. (Brits, please note!) See one of Demian's excellent photos below.

As well as this good news, I can also announce that an old Italian contact has popped up out of the blue to ask for advice on the purchase of a microscope so that he can do the bion experiments and the Reich blood test.  All in the same week! Give us another  500  years and.................? (1. 08. 18.)                          

Вильгельм Райх иа русском языке!  (Wilhelm Reich in Russian!)

Regular site-visitors will know about C O R E's library and the fact that it contains some of Reich's books in various languages other than English. Thanks to the kind help of Maria B, who is Russian and now lives in London, our library now includes copies in Russian of The Function of the Orgasm, The Cancer Biopathy, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, and The Murder of Christ. There several other titles by Reich available in Russian. Buyers can obtain them via www.ozon.ru Maria, who was visiting her family on  holiday,  very  kindly obtained  these titles for us and brought them back in her own luggage, thus saving C O R E considerable postage costs. Many thanks, Maria. for your great kindness. I am now busy picking up orgonomic terminology in Russian, a language  which I speak and read fairly well. Thanks to Maria I recently discovered that several  books by Reich are available in Russian. Alas, the shine was taken off this discovery when I realised that the print run of CB and FO was only 100 copies! That's 100 copies for a country four times the size of the UK. I print C O R E's own orgonomic books a hundred at a time. (5.  07. 18.)

Wilhelm Reich Trust Appeal

Here is the text of an urgent appeal sent to me by the Wilhelm  Reich Infant Trust. Please read it and contribute.

The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust's Endowment Fund is at an all time low. We are in need of financial support in order to continue operations.

The Endowment Fund  is now at only  $60,000.00. We will not be able to keep the museum open when this money runs out.

The cost of maintaining the historic museum and grounds (maintenance and improvement of the buildings and grounds, basic office expenses, heating oil, snow plowing, staff payroll and withholding taxes) is roughly $150,000.00 per year.

We have been using money from the Endowment Fund to help pay these expenses because, the income from book sales, cottage rentals, donations, fundraisers, and conference have not been enough. Each year we  have had less earned income.

We are turning to you once again, our friends and supporters for help. Please donate what you can. The situation is most urgent.

               The letter is signed by the  trust's five directors, Mary Higgins, Josh Dayton, Mary Henderson, James Strick, Kenneth Baker. (I think they are the same as the                       charity's trustees in UK charity law.)

Surely I don't need to remind site-visitors how important it is that the museum at Orgonon remains open into the future.  If you are interested in orgonomy, you should visit this museum at least once in your lifetime. A visit is a truly memorable experience. The obvious thing for a Brit to do is to combine a visit with attendance at their annual conference. You can  donate via the  home-page of  their website, www.wilhelmreichtrust.org and also see details of the forthcoming summer conference there. (26. 04. 18.)

London Exhibition - How Did It Go?

Our week-long event at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill is now over.   Attendance was erratic. At times we were run off our feet, at others the gallery was empty for some time. Still, we enjoyed the experience, felt we had learnt lots, and are wondering about doing it again. I printed and took far too many booklets, but people did buy quite a few and, amazingly C O R E's latest publication, the mammoth collection of my booklets, running to almost 800 pages,  Expansion and Contraction, sold quite a few copies.  There were few takers for the planned art activities, which was a disappointment to me personally, as I had been looking forward to having a go at them myself. The exquisite paintings, inspired by work with the bions, were much admired. Two visitors had come all the way from Germany just to see the event and to learn about the bion experiments, the next step in their orgonomic education. They visited twice and spent several hours talking to us about the bions. I think we must have easily doubled the number of people in the UK who have observed bions down a microscope or on screen.  Thanks to everyone who came and looked at our offerings and thanks to Rod and Sophie for their massive contributions, without which it would have been impossible to run the event. (24. 2. 18.)

Expansion and Contraction Now Available, at Last

This tome, our latest publication,  is at last available and for sale. See prices and postage rates, etc, in the entry below. Ten heavy boxes, each containing ten copies, arrived earlier this evening.  I will also be bringing 20 copies down to our forthcoming London event. If you buy a copy there, you won't have to pay any postage. I look forward to seeing some of you there.  The venue, etc, for this event is as follows. Dates, February 12th to 18th inclusive, 1400 to 2000, The Tabernacle, Powis Square, London W11, Notting Hill Gate, nearest tube station, Westbourne Road. (1. 2. 18.)

Expansion and Contraction Close to  Publication!

At last some positive news about C O R E's long-planned next publication, a collection of all our booklets up to about 2015. I  have received the proof copy from our printers today and approved it for printing. This is a  large tome, almost 800 pages and  half a million words! Postage will be high, too. Still, if you want to buy a copy without paying any postage, you can come to our forthcoming exhibition in London in February and buy a copy over the counter. I'll post details about purchasing and postage charges shortly.  I will also try to post a photo of the cover. I've taken one, but so far can't download it from my camera. (24. 1. 18.)  PS  25. 1. 18. UK postage for a single copy - £2: 90, Europe - £9:61,  zone 1  -  £ 14: 65, zone 2 -  £15:80. Price of a single copy - £21:00 + postage.    

Report for 2017

Apologies for posting  this  report so late in  January. I have been off line for almost three weeks  because  of a telephone fault. Here’s wishing all our site-visitors a happy new year  in 2018 and every success in your orgonomic activities and studies, if you are actually working in the field.  What has C O R E been up to in 2017 and what have we managed to achieve, if anything?

I wouldn’t say we have achieved anything great, but there are some very positive straws in the wind.  (That’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland’s jam yesterday and jam tomorrow but never jam today, isn’t it?) I couldn’t agree more, but we soldier on in hope and optimism. As regular site-visitors will know we are having an exhibition of bion-inspired paintings and art activities and informal presentations of our publications and orgonomic topics in London in February. Preparations for this event in Notting Hill Gate at the Tabernacle Community Centre from February 16th to the 22nd are in full swing at the moment. I am  in the middle of printing a huge pile of C O R E’s booklets in the hope that there will be some interest. They sell well at orgonomic events, but I have not presented them to a broader public before. It will be an interesting experiment. In the last few weeks I have printed more than 300 copies of C O R E ‘s various booklets. Thanks to our two colleagues in London who are putting in the legwork necessary to set this event up.  So far as well as our active trio two local newcomers have offered to help us run this event. Is C O R E’s rolling stone gathering some moss at last? Let’s hope so.

This exhibition started out as an event to mark the sixtieth anniversary of Reich’s death in prison in 1957.  Unfortunately, due to a mix-up over bookings the event has slipped forwards into the wrong year! It has been a very positive experience sharing the preparatory work with two London colleagues. It has occurred me that if the public response is positive we could run this event in some form or other in London every year. Just think of that – a yearly injection of interest in orgonomy from newcomers.

I ran a demonstration session of orgone-therapeutic baby massage at a local community centre in Preston a few weeks ago and the centre’s health-co-ordinator is keen to continue these on a more organised basis in the new year. This could be a major breakthrough, if we begin to attract regular participants. If you live in the north-west please tell any babies you know of this important venture. Details will be posted on our news and events pages as soon as we have them. I have two important items close to publication. These are going to be Expansion and Contraction, a collection of my booklets up to a couple of years ago, and The Urge to Push, which is the expectant mother’s corresponding text to Orgonomic Midwifery, which is already out and was written for midwives and birth coaches. Another volume, The Young Learner’s Guide to the Life Energy, is also coming on well and just needs some important illustrations before it is ready for printing. Every book I have managed to publish has been held up significantly because of problems with illustrations and producing a cover for it. Any graphic artists reading this, you know what to do, don’t you? (info@orgonomyuk.org.uk ). We still need help to repair our microscope video system, which has been out of action for some years now. It’s actually a computer problem, not a microscope or camera problem. The recordings from the cameras acquire drifting bars on them, though on the large screen monitor the film shows up as normal. And while I am at it, we still need help with redesigning this website and graphics for our books. This must be the tenth year running that I have made this appeal. Still no response! Ah, well, keep on trying!

Another positive straw in the wind is the fact that I have found a source of charitable funding for which C O R E is actually eligible. (Most funding on offer is only available to legal charities.) The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has a fund for what they call Pioneers and Ideas and this can be awarded to individuals even. I shall be sending in C O R E’s application in the new year. If they award us anything, needless to say, it will be an item on the News Page. If we get this funding I hope our next step will be to try to raise the money for a centre by crowd-funding. This will be a mammoth task and we will need lots more helpers than we have got at present. For those of you who don’t know what crowd-funding is, it’s a way of raising significant amounts of money for any charitable or community based venture.  You set it up via one of the companies who offer crowdfunding services, set up an appeals page,  making the case for your project, and wait for the money to come pouring in. Most projects are of obvious charitable appeal, the sort of thing anyone with a heart and a little spare cash would donate money to. Orgonomy, of course, is almost completely unknown in this country and also has for the few who know of its existence, a very toxic reputation. The odds are against us and we are going to have to work very hard to make any impression on the public. According to  the experts with experience in the field, the way to get the ball rolling and to move people is to have gang of committed supporters who all commit themselves to donating on the first day, so that you look like you have really got some significant support and momentum. Any offers?

We have had fourteen e-mail contacts via our website during 2017 and are still in contact with a few of these. Thanks to all these enquirers for your interest in C O R E’s work. Let’s hope there will be at least as many in 2018. (18. 1. 18.)

Important Lecture by Dr James DeMeo at Water Conference 2017 Now on YouTube

Here is the link to James Demeo's lecture, delivered in absentia to the participants of this year's conference in Bulgaria on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water - https://youtu.be/dwB3EDWlfBw This is yet another demonstration that confirms and even advances some of Reich's observations and discoveries and which also makes connections with work by other scientists at work today. (12. 12. 17.) 

London Event, the Tabernacle, Notting Hill Gate, February 12th-18th, 2018

I am pleased to announce a forthcoming event in London, running from February 12th to February 18th, at the Tabernacle community arts centre in Notting Hill gate (www.tabernaclew11.com). There will be an exhibition of paintings inspired by the bions by Sophie Fernandez, associated art activities for children and adults, C O R E's literature, demonstrations of the bion experiments, orgone therapy with babies, informal talks, etc, etc.  If you live in London or within reach of  it, we look forward to meeting you there. (7. 12. 17.)

Vaginal Birth after Six Caesareans!

On the off-chance that someone looking for childbirth information reads this page, here is an amazingly positive piece of news from Preston, reported in the local paper, the Lancashire Evening Post.  A woman here has just given birth vaginally after having had six Caesareans for her previous babies. Until this news the highest number I had heard of was three before a vaginal birth. There are slightly more details on our VBAC page (see link above, bottom line of the links) and I hope to be able to post a link to the local paper's report. (14. 9. 17.)

Crowdfunding Appeal Succeeds!!!

Yet more good news. The Indiegogo appeal has just reached its $72,000 target hours before its deadline. So the completion of this film project can now go ahead and we will be able to show it in the UK eventually. Congratulations and thanks to Kevin Hinchey, the film's director, and his colleagues on their great effort and achievement. I don't know what's going on at the moment, but I am posting nothing but good news these days. (15. 7. 17.)

 Crowdfunding Appeal for Funds to Complete WR Documentary

Very good news indeed about this appeal. It has now reached 62% of its target, more than $44,000 and we are only just past the half-way mark. Since my last update (see below) there have been several large donations including ones for $5,000 and $2,000. It's wonderful to be handing out such positive news. If you haven't yet donated, please do so now. You don't have to give thousands to help the cause. There are many small donations of $10, or $25 listed and together these all help. Here is a link to the appeal and you can see the trailer about Kevin Hinchey's film project via that link. https://igg.me/at/wilhelmreichdocumentary Thanks to everyone who has given so far. What a pity we are all so scattered. We should really have a party when the target is reached. (1. 7. 17.)

Update, June 27th. This appeal is going well and has already raised nearly $32,000. It is now nudging towards the half way mark of $36,000. A couple of days ago an anonymous backer donated $10,000! The site published a break-down of contributions and, to my amazement, the UK was third in the list, with the US topping the list, as one would expect. Donations have come from almost every country you can think of - very cheering news. Please dig deep into your pockets/purses and donate, even donate again, if you have already contributed. The completing of this film will be such an important and positive event for orgonomy. I have already thought of two events to which it will be a significant contribution. (27. 6. 17.)

Please go to https://igg.me/at/wilhelmreichdocumentary  to view the trailer about the final stages of the documentary about the life and work of Wilhelm Reich now being made by Kevin Hinchey and colleagues. They need $72,000 to complete the project. The trailer includes a button to the contributions link. This film is outstandingly well researched as the makers have free access to Reich's archive. Please, please contribute as generously as you can. There were only 11 donors from the UK to the original appeal. Shall we try and double that at least? (13. 6. 17.) 

Good News, quite a Lot of It!

I know there's quite a lot of grumbling about orgonomy's difficulties in the UK on this site, but... Here's several things to be cheerful about. The commemorative event mentioned in the previous posting below will now take place during the week of February 12th-18th, 2018, at the Tabernacle, in Notting Hill Gate, London. There was a mix-up over our original booking and we have had to re-arrange things, but this booking is definite, barring accidents. We need help with this event, so if you live in or within reach of London and would like to help, please get in touch via info@orgonomyuk.org.uk We just need a few extra people to help us keep an eye on exhibits and to give us a chance to  have an occasional break, etc. (12. 6. 17.)

 Commemorative Event in London 1957-2017

November 2017 will be the sixtieth anniversary of Wilhelm Reich's death. We should really be running a big conference to mark the date and to show the wider public that orgonomy is alive and kicking in this country. Unfortunately there is not enough interest to support such an event, but at least it looks like we are going to put on some event at least in London. This will take the form of a mixture of paintings by Sophie Fernandez inspired by work with the bions, demonstrations, a display of equipment and experiments and informal talks. Provisionally the venue will be in Notting Hill Gate, London. We need helpers, so if you live within reach of London and are able to donate some time to this event please get in touch. I will post a London contact link as soon as I have one. Details of dates, venue, times and how to get there will be posted on the events page as soon as we have them. (04. 5. 17.)

C O R E Annual Report for 2016

A Happy New Year to all our site-visitors and supporters dotted about the world. Thank you for your interest. I wish you every success with your orgonomic projects in 2017.

Well, where do I start? Personally it has been a difficult year with a stay in hospital and major illness. So I won’t forget it in a hurry. But for C O R E things are much the same as they have ever been. I had to cancel the Easter bion course at short notice because of my illness. The total student attendance would have been one, believe it or not. That tiny response to such a significant offering is typical of what happens when we try to run an orgonomic teaching event in this country. The student was from outside the UK, needless to say.

I managed to publish yet another book, Bions for Beginners, in 2016. It has sold a handful of copies, which is no surprise, but still, it is important that the information is out there for future students of orgonomy. The general message of the book is that you do not need to spend a fortune to be able to do the basic bion experiments. The few copies sold have all gone to people already familiar with orgonomy, those within the orgonomic ghetto. I keep looking for suitable venues to show C O R E’s publications to a wider public, people who don’t yet know about orgonomy, but haven’t found any yet. There is no public for orgonomic events in the UK, so there just aren’t any orgonomic events. When I do attend an orgonomic conference outside the UK and take piles of my booklets and books, they sell like hot cakes and I rarely take any copies back home with me. As well as this little book I have also brought out two new booklets, D H Lawrence Poet of the Life Energy, and D H Lawrence and Julian Huxley: the Conflict between Vitalism and Positivism. The first came from a  reading-binge of D H Lawrence’s works after a chance encounter with Lawrence on YouTube which shows a film version of Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover. This reminded me of the common ground shared by Reich and Lawrence and I ended up writing the booklet on the topic. Reading in a  biography of Lawrence about his hostility towards Julian Huxley who he had met socially made me aware of this obvious conflict between Lawrence with his powerful awareness of the bio-energetic dynamics between people, in particular between lovers, and Huxley, a high-priest of mechanistic science. Though both protagonists are now dead, the battle is still raging. Its outcome will affect the world we live in and leave to our grandchildren. If you don’t know what this conflict is about, please request a copy of the booklet as your free item. This offer of a free booklet from C O R E’s list of about fifty titles still stands, though we receive hardly any requests for this free item. Probably most site-visitors spend so little time on the site that don’t even notice the offer!

C O R E’s other two books, Artificers of Fraud and Orgonomic Midwifery, continue to sell in tiny numbers, as do our booklets. The very limited numbers are very discouraging, but at least they are out there and presumably getting read by people. Our offer of a free copy of one of our booklets continues to be almost completely ignored. I don’t suppose I have posted even three free booklets to enquirers throughout the whole year! Just in case this is your first visit to our site, we offer a copy of a free booklet to new enquirers and C O R E pays the postage, too, even if you live in Australia. To avail yourself of this offer, all you need to do is to send your name and address to info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . We will not hand on your personal details to anyone else.

One very positive straw in the wind is a request for orgone-therapeutic training from someone in Ireland. This project is in its very early stages at the moment, but may take off. The would-be student seems to be very motivated. We have no idea if there is much interest in orgonomy in Ireland. If the course got going on a  part-time basis, say students meeting once a month for a weekend, students from the UK could relatively easily travel to Ireland to take part in this course. If you are interested, please get in touch and I will keep you posted as things, we hope, develop.

(This paragraph has been added at the last minute before I post this report on C O R E’s website.) The most wonderful Christmas present that I could have had was waiting for me on Christmas morning – an e-mail order for a copy of Orgonomic Midwifery and an enquiry about orgone–therapeutic assistance in labour. I am exchanging mails frequently with his lady and my information, so she says, is very helpful to her. We may even be able to do some preparation for birth using Skype. As usual, she lives outside the UK, in fact a very long way away. These two enquiries, about birth and training in orgone therapy have lifted my spirits greatly. I look forward to some positive developments in 2017.

I still have further publishing plans. The collection of C O R E’s booklets in one volume has been delayed for a long time, but is still in hand. The problem is that our volunteer graphic artist is too busy to redesign the cover, which will follow our usual design only with a different colour and, of course, different pictures. I am also working on a book-length version of the material originally contained in C O R E’s booklet, The Natural History of the Bion. In this I have uncovered the history of various writers and researchers who must have either postulated a theoretical concept which is more or less close to the bions, as discovered by Reich in the nineteen thirties, or actually observed bions under their microscopes without realising what they were. By the late eighteenth century, some researchers were in fact claiming to have observed the original building blocks of life, that which produced the first living cells out of previously dead matter. This is an enthralling story and makes direct connections with Reich’s bion research. It makes for quite demanding work. My next research investigation will involve an expedition by boat to collect a sample of a common worm, an item easily found in most seawaters anywhere in the world. If I can obtain a usable sample I will be able to repeat an investigation of an arrow worm carried out by Charles Darwin in ?1832, in which he observed something he describes as granular matter. This sounds very like bionous material, the material that we observe spewing forth from ‘exploding’ pollen grains, when we repeat Robert Brown’s pollen experiments.

These various projects are still only what I can advance on my own. I still have no active collaborators who can help out with these investigations. I can at the moment not make any further videos for YouTube, because our filming system has broken down and I cannot find anyone who knows how to fix it. Even the chap who repairs my PC can’t manage it. Someone who volunteered to help with our computer problems ‘in a few months, when I am less busy’ did not reply to my e-mail reminding him of his offer. If you know anything about video filming, and have time to help actively, I would be very pleased to hear from you. Another event that I would like to see run in the UK next year is something to mark the sixtieth anniversary of Reich’s death in 1957. I think we should aim at something more public and visible, a weekend event in London possibly. I am not able to run this on my own now. It will definitely need active helpers who live in or close to London. Any offers? (Posted 2. 1. 17.)

New Information on the Bions Page - How to Obtain 3000x Magnification on a Microscope

If you are interested in the bion experiments, you may be interested to read the new information on the bions page on how to obtain the very high magnification recommended by Reich as needed to observe the internal blue colour of the orgone charge of a bion and also its pulsation. It can be done, even on a Chinese student model. Apologies for the small type. The Pickaweb software won't allow me to change the type size. (Posted 25. 10. 16.)

New Booklet - D H Lawrence Poet of the Life Energy 

C O R E's latest publication will be available shortly. This title is another of our A5-format booklets and is a study of the works of D H Lawrence and his awareness of the life energy, making  connections between his work and Reich's orgonomic discoveries. The usual prices apply, £2:50 plus postage of 50p in the UK. If you are interested in Lawrence or just literature in general, you can obtain this item without charge as the choice of your free booklet. This offer is open to any new enquirer. Choose a booklet, send us your name and address, and we will send you the booklet immediately. There is a complete list of our booklets on the publications page, (link above). ((28. 9. 16.)

Bions for Beginners Now Available

 At last, after many problems with the printing, this new publication is now available. This is a simple, practical introduction to Wilhelm Reich's discoveries of the bions and bionous disintegration. It's a down-to-earth book that tells you what you need to carry out the simplest of Reich's bion experiments, (buying a microscope and sundries, etc), and when you have got that far, how to set up your instrument and do the experiments. Cost £7:50, UK second class postage £1:20, postage to Europe, £3:70, USA, £4:75, Asia, S America, Australia, etc £5:05. (7. 6. 16.) 

 IMPORTANT NOTICE - WR Documentary Film Appeal

 This appeal has been extended for another month, so if you wish to donate again or are just plucking up courage to donate, you now have another 30 odd days in which to do so. (16. 5. 16.)

As some of you may have already noticed, Kevin Hinchy is now running the second Kickstarter appeal to raise funds to finance his documentary on Reich and his work. He hopes to raise $180,000 and so far the amount raised is about $75,000, with 28 days remaining, so there is a long way to go yet. Please give generously. Contributions to the first, successful appeal came from 11 UK donors out of 700+ worldwide. Let's hope we Brits can do better this time! This website is disintegrating and the system won't let me paste the link. Please try and locate the appeal via a search. Apologies for the endless difficulties with this site and the ridiculous format. We urgently need help from an expert to salvage this site. It is at the moment in danger of disappearing completely as more and  more functions fail. IF YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE CONTACT US AT info@orgonomyuk.org.uk Here is the link copied manually - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wilhelm-reich-documentary-film-project-edit-phase-7/ I hope it works. (PS It doesn't seem to work. I have tested it as a site-visitor. I'll leave it here in the hope that those of you with advanced IT skills can somehow or other find the indiegogo site.) (updated 21. 5. 16.)

I am now out of hospital and dealing with orgonomic matters again. Apologies for delays in replying to e-mails, etc. Normal service has been resumed. Thanks to the well-wishers who sent cards and/or get-well messages. I am making a good recovery. (11. 5. 16.)

New Publication from C O R E - Bions for Beginners

The final revised text of Bions for Beginners is now with our new printers and we should be receiving copies sometime next week. Let's hope there is nothing missing this time! I am sorry there have been so many delays with this book. These stemmed partly from my illness and time in hospital and convalescing and partly from the mistake made by the first printers, who printed the book without the crucial 'prelims', the pages containing the book's title, printing history, and copyright claims, etc. I hope readers will feel that it was worth waiting for when they get their copies. (25. 5. 16.)


Thi​s is moving ahead again at last and I have now received the proof-copy from our new printers. I have found one or two minor mistakes which I have corrected and will be forwarding the new files on Monday. According to the printers' information, they typically take 7-10 days to produce the final copies after submission of pdfs, so we may have copies by the end of May, if not soon after. (21. 5. 16.)

This publication has been badly delayed and I am having to start from scratch with it again. Apologies to the few of you waiting for it. It should be available within a couple of weeks, all being well, though that's a big proviso in the world of print-on-demand publishing. It should be available by the end of May. You can order it in advance if you wish. You can even pay by cheque if you live in the UK. The book costs £7:50 a copy and second class UK postage is £1:20. Please make cheques out to 'C O R E' and send to Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 0SZ. (12. 5. 16.)

The work on this little book is going well and is on schedule. The printers already have the pdfs and should return a proof copy for my correcting in the middle of next week. The final, printed copies should arrive here mid to late March. (25. 2. 16.)

I am happy to be able to report good progress with my forthcoming book, Bions for Beginners. This is a small, how-to-do-it guide to the basic bion experiments with a strong historical input. (Researchers were looking at bions as early as 1750 without realising what they were seeing.) I'll be posting more detailed information on the Forthcoming Publications page shortly. I have been working hard at it to try and get this book ready in time for C O R E's bion workshop week after Easter. It looked like the book would be ready but that the study week wouldn't run. In true orgonomy-in-the-UK style, all the people who have told me they want to participate were dropping out one by one! But, as usual, C O R E's foreign students, well, one of them, have saved the day. Someone from Spain has booked, and so the event will definitely run. It will be helpful to our few serious students to have this guide available anyway. The person who helps with the cover design is away on holiday for two weeks, but it should still be ready in plenty of time for the Easter week. The cost will be £7:50 and you can obtain it in the usual way, either by post or on line. Second class UK postage is £1:20.  (5. 2. 16.)

Report for the Year 2015


Best wishes for a positive and interesting New Year from Peter Jones on behalf of C O R E. I hope you have also had a good year in 2015.

             How have things gone for C O R E and orgonomy in the UK during the last year? We have managed one or two positive steps but generally things have been very difficult and the relentless British hostility and indifference towards orgonomy continues as badly as ever. Our week’s course on orgonomic midwifery attracted three students (!), all of them already known to me. It was a great disappointment not to be able to attract new students, in particular midwives or local student midwives, to take part in this event. I had written my Orgonomic Midwifery: an Introductory Textbook specially for this course. I reasoned that students in a completely new area, not before written about by anyone, might find a book to refer to helpful. It had been printed in time for the course, but the print-on-demand printers spoilt things by accidentally printing it without the all-important pictures. I had to send the hundred copies back to them and wait a couple of weeks for a second printing. I thought that there would be more interest in this book than my first effort, Artificers of Fraud. After all, women are giving birth every day and there is a recognisable professional group, midwives, who I could expect to show a little interest in the book. Alas, as usual, I was being far too optimistic and the book has attracted even less interest than Artificers. I have attempted to distribute complimentary copies to a few individuals or organisations who ought to be interested and have not received a single reply from any of them! Beyond belief, isn’t it, but that is the predicament of orgonomy in the UK in 2015. Unless I am missing something important and obvious, it seems quite impossible to get anyone in the UK to engage in a serious conversation about orgonomy.

 Our planned summer school attracted no enrolments and so did not run. Only days after I had scrubbed it from the events page I had two definite requests for the same event in 2016, so there is a good chance that that event will run next year. I would love to run this event every summer. Our hopes and plans for a teaching and research centre are as distant as ever. We have not been offered any significant donations and no-one else has expressed any interest in helping this urgent project. We are yet another year closer to my demise and still have nowhere for C O R E’S priceless orgonomic library and collection of scientific equipment to go after my death, except for one kind offer of attic storage for the books. (For the information of newcomers to this site – I am now not far off 80 and clearly have not got too much longer to live. No-one has at my age. I am not being pessimistic, just realistic.) Someone else outside the UK has expressed a willingness to accept the collections. I invested all that energy and money in both those projects in the hope of establishing orgonomy permanently and securely in the UK beyond my own life. Realising that project now looks increasingly impossible. Yet again, I mention it here in the hope that someone in the UK might see these paragraphs and take some action.

By tradition C O R E tries to run training events each side of Easter. I seem to already have exhausted the midwifery custom for a training event. I would still love to run a bion week. We have got the equipment and found premises very close to my home, so we could easily set up a temporary lab for up to eight students, with each one having their own microscope! Where else in the world are such facilities available? As far as I know, nowhere. Free copies of Artificers of Fraud and Bions for Beginners to all students. The idea of running this event has just occurred to me. (We tried last year, but only a handful of students, three, if I remember correctly, turned up for one day.) A whole week, from Monday midday to Friday midday, would give students a real chance to learn about Reich’s bion experiments in some depth and also leave knowing how to use a microscope. Absolute beginners will be welcome. Yes, let’s do it. I will post info on the events page shortly. If the event were oversubscribed, we could run two such weeks, one before Easter and one the week after Easter. (Dream on , Peter Jones!)

There has been the usual trickle of internet enquiries and contacts through the year and a few of these people are still in touch with me. Thank you for your interest. A positive result of the publication of Artificers is that a good few readers of the book have actually bought themselves a microscope and are getting involved with orgonomic microscopy. I thought this would be the least likely outcome of publishing Artificers, but it is in fact the only positive outcome. This little group now numbers at least ten. Artificers itself has probably sold no more than ten copies this year. It would, of course, along with my booklets and now Orgonomic Midwifery, sell lots of copies, if C O R E could have a stall at some well-attended conference or fair, especially if I were invited to talk about the books themselves. I keep my eyes open for such events in this country, but, so far, haven’t found any likely ones.  If you think you know of any suitable events where C O R E’s message might be relevant, please let us know at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk .

You can expect a much improved website later next year. A volunteer, a professional in the field, who lives within reach of Preston, has offered to help me with improving the site. We hope to start work after New Year. (No he hasn't. he has disappeared again, not responded to a reminder. So the improvements I was hoping to make will have to wait until another volunteer appears.)

There have been some very positive events in the wider world of orgonomy beyond the UK during the last year. The publication of James Strick’s Wilhelm Reich, Biologist and Natural Love by Emanuel di Pasquale is heartening and hugely supportive of anyone trying to place orgonomy before the wider public. Thanks to Jim Strick for the gift of a complimentary copy of his book and to James DeMeo, the publisher of Natural Love, for the same kindness. It is deeply encouraging that orgonomy continues to produce important and valuable texts of such high quality. If you haven’t yet got a copy of these important books, please get them now. In the wider world of orgonomy beyond the UK things continue very positively. For those outside the Anglophone cultural world, Dr Stricks’ book has been published by Harvard University Press, probably the most prestigious academic publisher in the US. His book must be a first in orgonomy, such a positive, kind-to-Reich book from a major mainstream publisher. Most books on orgonomic topics are published by the authors themselves, as in my case and that of many others or by some orgonomic research organisation. Certainly mainstream publishers in the UK would not dream of publishing a book on orgonomy in the present cultural climate. Getting a fully researched, historically meticulous book on Reich published by a mainstream publisher is unimaginable in the UK. Imagine Oxford University Press publishing such a title in the UK! One cannot. It is utterly unthinkable. Alas, Reich’s name and orgonomy are still completely toxic in this country and evoke nothing but contempt and dismissal.

Well…if you have read this far, you must be seriously interested in orgonomy, mustn’t you? Thank you for your interest. Orgonomy can only survive in this country if the few people who are interested in it start doing something for orgonomy: that means donating money, time, or energy (or all three) to help with activities here. You can donate to C O R E to help support our activities very easily. All money donated, (we receive none at all at present), goes directly into C O R E’s bank account and is added to our building fund. I do not take any payment for my activities. Either make a payment via our PayPal page designed for Artificers purchasers and just add a message that you are donating. I will acknowledge your gift. Or, from within the UK, send a cheque (payable to C O R E) by post to Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 0SZ.

I hope we shall meet sometime in 2016. And how about an orgonomic new year’s resolution to attend an orgonomic event in the UK in 2016, or, failing that, persuade someone else to attend one, and if that is too much activity for you, how about buying a copy of one of our publications and helping to strengthen C O R E’s precarious finances? Happy New Year to all our site-visitors and thank you for your interest in orgonomy.

Peter Jones. (Posted 3. 1. 16.)

Important New Book from Natural Energy Works - Natural Love and the Unnatural Attacks against It

James DeMeo's organisation, Natural Energy Works, www.naturalenmergyworks.net , has just published a new book by the Italo-American poet and English scholar, Emanuel di Pasquale. It is about genitality, the full emotional and bio-energetic contact between man and woman, and the hostility that this provokes in armoured people. Di Pasquale writes about four authors, Melville, Blake, Hawthorne, and Lawrence, who wrote about this dynamic. It is available through normal bookshop channels in the UK or via Amazon. The essays all first appeared in Offshoots of Orgonomy, a magazine for lay students of orgonomy, edited by Lois Wyvell and published in the nineteen eighties. The chapters include her short introductions and a short selection of di Pasquale's own poems follows the chapters. (14. 12. 15.)

Interview with Dr James Strick on his  New Book, Wilhelm Reich, Biologist

 I am still scanning the web for reviews of this important book, but haven't found any yet. The nearest thing to a review seems to be a long interview with him on a site NBn which seems to stand for new books in science. Anyway, here's the link to this interview - http://newbooksinscitechsoc.com/2015/10/06/james-e-strick-wilhelm-reich-biologist-harvard-up-2015/ I have been unable to paste this link and have copied it out laboriously one letter at a time. I hope it works. The interview is very interesting and detailed and will give newcomers to the field of Reich's bion and cancer research a great deal of relevant background information. (8. 11. 15.)

Summer School in 2016?

 No sooner have I cancelled this summer's school for lack of demand (no enrolments at all!) than three people have already expressed an interest in a summer school next year. (And now a fourth!) So, if you are interested, here's your chance. Enrol now and the school will take place. Please see the Events Page (link above) for further details in the near future. (2. 11. 15.)

Another Orgonomic Microscope in the UK

 A rare item of good news - someone in this country has through sheer courage and persistence won a beautiful high-quality Leitz microscope on ebay with a view to getting down to some serious bion work. Congratulations to LS. It's marvellous to hear from someone who gets off their arse and actually does something for orgonomy. As if to prove the theory that Brits don't do orgonomy, he is, needless to say, not a Brit. He is a foreign resident. Clearly, he must have brought his own water supply with him to avoid that stuff, whatever it is, that the UK government puts in the water to stop the population here showing an interest in orgonomy. With his permission I'll be posting more information and photos on the bion page. For those who don't know about Leitz, they now trade as Leica, and their older, classic microscopes are wonderful, virtually perfect instruments, with truly marvellous optics and engineering. While I was searching on ABE  to see if there are any of orgonomic titles available in Polish, I discovered that there are more of Reich's books than ever available on ABE, both new and second-hand, though, apparently, none in Polish. Any Poles reading this fancy a go at translating a whole book? I'll give you all the help I can, if you want to make a start. (2. 11. 15.)

Orgonomic Literature Available in Czech

 Thanks to a correspondent in Slovakia for checking on, at my request, the books by Wilhelm Reich available in that country. The three titles in Czech (alas, not Slovakian) are; The Function of the Orgasm (Funkce orgazmu), Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis (Marxismus a freudismus), and The Sexual Struggle of Youth (Sexualni boj mladeze). Czech and Slovak are very similar and it seems that many more titles are translated into Czech than Slovak. If you are Slovak you just seem to have to put up with reading something like orgonomy in Czech. This selection seems to be fairly typical of  the formerly communist east European countries. I remember a similar list from another of the smaller ex-communist republics of Yugoslavia. It seems that these countries still show little interest in Reich's later orgonomic work. (Just like one western European country that I can think of! So who are we to grumble?) And while we are in  eastern Europe, apologies to our Russian site visitors for the loss of our Russian version of the What is Orgonomy? page. It has not survived the change-over from one.com to Pickaweb. (9. 10. 15.) (PS 2. 11. 12. Czech titles now added.)

Order for Copy of OM from Swiss Midwifery School!

 A few days ago C O R E received an order for a copy of Orgonomic Midwifery from the Bern Fachhochschule fuer Gesundheit (College of Healthcare), roughly translated. We have no idea how they have heard of our book and whether this has been ordered because they think it  is a desirable title for such a college library or whether an individual student midwife or member of staff has requested it. If the person responsible for this order visits our website regularly, please let us know how this miracle has come about. What a sorry comparison with the UK, eh? We send a complementary review copy to the NCT and don't even get an acknowledgement and Positive News, a channel on YouTube, initially friendly in response to a general enquiry, goes silent on receipt of the book. But in Switzerland they think the book is important enough to  need to be in a midwifery library at a university. Let's hope that the students contact us, once they start reading it. Whoever is responsible, than you! Vielen Dank! (Bitte schreiben Sie uns auf deutsch, wenn Du willst.) (16. 9. 15.) 

Reviews of Wilhelm Reich, Biologist?

 You may have seen my earlier mentions of this recent book by Dr James Strick, historian of science and author/editor of several books relevant to orgonomy,  in particular the history of bion research. You would have thought that by now the odd review would have appeared. Yesterday I did a search for the title and couldn't find a single review in the first five pages of hits. Perhaps they are all going to appear  in academic journals which obviously move slowly and are published less often than the more popular media. But you would think that by now someone or other would have noticed this important book and found a word or two to say about it. After all, Wilhelm Reich is hot news! Look at all the space they devoted to him during the Orgasmatron outburst. But interest in a well-informed, carefully researched book by an author with faultless credentials? Er...no...not really. Sadly we just haven't got room. If a review appears anywhere I will be happy to eat my words and will post a link to it immediately. (10. 9. 15.) PS (9. 10. 15.) There is now a very detailed review of this book on Good Reads by Stergios Tsiormpatsis.

Apologies to E-Mail Enquirers and Other Visitors 

Our few regulars may have noticed that the site is  not being updated as often as usual. I have been unable to obtain access to edit pages for a few weeks, but am now able to again. Not that there is any startling news to post for you. I am trying to get the e-mail contact problem sorted out by Pickaweb as I type. Messages are still not getting through to my personal address. We tested the link yesterday and it wasn't working. We have had an offer of help with this website from outside the UK. I have no idea how that can work, but our would-be helper assures me it will work. I hope we can improve the service our site offers before too long.

It seems that enquiries via our info@ link are not getting through to me. Apologies to anyone who has tried to contact C O R E via this link and apparently not received a reply. We are having major difficulties with our hyperlinks and cannot in fact insert any new ones at all. I will contact the Pickaweb helpline and see if  they can solve the problem. I am not hopeful. I have already told them about our difficulties and they had no positive ideas. This is yet another sign of the grave difficulties we have with our website, which is rapidly becoming useless. Is there any one reading this who is willing to manage our site for us and help with our day to day difficulties. PLEASE! SOMEONE COME AND HELP! C O R E will be deeply grateful to you for your services to orgonomy and will pay any expenses  incurred by you, if you can help us transfer to a less complex web-hosting service. At present we cannot insert functioning hyperlinks or post photos or videos on the site. At this rate the site will soon be pointless. If you know of someone who might be willing to do this job for C O R E, please tell them about it. The need is urgent. (5. 8. 15.)

Showings of Tigers Film in London

 I am sorry I can't paste the whole e-mail here, but difficulties with Pickaweb's system prevent me from doing that. So interested followers will just have to search for Baby Milk Action's site and find the information there. There are to be two showings of this important film in London in July. Please go and see it and tell the world about it. The film tells the story of how the big baby-milk manufacturers are undermining breast-feeding in poor countries by peddling free-samples to medical workers and mothers in maternity hospitals. And if you are wondering what this has got to do with orgonomy, breast-feeding, every baby's birthright, protects and enhances the baby's bio-energetic bond with his/her mother, something essential to infant's bio-energetic health. See Reich's The Cancer Biopathy, page 383, for more information on this and also C O R E's booklet, The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding. The text of this booklet is on its own web-page. Please click on the link above, in the sixth row, to get to this page. I am sorry I can't provide a hyperlink here. For some strange reason, I cannot insert new hyperlinks on this site. (3. 7. 15.)

There's a First Time for Everything! (Even an Order for Artificers)

 I know most of C O R E's site-visitors are not native speakers of English and so may miss many of my verbal references. This title is a typical UK English ironic usage. You hear it when something really rare happens many years later than you would expect it to happen. And that's what I mean here: two years after publication Word Power, the Edinburgh radical bookshop, has sent us an order for a single copy of Artificers of Fraud for a customer. This is the first order for the book from a bookseller! (We get a trickle of orders direct from interested site-visitors.) Who is the mystery reader? It's great to have such an order, but it still means that the book won't be sitting on their shelves, waiting to be picked up and looked at by lots of browsing customers. Still, it's a start. The reader may tell all their friends about this pioneering expose (apologies to pedants and French-speakers, the software doesn't rise to accents) of Einstein and mainstream science. If you are new to this site and don't know what Artificers is about, please see the web-page of the same name. I'm sorry I can't insert a hyperlink here. New hyperlinks don't work on Pickaweb, at least not on my Pickaweb. And while we are talking about C O R E's publications, please don't forget Orgonomic Midwifery, which is also now available. (21. 6. 15.)

 Disappearance of PJ's Blog

 My tiny number of regular followers may have noticed that my blog has disappeared. It seems to have got lost during the recent transfer from one.com to Pickaweb. I would like to restart it, but cannot yet work out how to do this with the new (to me) software in use on Pickaweb, cPanel. Pickaweb is generally much more complex and much more an expert's system that one.com was, and I am really floundering with it. As regular visitors will know, I am definitely not an IT expert, and so am often at a loss as to what to do with new software. The disappearance of the blog just highlights yet again, C O R E's desperate need for a 'resident' volunteer IT expert who can help with our endless website difficulties. There are many things that I can't now manage on Pickaweb, (inserting new hyperlinks, for example), and to do which I need expert help. Any offers? No, of course not! Why do I even bother to ask? (1. 6. 15.)

Wilhelm Reich, Biologist Now Available in the UK 

Well...!!! I have now read this book from end to end and some parts twice and even three times. The whole text is every bit as good as the first chapter. I will be posting a detailed review on the reviews page soon. In the meantime I urge anyone remotely interested in orgonomy to get a copy of this book. It is very interesting, very readable, and extremely well-informed. Strick has dug deeply and widely to find evidence for Reich's actual laboratory work and to locate the books he was influenced by and the scientific currents of the time. Though there was plenty of hostility to his work, even in the nineteen thirties, he was not the lone, maverick 'nutter' that he is portrayed as now. He was following currents pioneered by other scientists which have now been more or less edited out of the history books. These currents were still active in Reich's day and he was one of the most energetic and enterprising workers in the field, taking things further than anyone else had dared to take them. I will get the review posted as soon as I can. In the meantime, you can, of course, buy the book for yourselves. You won't regret the expense. (27. 5. 15.)

At last I've got a copy of this book in my hands! The publication of this title is of enormous significance for orgonomy and the re-establishing of Reich's reputation as a serious scientist. I can't give site-visitors a full review yet, as I have only read the introduction and most of the first chapter, which gives us a very detailed introduction to the scientific world that Reich was being trained in as a young medical student student and the many influences that contributed to the development of his eventual model of orgonomic functionalism. Strick's argument is enormously detailed and backed up with generous references. It will be very hard for reviewers to dismiss such a thorough work. I'll post a full review when I have read the whole book. It is certainly not going to disappoint, that's one thing I will say about it, so far. (8. 5. 15.)

This long-awaited volume on Wilhelm Reich's scientific work on the bions by Dr James Strick is now available for purchase in the UK. C O R E has already ordered a copy from our local Waterstone's. This is a crucially important work in the field of orgonomic science and belongs on the shelves of all serious students of orgonomy. I'll be writing a full review when I have read it carefully. The publishers are Harvard University Press. (1. 5. 15.)

Orgonomic Conferences This Summer 

 Site visitors may be interested to know that there are three orgonomic conferences taking place this summer, at Orgonon in Maine, NW USA, 13-16/7, (www.wilhelmreichtrust.org/ ); in Italy at a venue near Bologna, 30/7-2/8, (http://associazioneitalianadiorgonomia.blogspot.com/p/conferenza-2015.html ); and in Ashland, Oregon, USA, 29-30/8, (http://www.orgonelab.org/events.htm). I have tried to copy the links to the respective websites, but the 'copy and paste' function does not work on the new Pickaweb/cPanel system that our new hosting provider uses. I have added the information manually but not tested the links yet. Apologies for this major inconvenience. Maybe you can imagine how frustrating this is for me in managing the site. Not even the excellent and patient Pickaweb helpline person can work out why this is happening. (23. 4. 15.)

Orgonomic  Midwifery Available at Last

 At last C O R E's latest publication Orgonomic Midwifery - an Introductory Textbook, is available after many tribulations. This time the pictures have been included! The handful of people waiting for their copies will have them in a couple of days within the UK and a few days later, if they live abroad. The pile is all ready to take to the post office. You can find a full table of contents and further information about this pioneering text on the forthcoming publications page, to which there is a hyperlink above. Unfortunately the new software with which our site is working is far too complicated to allow me to work out how to insert a hyperlink within a sentence and so for the time being you will have to use those at the head of the page. Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. If it really annoys you, you could get in touch and help me to find out how to manage new hyperlinks. Pickaweb uses cPanel, which is for the most part way above my limited IT capabilities. (22. 4. 15.)

 New Website and Important New Publication

The latest news about Orgonomic Midwifery is that PODWW are going to re-print it for us, this time including the illustrations, we hope. (17. 4. 15.)

Alas, I spoke too soon! The book arrived on the Wednesday and the PoD printers have made a massive mistake. They have printed the books without the vital illustrations! Despite e-mails and phone-calls, they have not responded and God alone knows when, if ever, we will receive usable copies of the book. Apologies to our students at the Easter study week on orgonomic midwifery and the other person who has ordered a copy. (8. 4. 15.)

We have been informed by our printers, Print on Demand World Wide, that we should receive our copies of my textbook on orgonomic midwifery on Tuesday of next week. We have already had an order for a copy. See below for details on how to order. (27. 3. 15.)

While the site has been stranded I have been working hard to get my midwifery textbook ready for printing, hoping to have it ready to hand out to students at our Easter midwifery study week. The book is now being printed by Print on Demand World Wide. This is a very important development in orgonomy. It will almost certainly be the first book to be published on the use of orgone therapy in pregnancy and childbirth. It will cost £10 a copy and should be available to order after Easter. Please allow for postage if you are sending money, provisionally the same as for Artificers, £1:50.  The title is Orgonomic Midwifery - an Introductory Textbook, ISBN 978-0-9574850-1-3. You can order it via the Artificers ordering page: simply add a message that you are requesting this title. You can also send a cheque payable to 'C O R E' to Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 0SZ

C O R E is about to set up a second website, www.wilhelmreichtoday.org.uk This will be a lighter, more socially orientated site, possibly as much a blog as a site. The name of the site and the decision to set it up have been inspired by Jackie Jura and her website www.orwelltoday.com , to whom many thanks. Jackie is an admirer of and expert on George Orwell and runs a huge site with an enormous amount of very interesting material about Orwell and his work. A small item on it is my report of a visit to his home on Jura where he wrote 1984. When I discovered her site I wrote to her telling her about my visit, by bicycle, to Jura to see the house in about 1985, and she posted it on the site. The site contains many similar personal reports of experiences in people's lives, inspired by an interest in Orwell and his work. Visiting it, you get a very strong sense of a community of people who love Orwell and find him and his work deeply relevant to today's world and their own lives. Why isn't there a similar site about Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy? Well, now there is, though there is nothing on it yet. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . (24. 3. 15.)

Visits since this site was opened in 2010 - 95,750, average daily visits last month (Febuary) - 103, average this month so far (February) - 84. Thanks to all our visitors for your interest. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk and don't forget our offer of a free booklet on orgonomy from our long list of booklets. Go to publications for a complete list. To take up this offer, all you need to do is to send us your postal address at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . We will not hand this or your e-mail link on to anyone else. (We no longer have simple stats of the numbers of visitors to our site. At a guess we must be up to about 100,000 by now. It's a pity we haven't been able to mark the achievement, but for all that the landmark has still been achieved.)

Interview with PJ on Legalise Freedom

This interview has now been posted on Legalise Freedom (www.legalise-freedom.com) Gregg Moffitt's interviews are also available on YouTube on his channel of the same name, Legalise Freedom. (16. 2. 15.)

Gregg Moffitt, who runs this on-line radio channel, plans to interview me, PJ, about my book, Artificers of Fraud, and the work of Wilhelm Reich in general. The interview will be posted in about two weeks, around February 14th. You can hear it on his YouTube channel, Legalise Freedom, and on his website, www.legalise-freedom.com . I recommend his channel to our site visitors. Gregg interviews very interesting people with a wide range of views and experience and gives a voice to opinions and facts that are rarely heard elsewhere. He is the first recipient of a complimentary copy of Artificers of Fraud who has responded positively and who clearly thinks that the information it contains is worth listening to. His interviews give his subjects plenty of time to make their points and develop their arguments. Sometimes they last up to an hour. Regardless of this opportunity of a voice for orgonomy, you will find a lot of interesting and rarely heard voices on Legalise Freedom. (2.  2.  15.) 

Work Starts on WRIT Documentary Film

A personal communication from Kevin Hinchey informs us that work is now under way on the film, for which funding was so spectacularly raised recently via Kickstarter. The first item to be filmed was a long interview with Dr Morton Herskowitz, the last surviving doctor to be trained by Reich himself. No surprise they made it a priority. Dr Herskowitz is 96!

Incidentally, I asked Kevin how many people from the UK contributed to the Kickstart appeal. In all there were about 730 backers who contributed to the sum raised. Apparently only twelve (12) people contributed to the target. It is beyond belief, isn't it, that one of allegedly the most prosperous, educated, sophisticated countries in the world has only twelve individuals who feel strongly enough about orgonomy to want to contribute significantly to support it financially. No wonder C O R E is struggling! I realise we have achieved something great to exist at all. (13. 1. 15.)

A Study Week for Beginners in the Summer of 2015

Yes! It seems so anyway. This posting has been up for 24 hours and I have already had an enquiry. That makes two students already. (PS 24. 1. 15. Four now.) We don't usually get such immediate responses to a posting. I have posted more detailed information about this event on the Events Page. (8. 1. 15.)

I have been asked to run a study event for orgonomic beginners. I can't run it for one student, but maybe there is some interest in such an event amongst the 100 site-visitors we get every day? And while I am mentioning study opportunities, new site-visitors may like to know of our forthcoming study weeks on orgonomic midwifery and the bion experiments to be run respectively during the weeks before and after Easter. Please go to the Events Page for more information. Please note that babies in arms are welcome at all C O R E events, so if you have got a small baby who is still breast-feeding or just prefers to be with his/her mum rather than anyone else, you can still come and take part in one of our forthcoming study weeks. (7. 1. 15.)

C O R E in 2014 – A Review of the Year

Here’s my usual review of the year as 2015 arrives. What if anything have we managed to achieve in the last twelve months and what awaits orgonomy in the UK in 2015?

There has been an enormous achievement for orgonomy world-wide in 2014, the successful Kickstarter appeal for Kevin Hinchey’s forthcoming documentary film on the life of Wilhelm Reich. This is a wonderfully heartening feat and will, I hope, help orgonomy world-wide and also greatly within the UK, once it is available here. I can’t wait to see a showing in this country and congratulate Kevin and WRIT on the success of this project. I am already turning stones with a view to organising a UK premiere in London and possibly other showings in a couple of places, Manchester, Bradford, or Edinburgh. At last someone in orgonomy has managed to jump outside the orgonomic ghetto, the narrow circle of people and activities (conferences and seminars) that the rest of the world just does not know or care about. It is something that I have been trying to do here for many years and clearly failed to do.

And C O R E in 2014? I can’t think of anything spectacular to report. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, but this wasn’t a C O R E achievement, it was our old friend Stergios Tsiormpatsis at work again, the Helsinki conference in June, to which I contributed talks on orgone therapy in childbirth and with babies, including a demonstration with a baby. It was short, only a weekend and there were about 15 participants. Stergios was disappointed with the small numbers, but, pro rata, that turn-out is excellent. Translated into UK figures, it would mean an attendance of 180! Stergios lives about 40 miles outside Helsinki, so I saw something of the countryside outside the city. I just loved what I saw of Finland. I know Norway well and love the far-north, so I was expecting to like it. Finland has no tradition of orgonomy at all, unlike, say, Norway or Germany, so to get a conference going at all is a significant achievement. It was very disappointing that no-one from Norway came, nor anyone from Russia, even though I made contact with one organisation there that supports home-schooling, home births, and natural medicine. I told them about the conference, but no-one made any enquiries. This complete lack of interest on the part of a community that we would expect to be natural allies of orgonomy just shows how isolated and ignored orgonomy still is. Incidentally, if you think of Helsinki as somewhere remote and hard to get to, it is actually the centre of a large and effective transport network. The north west of Russia including St Petersburg, the Baltic countries, and all of Scandinavia are within easy reach of Helsinki and with more publicity and a better developed orgonomic network it should be possible to run a really well attended conference there.

Artificers of Fraud, C O R E’s first published book, has more or less sunk without trace during 2014. Possibly a dozen copies have been sold during the year and I have probably given away as many copies, in the hope that a few afloat in the wider world might be seen by people and get a few of them dipping into it. I feel philosophical about this apparently unhappy state of affairs. It only needs some accidental publicity for the book to become much better known. Given the apparent failure of the Artificers project, it may seem madness to be working hard to publish other orgonomic texts. Financially, of course, it is, utter madness. But given the lack of interest in orgonomy in the UK and the complete lack of active collaborators, I have to get on with projects that I can manage alone, and that leads straight back to more publishing. Also it seems a worthwhile project to get this information out into the world while I am still able to do it. The collected text of my orgonomic booklets, all 45 of them, is almost ready to print. It has been delayed by the need to write and prepare for publication my Orgonomic Midwifery textbook in time for the midwifery study week that C O R E is running next Easter. That text is already more or less complete and a draft-copy has already gone out for proof-reading. As always, it is held up by problems with the illustrations, in short, by the lack of an artist who can do some simple line drawings to demonstrate the jellyfish breathing movement and one or two simple massage techniques. (I mention them here, yet again, just in case some new site-visitor happens to have the time and necessary skills to do this job for us. If you wonder why this site seems grumpy at times, I have been looking for an artist who I can ask to do all the illustrating work for my books for about 10 years now and still have only one distant helper down in London with her own busy life and lots of commitments. I have no other active collaborators at all, after many years active in the field! Unbelievable, isn’t it? It has just occurred to me that in those years I could have gone to art classes and learnt how to draw myself! Having hardly any natural talent in the field, I never think of that option.) Two other titles, Bions for Beginners and Life Energy for Young Learners are also on the way. 2015 should be a big year for C O R E’s publishing activities. I have a nice picture in my head of a stall at some fair or festival and piles of my books being enthusiastically bought by the dozen. The trouble is there don’t seem to be any appropriate events where C O R E could present our wares to the public. Excluded by the local breast-feeding festival organisers, for example, our options are rather limited. This exclusion is a catastrophe for orgonomy. (We were excluded again this year by the Manchester breast-feeding festival. Participation in these festivals would allow us to make contact with a public that is automatically sympathetic to orgonomy. Once C O R E’s potential contribution to breast-feeding were known about, I am sure I would be invited to talk about the bio-energetics of breast-feeding at other conferences and public events. Artificers has still not been ordered by a single UK bookshop, though the radical bookshop in Liverpool, News from Nowhere, did accept three copies on a sale or return basis. (News from Nowhere is the title of a utopian novel by William Morris.)

My two latest booklets had, until a few days ago, not been bought by anyone at all, but, amazingly, I have recently had an order from a new contact for two copies of Intelligent Design, Darwinism, and Orgonomy. (He has ordered a further two copies. It is rare for someone who has bought one of C O R E’s publications to decide it was so good that he wanted to buy some more copies to give them to other readers. A private buyer did actually buy half a dozen copies of Artificers, presumably for the same reason, to hand them on to friends who would be interested.) As the patient old general, Kutuzov, says in War and Peace, everything comes to him who knows how to wait!

At last there is good news in the field of orgonomic midwifery. Our two events arranged for next Easter, the midwifery week and the bion experiments week have already aroused some interest. There are already enough students to make the midwifery week viable and a couple of people interested in the bion week. I have also been invited to run a midwifery event in Greece for midwives, doulas, and expectant mothers. I hope to combine that with the publication in Greece of my book on orgonomic midwifery and baby-care. The publication of the translation into Greek by our steadfast supporter, Stergios Tsiormpatsis, is in hand at the moment. Thanks to Stergios for his work on the translation. An important fact about the Easter events is that in spite of all the hype about ‘being connected’ and the importance of websites, all the prospective participants at these events have come by word of mouth. I have had a request to run a study week on orgonomy for beginners, again, by word of mouth, not via an e-mail contact. If we had a reasonable number of interested students I would love to run such an event and would organise one immediately, but getting together enough people to make such an event financially viable is an impossible labour in the UK. If you would like to attend such an event, possibly this summer, please get in touch and register your interest. (This event is now definite, dates to be confirmed. Please see Events Page for further information.)

Although Artificers is hardly selling at all, it has been cited in every book on orgonomy published since Artificers was published, as far as I can see, and has, apparently, inspired Roberto Maglione’s important text, (in English), his book on Einstein’s work on ‘Brownian motion’, The Motions of Life. I plan to post a full review of this important book on C O R E’s web-site before too long. This year, March, to be exact, sees a major publishing break-through for orgonomy, the publication by Harvard University Press, of Dr James Strick’s book on Reich’s scientific work, Wilhelm Reich, Biologist. A mainstream publisher from one of the world’s most prominent universities is about to publish a book by a highly qualified academic about Reich’s bion experiments and related research. How will the reviewers squirm out of that confrontation? I suppose they can always decline to review it, can’t they? It seems that whatever we in orgonomy do, especially in the UK, the mainstream press, and even journals such as Fortean Times, not mainstream at all, find a way to ridicule us and discourage the reading public from paying serious attention to our efforts. Still, the book will be out, an authoritative, well-researched text, and its very existence will make life a little more difficult for the ignorant critics. It is always difficult to see exactly what is happening in history when one is in the middle of it, but it seems to me that orgonomy is beginning to fight back and win in the battle against the negative publicity that it has received in recent years. Who even now remembers the slanderous reviews of Turner’s Orgasmatron book and who will remember the reviews of the Institute of Sexology exhibition within a couple of years? All the recent orgonomic books by James DeMeo, Roberto Maglione, James Strick, Jim Martin, and myself will still be available, still in a good few libraries and on the bookshelves of private students of orgonomy for years to come.

I have just heard from Greg Moffit of the YouTube channel, Legalise Freedom,that he wants to do an interview with me about Artificers, which I sent him a copy of recently. Presumably this will end up on YouTube eventually, so please watch out for it. So… there are some quite large and positive straws in the wind, some positive things in the pipeline. Let’s hope things pick up in 2015 for orgonomy in the UK.

 Thanks to all of you who regularly visit this site to keep up with C O R E’s activities. This year our daily average number of site-visitors topped a hundred for the first time in June and has stayed above a hundred since, though this month’s numbers are drifting down from the maximum of 140+ in October. The daily average for this year is still above a hundred for the first time ever, a cheering development. Most visitors are clearly surfers and only stay for a short period before, presumably, moving on to more exciting things than orgonomy. I hope you all enjoy this new year and thrive in 2015. I look forward to meeting at least some of you or hearing from you during the year.

 Greetings and best wishes, Peter Jones.  January 1st, 2015.



WRIT's Kickstarter Appeal Target Overtaken! Film is Funded

The magnificent success of this appeal is the best news orgonomy has had for years. We have made it. More than 700 backers from all over the world have given generously to this appeal and taken the sum of pledges far beyond the original target. This is a wonderful step for orgonomy in the UK. This country needs this film more than any other. It will be a valuable, public document to counteract the relentless abuse, distortion, and ridicule of Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy that we see in the mainstream UK media. This is very active at the moment in November, 2014, as it always is whenever the orgone accumulator gets any attention from the metropolitan press. It is getting attention at the moment because there is an accumulator on show in the current InstituteofSexology exhibition at the Wellcome Collection  incentralLondon. (The accumulator was developed years after the Institute had been shut down by the Nazis and had nothing to do with it.)

$187,002 was the final total pledge, from 734 backers against the goal of $168,500, more than 110% of the target sum. (21. 11. 14.)

WRIT, the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust, is appealing for donations via Kickstarter to finance the documentary film that they plan to make. The screen-play for this film has already been written by the trust's co-director, Kevin Hinchey, a professional film-maker. It will be the first longer documentary to be made about Reich and orgonomy where the makers have had free access to all of Reich's written legacy. You can contribute via this link - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/25874147/wilhelm-reich-documentary-film-project The video is also available on YouTube here - http://youtu.be/vN_HihmU9e4 (28. 10. 14.)

I am leaving this item at the top of the page, as it is so crucial to the future of orgonomy. As if to underline the need for the film and a large dose of honest information about orgonomy, in the UK another wave of ignorant, contempt-filled ridicule is pouring out in the shape of reviews of the new exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London. This exhibition contains an orgone accumulator and one review so far homes in on the accumulator - http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/institute-sexology-racy-sex-exhibition-4583595 Thanks to Dan Lowe in London for alerting me to this review.  It's funny how these metropolitan hacks must surely know that you should never take a single source for granted when investigating a story. And yet they are quite happy to take a single version of Reich, orgonomy, and the orgone accumulator, that peddled in Turner's dreadful Orgasmatron book and followed in this exhibition. It does not seem to occur to them to refer to the original sources, which in the case of orgonomy, are freely available, not to mention workers active in the field. (See Reviews for a critical review of this book.) (10. 11. 14.)

Metropolitan Hacks at it Again!

As if to underline the need for the factual, accurately informed documentary, the subject of the appeal above, there is more sensational, mendacious rubbish appearing in the UK media about the orgone accumulator. Yesterday's review in the Guardian of the 'Institute of Sexology' exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London repeats all the usual claptrap about the accumulator enhancing potency and dissolving emotional tension. This yet again, in spite of the fact that the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust has informed the exhibition organisers accurately about what Reich did and did not claim for the discovery of the accumulator. You can read the review and make your own mind up here. Once again, thanks to Dan Lowe in London for this link. http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/nov/17/institute-of-sexology-exhibition-wellcome-collection

For our foreign visitors, (which means most of you), the Guardian is the UK's only 'liberal' daily newspaper and claims a high standard of loyalty to the truth in all its reporting. And yet again, here it is, spewing out distortion, taking all its information from a single, gossip-ridden source. Where is that old journalist's basic of CHECKING YOUR SOURCES? When, for example, the BBC reports on a terrorist outrage in Africa, they will say something like, so-and-so has happened, but we have not been able to confirm that yet. They seek eye-witness accounts and look for the bodies. The Guardian's reviewer does not seem to realise that he is  just repeating gossip and that he  should either go back to the basic sources or consult someone with some earned authority in the field.     

While I have been  writing the above, the exhibition has also had a mention on the BBC's main morning news program, Today, and further inaccuracies have been spouted. Given the topic of this exhibition, we can expect more inaccurate, gossip-fed misinformation about the orgone accumulator, an item that UK journalists just cannot leave alone. (19. 11. 14.) 

As they are not going to publish my letter, here it is:

Dear Editor,

The ‘metal-lined cabinet’ Stephen Moss (Into the Orgasmatron, 17th November) sat in has nothing in common with the ‘orgasmatron’ which was powered by electricity. The orgone accumulator, to work, needs to be built carefully and used in certain conditions with various precautions observed and has no external source of energy. You don’t need to ‘try’ to get it to work. It even has measurably positive effects on seedlings germinating inside one in carefully conducted experiments with controls. Reich never claimed that the accumulator would ‘unleash inner libido energy’ or cure various diseases. He claimed the positive effects of the accumulator pointed to its preventive use. From Moss’s derisory comments readers will never guess that the accumulator is a genuine scientific and medical device and that Reich’s discoveries can benefit us all today. Serious current researchers have confirmed and extended many of Reich’s discoveries and claims. Where is that basic journalist’s principle – check your sources! When it comes to Reich the Guardian seems happy to recycle relentless, inaccurate and sensational gossip about him rather than go back to his research reports, not to mention contemporary sources of information, active workers in the field.

Peter Jones, C O R E, Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education. (20 11. 14.)


Apologies to the Guardian. Here's my letter as published by the Guardian. They reserve the right to shorten letters as they think fit and usually manage to blunt the point of anything serious that one is trying to say. They managed to do the same this time, too. They exclude the fact that the Guardian, a self-appointed protector of the truth, repeatedly disregards their own gospel of checking sources and making sure that what they print has some evidence behind it. The publication of a letter to the editor is always incidental research. It shows how little interest there is in the UK's most educated community in orgonomy.


Orgone accumulator is no orgasmatron


The 'metal-lined cabinet' Stephen Moss sat in (into the orgasmatron!, G2, 17th November) has nothing in common with the orgasmatron. The orgone accumulator needs to be built carefully and used in certain conditions with various precautions observed. Carefully conducted experiments have shown measurably positive effects on seedlings germinating inside one. Wilhelm Reich never claimed it would "unleash inner libido energy" or cure diseases. From Moss's derisory comments, readers would never guess that the  accumulator is a genuine medical and scientific device and that Reich's discoveries can benefit us all today. Serious researchers have confirmed and extended many of his discoveries and claims.

Peter Jones,

Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education.


This letter was published in the Guardian on Friday, November 21st after all, though, as usual, they shortened it and cut out the important point about the preventive use of the accumulator. and the fact that they were ignoring their own gospel of 'checking the facts.' They usually telephone letter-writers to check on their identity, I suppose, which they did not do this time, so I presumed they weren't going to print it. The readership's response is a good bit of informal research. The Guardian's readership is more than a quarter of a million, about 260,000, I believe. Last time I had a letter published it produced a doubling of site-visitor numbers for one day and not a single enquiry, This time it seems to be doing exactly the same. Remember, our foreign visitors, that these are the country's most 'intelligent' and educated newspaper readers, graduates to a man and woman, almost all of them. Many of them will be highly qualified professionals, medical consultants, academics, university professors and researchers and so on. They are all so interested in orgonomy that they haven't got a single question to ask of it. (21. 11. 14.)

New Page on the Burning of Reich's Books by the US Legal Authorities

This is a spin-off from all the information and e-mails I am getting about the Kickstart appeal. I have only just realised that I have not mentioned the burning of Reich's books anywhere on this  site. I wonder how many of our site-visitors realise that Reich's books were burnt by both the Nazis in Germany and by the US legal authorities in 1956? For more info, please go to Book Burning. (30. 10. 14.)

Dr J DeMeo's Important Presentation at Water Conference

Regular visitors to this website will know of the annual conferences organised by Professor Gerald Pollack on The Biology, Chemistry and Physics of Water. ( http://www.waterconf.org ) I was fortunate enough to be invited to contribute myself last year. This year's conference took place earlier this month. Dr DeMeo's presentation on his meticulous research into the effects of the orgone accumulator on the fluorescence of water are surely yet another milestone in the slow accumulation of evidence being collected by living orgonomists that confirms and develops many of the findings first made by Reich during his lifetime. To quote an extract from DeMeo's report, his work ' ... documented a fluorescence reaction in orgone-charged distilled water which ranged across near UV and bluish frequencies.' Newcomers to this site, may respond with a 'so what?' These new discoveries, made in our own time, show conclusively that Reich's findings are based on strong scientific evidence and were not, as is usually alleged, concoctions dreamt up in his own mind. Congratulations to Dr DeMeo on his meticulous work and long-standing commitment to orgonomic research. (28. 10. 14.)

New Publication from C O R E - Midwifery Textbook

Inspired by the interest being shown in our midwifery study week next Easter, I have now completed the first draft of a concise textbook of orgone-therapeutic midwifery. I'm not sure what the title is going to be yet. I am now adding the references and generally tidying the text up. And, as always, searching for someone who can do a handful of line-drawings. (If C O R E had  a local artist volunteer supporter, we could get a book out in a month. It takes me far longer to get drawings or illustrations done than it does to write the book!). I hope to be able to hand out copies to the participants in our midwifery week next Easter. You can see a list of the contents of this book at the bottom of this page. (24. 10. 14.) 

New Page - VBAC

As a few visitors may have noticed, there was until recently some information on VBAC on our birth page. (For our foreign readers, VBAC stands for vaginal birth after caesarean and is pronounced veeback.) In the hope that a separate page on the topic would get noticed better by the search engines. I have moved most of this information onto a new page devoted to that topic alone. In spite of my commitment to the furtherance of natural birth and the use of orgone therapy as a natural, non-intrusive 'first aid' in labour, we receive hardly any enquiries about this topic. I know many women who have had a caesarean delivery for one baby often want to know how sensible it is to try for a vaginal birth with their next baby. In many cases it is very sensible. (I had one such enquiry from a woman via YouTube, which is what inspired the VBAC information.) Doubtless thousands of women will have searched on line, hoping to find useful information on the question of VBAC. Let's hope their searches bring some of them to this page. (17. 10. 14.) 

Site Visitor Statistics

Our visitor stats are now posted at the top of this page. Until recently they were tucked away at the bottom of the News Page, where probably hardly anyone ever noticed them. Now everyone can see how the numbers are slowly but consistently rising. This is an important part of our news. Most of our site-visitors come from outside the UK, which means you won't be able to contribute to orgonomic activity in this country. Anyway, whoever you are, thanks for your  interest in our work. If you have any comments to make, whether critical or otherwise, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. (info@orgonomyuk.org.uk) It turns out that we are getting significant traffic from Russia and the Ukraine. The numbers from those countries combined are larger than those from the UK, though almost half of the countries of origin of our visitors are 'unresolved.' (Можно связиться с нами по-русски, если хотите.)

Last month, September, the number of visitors was for the first time more than 100 everyday, and on quite a few days a good deal more than 100. Hence the high average. Yesterday, (26. 10. 14.), more than 200 people visited the site. This great increase is, of course, very welcome, and I hope all these new visitors have learnt something useful from the site. Thank you for your interest. I'm sorry you don't want to stay longer.  (Our stats show that the average time spent by visitors on the site is tiny, about two minutes, though we know from the few who contact us that occasionally visitors spend a great deal of time here and come back repeatedly to eventually read the whole site.) (25. 10. 14.)

Progress with Collected Orgonomic Essays

I am very pleased to be able to inform visitors that I have at last been able to restart work on COE and the various problems with this book caused by our computer change-over have been resolved, touch wood. For details see forthcoming publications. While I am at it, I might as well tell you that I have also completed the first draft of my textbook on orgonomic midwifery. I have been inspired to get down to the job of writing that by the definite commitment to attend our forthcoming study week by a student midwife from Germany.  Even if I haven't been able to get it printed by then, the text will be available for students. What is holding up publication is the usual difficulty with illustrations. The book needs a handful of simple line life-drawings. Any offers, anyone? (That's enough pointless appeals that never get a response. Ed.) (1. 10. 14.)

Reminder - Info re Midwifery and Bion Study Weeks

Dates Now Confirmed - 30/3-3/4 and 6/4-10/4

Just in case you had forgotten, I have posted the information leaflets on these two events on the events page. Places are very limited. If you want to take part, sign up now! These are rare learning opportunities. (23. 9. 14.) Added 10. 10. 14. There is lots of serious interest in the midwifery week, so I will be looking for suitable accommodation for it locally and expanding the numbers. The dates for the midwifery week will be midday, Monday, March 30th to midday, Friday April 3rd, those for the microscope and bions week midday, Monday, April 6th to midday, Friday, April 10th. (Six students coming so far to the midwifery event, one for the bions.) Please check this info frequently on the news page as I am adding to it all the time, as arrangements develop.

Please note - babies in arms are welcome at all C O R E events. 

New Page - Book Reviews

There are so many books to review in the near future, that I have decided to post all book reviews on a single page. At the moment, you will find posted reviews of Orgasmatron and The Spark of Life by Francis Ashcroft. I have still not completed the review of the latter title, to be honest, because the book is so boring that I have been so far unable to finish reading it! Watch out for more reviews. If you know of a new(ish) title that is relevant to orgonomy, please tell C O R E about it. All the hyperlinks on the page are now active and the page is fully functional. Thanks to Roberto Maglione for a complimentary copy of his latest book, The Motions of Life; Was Einstein really modelling Brownian movement? I will be posting a review of it soon. And talking of new books, James DeMeo has just published a new edition of Jim Martin's book, Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War. You can order copies from www.naturalenergyworks.net C O R E will be obtaining a copy of this and I will be posting a review as soon as I can read the book. Apparently the new edition is much enlarged and edited, so it may take some time to read it. The first edition was a very solid tome. Please note that I will be happy to post reviews written by other people on the new reviews page, as long as they are legal, truthful, intelligent, and generally sincere. I don't see why we shouldn't have more than one review of the same book on that page. (22. 9. 14.)

Please Note - Three New Pages, Внимание - Новая Страница

Connected with news items below are two new web-pages - Sensing the Orgone and Spiral, Life-Energy, and Matriarchy. The first one includes the text of C O R E's booklet of the same name and the second one is devoted to an English translation of Dr Hanspeter Seiler's article originally published in German on The Spiral, Life-Energy, and Matriarchy. All this new activity is a spin-off from the BBC's on-line discussion of the tingles that people feel when they listen to music that moves them. In addition, one of the benefits of my new computer and Windows 8 is that I can change into and out of Russian at last without difficulty, so I have posted the beginnings of the What is Orgonomy? page in Russian. (This translation is now complete.) Я перевожу текст один параграф за другим. Пожалуйста - будьте терпеливыми! (5. 8. 14.) (PS 9. 8. 14. Перевод сейчас совершился.)

Free Booklet Available to All Enquirers

C O R E will send a free copy of our booklet An Introduction to Orgonomy to any enquirer new to orgonomy. If there is another of our booklets that interests you more, please tell us and we will send you a booklet from our long list. Please send us your address via our contact link and we will do the rest. We will not hand on your personal information to anyone else. Please go to booklets page for a complete list. (17. 12. 12.) PS (3. 12. 13.) Can you believe it? Seven people have taken up this offer, seven out of possibly 50,000 site-visitors, since the offer was posted! And only one of them has bothered to respond with a polite thank you! The number is now eight (7/2014). It's now nine! (14. 10. 14.) (That's enough exclamation marks, ed.) 

Explanation for our occasional UK visitors

Experience suggests that we don't get many site-visitors from within the UK (No orgonomy, please, we are British!). This must mean that many of the frequent references to well-known people/institutions here are quite mystifying to our many foreign followers. Please, therefore, tolerate the explanations of common abbreviations and information on people mentioned. They are for our foreign visitors who may not know what NHS stands for or who Richard Dawkins or Frances Ashcroft is. And thanks to our many foreign visitors who take the trouble to read through our site in a foreign language. That must be quite a slog. (There's a nice new English  word for you!)

Roberto Maglione's New Book The Motions of Life Now Out

Thanks to Roberto for sending us a complimentary copy of his new book, The Motions of Life - Was Einstein really modelling Brownian movement? and congratulations to him on a great achievement. I had already read a draft of this text as Roberto sent me the text, and has used stills from one of my videos on YouTube. How good it is to be taking part in serious scientific discussion instead of being an object of ridicule and abuse, as one inevitably is in the UK, if one is actively involved in orgonomy. There is a huge amount of information and history in this book, as well as summaries of the work of Perrin and Einstein, the two mathematicians who established the currently held version of events explaining Brownian motion. These two chapters are very mathematical and full of equations, so I am not qualified to understand them, let alone review them. There is also, as you would expect, a summary of Reich's bion research and long lists of various theoretical models of the origin of life and more recent scientific workers who came close to Reich's findings. The conclusion is, of course, that Einstein was not modelling what Brown himself described in his 1828 paper, A Brief Account of Microscopical Observations... and that with his immense status in science and the reverence with which his writings were received he was a powerful brake on scientific progress and a serious obstacle to the discovery of the truth about 'Brownian motion.'

I must admit my own interest in his thesis, of course, because that is exactly the claim I make in my own book Artificers of Fraud. So I am going to agree with him, aren't I? Don't take my word for it, read the book, and even do the experiments. You can learn how to next spring in our bion study week. (See events page for more information.) The book is beautifully produced with an arresting cover design, many references, an index, and illustrations. I don't know whether you can buy it on line or in bookshops, but you can order it from him personally or anyway communicate with him at roberto_jumper@yahoo.it (18. 9.14.)

Midwifery and Microscopy Study Weeks, Spring, 2015

In response to demand, (we have already got one definite student for the midwifery week!), we are running two separate study weeks on orgonomic midwifery and orgonomic microscopy (the bion experiments and the Reich blood test) next spring, probably during the weeks before and after Easter, exact dates to be confirmed. Further details are already posted on the events page. (15. 9. 14.)

Accumulator for Sale Again

The orgone accumulator that was for sale a while ago is for sale again, the present owner having moved to premises without room for it. Please contact him for further details ( mailoto:marc@assetutilities.com ) It is at present in Glasgow and he is asking £250 for it, which is a great bargain. External dimensions are 1.6M high, 1.1M deep and 83 cm wide. (3. 9. 14.)

Jellyfish Video Missing on Home Page

Apologies to our recent visitors, if you are wondering what has happened to the beautiful video of a pulsating jellyfish, which is usually on our home page. It has disappeared since we obtained a new PC (after the demise of Windows XP) and updated our browser, as advised by one.com, our ISP. The change-over has been a disaster and has lost us several computer capabilities. We are slowly getting back to normal. We have got the printer working again and are now in a position to print our booklets again after many weeks without a working printer. We are on line again after several week's absence. We will try to get the jellyfish video back as soon as possible. If you really want to see it, you can find it at the beginning of our Brown and Reich video on YouTube. The links from this site to that are also not working, but you will be able to locate it if you put our channel orglancs into a search window or Brown and Reich. (1. 9. 14.)

Feature Film Tigers Premieres in Toronto and San Sebastian

Here is the link (http://www.babymilkaction.org/tigers#where ) to the Baby Milk Action site on this forthcoming film, which is to have its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September and its European premiere later in September at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain. BMA acted as consultants to the makers of this film, which exposes the illegal and immoral practices of the baby-milk companies in poor countries where bottle-feeding is a very dangerous practice. According to their figures, a bottle=fed baby is 25 times more likely to die than a breast-fed baby in poor developing countries without safe water supplies. Quite apart from the infection risks of bottle-feeding, if you know about the bio-energetics of mother-baby contact, you will realise that satisfying breast-feeding is vital to a baby's healthy development. If you don't know about this vital bio-energetic contact between mother and baby, you can find out about it here or read our booklet on the topic, The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding. Please follow up this link, go and see the film, if you live within reach, and tell all your friends and neighbours about it. I shall try to find out when and where it is going to be shown in the UK and post the  info here. If you sign up for BMA's hand-outs, they will probably tell you before long. (28. 8. 14.)

'Wild' Bions in Local River Silt

As some of you may have already noticed yourselves, (there is now a handful of individuals know to C O R E out in the world with their own microscopes doing the bion experiments), you will occasionally, if you look very carefully, see 'wild' bions in samples of water taken from ponds, puddles, and streams. Last Sunday I collected a sample of silt from the outside curve of an undulation in a small stream in a nearby wood. I did this with a view to observing the 'wildlife' in the silt, if any. There were a few micro-organisms in it, not many, but the more I looked the more I realised that I was able to make out very clearly indeed in tiny clear patches between the clay and sand particles bions dancing in their  usual  recognisable way. I tried to film it last night, but, alas, suddenly my simple Roxio system seems to be going astray, and in spite of an excellent image on the big TV monitor, the computer monitor showed stripes sliding up and down the screen and left me with a very poor fuzzy image. It is probably a waste of time appealing for help with this problem, but if anyone knows what might be wrong with the system, please get in touch (info@orgonomyuk.org.uk ). (26. 8. 14.)

New Page on Recent, Current, and Forthcoming Publications

It is good to have some positive news to publish from the sheer pressure of positive events, but... in case you hadn't noticed, there has been a stream of new books being published on orgonomy over the last few years and it is continuing, with further titles about to be published soon. I am posting information on them on a new page devoted solely to information about recent, current and forthcoming orgonomic publications. It is already available, but by no means complete. To get to it, click here. (22. 8. 14.)

Difficulties with YouTube

I regret to have to tell site-visitors that as far as I can see, our YouTube videos are not available at the moment or at least can't be played directly from this site via the links posted on the YouTube Videos Page. I don't know why this should be so. Maybe it has something to do with my recent changeover to a new computer. I can't get access to any of my own videos on YouTube from my own YouTube home page either. You can presumably play them by  finding them via the search window. My channel is 'orglancs' and the main video is called Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich. I think most of our videos come up if you put Wilhelm Reich or bions in a search. (21. 8. 14.)

Further Information on Roberto Maglione's Einstein Book

Posted below, with his kind permission, is a paragraph extracted from an e-mail to a member of the orgonomic medicine group about his forthcoming book by Roberto Maglione, which gives readers much more of an idea of what the book is about. I suspect he is onto something of enormous importance here for a better understanding of Einstein and his influence on science.

The book is written in English, and has colour figures. What I reported in the book is just an analysis of what was done by Brown, and later on by Einstein and Perrin on the phenomenon called brownian motion that, as you know, is what regulates the majority of, if not all, our present physics and its developments. Knowing what Reich did on bions, and above all reading the book of Peter [Jones] on bions and his thesis on the similarity amongst bions and Brown' active molecules (this book was fundamental to me), allowed me to see that Einstein and friends lost something in their analysis, they lost an important piece of science that reflected in a dead science, as that we have today. It s amazing to see that also the economic field, the finance and stock market, is regulated by the same laws put forward by Einstein, in that the behaviour of finance is strictly modelled  as a brownian motion. So, even the economics would be flawed by the same mistake, hidden somewhere in its basic assumptions. And in all the above cases what is missing is the living component, that was not included in their basic assumptions. And the most important actor (or responsible) for all the above situation is Einstein. It seems that Einstein was like a barrier to the development of science, put there by someone to block or at least  to delay the development of a science based on the living or vital force.  (14. 8. 14.)

 Latest News re Wilhelm Reich, Biologist and New Italian Book

Thanks to Dr James Strick for an update on his forthcoming book to be published by Harvard University Press. According to his information, sent out to interested enquirers, the book will be available for pre-ordering from October and actually published in April next year. It's disappointing that we are going to have to wait another eight months for this important title, but obviously, there is nothing one can do to hurry up the workings of a large organisation such as HUP. The publication of this book by a respected mainstream press is an event of great importance for orgonomy. Order your copy as soon as it is possible!

Another publication in English from Italy by Roberto Maglione is due out shortly, at the beginning of September. The Motions of Life: Was Einstein Really Modelling Brownian Motion? This will be available from this website http://ilmiolibro.kataweb.it/ or direct from Roberto at robert_jumper@yahoo.it Given all the mendacious crap that has been poured on the head of orgonomy over the last few years, it is immensely encouraging to see the appearance of  books by deeply informed and knowledgeable scholars and researchers that will put the record straight. Doubtless, in the interests of scientific and journalistic objectivity, the UK broadsheets will devote huge spreads to reviews of these titles by our colleagues! (14. 8. 14.)

New Version of Heliognosis's Life Energy Meter

There is now available a new version of the Experimental Life Energy meter from Heliognosis in Canada, www.heliognosis.com . These life energy meters are a basic tool for life energy research. C O R E will be obtaining one. For more details go to the website, where you will find experimental reports and videos on the use and capabilities of this instrument. (11. 8. 14.)

Seen Again in Preston, Is it Catching on at Last?

On my usual walk round the rural fringes of Preston today I came across yet another woman nursing (breast-feeding) her baby while sitting on a bench by the river Ribble. Are women at last winning this quite unnecessary battle, the battle to establish the right to feed their baby where and when the  baby needs a feed, even if it's outside and in public? We got chatting and she said she had so far not had any unpleasantness from anyone. (There have been cases of women being abused and insulted for feeding in public in this country.) In case you don't know, breast-feeding is vital to a baby's bio-energetic health. Hostility to feeding in public is said to deter many women from breast-feeding. (9. 8. 14.)

UK Scientifically the Most Conservative Country in the World?

Regular visitors to this site will know of my attendance at and contribution to last year's conference in Bulgaria on the Biology, Chemistry and Physics of Water. It was an extremely interesting and enjoyable event. Dr James DeMeo is contributing to this year's conference, also in Bulgaria. Because I am on their mailing list I receive all the e-mails relevant to the forthcoming conference, although I cannot afford to attend without the generous support from the organisers that I received last year. (If you contribute, your expenses up to a certain amount are paid for you.) I have just received an e-mail listing the young scientists who have been selected to mount poster displays of their research projects at the conference. There are 26 names on the list and not one from the UK! No comment. (8. 8. 14.)

And Here's Some More Music

The Red Threads (theredthreads@yahoo.com ) have recently published a compilation CD of songs written to poems by Wilhelm Reich and music inspired by orgonomy. It's called Four-Beat Rhythm: the Writings of Wilhelm Reich and is available from them on line at www.cdbaby.com/cd/fourbeatrhythm and amazon.com The disc comes in an attractive cardboard wallet with original graphics and an enclosure giving the words and history of the songs and music. All proceeds go to the benefit of the WRIT (Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust - www.wilhelmreichtrust.org ) at Orgonon, Maine. Please help to support orgonomy and buy this disc. Thanks to Billy Conde Goldman for sending us this CD. (3. 8. 14.)

BBC Radio 3 Talks B******S about Tingles and Music

PS 14. 8. 14. As expected, I have received no reply to my e-mail to Radio 3 and Tom Service about this interesting topic. It is impossible to get a public dialogue going in this country on any topic that includes the name Wilhelm Reich or the words orgone energy.

PS 30. 7. 14. I have just posted a longer comment on this important topic on my blog. PJ.

If you go the website of the BBC's music and culture program, Radio 3, (www.bbc.co.uk/radio3) you will find a discussion (sic) of the age-old experience of listening to moving music and feeling a tingle. The discussion attempts to answer the question of what exactly is happening inside you during this experience. To answer the question, they wheel out a neuro-scientist and there's even a picture of a human brain there too. There is not the tiniest whiff of the possibility that this is a primary physiological experience accessible to all human beings and that it is nothing to do with your brain and everything to do with your breathing and your own bio-energy (orgone energy) and how free it is to move as you respond to any emotional experience at all, not just music. Of course, within mainstream, mechanistic neuro-science, psychology, and psychiatry, life energy does not exist and so they must find another explanation for the tingle. What they do not know is that with a little basic knowledge of orgone-therapeutic principles, one can help almost anyone, if their orgone energy is free enough to move, to feel it moving and people almost always describe their energy in motion as tingling, flowing, or streaming. An important scientific fact is that the more fully someone breathes, the stronger their tingles will be. How does neuro-science explain that? I don't think it can. (See C O R E's booklet Sensing the Orgone for more information. The text of this booklet is now posted on a new web-page here.)

(PS 5. 8. 14. I have found the English translation of Dr Seiler's article and posted it on a new page here.)

Here's the link to the page in question for those who want to follow this up:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zx6sfg8 If you read German, there is a very interesting article by Dr Hanspeter Seiler on Spiral Cultures, in other words, cultures where the capacity to feel one's bio-energy in motion and to see the spinning atmospheric orgone energy is common to everybody and taken for granted within the culture. Spiralform, Lebensenergie und Matriarchat, appears in the German-language anthology of orgonomic articles, Nach Reich, edited by J DeMeo and B Senf, published by Zweitausendeins in 1997. I summarise Dr Seiler's article in C O R E's booklet Spiral Cultures. The text of this booklet is attached to our web-page here. I translated the article some years ago for C O R E's never published orgonomic journal, so, presumably, it is still somewhere on my hard drive. If any serious researchers or students want the text in English, I can send it you on line, if I can find it, that is. I will also try and find out if the original German text is available on line and post a link to it. Got it! Here you are http://www.berndsenf.de/pdf/emotion10Spiralform.pdf Thanks Bernd! (29. 7. 14.)

Forthcoming Publication - Wilhelm Reich, Biologist 

Below is the text from the Harvard University Press catalogue announcing the imminent publication of Dr James Strick's study of Reich's scientific work covering his work on bio-electricity, the bions, and the ensuing discovery of the orgone. Needless to say, this is a momentous event in the history of orgonomy. As soon as I have got my hands on a copy, I will post more information. James Strick cannot be dismissed, as I have been, as an incompetent amateur. He is a tenured academic in the US and teaches the history of science. He has a string of highly relevant degrees. This book certainly belongs on the shelves of any serious student of orgonomy.  

Wilhelm Reich, Biologist

James E. Strick

Wilhelm Reich (1897–1957) gained fame and notoriety in the course of an unusually adventurous career. Psychoanalyst, political theorist, pioneer of body therapies, prophet of the sexual revolution—all fitting titles, but Reich has never been recognized as a serious laboratory scientist, despite his experimentation with bioelectricity and unicellular organisms. Wilhelm Reich, Biologist is an eye-opening reappraisal of one of twentieth-century science’s most controversial figures. Refuting allegations of "pseudoscience" that have long dogged Reich’s research, James Strick argues that Reich’s lab experiments in the mid-1930s represented the cutting-edge of light microscopy and time-lapse micro-cinematography and deserve to be taken seriously as legitimate scientific contributions. Strick also sets Reich's work in the context of other 1930's work on origin of life, such as Herrera, Oparin and others, including the influence of dialectical materialism.

Trained in medicine and a student of Sigmund Freud, Reich took to the laboratory in 1934 to determine if Freud’s concept of libido was a quantitatively measureable substance. His electrophysiological experiments confirmed Reich's concept of biological pulsation and his tension-charge formula. This work became the conceptual basis for experiments in which Reich discovered microscopic vesicles (he called these "bions"), which Reich hypothesized were transitional stages in originating life from nonliving matter. Studying Reich’s laboratory notes from recently opened archives, Strick offers a detailed account of the bion experiments, tracing how Reich eventually concluded he had discovered an unknown type of biological radiation he called "orgone." The bion experiments were foundational to Reich’s theory of cancer and later investigations of orgone energy.

Reich’s experimental findings and interpretations were discredited, but not because of shoddy lab technique, as has often been claimed. Scientific opposition to Reich’s experiments, Strick argues, was based largely on resistance to Reich’s unorthodox sexual theories and his Marxist political leanings. (27. 7. 14.)

E-Mail Difficulties

If you are a regular e-mail correspondent and are wondering why you haven't heard from me for a long time or you are an occasional enquirer waiting for a reply, can you please send me a message, so I can reply? My old address book is trapped in my old PC and I don't know how to recover it, if I can at all. So at the moment I can only reply to people who have sent me an e-mail since I set up this new PC. I apologise for the difficulties this is causing. You can imagine how it is driving me completely mad. If I meet any more computer difficulties, this site will probably vanish into thin air, as I wipe the lot, unable to stand any more computer stress. In addition to the e-mail disruption, problems with the changeover from old Word to a new version have completely ruined the format of all my saved documents and I am quite unable to print anything at the moment and for the foreseeable future. Computers? Doncha luv'em! (23. 7. 14.)

Wellcome Collection Exhibition

Further to the item below, here is a link to the relevant events page on the Wellcome Collection website - http://www.wellcomecollection.org/whats-on/exhibitions/the-institute-of-sexology.aspx  The exhibition opens on November 20th. If you have never heard of the orgone accumulator and what it does and how it is made, please see our relevant web-page. Here's a further link to more detailed information on the Wellcome website. (Thanks to Danny Lowe for this link.) -http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/News/Media-office/Press-releases/2014/WTP056882.htm (21. 7. 14.)

'Gallery recreates machine designed to boost libido'

Yes, here we go again, it seems. This is a headline from a recent issue of The I, the lightweight version of The Independent, one of the London broadsheet newspapers, (for our foreign visitors, a posh paper interested in culture and the nation's intellectual life). Apparently  The Wellcome Collection, a vast charitable trust in central London, is planning an exhibition called The Institute of Sexology, which will run from November this year until September 2015. According to this brief article by Nick Clark,  the paper's art critic, they plan to construct an 'Orgone Accumulator' and to let  visitors to the exhibition sit in it, if they want. It is hard to tell whether this is meant to be a satirical, piss-taking gimmick, or a serious attempt to present the accumulator to the public. I have my doubts. The accompanying photo of a suspiciously masculine-looking woman wearing a pink ballet-dancer's tutu and a face-mask, utterly irrelevant to the accumulator and its use, does not bode well. It looks as if the writer has been reading the dreadful Orgasmatron book. Watch this space. If you want some accurate information on the orgone accumulator, please go to our orgone accumulator web-page. (20. 7. 14.)

RIP Dr Courtney Baker (1943-2014)

Thanks to James DeMeo for announcing the recent death of Courtney Baker, who was one of the original group who broke away from the American College of orgonomy to establish the Institute for Orgonomic Science in the nineteen eighties. He contributed many articles to both the Journal of Orgonomy and the Annals of the IOS. I met him once in Germany in 1991 when he demonstrated a bion experiment to me. That was the beginning of my active interest in orgonomic science. Thanks to him for that helping hand. May he rest in peace. (18. 7. 14.)

Service Break-Down - Apologies for Absence

My poor old computer finally died on me three weeks ago and I have been unable to send or receive e-mails until today, July, 12th. My apologies to anyone who has been trying to contact me during this period. As far as I can see, there have been no enquiries from new site-visitors, but just in case... my apologies. It has been a terrible time, battling to get things going again. But...there's one bit of good news - our daily average number of site visitors in June was for the first time over 100 a day, 101 to be exact, and this month we are so far averaging 120. Most visitors stay for only a very brief time, but the more we get, the more chance there is that orgonomy will spread a little. Thanks for your interest and welcome to orgonomy. I look forward to hearing from some of our new visitors at least. There will doubtless be a few other news items when I catch up with things. (12. 7. 14.) PS I have posted  news on my blog, which will bring you up to date with my activities and computer problems.

Helsinki Conference

This event has now taken place and I am back in the UK. Attendance numbers were on the small side, about 15, of whom ?5 were from outside Finland. There were even two participants from the US and two from the UK! (As if only to prove the rule- no orgonomy, please, we're Brits - the two participants from the UK are both foreign residents here. C O R E's very committed and hard-working colleague, Stergios Tsiompatsis, who organised this event, was initially disappointed with this number, but as a first ever orgonomic event in a small country with no tradition of Reich's work to build on, it was a good beginning, in my opinion. Congratulations to Stergios on his hard work and committment. We would be doing well to gather that many interested participants in the UK!  Needless to say there was  plenty of networking going on amongst participants and contributors and I have greatly advanced my plans for orgonomic midwifery, thanks to the attendance of the German student midwife who I met in Rome last year and who is keen to collaborate in that project. We are developing concrete projects for collaboration and she is including a visit to the UK next year in her study plans. In the meantime I am starting work on a textbook of orgonomic midwifery for use by midwives and birth-coaches/teachers. (Yes! A potential readership of one is enough to inspire me to put pen to paper. If one already exists, there will soon be a few more.)

I hope to run a short study week on orgonomic midwifery in the spring of 2015. Please tell any one you know who might be interested about this event. Please see the events page where I will post further information shortly. I also plan to run a bion and Reich blood test study week next year, too. Places for this will be very limited, simply because of lack of space, so if you are interested, please get in touch and book your place. (Places for the midwifery week will not be so strictly limited as we don't need microscope places for that. Except, of course, that once students catch sight of our microscopes and accompanying equipment, they are more than likely to ask to see a demonstration of the RBT or a bion experiment. The blood test is relevant to midwifery and the health of baby in utero and mother. If we had more pairs of hands and space, the orgonotic state of  the mother's blood during pregnancy would be a rich field for orgonomic research.)

Finland is a magnificently beautiful country and really worth a visit. If Stergios runs another event I really recommend a visit for the sake of seeing Finland as well as experiencing an orgonomic event. It is socially very interesting, as it seems to be ignoring the so popular gallop towards rampant market totalitarianism that is being inflicted on citizens everywhere else and appears to be still socially cohesive and fairly happy with itself as a culture.

A big disappointment, to me, anyway, and I daresay, to Stergios, too, was the complete absence of anyone from the neighbouring Baltic countries and Russia, in spite of the fact that we sent contact info and the website link to several contacts and an apparently well-known Russian site devoted to supporting and providing information about home birth, home-education, and breast-feeding. (I'll post the link to the relevant site, if I can find it. Sorry, I can't locate it despite several searches.) It is a disaster for orgonomy that these organisations do not see orgonomy as a natural ally.  After all, Reich was the first to point out the damage inflicted on babies and infants and the importance of the bio-energetic bond between mother and baby. You would think these groups would like to know more about this, not to mention orgone therapy with babies. I did a demonstration session of this with a baby and some lovely photos were taken of this by those watching. I hope to post the best, when I receive them.

In the meantime, while I have been away and not looking, our site-visitor numbers have jumped to 100 a day. I don't suppose this symbolic number means much, but... the more people visit the site, the more chance there is that active, committed co-workers will eventually come forward from within the UK. (12. 6. 14.)

Website Visitors, Publications, etc

PS 2. 6. 14. As some of you will know or have worked out, I shall be away for a week in Finland to contribute to the conference in Helsinki next weekend. I won't be able to reply to e-mail enquiries until Thursday, June 12th, at the earliest.

Visitor numbers last month, May, 2014, actually reached 90 a day! When we started the site in 2010 they did not even reach double figures a day. The highest monthly number last year was 84. Perhaps we'll reach 100 by the end of the year. Thanks to all our visitors, though I must say that it is clear that most of you spend a couple of minutes on the site and only a minute, if that, on each page you visit. But, equally clearly, it is obvious that there is a slowly increasing number of serious enquirers, as a small number of people, more this year than last year, get in touch by e-mail and send us interesting information about your activities. There is yet another orgone accumulator being built in the UK at the moment.

I am pushing on with the publication of all my booklets in a single volume, my book on orgonomic midwifery, and Bions for Beginners. Preparations for the Helsinki conference next weekend have interrupted this publishing work, but once I am back from that I will be getting down to the job of getting them printed as soon as possible. I will also be starting a program of research into the work of Felix Archimede Pouchet. I am at the moment working my way through his magnumopus, Heterogenie, and hope to start repeating some of his experiments over the rest of this year. Pouchet, for those who have not heard of him, was a pioneer in practical research into spontaneous generation and so an important figure in bion research. (Apologies to our French visitors for the absence of accents in French words and names. The software will not cope with accents, not even simple acute and grave ones.) (1. 6. 14.)

Artificers in Liverpool Bookshop!

At last Artificers of Fraud has seen the inside of a bookshop! Thanks to Liverpool's radical bookshop, News from Nowhere, for accepting three copies on a 'sale or return' basis. This means that they don't have to pay for the copies unless they sell them. At least it means that people completely new to orgonomy and this work will get a chance  to see the book. (29. 5. 14.)

Bienvenus a Nos Lecteurs Francais

There has recently been a big increase in site visits, well above a hundred on some days, and this seems to be the effect of my sending a complimentary copy of Artificers to C I R A B, Centre International de Recherches Antoine Bechamp (www.cirab.org ). In reply I received a friendly e-mail from someone working there in almost perfect English and positive comments about the book and C O R E's work. I have not had any acknowledgement of any sort from any of the individuals or organisations in the UK to whom I sent a complimentary copy when Artificers was first published. (My apologies for the complete absence of accents in the headline. one.com's software does not provide for accents, as far as I can see.) Si vous voulez parler avec moi en francais, veuillez m'ecrire en francais. Je sais me faire comprendre en francais. (27. 5. 14.)

New Posting to Blog

For the information of the few of you who follow my blog there is a new posting on the possibility of founding a Wilhelm Reich Society in the UK. There is already one in Germany, Die Wilhelm Reich Gesellschaft. (13. 5. 14.)

New Posting on Birth Page

I have accidentally received some very direct and positive feedback from a maternity patient on the effectiveness of the lightweight orgone-therapeutic breathing support that I used to offer the women I was looking after in labour at the local maternity unit. At the time they were often very appreciative of my care and said that the 'breathing' helped a lot. If this interests you, there is a very positive comment from one woman I looked after in labour, copied from the netmums website. (3. 5. 14.)

C O R E's 20cm Refractor Telescope Gets an Airing

If you have read your way round this site, you will know that C O R E owns an enormous 20cm (8") refractor telescope. This is the perfect instrument for observing the atmospheric orgone energy and I bought it on ebay, as it was a  unique bargain. I couldn't let it go, even though at the time we did not have room to set it up and still don't have room to use it. But last night there was a marvelous view of Jupiter and its moons over the western horizon through the large window in my living room, which allows enough room to set this telescope up. What a view, though the highly excited atmospheric orgone in typical high-pressure conditions

made for bad seeing. Even so, it's good to know that the telescope, normally kept wrapped up safely from dust and damage is still in perfect working order. What couldn't we do, if we had our own premises with a proper observatory with room to leave this telescope set up all the time.  This telescope is only one example of many high-quality  items of scientific equipment that we cannot use for lack of space. Donations, please, to.... (3. 5. 14.)

Another Orgonomic Text from Italy

I am pleased to report that the indefatiguable Roberto Maglione, our friend in Italy, is bringing out yet another book, Was Einstein Really Modelling Brownian Movement? An Orgonomic Perspective. This is an enquiry into the mathematical research into Brownian motion in the early twentieth century by Einstein and Perrin, the French mathematician. As you can tell from the title, he is raising doubts about Einstein's work and asking if he was actually studying Brownian motion as discovered by Brown, as opposed to true Brownian motion as described, analysed and explained by modern physics. There is a lot of mathematical detail in the book that is above my head, unfortunately, for me, not for the book. These equations will, presumably only add to its credibility. He takes the argument up to Reich's bion research and even cites my own work and includes stills from C O R E's videos to make some of his points. This book is another important contribution to the huge labour of getting Reich's bion research serious attention. Thank you, Roberto. I will, of course, post further information when the book comes out. Roberto says he hopes to have it published later this summer. (PS The book is now available, though I don't know where you can obtain copies from. Try a search for the title.)

Maybe we are winning the battle, slowly but surely. This year will also see the publication of James Strick's book on the bion experiments by Harvard University Press. I don't even know the title of this book. (PS It will be Wilhelm Reich, Biologist.) I will post more information as soon as I have it. (24. 4. 14.)

One-Man Play about Reich on YouTube

Readers may be interested to know of a new one-man play on the life of Reich on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMOjLPu-MVg&feature=youtu.be It lasts about 90 minutes and sticks fairly closely to the facts. (18. 4. 14.)

Another Microscope Out in the World

I am pleased to report that yet another bargain-price microscope has gone out to a supporter of C O R E's. This is the fourth microscope that I bought as a bargain, when it was available and have now sold on at cost price to an interested student of orgonomy. C O R E still has a couple of these microscopes to sell on to students. I am not sure what it means, but...this little project, buying up bargain microscopes for future students and the connected section of Artificers that gives learners the necessary information needed to carry out the basic bion experiments appears to be the most successful part of C O R E's activities. Several buyers of the book have actually bought microscopes and are getting on with their own bion experiments. Thanks to all of you for your interest and committment. If new site visitors find themselves interested in this project, please see the Bion Page for further information and a few pictures. Please also see Equipment for information on microscope models. (16. 4. 14.)

RIP Roland Meighan 1937-2014

It is with great regret and sadness that I learnt today of the death of Roland Meighan. Apparently he died in January, but an obituary appeared in 'Other Lives' only today in The Guardian. I met Roland a few times via Education Otherwise and my involvement in home education. He was a rare person, someone who took the battle for children's right to a real education that nurtured their natural learning needs right into the heart of the world of schooling and teacher-training. He had posts in university departments of education and said exactly what he thought about schooling as opposed to education to his students. I remember attending an event where one of his students gave a talk on a project inspired by his teaching. I had not seen him for some years and so have no idea how he was bearing up in the present educational atmosphere, where the UK government wants to inflict ever more testing and ever more rigid methods on our unfortunate children.

He did me the honour of including a quotation of mine, taken from a letter to the Education Otherwise newsletter, if I remember correctly, in his Freethinker's Guide to the Educational Universe, a collection of quotations on schooling, learning, and education. Appearing in that collection meant more to me than any number of articles in the mainstream media would have. I was really mixing with the great in that volume, Stalin, Hitler, Alice Miller, John Holt, Tolstoy, William Blake, Ivan Illich, and John Taylor Gatto. I won't appear in such illustrious company again, I am sure. If you have not heard of him, you can visit a website that has plenty of information about his work and a detailed obituary - http://www.personalisededucationnow.org.uk/ (12. 4. 14.)

C O R E Denied Participation in Manchester Breast-Feeding Festival

Some afterthoughts to the news item below: why has C O R E been denied, yet again, a stall at this breast-feeding festival? The 'position' of orgonomy regarding breast-feeding is completely in harmony with this event. We support breast-feeding passionately as an absolute necessity to a  baby's healthy development. I, as a working midwife for fifteen years, had a record second-to-none as a breast-feeding supporter. Many of the mothers I helped showed me that. I have got thank-you cards galore from women in whose care I played an important part. I would not have been running round attacking or insulting other contributors to the event. I probably know a few of them already as I have met many breast-feeding campaigners over the years. I would probably meet again many mothers who I had helped to breast-feed their babies. When first in touch with the Ulverston organisers in 2010 I offered a small donation to help with their costs and to help  with the running of the event. (They had appealed for donations and helpers.) I offered a contribution on the bio-energetics of breast-feeding and referred the organiser of the Manchester event to our page on that topic. I know I have a great deal to contribute to the knowledge and practice of breast-feeding. After all, the bio-energetic bond between mother and baby is not known about by breast-feeding campaigners and it is, or could be, if we were not denied the right to speak about it in public, another plank in their arguments in favour of breast-feeding. Only a mother can provide this bio-energetic bond. I know from experience that many women attending this festival would be interested to hear this point of view. Many of them would be very interested in the demonstration of orgone therapy with babies that I was going to offer at the event. (The babies would be outraged to know that someone allegedly speaking on their behalf has denied them the chance of having this lovely experience.) By an amazing coincidence, the day after I mailed the organiser, offering to contribute and asking if C O R E could have a stall, I discovered amongst the netmums.com's reviews of their local maternity hospitals by mothers a description of me as 'FANTASTIC!' (the woman's capitals, not mine) and as providing 'endless support' which she found very helpful after the birth, too. (She referred anonymously to a 'male midwife' and I was and still am the only male midwife to have ever worked in that unit, so it must have been me she was talking about.) I know that a good few babies went home from that hospital breast-fed who would not have done without my supportive intervention when the feeding had been going badly wrong. I know their mothers would be outraged to know that I am being censored in this way.

So, such a disreputable fraud, someone so harmful to breast-feeding and the welfare of mothers and babies, must not be allowed over the doorstep for fear of the damage he may do to Britsh breast-feeding mothers and their infants. Of course, we know why C OR E has been refused a stall and our offer to contribute has been rejected. It is because of our clear committment to orgonomy, our public discussion of muscular armouring and bio-energy, and the discoveries, where relevant to babies and breast-feeding, of Wilhelm Reich, discoveries and facts that for reasons best known to themselves, these breast-feeding campaigners are terrified of. The Ulverston organiser, who at least had the courtesy to reply, said so unequivocally. She said orgonomy, of which she had not heard until then, was 'too controversial', especially vis-a-vis mainstream science! (What has mainstream science ever done for breast-feeding?)

Once again we have crashed into the wall of unreason, the knee-jerk hostility that almost everyone in the UK shows to orgonomy and anything connected with it. As I have written in the title of a booklet that I have not published, (it is too full of personal anguish for that and was written for personal therapy), we are 'censored out of existence'. It is like living in a police state, only worse, because the censorship is so invisible, creeping, and silent. In a police state, the populace know they are being censored and can take action to get round it. In this predicament the only person who knows he is being censored is me and the few friends and supporters that I tell about it. But it is still censorship. (10. 4. 14.)

As some of you will already know, the organisers of the 2010 breast-feeding festival in Ulverston, (a small town on the edge of the UK Lake District), refused to allow C O R E to have a stall at their festival. That festival has, for reasons that I am not aware of, closed down and the organisers have handed on their website and funds to a group who are organising a similar festival in Manchester. Needless to say, breast-feeding and orgonomy go together in no uncertain manner and orgonomy has a great deal to contribute to this activity and field of knowledge. As a retired NHS midwife I have enormous experience in the field and as an orgonomist I have rare experience and knowledge that can contribute greatly to the support of breast-feeding.  But our e-mail offering to contribute and asking to have a stall has not even met with the courtesy of a reply. Apart from talking about the bio-energetics of breast-feeding, I had offered to demonstrate orgone therapy with babies, in which I have a great deal of experience. This therapy is of enormous help to babies who have had a difficult start to life and I can teach parents some basic skills that they can take home and use themselves.

This refusal is, of course, blatant censorship, but I can't think of anything we can do about it. If we had a thousand active supporters willing to go and invade the venue and demand the right to space, or even a hundred, we might be in a position to do something. But as we haven't even got ten active supporters, that plan is out. Any ideas anyone? (Nothing violent or illegal, please!) If you are new to orgonomy and wonder what The Function of the Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich and orgone accumulators, etc, have to do with babies and breast-feeding, please see our breast-feeding pages, Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding and Breast-Feeding Support(8. 4. 14.)

Progress with COE - Ready in Time for Helsinki?

Thanks to help from one of C O R E's supporters in London, who has dug up a friendly graphic artist willing to do the job for a token fee, it is possible that my CollectedOrgonomic Essays, (ie all my booklets in one volume), which I have been preparing for publication, will be available in time for me to take some copies to the forthcoming conference in Helsinki. Price - about £20:00. (Info re conference - http://wilhelmreich.fi/index.php/en/ ) The title, by the way, is only a working title. I am looking for something a little more poetic, possibly a nice pro-life quote from Blake or Milton, unless any site-visitor has a better suggestion. Many thanks to Sophie Hamilton,  our helper in London. For further information on this book and others in the pipeline, please go to Forthcoming Publications. (3. 4. 14.)

Photos of Accumulator Construction Posted 

I have posted some photos taken during the bulding of the orgone shooter that I made recently for some friends of C O R E. You can see them on the Orgone Accumulator page. Although the photos are of a small accumulator, the principles of construction are the same for all accumulators. I do hope some of you will be encouraged by the sight of these to have a go at building your own accumulator. I don't know why, but almost everyone I mention it to baulks at the idea of building an accumulator. It is a basic part of anyone's orgonomic education to build an accumulator. If I can find an assistant to help with the work, I hope to make a YouTube video on how to make an orgone accumulator. It is one of C O R E's long-standing projects that we cannot move ahead with for lack of assistance. No experience necessary, just in case you were thinking of volunteering. (28. 3. 14.)

New Web-Page and Progress with Breast-Milk Research Project

I am writing and about to post shortly (PS Now posted, hyperlinks working.) a new page on several clearly defined research projects. I have had this idea after talking to various visitors and realising that it is important to demonstrate just how well-placed we are to make serious advances in these areas, if we only had better resources. Apart from one to test the effects of the orgone accumulator on leukaemia, (which needs ten orgone accumulators at a cost of £3000 to £4000, if they were built with voluntary upaid labour), the others all demand nothing more in facilities and skills than what we already have available and help from other people and more physical space. Related to this is a new contact who happens to be still breast-feeding her baby and who offered breast-milk samples even before I asked about it. Like most mothers of small babies, she knows lots of other mothers feeding their babies and has, apparently, already roped in a few more volunteers willing to donate samples. This is exactly what this project needs at the moment, a chance to test for their orgonotic vitality many different samples from mothers with babies of varying ages and to demonstrate the orgonotic difference between mother's milk and formula (bottle-milk). Only mother's milk can provide the bio-energetic charge of life-energy. Artificial feed just cannot provide this and never will, however clever manufacturers get at producing something that is bio-chemically similar to human milk. 

I also hope that the page on these definite research projects will demonstrate to the occasional health-care worker or scientist visiting our site that orgonomy is serious and scientific and has the potential to add greatly to human knowledge in various important fields. To read the page please go to Planned Research Projects  when the hyperlink is active. (It is active now.) (23. 3. 14.)

C O R E Catching On?

Can it be true? Is C O R E catching on? Are we getting known? I've just delivered the orgone shooter to the people who ordered it, and sitting on the floor, all ready to go to the post, is a microscope, one of the two reconditioned Vickers models bought from Brunel a few years ago, as they seemed to be bargains that might be great starter instruments for future students of orgonomy. We are seellling them on to students at cost price. The other one has also been reserved by a buyer and I hope to take it down to her when I next visit London. And while all this is going on I receive an order for a copy of every one of C O R E's booklets and Artifcers! It's great to have all this interest in our work. Now all we need is some helping pairs of hands. It is getting to the point where I may insist that all visitors donate a day of their own work-time. There is getting to be more than one person can do. The booklets order will demand a huge printing session. I don't keep all the booklets in print, just print off a few copies of any title that buyers want at any particular time. This means I have quite a stockpile, but not always the titles that the next buyer wants. And then there is the Finland conference, I'll need to print a pile for that event. My booklets are always very popular at such meetings. Artificers is selling steadily at the rate of two copies a month. Fancy, a bestseller on our hands!

Incidentally, these two microscopes going on to students of orgonomy is one of our few success stories. I first had the idea of buiying up bargains for future students when I saw a very cheap, but good quality Chinese microscope for sale on ebay. I bought it and eventually passed it on to a friend of C O R E's. (Yes, we do have a few!) In the meantime, I have bought several more and now four microscopes have been sold on to students, all in the UK, amazingly. If you are interested, we still have a  couple of microscopes suitable for beginners for about £150. If you are new to orgonomy and are wondering what all this talk of microscopes is about, please go to the Bion Page. (21. 3. 14.)

Presents in the Post

What a day it's been today! The steel sheeting and flexible metal tubing for the orgone shooter I am making arrived within a few minutes of each other and on top of those, both expected, a book through the letter-box, Pulsation, by Sean Haldane, with the subtitle, From Wilhelm Reich to Neurodynamic Psychotherapy. Needless to say, I haven't read it yet, but it's a lovely surprise to receive a complimentary copy of a book that has a lot to say about Reich and his work and that of many other people, all relevant to orgonomy and its history. Haldane rejects Reich's discovery of the orgone, but at least he has a right to do so. He has done the experiments, read the literature, and earned the right to comment. The book appears to be informed, intelligent, and very interesting and well written. There is information about this book, beautifully produced, by the way, at www.parmenidesbooks.ie . I suppose it is too much to be hoped in the UK that this book gets intelligent reviews and starts a sensible discussion about Reich and orgonomy. But I will hope. Good luck to it. 

I have cut up the sheet of galvanised steel to fit the frames, already made, and nailed one piece to its frame. I'm itching to get on with the job, but it is surely anti-social to be hammering and drilling after about 7.0pm, so, reluctantly, I have left the rest until tomorrow. It gets exciting, building an accumulator, when you start attaching the metal to the frames and it begins to look like an accumulator. It reminded me of the experience of making my first ever accumulator in 1976. I hope to post some photos of the work as it progresses on the Orgone Accumulator page. (12. 3. 14.)

New Info on Equipment Page

For the hundreds of UK readers champing at the bit to build their own orgone accumulator there is important information about a supplier of sheet metal that we have discovered. Cutting the metal sheets to size is a job that most amateur builders are scared of and feel they haven't got facilities for. www.buymetalonline.co.uk  will cut the sheets for you. Please go to Equipment for Doers for details. That page also now includes information about our supplier of flexible steel tubing suitable for an orgone shooter.

Important New American Film

Here is a link to information about an important American film about democratic education, Summerhill style, where the children in question run their own affairs and make their own decisions about their lives - http://approachingtheelephant.com Please make contact with the makers through their website and ask them about distribution in the UK or your own country. They say at the moment that they have no agent for the film in this country, but if they can't find one, they will distribute it themselves. If we show some interest here, they are more likely to make the film available here sooner rather than later. (10. 3. 14.)

Addition to the About C O R E Page

Those of you following the story of the visit of two interested observers to C O R E's new centre in 2020 will be pleased to know that they have now got out into the garden to observe C O R E's research into the use of the accumulator with larger, slower-growing plants and fruit trees and bushes and have also had a look inside the orgone dark-room. To read the details, please go to the bottom of the About C O R E page. (27. 2. 14.)

Simple Help Needed with Two New Projects

Someone has asked me to make them an orgone shooter. I haven't got room to make a full-size, sit-in orgone accumulator, but I have just about got enough space to build a shooter. Though possible with one pair of hands in my limited facilities, no workshop bench, etc, it will be a lot easier with another pair of hands available to help at times. If anyone reading this lives within reach of Preston and would like to volunteer, I would much appreciate it. The work demands no particular skills and you would learn how to make an orgone accumulator while helping me, quite a useful skill to have if you are interested in orgonomy. Someone else wants to use an orgone device for seed-germination on a  commercial scale, so eventually I will be making a prototype for them. This will need the same sort of help and will be similar to building an orgone accumulator. If you are interested, please contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . (25. 2. 14.) (Update, 6. 3. 14. The work on the shooter is going well, though it is very time-consuming and makes a terrible mess in my small, overcrowded flat. The messiest part of the job, making the six wooden 'boxes' for the panels is now complete. I hope to post some photos of the various stages of construction for the benefit of those who may be thinking of making their own accumulator. The principles are the same whether the item you are building is a small experimental accumulator or a shooter or a larger sit-in accumulator. I know that people are scared of tackling this job, as so few people ever build solid orgone accumulators. Most people go for a blanket. I suppose basic sewing skills are more commmonly available than basic wood-working skills. Also you need a tool-kit to make a wooden-framed accumulator. These tools also allow you, of course, to make lots of other useful things.)

Stranger Defends Orgonomy on YouTube

This is definitely a first - in response to the malicious attack by someone commenting on our Reich and Brown video on YouTube, accusing me of 'pseudo-science' and money-making, Cohen Naum, unknown to me, has commented, 'This must be a joke.  You really don't see the difference between what is called Brownian Motion and the bions movement?' (I quote him exactly as posted.) Thank you, Naum, for your comment. These aggressive, hostile attackers refuse to see plain, visible facts, just like the reviewer of Artificers in Fortean Times, who made up a  story of me mistaking the white blood cells in my eyes for bions. In places in Artificers I describe things developing before my eyes. If I am seeing white blood cells, what I am seeing would stay more or less the same, wouldn't it? Agglomerations of motile particles that bend and stretch are Brownian motion? We are up against fundamentalists who won't see anything except what their their own ideology allows them to see. The use of the word pseudo-science is another give-away. It is an expression used only by fundamentalist sceptics. (25. 2. 14.)

Another Microscope for Bion Study Passed on to New Student

As some of you will already know, I occasionally buy up bargain items that might be useful to future students of orgonomy and sell them on at cost price to anyone who needs them. I do this when I see a real bargain. A few years ago Brunel Microscopes were selling reconditioned Vickers microscopes discarded by Nottingham University and I bought two of them. One of these is now going to a new contact in the south of England. These models have a built in magnification changer and a potential maximum magnification of 4,500x, high enough to see the blue pulsation of the bions. (25. 2. 14.) (PS 9. 3. 14. And now someone else has reserved the other Vickers instrument. Wonderful that the least likely outcome of publishing this book, the purchase of microscopes by readers inspired by the book, is being realised and that there are a slowly increasing number of students getting down to serious bion work. Thank you, all of you, for your enthusiasm. This is what orgonomy needs. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot. We have had another order for Artificers from one of the library agencies that request copies occasionally. If only we knew where these copies end up and who reads them!)

Dates for Helsinki Conference Now Fixed - June 7th-8th - and Other Minor Items of News

The dates for this event have now been settled, as above. Things are still taking shape. It is probable that there will also be informal extra events arranged during the days before and after the actual weekend. This event is a golden opportunity to develop a network of interested people in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and the north west of Russia. If you have any contacts in these countries, please draw their attention to this event. I am already posting information about this event on the events page and will add to it as I get further news. (There is now a conference web-site. Please go to Events for more information.)

In the meantime, for totally unknown reasons, there has been a great increase in the number of visitors to C O R E's website. The last two days have seen more than a hundred each day, 145, on the Friday, about twice the average. I wonder why. Against this good news, another nasty, malicious attack via YouTube comments on the Brown and Reich video. To start with I replied to the enquiry in a polite, interested way, taking it seriously and assuming the enquirer genuinely wanted to have the connection explained between Brownian motion and orgonomy, only to receive the abusive accusations of 'pseudo-science' and being in it for the money!  How anyone could ever make a penny out of bion research is beyond me, but doubtless that doesn't worry those who make these malicious, slanderous accusations. As many of you will know, the truth is that I have spent a small fortune on C O R E's bion research.  I suppose this year, 2014, is proving about average so far - 5 copies of Artificers sold and one malicious attack on my integrity! (23. 2. 14.)

Very Positive News from Canada (and a small item from Preston)

Here are the YouTube links to two new videos on the latest version of the Heliognosis Life Energy Meter - http://youtu.be/NBwyNdGKl_I  and http://youtu.be/duc7ylBObdY . These have been made by our colleague in Canada, Dave Marrett (www.heliognosis.com ). The first one demonstrates wonderfully simply the existence of the orgone as the reading taken from a yeast culture rises as the yeast cells multiply. This is a briliantly simple idea that eliminates all the disputables and debatables.  How will the sceptics explain this one away? We shall be having a go at repeating it at C O R E. Congratulations to Dave for his great work with this instrument.

I have just, today, finished the index to my Collected Orgonomic Essays. What a slog! But it's done and I will let it lie for a day or two before revising it and tidying it up. The next step is the illustrations. The selling price will be about £20:00. (21. 2. 14.)

Donation and Help with Illustrations for COE

Thanks to Maurice Brun in Canada, who recently bought a copy of Artificers and very kindly added a generous donation on top of the purchase price. Thanks also to our friend in London, Danny Lowe, who has offered help with the illustrations for COE. Things are looking up, aren't they? It is almost becoming a tradition now for buyers to increase generously the price they are willing to pay, when they buy a copy of Artificers. It takes some of the sting out of the wounds inflicted by the dreadful Fortean Times review and the otherwise total indifference of the general public and book-trade towards the book. And if you think Collected Orgonomic Essays is a poor title, I know. It is just a working title and I will definitely give it something shorter and more appealing, possibly something to do with pulsation, as the range of booklets covers so many orgonomic topics that that is the only common functioning principle that applies to all of them. On the other hand, a nice quote from Blake or Milton might prove more catchy, mightn't it? There's plenty of time as yet, as the index will take another good week, if not longer. I am slowing down with it, simply because it is such a grind and so boring to do, but, do it, I will. I have now done over 70% of the text. The book will probably cost £20 and you can place an order for it now if you wish. Please don't send any money as yet. This, by the way, is a cheap way of acquiring all of C O R E's booklets in one go at a fraction of what you would pay for them piecemeal. (10. 2. 14.)

Collected Orgonomic Essays (COE)

For those of you who don't get as far as the Forthcoming Publications page, I am planning to publish the text of all C O R E's A5 booklets in one volume, thanks to a suggestion from our friend and supporter in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis. This is a mammoth job. It comes to over 900 pages! I have copied all the booklets into one document and am now compiling the index. I am already over two thirds of the way through. If only all the other orgonomic jobs were this easy. There is the usual stumbling block, after I have done the index, the illustrations. I shall be using  the simple black and white diagrams and drawings already in the booklets, but I hope reproduced to a much higher standard, probably completely redrawn. I need a specialist, well, someone a lot more skilled than I am to do that. The present drawings are tatty and amateur, done by me for the usual reason, that there is no-one about to help with them. As I have been saying for ten years now, our most urgent need is for help with computer graphics. This project could die for lack of that help. So, for the ninety ninth time, is there anyone out there who can turn a few scrappy, tatty line drawings into clean, clear, illustrations, suitable for a book? Or who can recommend a basic graphics program that would allow me to do the job myself? (It needs to be be very basic indeed, no Photoshop circus tricks, please!) (7. 2. 14.)

RIP Emilio del Giudice (1940-2014)

It is with great regret that I record the sudden death of the Italian scientist Emilio del Giudice, who I had the good fortune to meet and talk to at the recent water conference in Bulgaria. How nice to be talked to as a human being after the total boycott that I experience in the UK! And this man is a professor of physics who has occupied senior posts in public science in the US and Italy. One of his interests, the self-organisation of matter and life is clearly of great importance for orgonomy. I loved his irreverence and wit. He introduced himself as a 'generalist', that is, someone who knows nothing about everything, (as opposed to the specialist, who knows everything about nothing). It is surprising how unknown he seems to be in the English-speaking world. There is no Wikipedia page on him and hardly any on-line material in English. All I can find is one YouTube Video and a few snippets re-printed, apparently, from an interview, also on YouTube. (3. 2. 14.)

Orgone Accumulator Not for Sale

If you were interested in the accumulator we have been recently advertising on behalf of the owner and maker, he is now in the fortunate (for him) position of being able to keep it, so it is not now for sale. If you want to acquire and use a sit-in accumulator, we do encourage you to have a go at making one yourself. It is not too difficult. You are welcome to ask us for any information you feel you need to help you make your own model and to come and have a look at C O R E's accumulator to see how the panels are made and to discuss materials and techniques, etc. C O R E also publishes a booklet, How to Build and Use Your Own Orgone Accumulator, a copy of which is yours for nothing, if you take the trouble to swnd us your address and choose it as your free title. (28. 1. 14.)

 Reich's Findings on Ocular Armouring and Schizophrenia Confirmed?

Thanks to colleague Leon Southgate for posting via the Orgonomic Medicine group a link to this research which claims that immobility of the  eyes is a highly accurate diagnostic criterion for schizophrenia. Here is the link:   http://freemanireland.ning.com/group/freedomsciences?commentId=3214356%3AComment%3A413061&xg_source=msg_com_group There is, apparently, no acknowledgement of Reich's findings, made as early as the nineteen forties and included in the final section of Character Analysis (1949), still in print and easily available, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. (The researchers may, of course, be quite unaware of Reich's priority in the field.) For those unfamiliar with this part of Reich's work, the final section of this book is a detailed case-history of a patient with schizophrenia, in which her eye-armouring plays a very significant part in her therapy. Reich concludes that the eyes are a crucial medium of contact with reality and that loss of this capacity for contact with the world does great damage to an individual, may even cause pathological changes in the brain, and is the key to understanding schizophrenia. (Chapter XVI, 3, The Remote Schizophrenic Expression in the Eyes.) LS is an acupuncturist with a strong interest in Reich's work who incorporates orgonomic knowledge into his acupuncture work. (http://www.communityacupuncture.org.uk/ ) (27. 1. 14.) PS 28. 1. 14. I have tracked down the lead author cited in the summary and asked him by e-mail if he knows about Reich's work in this area. (Following day - he has replied with a 'thanks'. Better than nothing, I suppose.)

Wilhelm Reich in Translation?

I have been combing through a huge list of book-titles by WR on www.abebooks.co.uk in case anyone responding to C O R E's midwifery training offer needs guidance with reading orgonomic texts in their own language. After all, we have already got someone taking up the offer from Greece. Greek is not exactly a world langauge is it, but wonderfully, surprisingly, all Reich's important texts are published in Greek, thanks to Reos. (Correction: translations are available in Greek, but not published by Reos. They are older ones published in the seventies and eighties and are, according to our informant, Stergios Tsiompatsis, very poor translations. Reos is a much newer publisher and is going to be publishing new translations, not to mention a translation of my midwifery book. Thanks to ST for this information.) So that's no problem. But it is still interesting to know what is available. The list, generated simply by  'author - Wilhelm Reich' - in the search windows, produced a big surprise for me. It appears that most of Reich's books are readily available in the main European languages - French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The odd item is also available in Danish, Dutch, Serbian, and Swedish, though these all seem to be isolated titles published a long time ago. There are at least three titles available in Serbian, including The Mass Psychology of Fascism. These were the only items coming up in an east-European language. Surely with so many people speaking Russian, there must be some titles available in Russian? (I have a Russian keyboard and used to be able to write Russian on my PC. But it has stopped working, whatever it was that allowed me to do that, so I can't try a search in Russian, alas.) All these isolated titles tend to be Reich's early political writings. The Function is available in Farsi, the language they speak in Iran, thanks to the efforts of Dr Stefan Simonian, who translated it. Unimaginable, isn't it, reading Reich seriously in an anti-sexual theocracy. I am sure we in the comfortable, 'free' west can not imagine how difficult it must be for someone reading this book in such a cultural atmosphere. (I have since discovered that The Function has been published in Russian in (?1995) as Функция Оргазма  and The Mass Psychology of Fascism in ?1997 as Массы и Психология Фашизма. I have no idea if they are still in print.) I would love to have a copy of The Function in Russian for C O R E's library.

The most surprising discovery, for me anyway, was to find out that a whole range of titles by Reich and so presumably all his important works, are available in Turkish, another conservative, Islamic society. Just in case we have any Turkish site-visitors, the book-shop selling all these books is - www.eren.com.tr (They also have a website in English.) After this survey I now know two words of Turkish - Kanser, a book title and so, presumably, The Cancer Biopathy, also known simply as Cancer in German (Der Krebs), and Psikoloji, which I saw in their catalogue. A world where Reich's books are freely available in Turkey cannot be as bad as I thought it was. I wonder where the motivation for the publication of these books comes from. Congratulations to whoever has brought it about, anyway. We would love to hear from you, if you are reading Reich in Turkish. (16. 1. 14.)

New Postings - Blog and Breast-Feeding

For those of you who follow this site regularly, I am pleased to be able to tell you that at last there is an update posted on my blog. Apologies for the long silence. I have also just added a wonderful photo of the eye-contact between a mother and her baby on the breast. The half-smile on the baby's face says it all. I have posted it without comment. (14. 1. 14.)

Coming to the UK to Study Orgonomic Midwifery 

This project is turning out to be a lot easier than I thought. There is a collective NHS (National Health Service) jobs website that advertises every job available in the UK health service - www.jobs.nhs.uk . If you want more information about particular hospitals and the towns they are situated in, please feel free to contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . If you are not yet qualified as a midwife but are still interested in this project, you could still finance your training here by working as a cleaner or health care assistant. Health care assistants are lower level nursing helpers with some clinical skills that are taught on the job as far as I know. Many people work as an HCA before doing full-time university courses in nursing or midwifery. (12. 1. 14.) PS 14. 1. 14. We have got an EU midwife making arrangements to come to the UK and to study OT midwifery with me. A major advance for orgonomy both in the UK and Europe. And now someone in London is actively interested. Is this project about to take off at last? Let's hope so.

10,000 Video Viewings and 50,000 Site Visitors

C O R E's YouTube video on Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich has now had more than 10,000 viewers since it was first posted and at some point today our site will get its 50,00th visitor. Thanks to all of you who have viewed the video and who visit our site here regularly. According to the statistics both for this site and the video very few people watch the video from start to finish and the average time spent on our website is 2 minutes! Clearly most visitors are just surfers, or what I call window-shoppers, people browsing with no serious intent. Never mind, it is clear that occasionally we speak to a serious seeker and that justifies the labour on the site. It is obvious from what some people tell me that they spend hours on our site, reading it page by page. Even if only half a dozen people a year do that, it justifies all my hard work and the site's existence. How long will it take for the next 10,000 video viewers and the next 50,000 site-visitors? By the way, at great expense of spirit we have managed to get into out YT account again, so let's hope the videos are safe for the time being. (10. 1. 14.)

C O R E's YouTube Video's at Risk

We have lost contact with our YouTube account and can no longer sign into it. In the short term this just means that we cannot keep track of our viewing statistics, which is all we do with the account. ( We still hope to post some new videos, if we can get help with making them. Urgently needed - volunteer camera (wo)man.) But I suspect that eventually the  whole account may disappear. So if you want to view our various bion videos and the Reich and Brown video, don't leave it too long. They may suddenly disappear. (8. 1. 14.) PS See above.

Artificers of Fraud and the Orwell Prize 2014

I will not now be entering Artificers for the 2014 Orwell Prize. It turns out that as a 'self-published' book it is ineligible according to the rules. The entry was complete and they had accepted it. They only noticed at the last minute that it is a 'self published' book. The chap on the phone said they regret this restriction and would like to accept 'self-published' books, but their limited resources make it impossible at the moment. Fancy that - someone else can't do what they want to do for lack of resources. Nice to know that C O R E is not the only one in that pickle! (10. 1. 14.)

There is, I believe, quite a significant connection between Orwell and Reich. Those of you who have read Nineteen Eighty Four will remember how the Party plan to 'abolish the orgasm' and how loving sexual contact between a couple is a 'thought crime.' The Party seems aware of the fact that sexual surrender is the last area in which they have no control over the thoughts and emotions of Party-members and that someone capable of feeling this ecstatic contact cannot be coerced by others. The heroine, Julia, who to cover her apostasy, is an activist in the 'Anti-Sex League',  referring to all the hate-filled marching and parading that the regime encourages and organises, points out how it is all undischarged sexual energy, a very orgonomic insight. I can't help wondering if Orwell had read The Function of the Orgasm. It was published in 1942 so he could well have seen a copy. At the time  Orwell was writing Nineteen Eighty Four Reich was quite popular amongst the London anarchist community. Many of them would have also owned or read Reich's Mass Psychology, which had appeared before World War II and was republished for the first time in English in 1946. Orwell had friends in this community. They cited Reich's concept of work democracy as support for their advocacy of a self-governing society. (Reich did not like this claim by anarchists.) A chapter in one of Reich's early writings, (?The Sexual Revolution. I will check on the quotation), is actually called Towards a Self-Governing Character Structure. Orwell's life, reading habits, and outside influences have been ploughed over to the nth degree by members of the 'Orwell industry',  a thriving enterprise in the UK literary world, so we would have expected someone to have made the connection already, but Reich is, of course, a name not to be mentioned in the world of the London literati and anyway few of them, if any at all, will have enough of a deep textual knowledge of Reich's work to recognise the connection.  (4. 1. 14.) 

Good News to Start the Year

Excellent news to start the new year with! Another EU midwife has contacted C O R E with a view to taking up my offer of free training for midwives or birth-coaches in orgonomic midwifery. At last some interest in this crucially important area  of orgonomy. On top of that we have actually had a couple of New Year's greetings-and-good-wishes messages from site-visitors. At this rate we will be getting Christmas cards next year! It means so much to get a little bit of feed-back after the huge labours on this site, which it takes me many hours of work each week to keep up to date. Thanks to both of you, to whom I have, of course, replied personally. I am just publicising your kindness in order to encourage others. (4. 1. 14.)

New Video on YouTube from Brazil on Sexuality and Emotions

Here's the link to an interesting new video on Sexuality and Emotional Life in the Thought of Wilhelm Reichby our colleague in Brazil, Eugenio Maurer - http://youtu.be/OPucxo-R70E . There are English subtitles. (29. 12. 13.)

Season's Greetings to All Our Supporters and Site-Visitors

Progress Report for the Year 2013


With our best wishes for a positive and happy new year in 2014 to all our orgonomic friends, our regular visitors, and any casual site-visitors, here is a report on our activities and progress over the last year, 2013.


2013 has seen the best and the worst for orgonomy in the UK. Managing at last to publish a book is surely a great achievement, of which we can be proud. Artificers is probably the first specifically orgonomic book ever published in the UK, apart, of course, from Reich’s own titles, published by Vision Press in the sixties and seventies. Unfortunately the reception of the book outide orgonomy, has been disastrous, worse than I could ever have imagined. As far as I know not a single copy has been bought outside our small circle of orgonomic contacts. It has received a single review, a hostile, ignorant, and malicious rubbishing of me and the book and years of careful work. One bad review means nothing, of course, except that it was the only one and must definitely have deterred any readers of Fortean Times, where it appeared, from buying copies. None of the individuals or organisations to whom I sent complimentary copies even had the courtesy to send a thank-you e-mail. At the orgonomic conference in Rome last October the book proved very popular. It also provoked lots of interest at the Water Conference in Bulgaria, to which I was invited to contribute on the history contained in the book. I took 10 copies and sold them all, not to mention a good number of C O R E’s booklets. The booklets, as always, sold like hot cakes at the Rome conference, too. The Bulgarian conference was particularly enjoyable and in a beautifully orgonotic environment with a sparkling, clear atmosphere that was a joy to see and feel. It was a very positive experience to be telling people outside orgonomy about it. Bulgaria would make a great place for a European Orgonomic Centre, one of my students has suggested. The only problem is that there is, as far as I know, no interest in orgonomy in that country. Reich seems to be completely unknown there. I did not have time to browse in any bookshops during my short stay in Sofia on the way home, so I have no idea if bookshops have heard of him.


A mystery about Artificers is a small number of copies supplied to library agencies, about 16 in all. We don’t know where these copies have gone or if anyone is reading them. I haven’t received any messages from library readers, though I invite contact in the book and include C O R E’s contact details. This is a tantalising mystery, because if a few people read the book in a library, like it, and start talking about it and recommending it to other readers, this could eventually lead to purchases in bookshops or requests for the book from other libraries, though at the moment the book is not on sale in any bookshop anywhere. Not even my local Waterstones, who have a special shelf for ‘local writers’, have seen fit to include it in their stock. The trouble is, of course, that ‘local writers’ usually write pleasant books about local wildlife, historic railway lines, and closed down theatres or old castles. They don’t usually write books challenging the shibboleths of mainstream science. You could help the book's spread by ordering a copy through your local library.


At Rome I spoke on orgonomic midwifery, the Reich blood test, and the bion experiments. I felt very confined by the limited time available. All these subjects, but particularly orgonomic midwifery, need much more time for listeners to get any real feeling for the topic. There is further information on these topics on the website pages. (Birth Page, Bion Experiments, Reich Blood Test.) You can also refer to C O R E’s booklets.


It was wonderful to be so busy and to meet so many people actively interested in orgonomy at these two conferences. There were four other Brits present in Rome, all friends of C O R E who have visited before. Apart from these conferences UK apathy continues to maintain its suffocating, freezing grip on orgonomy here. Three students, all from outside the UK, attended an informal school over Easter and at their request we spent most of the time in orgone therapy sessions and discussing the principles and practice of orgone therapy. We also looked at some bions and carried out the Reich blood test on the blood of a couple of the students. The publication of my orgonomic midwifery book, translated by Francesco D’Ingiullo, is imminent in Italy. There have been no new lasting contacts with students of orgonomy in the UK, though we continue to make friends around the world via conferences and e-mail enquiry. One of the most inspiring contacts has been a Canadian enquirer who is busy doing bion experiments on a microscope that he rescued from a rubbish bin at work! Bion experiments on a microscope that cost nothing! Incredible. The secondary aim of Artificers’ publication, to inspire interest in the bion experiments, is already being realised, with a handful of readers buying microscopes and getting involved in bion study. While writing this report I have just received another enquiry from a participant in the Rome conference who wants to learn how to do the Reich blood test and to try a couple of very interesting experiments with it. He already has a microscope and wanted to know more about requirements for the test. Enquiries like that always come from outside the UK!


At the Bulgarian conference I found out from Professor Korotkov that his energy-field meter is going to be available from January and will be on sale for 650 Euros. C O R E can just about afford that and it will probably be the last larger item of equipment that we buy, unless, of course, sales of Artificers suddenly take off and start making significant income for C O R E. An accidental bit of publicity in the media would increase sales noticeably - unlikely, but possible. If you want to do C O R E a favour, please tell anyone you know about Artificers and encourage them to buy a copy or, even better, to order a copy through their own local bookshop. All funds generated by sales of Artificers support orgonomy. No-one ‘makes a profit’ from them.


Quietly (I hardly noticed) during 2013 C O R E has become financially self-supporting. Our minute income from sales of Artificers and our booklets and donations from visiting students now more or less equals our outgoings, which are mainly incurred by our printing activities and the occasional purchase of important books for C O R E’s library. This equation excludes, of course, the cost of printing Artificers, which came out of my own pocket.


Another milestone, a cause for small rejoicing, is the fact that any day now C O R E’s first YouTube video, on Reich and Brown, which tells briefly the story contained in detail in Artificers, will have attracted 10,000 viewers, a high number for a scientific, unglamorous subject. (It was up to 9,993 this morning, December 29th, and we get about 7 viewers a day.) Most viewers only watch for 2-3 minutes according to the YouTube stats, but doubtless a few watch the whole video. Unfortunately all this viewing has lead to no action whatever. Apart from my usual orgonomic supporters who congratulated me when the video was first posted, no biologists have got in touch. No-one has invited me anywhere to talk about or demonstrate these experiments. There is not a ripple on the pond of scientific complacency. It has suffered the same fate as the book and has been ignored completely. I wonder whether there is any point in posting anything on YouTube, (or anywhere else for that matter). In addition, this website will sometime in January, have received its 50,000th visitor, which is also a bit of a milestone.


A plan is taking shape for an exhibition of bion photographs in Preston’s art and culture café Project Korova (projectkorova.com) with an evening talk on orgonomy and a demonstration of the bion experiments. You can keep track of this and other events on our Events Page. Please don’t forget that we can run events locally for you, if you can drum up a small number of interested people. We can transport a microscope, TV screen and camera to demonstrate the bions or the Reich blood test to a roomful of people. We have even had a dry run with this equipment, using the items at the local Brockholes nature centre’s water micro-life days that I run as a volunteer there. These are very lively days and attract lots of interest. The public really love the video view on screen of the tiny organisms found in a drop of pondwater.


A student midwife who I met at the Rome conference is planning to come and study with me in 2015. (Let’s hope I am still here by then and still a competent teacher.) This is a  major advance and means, all being well, that at last knowledge of the use of orgone therapy in childbirth may begin to spread into mainstream midwifery practice. If you don’t know about my offer of free tuition in this crucially important subject, please see the Birth Page. You needn’t wait until 2015. You can come next week, if you like. And you don’t necessarily have to be a (student) midwife to take up my offer.


The problem of the fate of C O R E’s library and equipment when I go to join the orgone dots is still with us, virtually untouched. Someone has offered to store C O R E’s library in their London attic. He himself cited the obvious drawback to this plan, that the books would be unavailable to students of orgonomy. Yes, but it is better than selling them off. And our friend in Finland, Stergios Tsiompatsis, says he would be able to take the equipment. (The problem with undertaking that is the logistics of moving a vanload of delicate, expensive scientific equipment by road all the way through Europe involving ferry journeys – expensive, time-consuming, and risky for the equipment.) These options at least mean that C O R E’s library and equipment would survive for future use by students of orgonomy. But what a loss to orgonomy in the UK, exporting it for good! The solution is storage here or a building of our own. This is no nearer realisation than it was a year ago. In fact it is further from realisation, as the plan to earn significant income for the project by publishing Artificers has, so far, proved hopelessly optimistic and been a financial disaster. It is the usual UK story. Whatever we do, say, write, however we try to persuade people to give orgonomy some serious attention in the UK, we  get nowhere. People carry on ignoring it. That is the worst side of last year and the review of Artificers in ForteanTimes  was the worst of the worst.


Warmest thanks to all our supporters and students who have contributed to C O R E’s precarious budget this year. Thanks to those of you who have bought copies of Artificers and our booklets, so helping spread word of orgonomy. Please carry on doing the same. I look forward to meeting some of you (again) in 2014.


Plans for 2014?


I plan to submit Artificers for the Orwell Prize. Fortunately a title does not have to be selected by some faceless committee. The Orwell prize is awarded annually by the Orwell Trust to the author for the book the judges consider contributes the most towards making political writing an art, Orwell’s aim in his own writing. It is clear from previous winners and books shorlisted that the judges interpret political in the widest possible sense. Artificers is about scientific and social power and the foisting on the public of a fraudulent version of events, which is of course, a completely political issue. Like the publication, this is a desperate gamble in a predicament where there is nothing to lose.


I would love to get out of the clutches of one.com’s dreadful software system, which regularly drives me mad. Never is the adage – you get what you pay for - proven so certainly as with one.com. The only good thing about it is its cheapness. My orgonomic friends complain continually about the poor quality of the website. I agree with most of their criticisms, but… it is the best I can do given my lack of skills in the field and the absence of any serious help. I certainly don’t want to waste C O R E’s limited funds on engaging a paid web designer. My frustration with the site and one.com is the bane of my life. I have now registered with BT’s community website service and C O R E has potentially another website. I am slowly working my way through their system by simple does-it-work-or-doesn’t-it experimentation. The only website system I can cope with easily is one that allows me to start with a blank page, treating it like a Word page, just typing text in as I go along. I couldn’t agree more that most websites with their organised  blocks of text and photos/illustrations look more attractive and more interesting than C O R E’s present site, but do not know how to manage such a  site. All these websites are designed with visual appeal in mind rather than written information and C O R E’s site is and always will be mainly written information.


I have had vague offers of help to manage the website from from all over the world. I sit down at my PC every morning and add minor changes to the website almost every day. I often also add major changes when there is news to report or I think of something new and important to add to the site. For any ‘help’ to work, I must remain able to do that at any time of the day. What would probably help the site more than anything would be a few hours gratis tuition on web management. I learn quickly, have taught myself a great deal of computer skills and some one-to-one teaching would help me a lot. That would involve someone taking the trouble to come to Preston for a day. Any offers? Doubtless no. I have been appealing for help for years and am still plodding away on my own.  This predicament is utterly exhausting and dispiriting. On a bad day, (frequent in my computer world), I think seriously of wiping the site for good and releasing myself from this (almost) daily torment. It looks like I am going to have to remain with the dreadful one.com system for yet another year. Renewal date is in March. Can one transfer C O R E’s huge site to another provider? Maybe one has to start from scratch again? (Emotionally, it will probably be less frustrating just to start re-writing the whole site again. A low-tech solution that I can manage unaided! I am now actually doing that, re-writing the whole site for BT Posting. It will take me months to get the new site up to the strength of the old, but at least I can do that and it’s better than waiting for help that never materialises.) These basic questions are just not addressed in the computer books I have consulted.


Another project within the realm of the (just) possible is to publish two further books under C O R E’s banner, The Young Learner’s Guide to the Life Energy and Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care. I shall find another title for the midwifery book as ‘orgonomic midwifery’ means nothing to the average pregnant woman. Both of these books were written years ago and are ready to publish, apart from the usual difficulty, getting illustrations into the text in manageable and legible form. It seems a stupid project to undertake, to publish two further orgonomic texts, when the first one’s publication was a complete disaster, financially speaking. But it is important to get this information out into the public domain while I still can, so that people can make use of it, even if only a few do. And anyway, what else can I do on my own for orgonomy? Supporters outside the UK keep urging me to publish these titles, I am not sure why! The midwifery book is already about to be published in Italy. In the meantime I shall plod on with my bion research and incidental writings. I have no conscious plans for further booklets, but doubtless something will inspire me to write one next year. Events always inspire me to get writing again.

(PS added only a few hours after posting the rest of this report. Thanks to an inspiring suggestion from our friend in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, I shall now be going to collate, if the plan works out, all my booklets as a volume of orgonomic essays and get them printed on a print-on-demand basis, which is not too expensive, even for such a large book, which may well have 800 pages. I have already got an approximate quote via a print-on-demand website and it looks as if we should be able to get another couple of titles printed, too, at these prices. It may not be money for our bricks-and-mortar centre, but it is, at least, something I can get on with without any help. Note the proviso - my activities are limited entirely to things that I can do with one pair of hands. I have a long list of projects that I just cannot get on with for lack of simple physical help.)


The numbers of visitors to C O R E’s website rose steadily towards the end of last year and I had visions of our reaching a hundred a day by the end of 2013. Alas, numbers dipped steadily during the year until a recovery over the last two months. The average last month was 75 and so far this month is 86, so we are getting close to a  hundred after all. Sometime in January we will have attracted 50,000 site-visitors. I don’t know whether these numbers are significant. I can’t find any explanation for these ups and down in the numbers and they seem to have no effect on the e-mail enquiries that we get.  The number is tiny, doesn’t even reach double figures over a year! According to one.com’s statistics, most visitors visit for only two minutes and spend less than a minute on each page. Is it worth maintaining the site, on which I spend hours a week? On many days I spend more time maintaining the site than site visitors do actually reading it, a ridiculous state of affairs. Another sobering statistic is the fact that only six site-visitors have taken up the offer of a free booklet, that is six out of about 30,000 visitors since I first posted the offer. One request came yesterday.


Anyway, yet again, thanks for  your interest in C O R E’s site. Please make 2014 the year when you actually do something for orgonomy, attend an event, or buy a copy of Artificers, or get your local library to obtain it for you, or make an accumulator, or start some serious practical research. (You could also make a donation to C O R E.) Happy New Year to you all from Peter Jones. (26. 12. 13.)


YouTube Video on the appeal of Fascism

I have just discovered an excellent video on YouTube that, without meaning to, confirms Reich's interpretation of the psycho-dynamics of fascism and its appeal to people, as presented in his great book, The Mass Psychology of Fascism. For more information see our page on Work Democracy and MPF. The YouTube link to Oswald Mosley - the Strong Leader of British Fascism  is - http://youtu.be/FwpiOb6Bneg. The video is not in fact just about Mosley. It is a general history and possibly has been extracted from a longer film about Mosley. For younger visitors who have not even heard of him, Sir Oslwald Mosley (1896-1980) was an uper-class hereditary baronet, the founder of the British Union Of Fascists, and a great admirer of Mussolini and Hitler. He was imprisoned for most of World War II. He was active in post-war UK politics and was notorious for his openly racist attitudes. (20. 12. 13.)

Getting Involved in Orgonomic Research

I have recently received an e-mail enquiry from a Greek orgone therapist asking about the sort of microscope needed in order to do the Reich blood tests. He has thought of this important research project - assess the blood of therapy patients before and after therapy sessions using the Reich blood test, and assess the blood of people before and after using the orgone accumulator. (Reich records doing this with his cancer patients in The Cancer Biopathy.) The results of such a project could be enormously positive for orgonomy, confirming and extending Reich's original formulations of the bio-energetics of the blood and health and illness. It would almost certainly provide additional evidence for Reich's original claims and be useful in defence of orgonomy, not to mention beneficial to possible patients. Only by doing such piecemeal research projects and building up a growing mountain of research-based evidence will orgonomy advance in today's hostile world. There are many similar, quite simple research projects crying out to be done, which do not demand expensive facilities or advanced scientific or clinical skills. If you are interested in hearing about these and  would like to become an active collaborator in this work, please get in touch. There is almost certainly an orgonomic research project that you could contribute to. We can advise you on suitable equipment and research projects and even research methodology. If you can find the time to visit C O R E will be happy to give you some individual teaching in basic research techniques and methods. For orgonomic research to carry any weight in the wider scientific and medical world, our methods must be watertight and above criticism. (23. 12. 13.)

Another Orgonomic Publication from Italy

Thanks to Roberto Maglione for the donation of a copy of the new book by him and his colleague Dr Alberto Mazzocchi - Biofisica e Medicina Orgonica. This is beautifully produced and appears to be a well-researched and referenced summary of Reich's main scientific and medical discoveries. I say 'appears', because my Italian is by no means fluent, and certainly not good enough to get an accurate impression of a book in a language that I read only to a limited extent. I'll post more information about it on the library page after I have read more. There is a steady stream of publications emerging from Italy that do not seem to be being translated into English. Young students of orgonomy wondering what they can do to equip themselves better for the study of our subject could do a lot worse than start learning Italian. It is very easy to acquire a reading knowledge of this language. (12. 12. 13.)

Mainstream Science Discovers the Bions (Again)?

Some scientists think they have discovered the bions again and are even calling the item that they have 'discovered' the bion! Needless to say, they make no reference at all to the work of Wilhelm Reich or other orgonomists. Here's a link to the on-line article about the discovery-http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0075501 Thanks to our colleagues in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, and in Finland, Stergios Tsiompatsis, both of whom sent us this link. (13. 12. 13.)

Thanks to BW, Visitor Numbers Up This Month

Thanks to Blair Wilkins for posting a very postive comment to the guest diary on the Questions and Answers Page. It's great to have feed-back from site visitors, of which we get very little. This was just an experiment and it is the only page with a guest dairy on it. It had been up for almost a year before this comment was posted. The daily average this month for visitor numbers is over 80 for the first time. Encouraging after a slump in the middle of the year. It would be even more encouraging if a few of you got in touch occasionally. Feedback about the site would help us to make it better. You might even find a few mistakes, mightn't you? Thanks for your interest anyway. (11. 12. 13.)

Orion and Great Nebula (M42) Visible Again in Southern Sky

Site-visitors who have access to a telescope may like to know that Orion and the Great Nebula, two of the most impressive sights in the night sky, are now visible again from the northern hemisphere in the southern sky. (You can also see them with a pair of binoculars.) Look south-eastish after about 2200 at the moment and you will see Orion with the naked eye high in the sky, 60-70 degrees above the horizon. The great Nebula (M42) is a splodge of light in the centre of his sword, the stars hanging down vertically below the diamond shape.  According to one of the astronomy books in C O R E's library, this nebula is 30 light-years in diameter and between 1600 and 1900 light years away from Earth, so you will have to get up early to get there before they switch the lights on. It is a magnificent, awesome sight in our 10 inch Newtonian reflector telescope, the purchase inspired after sky-watching at OBRL in 2005. Unfortunately we do not get such pristine views of the Milky Way from urban Lancashire as I saw in Oregon, but there is still lots to see. Thanks, Jim! (10. 12. 13.)

Interesting Radio Program on Hindu Cosmology - Parallels with Orgonomic Cosmology?

There was an interesting and relevant program in the BBC's In Our Time series, which is broadcast every Thursday morning from 0900 - 0945 (UK time) and repeated in the evenings from 2130 - 2200. The program is a scholarly discussion of anything in the universe - cosmology, literature, art, philosophy, modern political questions. There is a mediator, Melvyn Bragg, a well-known figure in UK culture, and three scholars, usually professors or academics, specialists in their field who add detail to a discussion that Bragg seems to have planned out in advance. You don't get any dissident opinions on it, but it can occasionally be interesting and alive. Today's program was on the Hindu understandings of the origin of the universe. There was frequent mention of functions/processes that sounded quite orgonotic, emanation of substance or energy and even references to pulsatory processes where energy/substance emanates and is withdrawn and then emanates again. I have often thought that if Reich's pulsatory model of life is accurate, (which it seems to be), then surely the universe will not be either expanding or contracting. It will be pulsating, so on an enormous scale it will be expanding and contracting. (If you want to inform yourself about orgonomic cosmology, read Reich's great work, Cosmic Superimposition.)

Because academics are afraid of being seen to be dissenting and radical there is a strong tendency towards blandness and uniformity of opinion, but it can occasionally be interesting and informative. I shall certainly be following this episode up with some reading about Hindu cosmolgy. At the end the talk focussed briefly, all too briefly, (one of the program's vices), on the parallels with this intuitive cosmology and modern physics. Throughout the history of science there are many examples of individuals and cultures having extremely accurate intuitive understandings of what we later discover and demonstrate scientifically. How would mechanistic science explain such beautiful, prodigiously accurate 'coincidences'? Two good examples are Robert Fludd's (1574-1637) model of an aetheric force that breaks down and builds up living matter (ie, an accurate, intuitive version of Reich's discovery of bionous disintegration and the bions), and Robert Chamberlaine's (1802-1871) description of the process by which primordial living matter first formed as a chemico-electric operation, an accurate description of bionous disintegration and the growth of bions, (The Vestiges of Creation (1844) Hypothesis of the Development of the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms). Fludd actually followed up his intuitions with an experiment that produced a healing mud (bionous mud?), which he used to heal a chronic lesion on his hand. (For more information on this, please contact us - info@orgonomyuk.org.uk .) You can hear this program via the BBC's website. Click on radio and then Radio 4 under stations and look for In Our Time. As far as I understand it is available for a week after the original broadcast. (5. 12. 13.)

Enforced Caesarean Section Inflicted on Woman by Essex Social Services

Thanks to the beady eyes of 'Kev' of the Irish community organisation Tir na Saor (http://freemanireland.ning.com/ ) for alerting me to this outrage. According to an article on the SundayTelegraph website, an Italian woman, temporarily resident in the UK for airline training and allegedly suffering from 'bi-polar', disorder had a Caesarean section forced on her some time ago because of her mental condition and the baby was taken into care and remains in care. The baby is already 15 months old. I can't vouch for it, but I do not know of any reason why a woman with such a mental condition should be any less able to give birth by her own efforts than any other woman. This seems on first sight, to be a further outrageous erosion of individual rights by authoritarian services, whose brief is to support and protect vulnerable citizens. Apparently the social services argue that the operation was in the woman's own best interests (or possibly in the baby's own best interests). Needless to say, there is not a word, so far, about the possible dire effects of such a compulsory procedure, legalised medical rape, on a woman whose psychological integrity is already compromised. Fortunately this event has come to public awareness and is making headlines, so Essex social services will have to be extremely careful to keep on the right side of the law in this case. (1. 12. 13.) PS 6. 12. 13. It turns out that this woman had had two other children already, both by Caesarean, so there was a rational reason for a third CS, though it is possible to give birth vaginally after two CSs. One of the participants at the Carunchio meeting in Italy in 2012 did just that. Of course, obstetricians advising in such a highly medicalised case history, would be very unlikely to want to support a woman's wish to give birth vaginally, if she had wanted to, that is. Many women who have had a Caesaran birth feel extremely frustrated and ditressed by the outcome and are desperate to give birth vaginally by their own efforts. The founder of the UK VBAC campaign had three CSs before she gave birth safely at home in a water bath. If you are pregnant after a Caesarean birth and are interested in giving birth by your own efforts, please see our Birth Page for further info on this question. Most obstetricians focus solely on 'outcome' and don't consider the mother's experience important. (What are you grumbling about? You are alive and well and your baby's alive and well. everything's OK!) Apart from the mother's experience or lack of it, that also ignores completely the effects of a CS on her baby. (See chapter two, The Womb of Time, in Ashley Montague's Touching.)

C O R E Now Self-Financing!

It's hard to believe it and it has happened without my noticing it, one small step at a time, but C O R E is now financially self-supporting! Nothing spectacular, we are not raking in large sums of money, but our tiny, occasional income from students' donations and the sales of Artificers and booklets is now generating more income than outgoings. Thanks to all those who have helped us to achieve this small advance over the last two or three years. Please go to Finances for details. (25. 11. 13.)

New Page on Lab Items, etc

Regular visitors will have noticed a new link above, Equipment for Doers. This page gathers in a list all the items of equipment that are mentioned on many different pages on this site. It is for the benefit of those who want to get involved in active orgonomic bion work, orgone watching, and so on. If you know of any useful equipment that you can recommend, especially, if you have used it yourself and can speak from experience, please let C O R E know about it. A photo will be very helpful. (20. 11. 13.)

Orgone Accumulator for Sale

There is a cabinet-style accumulator (ie, big enough to sit in) for sale, at present in Scotland. Cost £250 -  a real bargain. For further information please contact the maker, marc@assetutilities.com  (8. 11. 13.)

Professor Korotkov's New Energy-Field Reader

Those of you who follow fringe science and research in the field of bio-energy will know of Professor Korotkov and his work on technology in this field. You can see any number of videos of him speaking on YouTube. I asked him about the status of his new item of equipment at the recent water conference in Bulgaria and he told me that it will be available early next year and will cost 650 Euros. That was much cheaper than I had assumed it would be and C O R E will just about be able to afford to buy one. This will almost certainly be the last substantial item of scientific equipment that I will have the money to buy, unless people start donating generously. If you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of this equipment, please contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk Thanks to the buyers of my book at the conference, almost all of whom told me to 'keep the change'. We have already raised a small part of the purchase price.

This energy-field meter means that we will be able to further some of our pet projects, for example, the testing of the bio-energetic vitality of babies, simply by placing their foot or hand under the meter. It will have many potential applications. Presumably it will be possible to assess objectively the orgonotic vitality of mother's milk and bottle-milk, for example, quickly and simply without having to prepare the Reich blood test. The same will apply, I hope, to food, water, and soil samples. This instrument has enormous potential. (5. 11. 13.)

Bulgarian Conference

'The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water'

I have just got back from the above gathering in the Bulgarian ski-resort of Borovets, about 60 miles from the capital, Sofia. I was invited to contribute a talk on the topic of my book Artificers of Fraud to this by the convenor, Professor Gerrald Pollack, discovereer of the exclusion zone and a fourth phase of water. (See his recent book, The Fourth Phase of Water, EbnerandSons, Seattle.) It was  an extremely interesting meeting and I met several people who picked up on what I had to offer and who have decided to get a microscope and to get down to doing the bion experiments themselves. (One of them has just obtained a microscope. See Microscopy and Bion Page for a picture.) I could not ask for more. This is exactly what I hope will be the effect of publishing Artificers and talking about it to people, so I have come home very encouraged and borne up by such enthusiasm. I took 10 copies of Artificers with me, sold them all, and could have sold more. There was, of course, plenty of opposition and one or two outright dismissers. Very few people there knew of the background to Reich's bion research or all the new findings and advances to which it led and tended to see it as an isolated item on its own. In a half-hour talk it is very difficult to give any important discovery a context and, of course, context is everything in Reich's work: where he was coming from and where he was going at the time of any particular orgonomic discovery is crucial to an understanding of the science.

None of these new would-be orgonomic microscopists are from the UK, (well, they wouldn't be, would they?), so distance will come between us, but with the internet and Skype, and what not, it should be possible to get working together and to share information, findings, etc. At this rate it might be possible to set up a small meeting devoted solely to the bions and orgonomic microscopy within a few years! (Please bring your own microscope!) 

Several of the contributions were in connection with the transference of 'chemical' and biological information in/from solutions at extremely low levels of concentration. Obviously this is bumping up against orgonomy and the possible property of orgone energy fields of containing and conveying information. I am trying to find a way of testing this idea experimentally. Professor Konstantin Korotkov, the designer of a new energy-field reader, was there and I asked him about its present state. It is going to be available early next year and will cost 650 Euros, a tidy sum, but just about within C O R E's powers to find. This connects to a computer via a USB cable and sounds as if it were designed for orgonomy! If you want to further C O R E's work, you can  make a donation towards the purchase of this item. (Contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk to find out how to make a donation.) Most of those who bought Artificers at the conference told me to 'keep the change' as they offered me 20 dollars or Euros, so we have probably already raised 50 Euros towards the price. Otherwise it will come out of my own not very deep pockets. It may well be the last substantial device that I can afford to pay for myself, now I am retired.

I went to the conference because I was invited and the venue was to me a coincidence. If it had been in Austria or Spain, for example, I would have gone, too. But as a venue Bulgaria turns out to be the most wonderful place. I had no plans to visit it ever, it was one of those 'minor countries' that one just does not think of unless one has some particular connection with it... but... what a country! The conference hotel was in a small place called Borovets, a ski-resort, obviously, from its size, well known to skiers, as it is full of large hotels and fancy skiing facilities, though the basic village is tiny. I guess the population must grow at least five-fold or more in season. The village is 1,300 metres above sea level, about 4,000 feet, and the atmosphere is extremely clear, alive and orgonotic. (See the latest addition to the Photo Gallery for a picture of the pristine atmosphere in the area.) It would be a marvellous centre for orgonomic research and apparently houses in Bulgaria are very cheap indeed...??? Someone else has already suggested it as a perfect site for a European Orgonomic Centre. I am seriously tempted, though, as far as I know, there is absolutely no interest in orgonomy in Bulgaria, (just like the UK, so that's nothing new!). I guess that the apparent lack of interest is because no-one knows about orgonomy in Bulgaria, whereas in the UK it is because of indifference or hostility to it. Reich's books are not available in Bulgarian and there were no Bulgarian participants at the conference unfortunately. If you are from Bulgaria, please get in touch so we can see  how we might get translations started. It turns out that knowing Russian I can already read Bulgarian to some extent and could give significant help to anyone undertaking a translation. From English to Bulgarian via Russian? Sounds cumbersome, but it would be better than nothing.

Thanks to everyone at the conference for helping to make it such a great experience, particularly the behind-the-scenes conference helpers and interpreters, Anton and Maya, all the contributors, and hotel staff, and to Gerry Pollack for inviting me. If new site visitors think I jet around the world visiting two conferences every month, this is just a coincidence, attending two in one month. I am now looking forward to a quiet few months with no big 'jobs to do' hovering over me. I have got a couple of Italian students visiting shortly, but that is much easier for me than taking my work abroad. The only negative was the usual one, that there were hardly any Brits taking part and none of the enthusiastic would-be orgonomic microscopists are from the UK. It was great hearing Dr Rupert Sheldrake in person, especially his satirical, but obviously realistic description of his meeting with the man from the National Measurement centre, (I am not sure of its official name) where he went to discuss the variation in physical costants, in particular the speed of light. ('It can't vary because it's a constant.....') If you want some interesting entertainment, you can see this in several guises on his YouTube channel. I'll try and post a direct link, when I have found it. In the meantime, just go to his channel yourself and you will soon find it. (27. 10. 13.)

Donations and MD Reader

Thanks to Margaret Troy for her generous donation to C O R E's funds. That is the first donation we have had for a long time. One of the few people who have taken up our offer of a free copy of Introduction to Orgonomy has asked me to tell site-visitors that an American MD is reading one of my booklets! Yes, it seems that the more qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable one is, the more likely one is to make the effort to read C O R E's publications. Funny that, isn't it? (16. 10. 13.) 

Rome Orgonomy Conference, October, 2013

I am back from the Roma conference which was, I would say, magnificently successful and inspiring, in spite of some obvious difficulties and a not very promising venue. It was the organisation's first event, as far as I know, so...viva l'orgonomia italiana! I will be writing a fuller report as soon as I can, but a repetetive stress injury from too much computer time means I must limit time with a mouse in my hand. This may mean some delay. My shoulder is already beginning to hurt again. Thanks to the many participants who expressed so much appreciation for my contributions. I have posted a new web-page containing a short report of the conference. A young Italian couple who I met there are already planning to visit to learn how to do the bion experiments. I came away with a really gratifying feeling that orgonomic contacts, even amongst the small number of people that I have met at various events, are building up into a gradually stronger and wider-reaching network. Also in Rome there were several students from the disciplines so relevant to the future of orgonomy. I spoke to medical students and a student midwife and a student physio-therapist. Another orgonomic gathering in Finland is in the planning as the result of contacts made in Rome, provisionally next June, 2014. I will post details on the events page as soon as I have them. (If there is no link here, assume there is no information available yet.) (8. 10. 13.)

Please scroll down a few items for comments re Fortean Times' review of Artificers of Fraud.

A Message for Fortean Times Readers

On the off-chance that one or two readers of FT may have read the hatchet-job review of Artificers in the October issue and been curious enough to track down C O R E's website, here's a message for you. Thank you for your curiosity and persistence in getting this far to find out what I have really written. I foresaw such reviews and refer to them in the introduction of my book. On page 6 I write:

'This book, if it attracts attention, will be heavily criticised. To have any right to criticise it, critics must have read Reich's research reports, have repeated his experiments, have read Brown's 1828 paper, and repeated his pollen  investigations. Doubtless I will be criticised by people who have done none of these. Some of Reich's critics refused to look down his microscope for fear of what they might see. I expect the same refusal now.'

And so it has proved. The first and, as far as I know, only review of Artificers accuses me of mistaking my own white blood cells in my eyes for what I think are bions! This is a well known and disreputable ploy, telling microscopists what they must have seen, without even attempting to take a proper look yourself. Abusive critics threw similar dismissive accusations at H C Bastian in Victorian times and Reich in the nineteen thirties in Norway.  'He must have been seeing...', 'it is obvious that what he was seeing was...', etc, etc. And now I am getting the same treatment in 2013. The FT reviewer does not know what I saw in my experimental work. A review by someone who hasn't done the experiments himself could at least give possible readers information on the argument of the book, the quality of writing, the quality of the references and index, (both important in a work on a scientific topic), the design of the book and the quality of the printing, and just leave the experiments to those with sufficient expertise in the field to comment.  A moment's thought makes it clear that the reviewer is just making it up. What you see under a microscope gets bigger or smaller when you change the magnifying lenses. (So anything in your own eyes is immediately obvious.) And you can't make a film of your own white blood cells down a microscope. The reviewer does not seem to have noticed the links to videos on YouTube of some of the experiments described in the book. This sort of ridiculing rejection means that no-one needs to engage in meaningful debate about my findings. They can just be dumped in the rubbish bin and forgotten about. You can read more about Artificers on Artificers info page and on the Artificers comments page. There is a page on YouTube videos with links to all C O R E's videos there. Anyone who wants more information on the topic or who is seriously interested in this important experimental work is welcome to contact C O R E and to arrange to visit at our mutual convenience. If you don't live in the UK, I shall be happy to conduct an e-mail correspondence with you and explain the experiments and answer your queries. (In fact serious students have visited Preston from abroad just to see these experiments and to repeat them themselves.) I shall be speaking about them at the forthcoming Rome conference. (25. 9. 13.) PS added after the Rome conference: a young couple who I met at the Rome meeting came to the UK to learn how to do the bion experiments themselves. Another link in the European orgonomic network forms. Who knows where this will lead?

This dismissive review in FT is yet another example of the maddening, unbearable predicament that I find myself in in this country. From within the UK I am dismissed by a minor journalist as someone so stupid and 'amateurish' that I cannot even tell the difference between my own white blood cells and dancing, pulsating vesicles on a microscope slide, while the same book read by someone in the US gets me an invitation to contribute to a scientific conference where many of the participants are scientists world-renowned in their fields (one is even a Nobel prize winner!). Could anything be crazier? (30. 9. 13.)

First Bookshop Order for Artificers (No, it isn't - mistake!)

We have received the first order for Artificers from a UK bookseller, as opposed to orders for libraries and colleges. It is not clear whether this is an order for an individual customer or whether they are buying it 'on spec.' (That latter possibility seems very unlikely, unless there is some maverick bookseller with an interest in life energy and dissident science in Eastbourne, where the order came from.) Either way, it is a tiny advance for the cause of orgonomy in this country. If you want to help orgonomy, please order a copy of our book through your local bookseller or library, so that the wider public gets sight of it. If you request it through your local library, they will obtain it for you at no cost at all, or possibly for a token fee of, for example, 60p, which is what Lancashire county council library service charges for book reservations. (20. 9. 13.) PS I spoke too soon. They turn out to be another faceless wholesaler. So Artificers has still not yet seen the inside of a bookshop.

Teenage Addiction to Pornography

For years I have sensed a rising tide of contactlessness in our culture and occasionally mentioned it to fellow orgonomists and people at conferences and so on. No-one seemed to take much notice. At last awareness of the problem seems to be coming to the surface, but it is not an orgonomist who has brought it to public notice, but a UK film-maker and member of the house of Lords,  Beeban Kidron. This is the link to a talk of hers on YouTube - http://youtu.be/gnrx5NqadyY Please, please take a look at it. The issues that she discusses are frightening and horrifying and will affect our lives as much as unemployment, pollution, or war. In fact pornography at this level is a form of pollution and war. When Reich wrote The Function of the Orgasm 70yearsago he was advocating and defending teenagers' right to love. The only negative force at work against young sexuality was the simple urge to suppress it. He could not have imagined the scenario we have today, where teenagers' first knowledge of sex comes not from themselves or another person, but from an image on a screen. Apparently many teenagers spend hours a day watching this material. It is impossible to imagine how such addicts will become able to relate to another human being, a live, pulsating, feeling, responding (we hope) human partner, who is a real person with real needs. I sense a social time-bomb in the making.

If the word contactlessness is strange and new to you, you can find out more about it in Reich's writings. The capacity for emotional contact (or its absence) is a basic concept in orgone therapy. You can read more about it in The Function and Character Analysis. See also C O R E's booklet Everyday Orgone Therapy.

Beeban Kidron has made a film about this situation. It is due to be screened soon. You can find out about it from her website, which shows a trailer for it. It includes information about screenings in the UK and abroad - www.inreallifefilm.com (14. 9. 13.)

Upsurge in Site-Visitor Numbers

C O R E's website is suddenly getting a large increase in site visitor numbers, presumably from contacts via the www.aetherforce.com website, whose owner has subscribed to my YouTube channel and posted lots of C O R E's items on his own site. Thanks to you all for your interest and welcome to the site. I hope you find it interesting and informative. Judging from our stats you are serious visitors, as the kilobytes downloaded numbers are higher than ever, relatively for us, quite enormous. This is what orgonomy needs,  serious enquirers, not window shoppers who stay for a minute or two. Please feel free to ask for further info and explanation, if you need it, and don't forget our offer of a free booklet to all new enquirers, either a copy of Introduction to Orgonomy or another title of your choice, if you have a more specific interest. (See publications page for a complete list of titles.)  Just e-mail your name and address to info@orgonomyuk.org.uk and we will do the rest. (No personal info handed on to anyone at all.) As well as this, my YouTube channel has received 4 new subscribers in the last couple of days. This new interest offsets some of the pain caused by the dreadful review (see below) of Artificers. I can't direct you to this yet, as it has not yet been published. The relevant issue comes out at the end of September. I have read it as the journal do publishers the courtesy of sending them a pdf copy of the review in advance. Some courtesy, when they cover your book with ridicule and inane abuse. I am trying to think of something constructive to do about this moronic review, other than just writing to the editor and complaining. This is orgonomy in the wretched UK. Any ideas, anyone? (Legal and non-explosive, please!) (14. 9. 13.)

Artificers Gets First Review (if only it hadn't got it!)

To see the white blood cells in Peter Jones's eyes, please go to http://youtu.be/8dLMvzpdsYo

Artificers has had its first review, in the October issue of Fortean Times. It is a demolition job, as bad as anything the mainstream press could have cooked up. And there is me, innocent me (PJ), sending them a review copy because I thought that they were one of the few journals that would give the book some serious attention and not blow it out of the water  with abuse and vitriol - exactly what they have done. According to the reviewer I have made the mistake of confusing the white blood cells in my eyes for bions outside my eyes! It's funny how these alleged white blood cells get bigger when I change to a higher magnification and that there are no 'white blood cells' visible when the solution on the slide has a pH of 12 or higher, (easily produced experimentally) and lots of them when a similar preparation has  a pH of between 4.0 and 8.0 The review ignores altogether the historical background retold in the book. He does not appear to have read it properly at all, not even looked at the illustrations, which show these 'white blood cells'.  How can one film and photograph 'white blood cells' in the eyes with a camera pointing down through the microscope? There are links in the book to C O R E's video about this story. He obviously hasn't looked at it. Even if he did look at it, he would doubtless find some excuse to dismiss it. As usual in the UK, we see the benighted urge to traduce, abuse, and ridicule anything to do with Reich and orgonomy, contempt before knowledge. And in Fortean Times, too, of all places. This review could have come from the Skeptical Enquirer. The issue has not yet been published. When it comes out and the review appears on their website, I will post a link to it.

This episode brings up the old question - just what does one have to do to get anyone to give orgonomy serious, open-minded attention in the UK? And the answer that experience gives me is that there is nothing I can do to get that serious, open-minded attention, absolutely nothing. Whatever I do, or say, or write, no-one takes any notice of it, or if they do, it is the sort of notice given here in this FT review, insulting, ridiculing, moronic vitriol. Please note that anyone who is really interested in this work is welcome to come and visit C O R E in Preston by arrangement to see with their own eyes what I describe in Artificers of Fraud. This reviewer is yet another artificer of the same fraud. Motto - explain it away, whatever you say, explain it away. We just can't allow this to be true. (11. 9. 13.)

Program for October Water Conference in  Bulgaria

I have just received a web-page containing the program for the forthcoming conference on the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry of Water, at which I have been invited to speak on the theme of my book Artificers of Fraud. Here's the link to it - http://www.waterconf.org/conference-program/ It is a marvelous opportunity, to be invited to such a conference. The speakers contributing, myself apart, are an extremely interesting and original collection of workers and researchers. One of them is a Nobel prize-winner! How bizarre a world, when orgonomy is censored out of existence in this country and I am totally without a public voice, but where my work is considered good enough for me to be invited to contribute to such a  high-level conference outside the UK. All this is happening, because I sent a complimentary copy of Artificers to Professor Gerald Pollack, the organiser of the conference, because I knew he had been open-minded enough to publish in the journal Water an article on orgone energy and water by James DeMeo and also a letter signed by a long list of orgonomic scholars and researchers defending orgonomy and Reich after the recent distortions published in an issue of the science journal Nature. (9. 9. 13.)

Learning Opportunity for Midwives or Student Midwives

If you are thinking of training as a midwife anywhere in the EU  and are interested in learning how to work as an independent practitioner as opposed to an obstetric nurse, a doctor's handmaiden, and are also interested in the use of orgone-therapeutic skills in labour, please go to our Birth Page for information about an important learning proposal. If you know anyone who is thinking of training as a midwife, please tell them about this important opportunity. (9. 8. 13.)

Artificers to be Reviewed in Next Fortean Times (No, it isn't!)

At last Artificers is to get a review, the first, and it will be in Fortean Times, in the next issue, whenever that is. If you are interested enough to want to know, but not interested enough to buy (yet), please take a look at the journal in your local newsagent's. This is a small but significant development. Here's hoping. It doesn't really matter whether the review is favourable or not. It will, at least, mean that lots of new people outside orgonomy get to know of its existence. (8. 8. 13.) PS 26. 8. 13. Alas, no, it's not getting a review in the September issue. I don't know why, but I had a look at the new issue in W H Smith's today and the review, as promised by someone in the editorial office, who e-mailed me a few weeks ago, is not there.

Apologies to our PayPal Buyers

Our PayPal page should, in theory, be working now. I have 'activated' C O R E's bank account and as far as I can see, there is nothing in the way of your making payments in order to buy copies of Artificers. We can't be certain it is working until someone makes a payment. At the moment there is a lull in interest in the book and I haven't sent off a copy for some weeks. Everyone in orgonomy who wanted a copy seems to have bought one (not very many!) and the next  batch of orders will presumably come after the review in Fortean Times. (19. 8. 13.)

Apologies to those of you who have tried to buy a copy of Artificers through our PayPal page. We still haven't sorted out the workings of this page, but we are getting there slowly, we hope. I'll confirm on this page when it is working properly. I have actually posted copies to a few people who have contacted C O R E after having their money sent back by PayPal's system. (6. 8. 13.)

Huge Rise in Site-Visitor Numbers for Today

This month, July, visitor numbers to C O R E's site have been disappointingly low, often in the thirties or forties and the daily average for the month this morning was around 50. I have just, at about 2300, looked at the numbers and by about 1400 today there had been 133 visits! That is way above the previous highest that I remember, and to have so many visitors by 1400 is quite mysterious, unbelievable. I suppose it could be a mistake, an artifact of one.come's system. But if it isn't...??? What is happening? I can't think of any external event that could have led to such a  huge increase. Someone with lots of e-mail friends may have sent out a circular about C O R E, but that seems unlikely, too. Will we hear from you, these armies of new visitors? (I presume you are newcomers.) Anyway, even if you all disappear into the undergrowth again, thanks for your interest. (Eventually there total for that day was 159. PJ 27. 7. 13.) (26. 7. 13.)

At Last? Running C O R E's Life-Energy Day?

This is not really news, but I assume most visitors come to this page looking for current things, so I am posting it here as well as on the events page. If you live within ?50 miles of Preston, Lancashire, please read on.

Thanks to my efforts at the West Lancs Green Fayre last weekend, July 20th-21st, there are now maybe a dozen local(ish) people in possesion of C O R E's basic hand-out information and a few who bought copies of various booklets. I have encouraged all these people to visit our website for more information and to get in touch if they want anything clarifying. If any of these people get involved in orgonomy even superficially, we may be able to run our long-postponed life-energy day in Preston or somewhere in Lancashire. Please don't think ignorance of orgonomy disqualifies you from supporting C O R E. As much as anything we need pairs of hands to set up an event, people willing to do simple, dogsbody jobs such as helping us transport equipment and publications to the venue, make cups of tea or coffee, (we would be serving light refreshments for people visiting the event), taking money for publications, and generally keeping an eye on delicate or expensive equipment such as microscopes or binoculars. This could be a wonderfully interesting and enjoyable community event for local people if we could just get it off the ground. It would be a hands-on event with things children and adults could try for themselves, see down microscopes, and so on. If you helped on the day, you would certainly learn a great deal about orgonomy. It could be the first step in getting orgonomy established and visible in the local community. But we can't lift a finger to do it until we have a minimum number of helping hands. I estimate we need at least four people to run this event safely and comfortably, and if possible six. Not many! If you would like to help, please contact us at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk (23. 7. 13.)


C O R E's stall at the West Lancs Green Fayre. For those of you who have never seen one, the strange 'box' item on the right of the left-hand picture is C O R E's small experimental orgone accumulator, used for treating germinating seeds and charging water and our vacuum-tube. The charged vacuum tube glows in the dark when stroked by hand, an anomalous effect inexplicable to mainstream science.

 Handful of Enquirers at West Lancs Green Fayre

Thanks to the handful of interested visitors to the West Lancs Green Fayre over last weekend who came and talked to us to find out more about orgonomy. There was even one person who had already heard of Wiihelm Reich and who was surprised to see him mentioned. I took C O R E's small experimental orgone accumulator and a couple of batches of seedlings and their controls, which usually started the conversation going. Conversations varied from a minute or two to an hour in length and one gentleman went so far as to take up my offer to show him how he could feel his own orgone energy in motion. This turned out to be very effective and he was visibly moved and changed by the experience. I really had to start from scratch with most enquiries, as no-one had heard of orgone energy or life energy or orgonomy or Reich. It is always difficult to know where to start, when people know so little. We seemed to manage one way or another, but the experience was a graphic illustration of how most Brits just don't want to know about something so profound and potentially threatening  (as they seem to perceive it). I offered the same opportunity to one woman to feel her own energy in motion within herself and she immediately shut me off and I could see her withdrawing and feeling very threatened. How bad can things get when someone feels so threatened and really does not want to risk having such a potentially pleasant experience? My booklets were not in demand in  the way that they always are at orgonomic gatherings and people bought only a tiny handful, five in all over two days!

Still, almost everyone I spoke to took away C O R E's free leaflets and these will, I hope, lead them to our website, which contains similar information and in some areas even more than the booklets. I hope you find the site informative and look forward to hearing from at least some of you, if not all of you. BBC Radio Lancashire visited the event and spoke to many of the stall-holders, including me. The presenter was clearly non-plussed by the accumulator and hardly knew what to ask to start with, but we got a dialogue going and he responded positively. So orgonomy will now be mentioned on public radio in Lancashire, possibly for the first time, a tiny step forwards.

C O R E's stall was the least attended of all the stalls in the 'healthy life-styles marquee' and I spent a lot of time waiting for enquiries. The stall next to me was run by the World Development Movement and they, too were not in great demand, though many more people were interested in their offerings than C O R E's. Most visitors were couples out with their children and obviously not very interested in serious issues. They were out to have 'a nice day with the kids.' Still, maybe a dozen people now know about orgonomy and C O R E's activities who didn't before the weekend and may make further contact with us. Let's hope so. Thanks to all of you who spoke to us and for taking the trouble to visit this site, if you are reading this. (22. 7. 13.) PS It seems quite a few of you are taking the trouble to visit our site as visitor numbers jumped significantly yesterday, Monday, July 22nd. Thanks for your interest. Who knows? If enough of you stay in touch we could have a local meeting couldn't we? That would be a first for Lancashire possibly even the UK. I still hope to run a local life energy day, but need a handful of helpers to do that. Any offers? Please contact C O R E at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk if you would like to help. No specialised knowledge needed, just pairs of hands. (The numbers of people interested in orgonomy are so small that you usually have to run an international event to get enough people together to make an event worthwhile. By worthwhile I don't mean financially viable. No orgonomic event generates a 'profit.' I mean just to get enough people together to have a meaningful discussion that generates new ideas and suggestions for future orgonomic activities and gives people a feeling that they have gained something from attending.)

First Orders for Artificers from outside Orgonomy

Great news this morning - two orders for Artificers via Nielsen's forwarding system, which I do not understand at all. It seems commercial buyers can order books via Nilsen's on-line catalogue. These orders come from a library agency, that is, a company that specialises in selling books to libraries and academic institutions, just the sort of people we want to buy Artificers. Three copies is nothing, of course, but it is a beginning, and these are definitely not from people in orgonomy who know all about the book already. This is certainly, may we hope, a little dot of light at the end of the tunnel. (15. 7. 13.) PS Same day - it's gone up to 14 now. What's going on and who is ordering all these copies? Will anyone get in touch with us after reading Artificers? Watch this space!

Important New Publications from Natural Energy Works

Thanks to James DeMeo for complimentary copies of his new publications, In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, and a reprint of Max Hodann's The History of Modern Morals, originally written in 1936 and first published, in English, in London in 1937. I used to have an original copy of this Heinemann's edition and lost it during one of my many moves, or perhaps someone borrowed it and still has it. It is good to have a copy here again available for perusal by our visiting students of orgonomy. This book by Hodann is an important text as it includes a lot of positive comment and information about Reich's educational work in the German sexual reform movement between the wars, which was snuffed out by the Nazis in 1933. All its leading activists, including Reich and Hodann, had to flee for their lives from Germany.

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich is a great blast of fresh air, an angry, deeply informed and researched rebuttal of many of the outrageous slanders and distortions of Reich and his work seen in the last few years. In particular, DeMeo pulls apart, lie by lie, distortion by distortion, the dreadful, pot-boiling Orgasmatron book by C Turner, published in 2011. Both these titles are available direct from www.naturalenergyworks.net (2. 7. 13.)

Human Milk from GM Cows?

The latest atrocity to be devised by the unholy marriage of marketing and mechanistic science is the production of human milk from genetically modified cattle! I bumped into this by accident on YouTube while looking at videos of human milk posted by our friend and supporter in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, who alerts me to so many important things. At the end of the video of his wife's milk up came the usual collection of related videos and there were two amongst them showing how GM cows have been persuaded to produce human milk. According to one of the videos, the people developing this 'product' expect it to be on sale within about three years. Is there anything more stupid than slogging away in lab and factory in an effort to produce industrially something that humans can make perfectly well without any help from science? Doubtless mothers buying this 'product' will think they are breast-feeding their babies by giving it them, unknowingly denying them the crucial part of breast-feeding, the bio-energetic contact with their mother, something whose existence is denied by mechanistic science. Mechanistic science has reduced 'breast-feeding' to the chemical contents of the milk. (15. 7. 13.) 

Water Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, October 22nd-25th

The editor of the inter-disciplinary journal Water, professor Gerald Pollack, has invited me to contribute to the journal's annual conference. This year the venue is in Samokov, a skiing centre about 60 miles from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. He has asked me to tell the story contained in Artificers. The conference runs from midday, Tuesday, October 22nd, until midday, Friday, October 25th. I'll post more info on the events page as I get it. This is a great advance for orgonomy and I am delighted to have received this invitation. Presumably there is already more info on the Water website. If you live within reach of Sofia, it would be nice to see you there. (28. 6. 13.) 

New Page for Artificers of Fraud

Because of disruptions cause by the posting of the Artificers PayPal page, there is now a new page with general information, extracts, contents, etc. The old Artificers page-links now take you to the PayPal page. If you want to find out about the book itself, before you decide to buy it or not, you can find more information on Artificers Info Page. (25. 6. 13.)

VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarean)

I posted a comment a while ago re VBAC on a video on YouTube and a woman expecting a baby after a Caesarean with her first baby asked for some advice. You can't really advise someone on line. You need to know all the details of their history. I have posted some information on this important question on the Birth Page. (18. 6. 13.) PS This information is now on a separate page - VBAC.

PayPal Page for Artificers of Fraud Now Up

At last the PayPal page for Artificers is now up. I can't say 'and running' yet, as no-one has tested it, but there is no reason why it should not work. All the ArtificersofFraud links on the site pages now lead you to this buying page. For the few serious students who may want to read the Artificers diary page, I have re-connected you to that with a new hyperlink - Artificers Diary. The link here and above are the only ones for the time being, though I will try and put the same link on all pages eventually. (Remember this page includes extracts and a complete contents.) This may take a few days as I am away all this weekend. Thanks to Danny and Gyrus for help with this facility, which was way beyond my limited IT skills. (6. 6. 13.)

Two Beautiful Pulsating Videos from Greece

The first one is of a collection of videos of the Reich blood test. There are several separate videos taken at different times, some of them at very high magnification, 4000x, in darkfield, very beautiful, which enables us to see the bionous disintegration and the orgonotic pulsation of the bions. The second is an animated video based on van Gogh's well-known painting, Starry Night, one of the clearest artistic depictions of the atmospheric orgone energy. This painting is powerful enough just sitting there, still, but when the spirals start spiralling........... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it's just gorgeous. Thanks to our indefatiguable friend and supporter in Nikosia, Christos Pechlivanis, for sending these links.



Talk at the ICA London on SexPol

There is to be a talk at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on Reich's SexPol Essays on Tuesday, June 4th. The speaker is Dr Stella Stanford, philosopher and academic, whose interests include sex, feminism, gender studies, and related matters. If you want to know more about her, she is on the Kingston University website as a member of staff. The talk starts at 1845 and you need a ticket to get in. (ica.org.uk 0207 930 0493, office hours 1100-2300.) An orgonomic event in the UK? Yes, incredible, isn't it? Let's support it and get some intelligent discussion going, and if necessary, correct any distortions afloat in the air. I shall be going. (No, I won't, because the talk is already fully booked. There are only 50 places available.) (28. 5. 13.)

Saturn Visible Again in Night Sky

It's not pure orgonomy, but it's inspiring and beautiful, the sight of Saturn in the night sky. Saturn is the planet with the rings round it. The rings are sometimes barely invisible, as they are 'end on' to the line of sight, but at the moment they are very visible, at quite an angle to the viewer. The 'seeing' is very 'bad' tonight and you have to look carefully for a while to catch a clear image of the planet, but it's worth trying. Saturn is about 40 degrees above the southern horizon around midnight this week. You can see it with a pair of bonoculars, as well as a proper telescope. 'Bad seeing' is conventionally put down to convection currents in the air, but close orgonomic observation shows that it is actually the effect of a highly expansive pulsation seen in the sky in very orgonotic conditions. Today has been a very orgonotic day in the north west of the UK with high orgone levels. In such conditions, which are continuing into the night, anything visible in the night sky 'wobbles' strongly. The 'wobble' is, of course, magnified by a telescope or binoculars. (25. 5. 13.)

PayPal Link for Artificers of Fraud

For the hundreds of our site-visitors who are bursting to buy a copy of Artificers from outside the UK, I am pleased to be able to tell you that arrangements for the PayPal link are in hand at the moment and that it should soon be up and working. Plese accept our apologies if you have been kept waiting. (22. 5. 13.)

Contact with the Soil Association

As some of you may already know, I have long been trying to make contact with the organic farming movement in this country and tell them about the use of the orgone accumulator and the research in seed-germination and plant growth carried out by orgonomists. It seems to me that the organic community and orgonomy are, or should be, natural allies. The Soil Association (for our foreign readers) is the UK's foremost organic farming organisation and a well-known charity in the field. I have made several attempts to make contact with them and to get them interested in the use of the accumulator in farming. (It should also interest amateur organic growers.) At last, after several attempts over the years, someone has responded, I have given him some basic information and he is going to hand it on to the appropriate people in the organisation. For more information, please go to our Organic Growing Page. (20. 5. 13.)

Website Visitor Numbers Plummet

As the numbers of visitors to C O R E's website increased steadily towards the end of 2012, I thought with a bit of luck we might make a daily average of 50 by the end of the year. Numbers went on increasing so much that we got to 58 by last December and 64 in January of this year. My hopes for 2013 were to make a daily average of 100 by the end of this year and that seemd quite possible the way things were going, with monthly increases of 6 and 8 a day. Alas we are now back down to fewer than 50 visitors a day. There is no way of knowing why numbers should increase or decrease so markedly over a short period, but it is deeply disappointing, especially when it accompanies the deafening silence with which Artificers has been greeted. Whatever we do in the wretched UK, it seems that orgonomy just will not take root here. I used to think it was something in the water. Maybe it is something in the soil? (12. 5. 13.)

Please see events page for latest information on events in 2013

Turner Rides Again, Reviews WR's Sexpol Essays

Chris Turner, author of the dreadful and mendacious Orgasmatron book, (see review for more information), is in print again, reviewing the re-published collection of Reich SexPol Essays, first published in 1972. You can read the review on The Guardian's website (www.guardian.co.uk ). The usual slanders and accusations are rehashed in the comments, although the review is not too negative this time. This review has the strange effect, seen before, of releasing a shallow debate about Reich by people who have obviously not read him at all and who are discussing him from the viewpoint of gossips discussing some alleged criminal's misdemeanour, debate according to what they have heard. It doesn't seem to occur to them to just sit down and read his books! I have managed to post a clarifying comment. Please post your own, if you can. What is depressing about this review is that it seems Turner is now the default reviewer when anything about or by Reich is published. What a nightmare! (8. 5. 13.)

Another UK Orgone Accumulator

 Congratulations to C O R E's Scottish contact who has had the energy and committment to build his own orgone accumulator. What am I grumbling about? That's three made in the last ten years, possibly six microscopes out in the world, with the owners repeating the bion experiments, and Artificers has sold at least 10 copies. C O R E is having an effect on the world, isn't it? (6. 5. 13.)

New Web-Page Artificers Comments

Now that Artificers has been available for a couple of months, we are getting comments from people who have read it. These are all extremely positive, not in a gushing, 'oh, isn't it great' way, but often quite thoughtfully positive in ways that had not occurred to me at all. You can read them all, if you want to, on the Artificers Comments page. We haven't yet had one from someone who thinks the book is complete rubbish. I assume that will be the opinion of mainstream scientists and metropolitan reviewers, if they ever get to see the book. So far no-one like that has seen the book, as far as I know. I shall post any comments I know of, as long as they are not abusive, libellous, or illegal. It would be nice to get a rational debate going about the arguments of the book. I think that is too much to be hoped for in the UK, but, as we say in English, there is a first time for everything, (except in orgonomy, it seems). (30. 4. 13.)

Richard Dawkins Acknowledges the Orgone!

I have, by sheer accident, stumbled upon a YouTube video of Richard Dawkins, in which he acknowledges, by implication, the existence of the orgone. He mentions a 'tingling down my spine' when he observes the Milky Way or looks at something down a microscope. It is one of  a series of videos in which 'celebrities' are interviewed for five minutes with a ticking clock in front of them. Here's the link. (If it doesn't work, just put Five Minutes with... into the search window.) http://youtu.be/Hmu6Oecwztk For those of you unfamiliar with UK and US culture, Richard Dawkins is a well-known academic and evolutionist, notorious for his hardline atheistic views and his hostility towards religion. He is an extreme advocate of mechanistic materialism and Darwinism. So, by definition he must be very hostile towards 'vitalism' and orgonomy, (though I don't suppose he has even heard of orgonomy). The research which enabled Reich to discover the orgone started with taking seriously his patients' description of pleasurable tinglings produced by the release of their armouring. He asked a question that non-one else dares to ask, even to this day - What is this tingling, this 'something moving', that they report? Well, at least Dawkins acknowledges that there is something moving. That's a step in the right direction. (3. 4. 13.)

New Web-Page

There is a new page on our site, posted on March 29th, on Working in Orgonomy.

Leaflet about Artificers Available for Quick Copy

Apparently people who want to copy the bookseller's leaflet on the Artificers of Fraud page are having trouble with it, as it is embedded in the middle of a long page. I have therefore posted it on a page of its own that people can lift wholesale for their own sites, blogs, twitter, etc. Thanks for wanting to spread the word. This is just what the book needs, adverts for it all over the web on many different sites. Go to Artificer's leaflet. There will be a PayPal link soon, I hope. Please be patient. I am only one pair of hands. (14. 3. 13.)

Up-To-Date Link to October Conference in Rome

https://sites.google.com/site/impulsiorgonomici/international-conference-on-orgonomy At first sight this looks as if it is all in Italian, but it isn't. Everything is in Italian and English. I have heard a whisper that, apart from myself, another Brit may attend. Let's hope so. (14. 3. 13.)

First Comments on Artificers of Fraud

 The first reactions to my recently published book are beginning to trickle in. They are all warmly positive, but critics would say, they would say that, wouldn't they, as they are all friends of mine. That's true. All the complimentary copies that I have sent out  have gone to friends of C O R E and those who have made an active contribution to the writing of the book. These people are all obviously sympathetic to orgonomy. The tiny number of buyers are also all people who are friendly towards of orgonomy, so these comments are biassed in my and the book's favour. Readers comment positively on the appearance of the book. There has  been one more profound comment on the importance of exposing the fact that mainstream science and media exclude the living from their coverage and research and congratulating me for my exposure of this great case of scientific fraud. I will shortly post a new page consisting of comments on Artificers and even reviews, if we get any. I shall post the negative as well as the positive. (I doubt if the book will be reviewed anywhere but in Nexus or ForteanTimes, alas, but we just do not know how the book is going to be received.) Incidentally, Waterstone's have already included it in their on-line catalogue. (13. 3. 13.)

Recent New Pages

We often add new pages to the site. I am now writing one on Working For or In Orgonomy. There's no link to it yet, as it is not remotely readable at the moment. The most recent new pages are -

Artificers Now Out

 At last it's here! I have just collected 150 copies of our first book, Artificers of Fraud, from our Preston printers, Snape's. I shall be sending out the first few copies this afternoon. If you want to order a copy, you can send a cheque payable to C O R E for £13:50 (which includes £1:50 for postage and packing), to Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ. Please include an e-mail address with your order, in case we need to give you any information about possible problems, etc. (No personal info handed on to anyone. You won't get any advertising rubbish via your contact with C O R E.) (5. 3. 13.)

New Web-Page - Services

In anticipation of the lavish attention that C O R E is going to receive when Artificers of Fraud appears, (sorry to make you laugh, but it could happen!). I have posted a New Page listing what C O R E can offer the interested public. If you know this site well, there won't be much new for you on it, but if people read the book and wonder who the hell C O R E is and what we have to offer the world, this page will give them some idea of the sort of events we can run for the public interested in orgonomy. At the moment there is no such public, but Artificers might just create one. Who knows? We must live in hope and keep on trying. If you are running an event - a science festival, a conference on alternative medicine or science, a breast-feeding festival, an event to investigate possible positive futures for humanity before we destroy the planet, C O R E can definitely make a positive, interesting, and original contribution. (3. 3. 13.) 

Local Wildlife Centre Micro-Life Day - Dry Run for Bion Workshops?

Last week I helped to run a very enjoyable and lively water micro-life day at our local conservation centre, Brockholes. (www.brockholes.org) This was its second year. I suggested this event last year and the events organiser jumped at my suggestion. I supplied the microscopes and a handful of volunteers helped me to run the event. It was busy throughout the day and attracted a large number of children. Many of the parents and grandparents present were obviously very interested and we are running a similar day for adults in the summer. This was, of course, formally nothing to do with orgonomy, apart from affording some lovely examples of orgonotic pulsation in many of the creatures observed, (which is, of course, why small children, whose armouring has not yet solidified too severely, love creepie-crawlies). People just love looking at living things down a microscope. I took a CCTV camera and portable TV monitor, so that more people could see an item than only the single observer. We had two biological microscopes (with high-magnification facilities) and two stereo-microscopes, which magnify to a low level and are excellent for showing up the detail of what one can already see with the naked eye. As I packed everything up and came back home with my two heavily-loaded trolleys it occurred to me that, if Artificers catches on, I could end up doing all this for a public bion workshop somewhere. That will be the day, won't it? Crazier things have happened. But the experience shows that it is definitely possible. It also means that I could do the same in a bookshop, if things develop to the point where I am invited to give a presentation on the book. (2. 3. 13.)

How Will Artificers Be Received by the Big Wide World?

 If you want to know my own thoughts on the question, please go to my blog at bionicus. I will be very interested to hear of any other possible outcomes that I have not thought of, but which other readers might imagine. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot to mention it - I received the first order for a copy today in the post. The ball is rolling! (1. 3. 13.) 

Ordering Artificers

(In case you missed the paragraph above, second-class postage and packing charge is £1:50.) Please add this to your cheques.) My forthcoming book, Artificers of Fraud, the story of the con-trick foisted on the public, the neutered distortion by mainstream science of Robert Brown's discovery of the bions in 1828, (a discovery confirmed and elaborated by Wilhelm Reich in the ninteen thirties and forties), will be available within a couple of weeks, perhaps less. UK buyers can already order a copy by posting a cheque for £12:00 payable to 'C O R E' to our address - Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ. Please include an e-mail link so that we can notify you about any delays, or other unforeseeen problems. (We will not hand on these personal contact details to anyone.) Your copies will be despatched as soon as the books are here from the printers, who are only a few hundred yards away from C O R E, and visible from our windows. This price is post-free, as we don't yet know what postage will cost. Once we have a copy to weigh and pack and get an accurate postage charge for, this perk will lapse, so save yourself a pound, I guess, at least, by ordering now. Buyers from outside the UK will have to wait until we can organise PayPal facility, which should not be too long, and may well be set up by the time the book is available. We are publishing this book in the desperate and probably vain hope that it will prove popular and finance the teaching and research building that our activities so urgently need. The chances of this gamble working are very slim indeed, but the predicament of orgonomy in the UK is so precarious and hopeless at the moment that we must take a chance and hope for the best. Please tell your orgonomic friends about the book and buy a copy yourself. No-one is going to profit privately from the sale of this book. All income generated by its sales will go directly into our building fund. I have financed the printing out of my own pocket and will not be reclaiming this outlay. For details of contents and so on, please go to Artificers of Fraud. (27. 2. 13.)

Site-Visitor Numbers Top 30,000

There have now been more than 30,000 visitors to C O R E's website, since it was set up about 3 years ago. The daily average is 64 at the moment with occasional days showing 80 or more. Thanks to all of you who take the trouble to visit and read, especially those of you reading all these pages in a foreign language, which seems to be most of you, as far as I can see. Please get in touch by e-mail and let us know what you like or dislike about the site. (26. 3. 13.)

Sunspot Activity, the Aurora, and Jupiter

The sun is showing an enormous level of sunspot activity at the moment. Unsurprisingly, this has produced an amber alert from Lancaster University's Aurora early-warning system. Oh, if only we had the room to get all our observing equipment out and record the various atmospheric variables in such excellent conditions for orgone watching! On top of these interesting conditions, we can slo see Jupiter and its four visible moons very easily at the moment in the UK. It rises and moves across our southern sky in the early part of the evening. It is a spectacular sight in a telescope or even a pair of binoculars. Whenever I look at Jupiter I think of Gallileo. What must it have been like to be the first human being to look outside the earth and see something in detail with the help of a telescope? In case you don't know the history, Gallileo was the first person to describe and draw Jupiter and its moons and also the surface of the moon. He had heard about telescopes being made in the Netherlands and had made himself one. Yes, yesterday was a good day for C O R E. 80 visitors to our website! (19. 2. 13.)

Artificers of Fraud Now with the Printers

At last, after all these years, (it seems), Artificers is now with the printers and all I've got to do is to wait until it's printed in three to four weeks. Going on the printers' estimates, I would put 'publication date' as about March 8th. For details, please go to the book's own page.

C O R E Going Viral? (Only Joking!)

Going viral? Err... not really. But three new subscribers on YouTube in less than 48 hours is quite a big increase, (another one has subscribed today, 11. 2. 13.), given that we have aquired only about 40 over 3 years since the first video was posted. The first new subscriber was very positive about our website and seems to be serious about buying a microscope to do some serious bion study of his own. Maybe these other two subscribers are friends of his who he has told about C O R E's work. Anyway, whoever you are, welcome to our site and thanks for your interest. With all this activity and the steady increase in the number of people who visit this website, I was beginning to think that that chap the government pay to shovel something into the water supply must be falling asleep on the job. But that conclusion could be completely wrong. Probably all these new contacts are from outside the UK.  (10. 2. 13.)

Artificers' Proofs

I have now got the proofs of Artificers of Fraud back from the printers. Apart from one or two minor alterations that are needed, everything seems fine. The main thing is that the illustrations, while not briliant, are good enough. A huge relief. The prospect of having to redo the illustrations, produce completely new ones, was a nightmare. It is slowly dawning on me what an important event this publication is going to be for orgonomy. Is it the UK's first orgonomic publication ever? And while you are reading this, still no response to C O R E from the Soil Association concerning the news item below. (7. 2. 13.) And still none by today, February 14th. Needless to say, organic farming in the UK is perfect and needs no help from any outsiders who think they can teach them something they do not yet know. I mean to say... the cheek of it!

Contact with the Soil Association?

Last night someone from the Soil Association phoned me up. No, don't get excited. It wasn't a personal contact, a member who has found C O R E's website and wants to know more about this wonderful science of orgonomy and plant growth. She was trying to get some more money out of my subscription via the UK legal provision that allows charities to reclaim income tax paid on a donation or subscription. This only works if the member is already a tax-payer, which I am not. My income is too small to have to pay tax. (This refund of income tax is, by the way, one of the very good reasons for becoming an official charity. It adds enormously to the organisation's income.) We talked a bit and I told her of my discontent with the Soil Association, the UK's main organic-farming organisation, and its complete lack of interest in orgonomy and the use of the orgone accumulator in plant growth. (See Organic Growing page for more information, if this is new to you.) Orgonomy provides solid scientific evidence for the organic movement's 'belief' in a 'living principle' governing plant growth and the health of the soil. There is much mention of this living principle in the founding text of the UK organic movement, The Living Soil, by Eve Balfour. I have for a long time, on and off, been trying to interest organic people in orgonomy and to persuade them to see this important link, but they have always ignored my approaches.

I gave this lady the link to C O R E's Organic Growing page and she said she would hand it on to the right person in the organisation. So... I see a little chink opening here, if not exactly a wide door. It will be interesting to see if anyone responds positively. The organic-growing community is one of those groups in the UK who 'ought' to be interested in orgonomy. Young people with a mystical new-  age leaning often tell me to contact this group or that group, sometimes even named individuals, as if I have not thought of this at all before, telling me that these people 'ought' to be interested in orgonomy and doubtless will be, if only they knew about it.  They never are, and I have stopped trying to contact all these groups who 'ought' to be interested in orgonomy. Needless to say, organic growers are one such group. (5. 2. 13.) PS 6. 2. 13. It has just dawned on me that C O R E has no links with any other UK organisation! And that is not for want of trying, I can tell you. We are rebuffed even by organisations supporting breast-feeding! What, breast-feeding? But you've got pages about it on the site. Yes, I know, but it doesn't stop the phobia of orgonomy from making people reject us. We were refused a stall at the Ulverston Breast-Feeding Festival in 2010. Sobering, isn't it? PS (15. 2. 13.) Well...it was too much to hope for wasn't it? There has been no response from the Soil Association to this attempt to make contact with them. Obviously organic agriculture in the UK is perfect and needs no help from nutty outsiders with a bee in their bonnet.

Website Numbers' Marked Increase

 As numbers of visitors to CO R E's site crept up last autumn, I started to hope that with a bit of luck we might reach 50 visitors a day by Christmas. December's figure turned out to be 58, a daily increase of 6 and January has gone up to 64. We have had a day over 80 already this month and the average so far is all but 70. We have no way of finding out why this is happening. Maybe one of our faithful supporters from Italy or Greece or Cyprus has posted information about C O R E's activities on their own website or a link on Twitter or Facebook, if that is possible. Whoever it is and whatever is happening, thank you to anyone who has done anything to bring in more site-visitors. And thanks to all the new visitors. I hope you are finding the site interesting and informative. Please send us a message and let us know you are out there and what your interests are. Please remember we would also like to know what you really think of the website. Feel free to criticise constructively. I would love to know what you find interesting and what you do not like. I am well aware of the site's shortcomings. They stem from my complete lack if skills in IT and web-site management. I can only do what I am able to do. We really need a web-site manager who knows how to make a site interesting and striking. But the important part is ithe information a site contains and ours is as good as anyone's in its field, I think.

I would love to be able to post videos, but cannot manage it. C O R E has got lots of interesting orgonomic video material. One.com's software in theory will post videos, but it just doesn't seem to work. It also won't post text in Cyrillic. Our site statistics tell us that we have lots of visitors from Russia and Ukraine. I speak Russian and would like to post summaries of our pages in Russian, but the software just won't do it. I suppose we shouldn't hope for too much from something that costs only £20 a year! Thanks again for your interest in orgonomy. I look forward to meeting you eventually at some orgonomic event or other. I shall be contributing to the October conference in Rome this year. (4. 2. 13.)

Artificers is now with the printers. For details see Artificers Page (4. 2. 13.)

Artificers Almost Ready for the Printers

I have now done the final proof-read for the printers and turned the text and illustrations, etc into pdfs on a disc for the printers. On monday morning I will be taking the disc in to them. I expect to have the printed copies by early March, barring earthwquakes, terrorism, and 'acts of god.' I can accept orders for the book. It is that close now! See Artificer's page for more details. (2. 2. 13.)

Holocaust Memorial Day - January 27th

A small exhibition about the rise of Nazism and the murder of Ann Frank and her family in WW II in the local library has reminded me of this commemmoration day. Please don't forget this huge piece of history. If you haven't yet read it, you could buy and read Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism. There is still no better explanation for the rise of fascism, the psycho-dynamics of racism, the anchoring of mysticism, and the psychic soil of authoritarianism. The MPF is still in print and easily available from dozens of on-line sellers listed on www.abe.co.uk

7,000 Viewers for C O R E's Video on Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich

Viewing figures for our video on science's con-trick with Brownian motion have now reached 7,000. That sounds positive doesn't it, until you check the statistics and find that according to the monthly figures all the viewers average 3 minutes each watching the video. (The full video lasts 10 minutes.) In other words, most viewers don't watch it to the end. Is it even worth posting videos on YouTube? Apart from viewers who already know me and my work with the bions, I get no feed-back at all to speak of. Which explains why there is no reaction from the scientific community to this film, which is dynamite for mainstream biology. Will they take any notice of Artificers when it appears? Watch this space! (25. 1. 13.)

Publication Plans

I have just been to see the printers to clarify a few outstanding questions about the printing of Artificers. It turns out that the cost is going to be much less than I expected. This means C O R E will be able to publish  two other titles soon. These will be a young learner's introduction to orgonomy, provisionally to be called Life- Energy for Young Learners and my book on Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby- Care . Once the printing of Artificers is under way I shall post a page for these new books, too. (22. 1. 13.) (PS 25. 1. 13. There is now a page for these titles. It is not yet complete and the hyperlinks are not all connected, but it is readable.)

Progress with Artificers at Last

Movement at last with the publication of Artificers of Fraud. FS&G are going to give C O R E permission to include large extracts from Reich's relevant works. (They had already given this, but it has technically lapsed.) It turns out I can use the original 'permission' in spite of its being officially out of date. More details on the Artificers page. (16. 1. 13.)

Solar Activity +++

 I always look at the sun with C O R E's solar binoculars when the weather is clear and bright, (very rare this winter in the UK) and have just had a good look today. Massive sunspot areas are visible, not just one big spot, but zones that appear quite dark, three in all between  0315 and 0325 if you look at the sun as if it were a clock face. There is also a more average spot visible between 10 and 11 o'clock. These are just the ones visible on this side of the sun, of course. As the sun spins, like the earth, the appearance of any visible sun-spots changes. This sight was so unusual that it inspired me to get C O R E's solar telescope out and set it up and look with that. A prodgious sight, the boiling red surface of the sun with these enormous dark areas and massive solar flares. These flares are spectacular items, columns of waving, glowing gasses shooting off into space thousands of kilometres long. For your information, you can buy a pair of solar binoculars for about £120-£150.  (These show only the spots, not the flares.) You can also visualise the face of the sun by projecting its image onto a flat surface through a small hole. Whatever you do don't be tempted to look directly at the sun! Unfortunately a solar telescope is a very expensive item. Apparently the construction of the filters is a slow, intricate process, and therefore very costly.

There is a picture of our solar telescope on the Facilities page. It just looks like a small ordinary telescope. The unusual part is the filter system built into it which enables you to safely look straight at the sun. Quite an experience, especially at the moment. All this activity should mean there is a chance of seeing the aurora, though we have not had an alert from Lancaster University's early warning system. If you subscribe to this (free), they send you a warning e-mail when there is a good chance of seeing the aurora in the UK. (www.aurorawatch.lancs.ac.uk/alerts) Sorry about the tiny type. The software does that when I copy a link from a google search.

Now, if we had an established observatory and a team of volunteers, it would be easy and very interesting to see if all this solar activity has any effect on the earth's vital signs by taking regular readings of all meteorological values. Does it have any observable effect on To-T, the effectiveness of orgone accumulators, the west-to-east orgone wave motion, and so on? (15. 1. 13.)

New Web-Page on Orgonomic Medicine

I had been toying with this idea for some time, when someoone enquired about  medical matters and orgonomy. So here it is - Orgonomic Medicine. As usual, I am posting it as I write it, so that visitors can see the ups and downs and problems of orgonomic research and writing. (16. 1. 13.)

More Pictures Posted to Picture Gallery

I have just added a further handful of photos to this page. They were all taken at various orgonomic events run by C O R E or to which I contributed significantly and show, I hope, what lively, interesting gatherings these are and what hard work students get down to at them. (6. 1. 13.)

Reich Blood Tests and Mother's Milk


On our new page on the RBTs I have summarised an investigation I carried out some years ago, applying the RBT to human mother's milk and bottle-milk (baby formula). The results were shocking, to put it mildly. I would like to repeat these investigations and film the results for my presentation in Italy. On the off-chance that someone feeding a baby in Preston or not too far away is reading this, may I appeal for samples of mother's milk, only a few mls needed? You can contact me on line at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk .


Important Orgonomic Article in Water Journal Published

PS. Sorry to accidentally mislead you. This is not an article on water: it is a rebuttal referenced in great detail and signed by over 20 signatories, all either mainstream academics or doctors, written to correct the usual slanderous and inaccurate criticisms of Reich and orgonomy that have recently appeared in the mainstream science journal Nature. It is a great achievement to get such a thoughtful, knowledgeable rebuttal published in a mainstream scientific journal (4. 1. 13.)
Here is the URL to a new article Dr James DeMeo, published in the journal Water,  http://www.waterjournal.org/uploads/vol4/demeo/WATER-Vol4-DeMeo.pdf His news message announcing it has only just come through and so I haven't read it and can't tell you what it is about. It is an important step for orgonomy when an orgonomic article appears in a mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific journal. Dr DeMeo is putting his money where his mouth is and reaching out to fellow scientists in the hope that eventually orgonomy will be seen and heard by a few in the scientific community. It will be interesting to see how his article is received. The whole text is available on line. (3. 1. 13.)


New Page on the Reich Blood Tests


 There is a new page posted on the Reich blood tests. The hyperlinks are now connected. (1. 1. 13.)


Progress Report 2012


How have things gone for orgonomy in the UK in 2012? Things seem quite positive, but then I realise that is an impression gained from looking at the world situation. If I narrow my focus to the UK, things are nowhere near as positive. People have done very little in orgonomy here and C O R E itself has been able to do very little, though we have made some progress here and there.


I received a wonderfully positive Christmas present, a message from Francesco in Italy, telling me that he has now finished the translation of my book, Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care. He even seems to be thinking of publication and mentions a cover design. I have set foot in Italy once for 5 days and within less than a year a book by me is ready for publication. I worked in the UK maternity service for 15 years, had two articles published in the midwifery press, talked to a few groups of midwives and student midwives and used orgone therapy very effectively on the quiet during my work, and...? Nothing! The health correspondent of The Guardian managed to summarise one of my articles without mentioning the main point of it, the effects of armouring and lying down in labour. What does one have to do to arouse serious interest in orgonomy in this country?


I have written and printed three new booklets. (Please see booklets page for latest details.) Nothing new there, but better than doing nothing. Our summer-school week took place with four students present for most of the time. One of the students asked for another such week next year and a ‘graduate’ from our Easter 2010 school wants to attend, so we are running another learning week at Easter 2013. It is good news that people who have already attended one of our learning weeks want to come back for more. We must be doing something right. As always, these enthusiasts come from outside the UK. (It’s that stuff in the water again! I wonder what it is.)


There are two other positive events to look forward to in 2013 already, again, both in Italy, a birth preparation workshop for expectant mothers and a conference on orgonomy. I shall be leading the first and contributing to the second.


 And, on top of all that, my book, Artificers of Fraud, is on the verge of being printed. There is a big hold-up at the moment while I wait for copyright permission from FS&G. They are always very slow in that department. Once that is given and we pay up the royalties, final editing of the pictures and printing can go ahead. I even have a plan B if they refuse permission, with a chapter written out, paraphrasing and commenting on the direct extracts from Reich’s works that I hope to include in the book. The book will lose a lot if I cannot quote Reich directly, so here’s hoping they will give permission. They have already offered it, against a payment of $425, but this offer, valid for 90 days, has lapsed and I have had to start from scratch again.


Web-site visitor numbers are increasing steadily and recently we have, for quite inexplicable reasons, occasionally had really high numbers on some days. The average so far this month is 57, up from a daily average for last January of 29. Some days the number is up into the eighties. The frustrating thing about these sudden increases is that there is no knowing why they occur. As far as I know there were no mentions of orgonomy in the press anywhere on those days. There is no positive effect of these greater numbers, but, theoretically, at least, the more people who visit and read, the more chance there is that a few of you will become active collaborators and contributors to orgonomy. In spite all these visitors, I still have no actual co-workers willing to help me with the important jobs of making videos and conducting experiments that need more than one pair of hands. And if Artificers takes off and generates significant demand, I shall be up half the night packing parcels of books, on my own, of course. (I think I will enjoy that in spite of the shortage of sleep!) In my darker moments I still wonder what the hell I need to do to get even half a dozen Brits interested in orgonomy. Any ideas, anyone?


Our scientific facilities have improved markedly this year with the purchase of a small lab oven which allows complete and reliable dry sterilisation, and the excellent SP150 microscope from Brunel, as well as a further CCTV camera to go on it. We use these items on and off all the time.


Thanks to all of you who visit C O R E’s site and keep up with our activities. In particular, thanks to those of you who have made contact, visited, and worked with us for odd days, weekends and even longer periods These visits are always inspiring and lively. Special thanks for those of you who are working (unpaid) on translations of my booklets and birth book into Greek, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Some of these translations are already available. See the booklets page for details.


The continuing indifference towards orgonomy of the British means that my main anxiety, the fate of  C O R E’s priceless library and collection of scientific equipment when I go to join the orgone dots in the sky, is as great as ever, if not greater, as there is now a year’s less time left. These collections have cost thousands of pounds to buy and the way things are at present will probably end up in a skip in the street. Even disposing of them on ebay or ABE at the best price that can be obtained would take some hard-working volunteer days and days of work. There is no-one with that sort of time and energy, let alone anyone with storage space and the commitment to orgonomy that means they would collect, pack, and move all these valuable items to a place of safety until there is an orgonomic centre in the UK where they can again see the light of day. So… if you care about the fate of orgonomy in this country, THINK ABOUT IT! The only ‘solution of last resort’ that I can think of at the moment is to collect enough money from C O R E’s UK supporters, if there are any, to pay for long-term commercial storage. This will demand donations from supporters of fifties and hundreds, not to mention thousands, not ten pounds here and there. And if the payments dried up, as they probably would after a few years, the storage firm would just sell off the collections or even dump them. Ignoring this little cloud on the horizon…


2013 may, just may, be an eventful year for C O R E and orgonomy. If Artificers attracts any attention, C O R E and orgonomy may be plastered all over the papers, probably covered in vitriol. The abuse heaped on Reich and his work on the publication here of the Orgasmatron book shows what awaits, if the book becomes known. The other side to that is, of course, that scientists will be publicly challenged to repeat Brown’s and Reich’s experiments A few open-minded people may learn of orgonomy’s existence and a few teenagers may have the courage to try the bion experiments for themselves. It could be very interesting. Watch this space.


Thanks again for your interest. I wish all of you a happy and orgonotic 2013 and look forward to meeting some of you eventually.


Peter Jones. (29. 12. 12.)


Christmas Present for C O R E

What a message to get just before Christmas - our very active friend and supporter in Italy, Francesco D'ingiullo, has completed the translation of my book on orgonomic midwifery and baby-care. Grazie, grazie, to you Francesco, a million times. He is already investigating how to publish it and a graphic artist is preparing a cover design. Incredible, beyond belief. Meanwhile, back in the UK, er.....better not say! (25. 12.12.)

New Question and Answers Page

 A couple of enquiries have made me realise that a Q and A page might be a good idea. I do get a small trickle of questions from site-visitors about, for example, building an accumulator or buying a microscope, so there is material that may be of interest to you. I know from teaching experience that if one person has a question usually lots of other people do, too. I have already posted the two questions to which I have replied publicly, one on pain in childbirth and armouring and another on a lactation problem and will post any further questions and answers arising, unless, of course, an enquirer asks specifically for a private response. To make it easier I have tried posting a guest-book at the bottom of the page. I don't really know how that works and have never posted or used one before. Here's hoping that it encourages people to communicate. (22. 12. 12.) 

New Page on the History of Orgonomy

I have posted a new page on the history of orgonomy. It has occurred to me that the huge amount of information on this site is a bit too much for many people, (and so I have added some more!). But this page is just a straight sequence of dates, what happened when and when Reich's main books were first published. This will, I hope, help students of orgonomy to gain some picture of how orgonomy developed and took shape. Orgonomy did not just jump out of Reich's head, ready-made, it grew through a series of discoveries and theories, one item being very dependent on the one before. I am adding important events and publications since Reich's death.  I have compiled it from memory and it is by no means complete. Many of the dates need to be confirmed. Readers - please give us some feed-back about this page, or any other pages, for that matter. (14. 12. 12.)

Site Visitor Numbers Reach 25,000

It seems a bit of a landmark, to have reached such an apparently enormous number, twenty five thousand site-visitors. But our site statistics tell us that most visitors spend a tiny amount of time on the site and only 30 seconds or so per page!  If you are one of the more interested few who read your way through the whole site or at least large parts of it, thank you for your interest in orgonomy. We look forward to further visits from you and perhaps, dare I say it, even the odd e-mail message. The daily average number of site-visitors over the last two months has been 51. So far this month, December, it is about the same. (5. 12. 12.) (PS 27. 12. 12. It's now 57 a day.)

Continuum Concept Interview and RIP Jean Liedloff (1926-2011)

There is a long interview on YouTube with Jean Liedloff, the author of The Continuum Concept -http://youtu.be/zA4HGXeMgCU . If there is one thing you follow up from your visit to this site, please make it this video. The Continuum Concept is the most important book ever written about children and child-care. Thanks to our friend and colleague in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, for telling us about this important video. After Christos sent me this link, I wondered if Jean was still alive, knowing that by now she must be very old, at least 80+. I discovered that she died on March 15th, last year at the age of 84. I much regret not knowing about her death at the time. An RIP notice almost two years late does not do service to her great achievement in writing that book. Our apologies to her memory.  (3. 12. 12.)

Easter School On Again (by Popular Request)

Thanks to interest from people who have already visited C O R E to study with us, we are running another Easter study week in 2013, dates March 30th - April 6th. It is also posted on our Events Page, though at present there is no more information that this. I will add information as things take shape. (20. 11. 12.)

Publication of Artificers of Fraud

 Yes! This is getting real enough and close enough to be a forthcoming event. Exactly when it will be available depends on the printers and before that a few last minute loose ends that I have to see to. But it is on the way and you can place orders direct with C O R E now if you wish. If you order direct from C O R E it means more money paid to our building fund. (All proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to C O R E's building fund. No-one is profitting from the sale of this book.) If you order from your local bookseller, the ISBN is 978-0-9574850-06, the title is as above, author Peter Jones, and publishers Orgonomy UK. If you want to pay us for a direct order, please make cheques payable to C O R E. Our postal address is, from December 3rd, 

Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ

Eventually, on-line payment will be arranged for our foreign purchasers. Cost - £15:00 plus £1:00 postage and packing. The extra £1:00 is a conservative estimate and this may go up when I know exactly how much postage is. If you don't yet know what the book is all about, please go to the ArtificersofFraud page. For further information concerning the book, please contact me at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . I have just added some extracts from the book on the same page for the benefit of possible buyers. (13. 11. 12.)

New Video Uploaded on YouTube

At last I have managed, after hours of struggling, to upload our last video, on wood-rot and bionous disintegration. Here is the link - http://youtu.be/824xMAm7lpM If this doesn't work, you can also find it via my channel, orglancs. (12. 11. 12.)

Portable TV Monitor for Bion Experiment Demonstrations

We have just acquired, (via ebay, where else?), a portable HD TV monitor for use with our SP150 microscope and CCTV camera. This means that we now have all the equipment needed to demonstrate the bion experiments to an audience in a venue where there are no microscope facilities. It will all go on a folding trolley with pneumatic tyres which makes for safe transport of these delicate items to almost anywhere. Watch this space for a photograph soon. Orgonomy revives the eighteenth century tradition of peripatetic scientific showmen! (8. 11. 12.)

New Film on Reich out in Austria

A new biographical film about the latter part of Reich's life has just had its premiere in Vienna at the Viennale film festival there. It has been shown in English and Austrian and German  viewers will, apparently, have to wait a while until it is released in a dubbed version in German. It will be on public release in January next year. It's called The Boundary Man and is directed by Antonin Svoboda. The title is an unfortunate translation of the original German which, as far as I remember, Grenzmann or Grenzmensch, suggests a man out on the edges of the world or society, and would be better translated as Outsider or Man on the Edge or something like that. Anyway, it has appeared and been well received, producing a big effect on the audience at the premiere. Thanks to our colleague, Philip Bennett, for this information. For more information see these two links provided by Philip; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2180549/ and http://oe1.orf.at/artikel/321094 . (7. 11. 12.)

New Article on the 'Why Don't People' Page

I have posted some further thoughts on the old question of why people can't let themselves be interested in orgonomy. This will only interest those of you who are interested in the wider questions around orgonomy - why are so few people drawn to it? What can we do to get other people interested? And so on, the old chestnuts that go on and on asking themselves, to the point of tedium. (4. 11. 12.)

New Page on the Basics of Orgone Therapy

The latest new page is Muscular Armouring. This explains the basics of orgone therapy and muscular armouring and includes the complete text of C O R E's recent booklet Everyday Orgone Therapy. This booklet is an attempt to explain the basic concepts of orgone therapy in everyday language and through the shared experience of being a human being.  (31. 10. 12.) 

Contacting C O R E

From December 3rd, 2012, C O R E will have a P O Box number. This is in preparation for receiving orders for Artificers of Fraud, which will, we hope, be published before the end of the year. Our postal address will be

Orgonomy UK, PO Box 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ.

Please note, this will not be operational until Monday, December 3rd. If you want to order a copy of Artificers of Fraud before then, please send your order by e-mail to info@orgonomyuk.org.uk

Further News of Our Investigations of Bions and Wood-Rot

Alas, I spoke too soon in the paragraph below. I have not been able to upload our latest video on wood rot and bionous disintegration, well, not in any usable form. The definition was almost completely lost and I have removed it. That is after about 20 hours' work on the project, half of which was making the video, the other half trying to upload it. There are not many ways in which I can advance C O R E's orgonomic work in this country and make contact with the general public. The loss of the pathway to YouTube is a serious setback. If you think you know how YouTube's uploading system works and may be able to help, please contact us at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk .

At last, after hours of head-banging frustration, I have managed to upload this important video to YouTube. Here's the link - http://youtu.be/BTRmZTQYWTU If this doesn't work, try my orglancs channel or search for it under its title, WoodRotasBionousDisintegration? There is also further information about this video on the YouTube Videos Page and the Bion Page. (26. 10. 12.)

This work continues to produce very interesting findings. Please see the Bion Page for more information and watch out for our forthcoming YouTube video, which will be posted within the next few days. (24. 10. 12.)

New CCTV Microscope Camera

We received from Brunel Microscopes earlier this week a JVC CCTV camera for our SP150 microscope, another improvement in our facilities for bion research and the recording of our findings. This also means that we are now equippped to give public demonstrations of the bion experiments to audiences with no microscopes of their own. Linked to a TV monitor, this camera will show a bion culture to a roomful of people. See Bion Page or Facilities for more details and pictures. (15. 10. 12.)

Orgonomic Functionalism

Another new page is now on the site, Orgonomic Functionalism. Yet again, it includes, one.com's software permitting, but it has been a tiring battle, the full text of C O R E's booklet of the same name. I don't suppose this will interest many site-visitors, but it is an important part of orgonomy and will definitely interest the few serious students, who I know visit the site. Thanks for your interest. As usual, please let me know what you think of it. No-one ever gives me feedback about these texts via the website,  though I get plenty face to face at orgonomic gatherings. (8. 10. 12.)

The Orgone Accumulator and Picture Gallery

A new page on this site is about the orgone accumulator - how to make one, what you need to make one, and what to do with it when you have made it. It is still being written at the moment, but should not take long to finish, as I have done this all before in C O R E's booklet on the subject. I have also posted a page of photographs of things and people at various orgonomic events run by C O R E or to which I have contributed. They also include some pictures of activities at C O R E itself. At the moment they have no captions, as I have great difficulty in arranging the page, as you can see. I can't manage to centre the pictures or to put space between them. I shall be adding pictures to this a few at a time. (5. 10. 12.)

Where's the Truth?

This is the title of the last volume of Reich's diaries, letters and personal documents, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux and edited by the redoubtable Mary Higgins with an introduction by James Strick. Congratulations to them for their great efforts to establish the reality of orgonomic history. I don't think it has been published in the UK, but it is available via several sellers on abebooks.co.uk/ I have only read a few pages, but so far it seems to be full of tragedy and loss, the unbearable agony of Reich's persecution by his enemies and his terrible sense of isolation. During the period covered by this book, from 1948 until his death in 1957, he was moving so fast, covering such huge distances, that no-one was able to keep up with him. Please read this book. If you can't afford to buy it, request it from your local library. This will mean that they will buy the book and that it will be available for other people to read. (1. 10. 12.)

New Page - Information on Our YouTube Videos

There is a new page on this site - YouTube Videos, which gives readers further information about our videos, their background, books to read to find out more about the experiments in question, and how to try them yourself, if you have access to a microscope. (1. 10. 12.)

Responses to New Bion Video

 Our new video on the growth of bions from stainless-steel filings has not had as many early viewers as other videos from C O R E, but it has already elicited two scientific responses from viewers, one as a comment and one in a private e-mail. It is very encouraging to know that people who are aware of the importance of this work have their ears to the ground and respond when something new and important emerges. These serious, contactful responses are more important than huge numbers of viewers. The finding does raise some basic questions, important to both orgonomy and ordinary science. I have no explanation myself for this unexpected finding and have just posted the information in the hope that other people will firstly check the finding itself and then think about it and see what it means and why it occurs.

For those of you reading this who do not know about this work, I found that filings of pure copper, a relatively 'hard and shiny' metal, though not very hard, produce no bion growth on the addition of potassium chloride. I therefore assumed that stainless steel, much harder and more resistant to chemical reaction, would not produce bions either. But I found, to my surprise, that it showed an enormous and vigorous growth of bions and that it was possible to see the bions and little groups of them in strings emerging from the side of the stainless-steel filing. This investigation is quite easy to carry out. If you have a microscope, please get down to it and repeat it! Thanks to the two people who have already responded for your interest. (27. 9. 12.)

New Page on Spiral Cultures

I have just posted a new page on Spiral Cultures. This includes the text of the booklet of the same name that I wrote some years ago after visiting the Newgrange burial chamber in Ireland. This is a very interesting, but neglected area of orgonomy and one which lends itself easily to study by anyone with an interest in the subject. You don't need any scientific instruments or background knowledge to get on with this project, except a camera and the means of getting to the sites dotted about the country. At a pinch, I suppose, a little point-and-shoot camera costing £60 would do the job and you could travel round on a bicycle, if funds are short. (26. 9. 12)

Video of Orgonotic Pulsation on YouTube

There's a lovely short video, only a few seconds long, of the peristalsis within a small aquatic worm, seen under the microscope on YouTube - http://youtu.be/OlvoH-ap_34 This is an excellent example of this function, nice and slow, and easily observed. (25. 9. 12.)

Further Bion Video Uploaded to YouTube

There is yet another of our videos on YouTube - http://youtu.be/flLHOPNrSaI . Please see Bion Page for more information. This one is film of an unexpected finding, the generous growth of bions from stainless-steel filings and the complete absence of it from copper filings. (25. 9. 12.)

Hay-Infusion Progress - Bionous Disintegration in Rotting Wood

Please see our Bions Page for the latest report on our hay-infusion experiment and also for news of a new project, the investigation of rot in wood as a process of bionous disintegration. (14. 9. 12.)

Important New YouTube Video from Germany

Our colleague in Germany, Oliver Gerlach, has just posted an interesting new video on YouTube. This ( http://youtu.be/FQfNBowvsxg ) film of the contents of the atmosphere sucked into distilled water adds some solid evidence to the air-germ controversy that plagued Reich in his day. If this is new to you, please look up the relevant section of The Cancer Biopathy (pages 74-81), and then take a look at Oliver's video. (5. 9. 12.)

Further Investigation of Hay-Infusions

We are conducting further research in the possible origin of amoebae in hay-infusions. Regular visitors to our site will know that Olive Gerlach and I saw amoebae which had apparently originated in a hay-infusion in a Petri dish. There is a video of these ameobae on YouTube, (URL  http://youtu.be/5VkVYqK0B98 ). I have devised a further experiment to exclude the possible contamination of the cultures by amoeba 'spores' in the air. Please go to our Bion Page for the latest news of these investigations. (28. 8. 12.)

20,000 Visitors to C O R E's Website

Sometime tonight or tomorrow morning our 20,000th website visitor willl click to open our site. The last number listed on one.com's statistics was about 19,978, if I remember correctly. This seems a huge number and is some sort of a landmark, surely, but for all those visitors only one has taken up our offer of a free booklet on orgonomy, although we have had longer communication with a few e-mail contacts and they have bought several, if not many, of our booklets and have attended events or even visited. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to look at our site. I hope you will return for more information about orgonomy. We are adding news and even completely new pages all the time. The daily average number of site-visitors is now in the forties, at present this month, 43. (26. 8. 12.) 

Another Orgonomic Microscope out in the World

There is now yet another microscope out in the world, being used for bion study, once our supporter has got the hang of using it. It is C O R E's own Brunel SP100 model, which is now on long-term loan to one of C O R E's rare supporters in the UK. There are now, on the last count, 7 microscopes dotted about the world, either bought with our help and advice or on loan from C O R E. There are four in the UK, one in France, one in Cyprus,  and one in Brazil. A further local student plans to borrow one from us when she has set up a safe home for it. There may, of course, be others that we do not know about. It is just possible that someone has read the Bion Page, been inspired by it, and gone out and bought a microscope. We would love to hear from any site visitors who are doing any practical orgonomic work. (26. 8. 12.)

Summer School - August 2012

Thanks to the four hard-working and committed students who attended and contributed to C O R E's summer school this month, our first open event since our Easter school in 2010. As I expected from previous experience, this was a stimulating, enjoyable week from which I leant a great deal as well as the students. Many inspiring ideas surfaced as we worked, talked, and ate together. The students have already asked me to run a further week, possibly in the spring. Interested students of orgonomy are still welcome to visit C O R E by mutual agreement to learn whatever you want to learn here. You don't have to limit your options to our formal learning weeks, though obviously learning with others is always more interesting and stimulating. Thanks to all of you, Eliza, Francesco, Iain, and Lyndsey, for your enthusiasm and hard work. (25. 8. 12.)

 RIP Mihaela Ursuleasa, Romanian Pianist, 1978-2012

I don't suppose for a minute that Mihaela Ursuleasa had ever heard of Wilhelm Reich or orgonomy before she died suddenly and at a very young age a couple of weeks ago from a brain haemorrhage. But you do not have to have studied orgonomy to honour the life energy. Her piano-playing, so sparkling, dynamic, expressive, sensitive, and emotional,  was a great example of the life force at work. I first came across her playing in a ripplingly alive performance of Schubert's Trout Quintet on YouTube. There are many videos of her playing on YouTube. If you want to hear pulsating piano-playing, you can listen to her there. (13. 8. 12.)

'Parents should listen to kids better.'

You don't say? At last! It has dawned on someone that adults do not listen to children. The headline above is a taken from last Saturday's Guardian's Family supplement. The actor and director, Chris Goode, has devised a play making use of conversations he has had with a large number of young children. The dialogue is entirely the words of real children, but spoken by adult actors. His 'discovery' is talked about in the article as if it were an entirely new idea. What does the Guardian think goes on in schools? Do the adults in charge ask children what they want to learn and how they want to learn it? I don't think so! During the same weekend we hear new plans from the government to make competitive sports compulsory for all primary school children, a perfect plan for extra hours of tedium for many children and utter misery for a few exceptional children who just hate sport. Can't these people remember what it was like to spend an hour on a freezing, windy football pitch when you can't stand football? Experiences like that 'teach' you to hate football and all those who want to foist it on you. Compelling children to learn anything, however lovely and desirable it may be in theory, teaches those who do not wish to learn it to hate the subject and also those who inflict this torture on them. Of course the attitude to children's wishes and feelings in schools is only a continuation of what most parents inflict on their children at home anyway. But it's a good sign that someone feels strongly enough to write a play about it. All power to Goode's elbow.

The play is to be given its premiere at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh from August 14th-26th and will be performed at the Unicorn Theatre in London from September 25th-30th. Please go and see it, if you live within reach. Presumably it may be shown in other parts of the country eventually. (12. 8. 12.)

Further New Video on YouTube - Amoebae in Hay Infusion

We have posted a further important video of amoebae first spotted by Oliver Gerlach and filmed with our Sony CCTV camera. This video shows amoebae that appear to have originated  in a hay infusion. We are already working on a further refinement that will exclude the possibility of the amoebae entering the culture from the air, which is, of course, possible while the Petri dish is open during viewing. Watch this space! (12. 8. 12.) The YouTube link is  http://youtu.be/5VkVYqK0B98  If this doesn't work, go to our channel orglancs. Thanks to Danny Lowe for invaluable help with the IT side of uploading this video.

Viewers of Our New YouTube Video

Our new video on YouTube has collected 28 viewers during its first day on the site. Thanks to those viewers. I hope you found the film interesting and inspiring. I know it has sent at least one of C O R E's friends scuttling back to his microscope and encouraged one of our younger supporters to ask to see the real things down a microscope. Imagine having seen the bions under the microscope at the age of four! You can scroll down to the URL on this page. (9. 8. 12.)

New Web-Page on Natural History and Orgonomy

The newest addition to this website is a page on Natural History. This includes the complete text of C O R E's booklet, Natural History and Orgonomy. This page and the booklet are an attempt to show visitors/readers the deep common functioning principle of nature within humans and nature without. It was inspired by seeing a page in the RSPB's magazine about nature and children, which automatically made the assumption that nature is something outside children, something that they should be told about and offered the opportunity to experience. This is, of course, the default position of western culture, that humans are somehow different from and above the rest of nature. Please visit the page, if the idea that this is a mistake appeals to you. (9. 8. 12.)

Seed-Germination Experiment Booklet Posted to Site

As part of out continuing efforts to make contact with the organic-growing community, I have posted the complete text of C O R E's booklet  A Seed-Germination Experiment with the Orgone Accumulator to the Organic Growing Page. It seems pointless, as this group of people seem resolutely indifferent to orgonomy, but we keep trying. The discovery of the orgone, the orgone accumulator, and knowledge of the bions are of supreme importance to plant science and soil-fertility and of great practical relevance to organic growers, but so far, in spite of extensive efforts, not a word from them. If this area of orgonomic knowledge is new to you, please see the picture of the results of this experiment dotted about this site on appropriate pages (Carunchio 2012, Demonstrations of the Orgone, Organic Growing). (9. 8. 12.)


A big thanks to Oliver Gerlach for a generous donation to C O R E's precarious funds and a gift of laboratory equipment that he brought from Germany on his recent visit and kindly left behind for our use here. Participants at our forthcoming summer school will doubtless benefit from its use. (8. 8. 12.)

New Video on YouTube

The Natural History of the Bion 1, Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723)


Another miracle! (Hell, I'll be believing in god next!) I have managed to upload a new video to YouTube. This is doubly satisfying, as when I first made this video YouTube would not upload it. It allegedly had a 'security issue', whatever that means. Yesterday, I thought I would have another go, knowing from experience that what is impossible on Monday in the IT world can suddenly, for no reason at all, become possible on Tuesday. And so it has proved. The uploading took nearly 20 hours! The video is the first of four that I plan to make on the work of earlier microscopists who must have observed bions in their preparations without realising what they were. I have also made a video of the amoebae that Oliver Gerlach and I saw in one of our hay-infusion Petri dishes. I have not been able to upload this one to YouTube yet, but will keep trying, encouraged by this eventual triumph. (PS It's up now. See news item above!) (8. 8. 12.)

LATEST NEWS! AMOEBAE FOUND IN PETRI DISH HAY CULTURE. See Bion Page for details to be posted as soon as possible, probably tonight, Sunday, July, 29th.

Busy Times at C O R E

A very welcome visitor to C O R E at the moment and staying for two weeks is Oliver Gerlach, the enterprising German student of orgonomy, who has done some very original and interesting microscope work. Unfortunately we cannot risk replicating his smoke-bion experiment (www.berndsenf.de/pdf/RauchUndWasser.pdf), as it involves generating large amounts of smoke which would bring the fire brigade out, given the smoke alarms all over the building. Nevertheless Oliver is still showing me some very interesting things and I hope he is enjoying some of the interesting things C O R E has got to offer, not least, of course, our library. It is great to have another pair of hands about and to be able to share orgonomic ideas and inspirations and discuss possible new experiments and ideas. What could orgonomy achieve, if we weren't all working in isolation, dotted about the world, but meeting frequently during the working day, as do scientists in university departments or research institutes? Our work continues, busy, inspiring, and above all, interesting to the point of exhaustion. Today, Friday, July 27th we also have another visitor arriving to help me improve C O R E's mediocre website.

New Posting to Bions Page

I have just posted the last chapter of Bions for Beginners on the Bions Page for the benefit of Alexis Mari Pietak, author of Life as Energy, a book that sounds as if it might be quite orgonomic in spirit. Alas, no. the author has not, apparently, even heard of orgonomy and the huge body of work and evidence collected by Reich to demonstrate the existence and functions of the life energy. I have responded to her book with an e-mail to her and suggested she try a bion experiment. (She is an experienced microscopist.) This chapter, The Bion Experiment to End all Bion Experiments, shows you how to repeat Reich's iron-filing in potassium chloride experiment. There is a video of the same experiment and its findings on YouTube - Bions from an Iron-Filing (after Wilhelm Reich) on our channel, orglancs. (16. 7. 12.)

Another 'Orgonomic' Microscope Out in the World

Yet another friend of C O R E and student of orgonomy has bought a microscope on ebay after seeing  a bion experiment at C O R E in Preston. The instrument in question appears to be a major bargain, a phase-contrast research microscope for less than £200! I haven't done any systematic research, but I get the impression that the prices of microscopes on ebay are lower than they were. This may be due to the deep recession that has hit the UK economy. Maybe people are only buying just what they need. This is the sixth microscope bought by students of orgonomy after visiting C O R E. Another friend of C O R E's with some earlier experience of microscopy has borrowed one of our microscopes.  (11. 7. 12.)

Latest Form of Child-Abuse from the USA

Thanks to Christos Pechlivanis in Cyprus for drawing my attention to this gruesome item from YouTube and the USA. I cannot believe it when I see the latest example of the commercialisation and pseudo-sexualisation of children's bodies and emotions, but, alas, it is all too true. The latest anti-life fad in the US is, apparently, the dying of little girls' eye-lashes to make them conform to the fictitious ideal of female attractivenss at, wait for it, the age of ?7. I have watched this horrible video once and do not remember the exact age of the girl in question or even if it is given. The girl in this video is urged by her parents to have her eyelashes dyed because her natural hair colour is a coppery blond and her eyelashes are almost invisible. (Oh my God! What a tragedy!) The girl actually had enough sense of herself to not really mind what colour her eyelashes were, but eventually gave in to family pressures. 'I had my eyelashes dyed because everyone wanted me to do it.' She felt they were not her own lashes after it had been done. Presumably the dye will 'grow out' before too long, as does hair-dye. This ridiculous saga shows how easy it is to pressure a child into submission by emotional manipulation.

So... at this early age this apparently gutsy, bright little girl has been convinced that she is imperfect and made acutely aware of her appearance and what other people consider its shortcomings. Doubtless the tools for this pointless procedure were made and marketed by some cosmetics company, yet another example of the divine right to make a profit. Oh, the damage done in the world to the female sex in the name of beauty! Is there anything more beautiful in the world than a child, female, or male for that matter, romping and playing and doing and creating and learning and not giving a damn what colour her eyelashes are? If you can bear to look at it, here is the link to the video.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuChQN7o_DM&feature=relmfu  Please post a comment. Orgonomy should be engaging with these anti-life currents, which, starting in the USA, will surely before very long be seen in our own countries. (11. 7. 12.) PS If you are dark-haired, young and single, whatever you do, don't choose a mate with blonde hair and complexion. If you have children together, you might produce a girl with blonde eyelashes. What could be worse! 

Site-Visitor Numbers Increasing

The daily average number of visitors to C O R E's website is slowly, at times spectacularly, increasing all the time. About 10 days ago 70 people visited and yesterday 65. (The current average is 49.) It is always mysterious when this happens and in most cases I have now way of finding out why this has occurred. At the moment, by accident, I have. It turns out that our faithful friend and colleague in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, has posted the page Why Can't People Respond to Orgonomy? on his own (Greek-language) website. Not only have some of his site-visitors made the effort to read the article, they have given it a 'like' and then made the effort to have a look at C O R E's own site. I am humbled by the efforts of these eager people and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest. I might have known that all this new interest would not be coming from the UK! I have no idea how many people typically visit a site such as C O R E's and how our numbers compare with similar sites and in a way the numbers make no difference to the fate of orgonomy. In another way they are very important. To stand a chance, any chance at all, of running orgonomic courses and events and getting people involved actively in orgonomic projects we need a good number of supporters, not a number we can count on one hand. Every now and again, not very often, one of our site-visitors makes contact by e-mail, comes to visit and see orgonomy in action, and we have a more active supporter.  To run viable events and courses we need  100 such supporters, maybe 200. Only a small proportion of people can at any given time attend or afford to attend an event. Needless to say, we are a long, long way from those numbers. But the more people visit our site, the sooner these students and helpers will materialise.

It must take a lot of effort to read a longish web-page in English when it is not your native language and even more to look at even part of C O R E's huge site, which is growing by the day, as it is the only outlet for my interests and energies. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to all our keen Greek-speaking site-visitors and anyone else who makes the effort demanded by the reading of C O R E's material in a foreign language. (10. 7. 12.)

Orgone-Therapeutic Breast-Feeding Support

I have had an enquiry from a site-visitor with a breast-feeding problem. If there is one out there maybe there are more. There can't be many people with both midwifery experience and a knowledge of orgone therapeutics, and while trying to help this woman it occurred to me that there may be a need that is not being met. For more information, please go to the Birth Page where there is a further link to the new page.

Important New Book on the Bio-Electrics of the Animal Organism

Dr Frances Ashcroft FRS, (a well-known British scientist, physiologist, and spokeswoman for the joys of science in the UK media), is about to publish an important new book on the bio-electrics of the animal organism, The Spark of Life. Since this is, apparently, all about ion-channels and potassium and sodium, it sounds as if it is another of those books by a mainstream scientist that are tripping over the orgone all the time. Quite a coincidence to have this book appearing at the same time as another scientist, Dr Guenter Hebenstreit, has replicated the experiments reported on in Reich's The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety and confirmed his results. It comes out in a few days. Watch this space. If it seems relevant I shall post a review on this site.

If the significance of ions means nothing to you, please see Chapter IX of The Function of the Orgasm and The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety, both by Reich. Potassium and calcium ions are a basic part of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and expansion/pleasure and contraction/anxiety. (25. 6 12.)

RIP Gitta Sereny 1921-2012

The death has been recently announced of Gitta Sereny. She was born in Austria and escaped from Nazism to the UK in the war. Immediately after the war she worked helping to resettle refugee children and to re-unite them with their parents. There were millions of such child refugees immediately after World War II. She wrote important books on the psychology of 'evil' and people who were notorious for 'evil' acts, in particular, Franz Stangl, commandant of Treblinka concentration camp, Albert Speer, Hitler's armaments minister, and Mary Bell, a notorious child killer (a child who murdered other children). The biography of Stangl, Into that Darkness, is by far the most detailed investigation of the Nazi mind and hugely revealing of and relevant to the understanding of authoritarians who want to destroy races they disapprove of. Stangl started his career in the field of mass murder as an administrator of the campaign for the euthanasia of handicapped children and young adults in Nazi Germany in the mid-thirties. Like many succssful careerists, he was good at the job, got noticed, and advanced quickly in the Nazi killing hierarchy. This book of Sereny's is a must for all students of the depth-psychology of fascism. See Books to Read for full bibliogrpahical details.

Her investigation of Speer, Alber Speer - His Battle with Truth, is also deeply revealing of the emotional compromises that an intelligent but sycophantic supporter of a charismatic dictator can make to satisfy and protect his own emotional weaknesses. We now know a lot more about 'evil' character structure than we did, thanks to Gitta Sereny. All students of orgonomy should read her books. (25. 6. 12.)

New Page for Serious Students on the Study of Orgonomy

I have just started writing a new page for the benefit of the few serious students of orgonomy who may visit our site and wonder what to do next and how they can learn more about orgonomy. I have only just started the page, but there will soon be interesting and useful information on it. (22. 6. 12.)

Wyeth Withdraws from Unethical Formula-Advertising Campaign

Congratulations to Baby Milk Action on the success of their on-line petition to stop Wyeth, the makers of SMA baby-milk, running their 'road show' at various shopping centres in the UK. This was going to be an advertising bonanza with hand-outs and freebies for mothers of young babies. BMA have just issued an  e-mail circular announcing that the 'road show' has been cancelled.

Ulverston Breast-Feeding Festival

This annual event takes place sometime in August every year. You would expect C O R E to welcome such an event and to be an obvious presence there. Campaigning organisations, breast-feeding support groups, and local businesses can have stalls there to inform the public about their activities and presumably to offer their wares for sale. A natural slot for orgonomy and C O R E, isn't it? We don't get many of those, do we? So why are we not there? Because the woman running the event refused to allow us a stall! Why? Because we are too 'controversial' and may offend conventional science and be thought to be compromising the festival's independent status! The organiser had not even heard of orgonomy until I telephoned her. She took a few minutes to look at our website and mailed me back with a no! That is what C O R E is up against in this country. The contact with a wider public, already sympathetic to life-energy research and discoveries, would have been a great opportunity for orgonomy to break out of its relentless isolation. This rejection by the festival organiser was the most devastating attack on orgonomy that we have ever experienced. If such an event is hostile to orgonomy, who the hell is going to be supportive? If you go to the festival, perhaps you wouldn't mind asking the organisers why we are not there, when we have so much to offer.  

Please go to Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding for more information on orgonomy and breast-feeding and the full text of our booklet, The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding. This is also available as a printed version in the usual A5 format of our booklets with a card cover. (17. 6. 12.)

Mass Psychology of Fascism added to Work Democracy Page

As fascism raises its ugly head again in Greece, current affairs keep reminding me of the relevance today of Reich's great book The Mass Psychology of Fascism, first published in 1933 and still in print. I have therefore added it as a theme to the page on work democracy. Please see that  page for some further links to relevant videos, books, and present-day politics. (14. 6. 12.)

Wyeth Withdrawing in Face of BMA Campaign?

The Wyeth road-show bus that was going to take to the roads of the UK advertising bottle-milk for babies apparently has not appeared at its first planned venue. This shows how sensitive to bad publicity the formula manufacturers are and that it pays to sign petitions and remonstrate. (Wyeth manufacture SMA, one of the best known brands of artifical feed made in the UK. UK mothers produce a  perfect brand of milk for their babies.) Please see our What You Can Do page for more information and/or www.babymilkaction.org . (13. 6. 12.) Apparently the first three visits of this bus have now been cancelled. Please see Baby Milk Action's site for more information - www.babymilkaction.org (20. 6. 12.)

Site-Visitor Numbers Up Yet Again!

Last month, May, we had over 1300 visits to our website, only the second month ever when numbers exceded 1000, and a daily average of 42. A year ago the monthly average was about 20. So far the average this month, June, is as high. In themselves visitor numbers mean nothing, but the more people we get visiting, the more chance there is that the tiny number of people who actively engage with orgonomy may make contact and come and contribute. Thank you for your interest, especially if you are one of the few who spend more than a minute or two on the site and have a look at the whole site. (Most people spend only a couple of minutes, if that, and visit 2 pages!) (8. 6. 12.)

New Page on Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding

Have any of our readers got a beautiful photo of a baby on the breast that we can post on the new Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding page? Now I have found out how to add pictures to a page I am keen to add as many as I can and that page is very large and needs something to break it up and remind people that breast-feeding is a human activity that means happiness for babies, not to mention their mothers. We will post it anonymously, if you want us to, or acknowledge the mother and baby by name, if you are willing, baby's permission in writing, please. Please send to C O R E at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk 

The topic of breast-feeding and infant health seems to be popping up everywhere and it seems that the importance of the bio-energetic bond beetween mother and baby is being completely ignored. So it seems important to post my booklet on the topic to this site, so that a few people may actually read it. It is still available in its original paper form. The text is not yet up on the page but will be by tonight. (6. 6. 12.) Later same day - the text is now up and hyperlinks to it are active. Thank you for your patience, if you have had to wait for it. PJ.

Important New Swedish Research on Prematurity

I admit I have got this from the UK Daily Mail, often not a great source for accurate information, but the source of this is pretty solid. I don't normally read this paper, but found myself dipping into it casually in the local library after looking someone up in the DNB. I found there a summary of some recent Swedish research on the long-term effects of premature birth on mental health. Apparently there is a significant difference in the rates of serious mental illness in adults who were born at term and those born prematurely, (before 37 weeks of gestation according to 'official' medical categories). A suggested explanation mentioned in the article was that premature birth does something to the brain chemistry. Yes, how predictable, since brain chemistry and activity is the flavour of the month at the moment. Orthodox medicine and approaches to infant care inspired by it have no awareness of bio-energetic contact, contraction, and expansion, so will miss the catastrophic effects of the complete deprivation for the baby of emotional contact with his mother, often for weeks from birth.

There is an opportunity for some really deep comparisons here, as premature babies born in poor countries are not subjected to the isolation of neo-natal intensive care, as they can't afford it in such places. Premature babies are cared for in contact with their mothers, commonly called 'kangaroo care.' In some countries, eg, Brazil, even normally born, full-term babies are bunged into incubators at birth. See video de parto normal on YouTube for an example of this horror. The privileges of prosperity, eh?

I will try to get the original report and post more accurate information about this topic, as it is so important to orgonomy. For the time being UK readers can find the summary in the Daily Mail for Saturday, June 2nd. As far as I can see, there was no mention of this report in The Guardian of the same day. Funny that, eh? (3. 2. 12.)

New Page - Work Democracy and The Mass Psychology of Fascism

I have restarted this page and restored the hyperlink, though I have only written a few paragraphs so far. It is very definitely 'to be continued.' (31. 5. 12.)

I am writing a new page, on the topic of work democracy, a much neglected topic amongst students of orgonomy in my experience, especially amongst those interested only in the therapeutic side of orgonomy. The page is under construction, as IT nerds put it, ie, I am still writing it. I think it is quite educational seeing a written item taking shape, seeing how it changes and how the author shapes his/her arguments, so I  have made a hyperlink to it for the few site-visitors who I expect to be interested in this topic. And if I am wrong and hordes of interested readers all click on the link immediately, well, so much the better. (30. 5. 12.) PS One.com? Don't you love them? The page has disappeared without trace! I had only written a few paragraphs, so it won't be long before I get it started again and up to where I was. God, what a crap software system this is. I'm sorry about the delay, if you were getting interested in the topic. I've deleted the hyperlink for the time being. (30. 5. 12.)

Vision and Muscular Armouring

Our colleague in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, has sent us a link to an interesting video on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4BDvF1K85w This is about the Bates method of vision treatment. The speaker makes clear reference to the contribution of stress and muscular armouring to vision problems. Work on remobilising the eyes is a basic part of orgone therapy. The eyes immobilise a massive amount of energy and opening them up therapeutically can have a huge effect on a person. The effect is not just 'emotional.' The eyes of someone who has worn glasses for years may change so profoundly that they no longer need to wear them. As far as I know, practitioners of the Bates method are fairly easy to find and there is a great deal of material available on line and in book form about the method. There even seems to be some do-it-yourself material and DVDs about. Thanks to Christos for reminding us of the existence of all this useful information. Watch out for my next booklet, Eyes, Armouring, and Orgone Energy! Please also see our Quotations Page for a comment by the video maker, Greg Marsh, which is a very honest admission of the scepticism and hostility that someone with a western scientific training instinctively feels towards a natural school of healing. Greg has given me permission to reproduce it on our site. (30. 5. 12.)

 Nestle's Attempts to Undermine Breast-Feeding in the Philippines


Nestle, yet again, are trying to undermine a lawful government's strong policy that protects breast-feeding and places limitations on the freedom to peddle artificial feeds to mothers of young babies. Please sign the on-line petition (link above) and do everything you can to support Baby Milk Action, who campaign tirelessly to protect breast-feeding throughout the world. There are not many public campaigning organisations whose aims are totally in agreement with orgonomy. BMA is possibly the only one! You can become a member and so support them with cash and committment. Their website is at www.babymilkaction.org/ They have branches or equivalent organisations in most countries. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO! Here's a link to a short, informative video on the topic on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zctp7VGeUew&feature=colike

If the connection is not obvious to you, Wilhelm Reich pointed out the importance of the bio-energetic bond between mother and baby for the baby's health in The Cancer Biopathy, (pages 383 - 385 in the currently available edition), first published in 1948. This bio-energetic bond is ensured by breast-feeding.  For more information, see C O R E's booklet - The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding (also available in Greek and Italian). (29. 5. 12.) (Now posted in full on its own page here.)

Saturn Easily Visible in Southern Sky in Northern Hemisphere

It's not, strictly speaking, orgonomy, but I assume anyone alive enough to be interested in orgonomy will also be at least mildly interested in astronomy. You can see Saturn, the planet with the spectacular rings round it, very easily at the moment in the southern skies. Look slightly west of south in the night sky at about 2300 or later and about, respectively 30o and 40o above the horizon you will see two 'stars' making a line almost vertical to the horizon. The higher of these two is in fact a planet, Saturn. It looks tiny and even at 100x, seen through C O R E's spotting scope, designed for bird-watching (!), produces a minute but perfect image. Our larger Newtonian reflector had to be taken down to protect it from the building dust and we haven't been able to set it  up again yet. This gives a larger image. (28. 5. 12.) We have got it set up again now.

New Developments in C O R E's Bion Research

The page devoted to the bion experiments started out as a simple how-to-do-it feature for younger visitors to our site tingle.com , now discontinued for lack of interest. I have started adding short reports of anything new and interesting that we do at C O R E. If you are interested in Reich's bion research, please visit this page now and again for interesting updates on our work in this field. (27. 5. 12.)

On-Line Orgonomy Forum

One of C O R E's friends has just set up an orgonomy forum. (PS December, 2012. No he hasn't! Without warning or explanation, the forum has disappeared from the web. This is what people do in orgonomy. Strange. I have no explanation.)

Site-Visitor Numbers Up Again

We have already collected over a thousand visitors this month and it's only May 24th - progress indeed. Thanks for your interest, those of you who have taken time to look at our pages. If the statistics are anything to go by, most visitors surf the site for seconds and spend no meaningful time with us. Never mind. We are making contact with one or two serious students of orgonomy here and there and that is progress. I just wish more of you were from the UK and near enough to come and help C O R E with our work! (24. 5. 12.)

Pulsating Bions Seen in Lancashire

A visitor to C O R E and I saw a wonderful example of shimmering, blue bionous pulsation last weekend. Go to Bion Page for details. (24. 5. 12.)

Asking Orgonomic Questions about Birth

A couple of days ago C O R E received the following enquiry from a German student, Sebastian Buhr. It touches on two vital issues in orgonomy, so vital that, with his permission, I am posting his question and my reply.

Firstly it is a great example of a good orgonomic question. The question focuses on the great differences in women's experience of childbirth and the possibility, (actually a fact, but Sebastian was not sure it was a fact), that labour may not automatically be painful for all women. It touches on the fact that we do not have an explanation for the difference in pain and distress experienced in labour by different women.

Well, the reason why I'm writing is, that I've one short question to you that bothers me. In his book "The Emotional Plague" Charles Konia describes that severe labour pains result from pelvic armor. My question is, if all women, armored or unarmored, have labour pains or are there unarmored women who don't have these pains at all?

My answer was the following:

Thanks for your enquiry. You are a good orgonomist! You have hit the bullseye with this question. The answer ist ganz klar [quite clear]: with most women having some armouring and many a lot of it, there are still a small number of women who give birth without any real distress and who enjoy giving birth. The best birth I have witnessed was that of a young girl having her first baby. She didn't need any external pain relief at all and gave birth squatting in an atmosphere of complete calm and silence. As we say in English, you could have heard a pin drop. I have witnessed maybe half a dozen other, similar births. Careful, gentle orgone therapeutic support can also help a woman to give birth much more comfortably than she would have done otherwise.

I was so delighted to receive this enquiry that I sent off a reply almost immediately. On reflection I would add that in my years in the NHS I witnessed many more births that, although not entirely pain-free, were still completely bearable, enjoyable, and satisfying for the mother, who just made use of Entonox (a gas mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen commonly used in UK midwifery) for the strongest contractions. Most women expecting their first baby are fixated on how much it is going to hurt and see the pain as an immovable obstacle to be avoided or dealt with as effectively as possible. The 'pain of labour' is not a fixed item at all and changes according to the woman's position, movements, how fully she is able to breathe, and the moral support she gets. The keys to a good labour (from the mother's point of view) are remaining upright, moving about, breathing fully, and having contactful moral support.

So much of the everyday misery of human life is taken for granted as natural and part of the 'human condition' and the refusal to question this is one reason why no-one is interested in orgonomy. Examples that we all experience ourselves or see in others are - the pain of childbirth, the wretchedness of many new-born babies, the 'terrible twos' of toddlers, adolescent sexual conflicts, the loss of interest in learning in many adolescent boys, the 'yob' culture, racism, political authoritarianism, the rarity of happy, satisfying marriages and adult sexual partnerships, the destruction of the environment, moronic, stupifying entertainment, and so on, on and on. Someone open to orgonomy questions these things as natural and finds that orgonomy can explain why they are so common and what we might do about them.

I have learnt from experience that no-one wants to ask any question to which the answer is 'muscular armouring'. Any such question is automatically avoided. People do not want to be reminded of what they have done to themselves. Intuitively they know the answer and do not want to face this answer, which is emotionally upsetting to most people. Unconsciously they are aware of the causes and run away from any explanation that might reveal them. (21. 5. 12.)

Wilhelm Reich's Observations Confirmed by Top UK Doctor and Government Adviser

Have you ever noticed how orthodox science and medicine with one hand pours scorn on Reich's discoveries and theories and then quietly, unannounced, with the other hand, confirms his claims without admitting it? The subject of today's regular Radio 4 program, Desert Island Discs, was Lady Sheila Hollins, a professor of psychiatry, an expert in the care of those with learning disabilities (she has a son with such difficulties), a life peer, and President-Elect of the British Medical Association. According to what she said in this program, when she was a GP starting out on her career as a doctor, she realised that 70% of her patients had significant emotional problems and decided that she needed further training in psychology and psychiatry in order to be more able to help her patients. She found the subjects so interesting that she stayed within the specialty and became an authority in the field. If you have read The Function of the Orgasm you will have read there that Reich realised that almost everyone had sexual disturbances and/or emotional difficulties. (See chapter III and pages 96-97 of The Function, currently available Farrar, Straus & Giroux edition, if this is new to you. Also available in the UK, published by Souvenir Press, recently re-published in a  new edition. Your UK bookseller can obtain a copy for you in a few days.) (13. 5. 12.) 

Unalloyed Good News

It is good to be able to post something that is utterly joyful and positive and here it is. There was a woman at the Carunchio meeting, (see separate page, Carunchio 2012, if you are interested), expecting her third baby after two Caesareans. She was already about due. Needless to say she wanted to avoid another CS and was planning to give birth in the care of a midwife who was also at the meeting. I have just heard that she has made it, no details, but, certainly, no CS! Warmest congratulations to mother and midwife for your courage and skills. (Unfortunately I cannot remember the lady's name. She was only there for one day.) If you are pregnant and in a similar position, please remember, it can be done! For a midwife there is nothing so satisfying as helping a woman who has had a previous CS through to a vaginal birth. I know. I managed it myself many times in the NHS. (National Health Service, for our foreign readers.) 

If you wonder why I am making so much of this, the sort of birth a mother has has a crucial effect on her capacity to satisfy her baby's need for orgonotic contact in the vital hours after birth. Imagine the difference between the bio-energetic state of a mother who has just had major surgery and one who has simply worked hard for a few hours. There is also lots of evidence to show that a baby needs to experience the process of birth to get going physiologically and psychologically. (See the chapter on birth in the book, Touch, by Ashley Montague, if you want to follow this up. His theory is that the skin-stimulation of the contractions of labour is the human equivalent of the licking of the baby animal by the mothers of all other mammalian species. According to Montague, an anthropologist, there is no human culture anywhere where the mothers of new-born babies lick them at birth in the way that cats, dogs and lions do.) The importance of the mother's bio-energetic state after birth and of the birth process for the baby's future vitality are ignored by conventional maternity care. (9. 5. 12.)

WRG Meeting in Berlin

If you don't know, WRG stands for Wilhelm Reich Gesellschaft and Gesellschaft means society. We could do with an organisation like that in the UK, couldn't we? This meeting marked the twenty fifth anniversary of their foundation. It consisted of contributions on what the Germans call Koerpertherapie, Reich's bio-electrical investigations done in the nineteen-thirties, and Thomas Harms' emotional first aid work with babies and parents.  I met Guenter Hebenstreit, who repeated Reich's experiments for his PhD. I am hoping to persuade him to come over for our summer school week, so he can tell us more about this work. It seems from what he was able to tell me at the meeting that the equipment needed to repeat this work is not too expensive or complex and that he can obtain plans for me from the technician who set up his system for him. Watch this space! (7. 5. 12.)

Website Visitors Record?

Website visitor numbers have now topped 1,000 for the first time in any month, 1080 to be exact. When we started two years ago the numbers were less than a couple of hundred a month, if that, so we do seem at last to be getting known. At this rate we might get a volunteer or two, even a financial donation. The daily average at the moment is 36 and going up slowly all the time. This is very encouraging news. (1. 5. 12.) PS 8. 5. 12. Not so slowly! It is now 46 a day. Cheering news indeed.

The number of visitors to C OR E's website in April so far stands at 943. We have never quite managed 1,000 so far in any month, but it looks like we will make it this month, even though it's a short one. The daily numbers at the moment are a steady 30+, on occasion over 40. Thanks to you all for your interest. There is even some from within the UK! Two enquirers are arranging to visit at the moment and shortly a young microscopist of 9 and his mum are going to visit so he can see and do a bion experiment himself. He will be by far our youngest visitor. It's progress but it's still tiny, a small handful of the thousands (almost 15,00) who have visited our site since it was opened. If you are a new visitor to this site, please go to our Events Page to find out about our forthcoming summer school week in August, from the 18th to the 25th. If the bion experiments are new to you, you can read about them on our Bions Page. (28. 4. 12.)

Important New Book by Roberto Maglione

Here is information about a new book by the Italian orgonomist, Roberto Maglione. It is in English, so, Brits, the thousands of you interested in orgonomy, please buy it and lend it to your friends. Roberto is, needless to say, unknown in this country. He plugs away, doing important orgonomic research and has written or contributed to several important books on orgonomy, all of which help to bring it to the attention of the wider Italian public. He regularly presents his work ar orgonomic conferences.
        Methods and Procedures in Biophysical Orgonometry by Roberto Maglione

Foreword by Richard Blasband (Center for Functional Research, Sausalito, California, USA); and afterword by Vincenzo Valenzi (Lium University, Bellinzona, Switzerland), and Fulvio Bongiorno (Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy )
The book (xviii + 234 pages, 134 b/w illustrations, and 16 tables) consists of five chapters recording the first experiments and results obtained by Reich, until to the latest findings by many students and researchers in thermal, electroscopical, radioactivity, hygrometric, and gravimetric orgonometry. An introductory chapter, concerning orgone energy’s and orgone devices’ characteristics and peculiarities; and a closing chapter on the quantitative evaluation of orgone energy potentials, complete the book.
The book is written in English, and it is addressed to all who want to learn the theoretical and experimental basis of biophysical orgonometry, as well as to those, already acquainted with Orgonomy, and want to deepen their knowledge in the field.
The book is available via this website: http://ilmiolibro.kataweb.it     (25. 4. 12.)

Orgasmatron Doesn't Get Short-Listed

Followers of the Orgasmatron saga will be delighted to know that that dreadful book has not been short-listed for the Orwell Prize. Thank God for that. There is some sanity in the world after all. The list was announced last night in London and has been published on line under various headings, on newspaper sites and on the Orwell Prize's own site. (25. 4. 12.)

 Hay-Infusion: Further Confirmatory Findings

I am continuing, slowly, in fits and starts, with my hay-infusion experiment. In this investigation I boil ten times, (yes x10!), over 10 days, infusions of chopped hay in water. Each batch consists of 6 vials sealed with a metal stopper and substantial rubber internal seal. I then autoclave them at 120oC for 30 minutes and leave them to brew for at least a week. (According to the theories of conventional microbiology there ought to be nothing living in such a culture.) I usually open one after seven days and the others at weekly intervals. This sequence has been disrupted by my recent visit to Italy on important orgonomic work. Last night I opened a second vial from this batch and found the usual items, plenty of single bions, beautiful little dark things, spinning and dancing away. There were also small numbers of pairs dancing in mutual attraction and repulsion and more complex agglomerations of bions, bending chains, (as described by Brown in 1828!), and motile clumps.

I checked the sample on both C O R E's Olympus BX50, our high-grade research microscope, and our Brunel SP150. (What an excellent microscope this is for its price.) I flamed the slide and coverslip before placing the sample of fluid on the slide. Simple, isn't it? What is stopping you all having a try yourselves? I shall have a batch ready for students to observe during our August summer school. (18. 4. 12.)

The Orwell Prize

The short-list for this prestigious prize will be announced in London on April 24th. Please keep your ears and eyes open for this announcement, (www.theorwellprize.co.uk ). If the prize is given to Turner's demolition job on Reich it will be a disaster of the greatest magnitude for orgonomy, not to mention the Orwell Prize. It will be an event worthy of '1984' itself, if a prize carrying the name of a man devoted to the relentless exposure of the truth is awarded to a writer whose book is one big, malicious demolition job, an example of the worst sort of lie there is, the lie of omission. If you are a newcomer to our site and wonder what this is all about, please go to Orgasmatron Review. See also recent news items below. (18. 4. 12.)

Planets in the Night Sky

It may not be orgonomy directly, but I assume that anyone alive enough to be interested in orgonomy will also be interested in the cosmos and astronomy. You can see Venus and Jupiter, complete with its moons, very easily in the western sky after sunset at the moment in the northern hemisphere. Later on in the night you can also get a good view of Saturn, the planet with rings round it, above the southern horizon. Jupiter and Saturn are truly spectacular. It's worth borrowing a telescope or pair of binoculars to have a look at  these. I had  a look at Jupiter through C O R E's giant binoculars (see Orgone-Watching page for a sight of these) last night, an impressive sight. (16. 4. 12.)

Further News re Bions from an Iron-Filing

Regular visitors and those of you who follow my videos on YouTube will know of my replication of Reich's simple experiment that shows the almost immediate production of bions from an iron-filing in potassium chloride (KCl). A few nights ago I repeated this experiment using boiled water instead of KCl to confirm that it also works with water. (It does.) I had decided to add this experiment to Bions for Beginners, which I am writing at the moment, and wanted to be sure it works with water, as KCl is difficult to obtain and may not be available to students wishing to carry out this investigation. (It is a dangerous poison if taken in large quantities.) (14. 4. 12.) PS It turns out that many chemicals such as KCl that responsible educational suppliers won't sell to the public are easily available in convenient amounts on ebay.

Self-Regulation and Continuum Weekend at Carunchio, Italy

World First? Italian Government Subsidises Orgonomy!

Well, they didn't really, but Francesco tells me that the town municipality, who run the school buildings that we rented for our seminar, receive subsidies from the central government, so, without really knowing it, the government of technocrats has helped orgonomy and the continuum concept on the way. Thank you! The joke would have been even better if Berlusconi had still been prime minister, wouldn't it? Ah, well, you can't have everything, PJ.

Anyway, warm thanks to the thirty or so participants and their children who attended and an even greater thanks to Francesco D'Ingiullo, who organised the event, for the enormous amount of work that he put in on our behalf. I was absolutely staggered at the amount of work this event generated, and that was just what I saw in the two days beforehand and all the shifting and running necessary to prepare the rooms and to tidy up afterwards. I don't notice it so much when I am doing the same myself. No wonder I am tired after an orgonomic event. Thanks also to the many participants who helped Francesco with the endless fetching and carrying, and especially the cooking, in particular, Frederica, whose vegetable soups are divine. Ditto to whoever cooked the marvellous roast potatoes on the last day, roast-potatoes to end all roast potatoes!

Francesco feels the event was very successful and he is already planning another one before too long. I thought it was successful, too, though as I was a main contributor, it is not really for me to judge, but the general mood by the end seemed very positive and appreciative. A great delight of the weekend was the sight of so many unarmoured, vital babies and children. There is so much to say about this event that I am writing a report on a page of its own. Please go to Carunchio 2012. (12. 4. 12.)

New Web-Page

I have started a new page What You Can Do. This will contain information about other groups or individuals working in ways that are compatible with orgonomy. It will also include any URL placed anywhere else on this site, so that students who wish to follow up leads can find them all in the same place. So far there is only a single organisation mentioned. That is because I have had this idea just before I leave for Italy for a week. Expect further additions as soon as I return. (1. 4. 12.)

Reich's Bio-Electrical Findings Confirmed by Austrian Researcher

While the Orwell Prize judges consider a book written as a demolition job on Reich and his work as a possibly fit recipient of their prestigious award, news comes of yet another confirmation of Reich's original scientific findings. You can see the whole PhD at this URL -


This is the whole text, 500 pages of it. It is all in German, needless to say, though there is a short summary in English at the end and an index at the beginning, so you can find this quite easily. This work appears, on first sight, to be typical of what researchers produce when they seriously and quietly get down to replicating Reich's work. They confirm his findings and come up with further important findings that suggest that the work is very definitely worth further development and that it has produced fertile research leads. Dr Hebenstreit appears to come up with significant findings relating the electrico-dermal readings to personality types. This is a perfect example of the information about Reich and orgonomy that Turner resolutely refuses to look at and pointedly excludes from his book, an example of the lie of deliberate omission. Thanks to Dr James DeMeo of OBRL for this information and congratulations to Dr Hebenstreit for his thorough work.

Dr Hebenstreit is speaking about his work at a meeting of the Wilhelm Reich Gesellschaft in Berlin on May 5th. Please see Events Page for further information and a URL.

The original report of Reich's research in this area is contained in The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1982. It is still in print.

The Orwell Prize 2012

It seemed the dust of abuse, ridicule, and misinterpretation blown up by Turner's mendacious Orgasmatron book had settled, but no such luck. It is back in the news, and for the most unbelievable reason of all - it has been listed for the Orwell Prize! If Turner gets the prize it will be like giving Hitler or Eichmann a prize for inter-racial harmony. For those site-visitors too young to know much about Orwell, who died in 1950, it is worth saying that he was the most persistent, cussed, nit-picking stickler for truth and had no compunction about pointing out the falsities of those on his own side of the political fence. Any author who receives the Orwell prize is automatically seen as a paragon of committment to the truth, as someone who speaks 'truth to power'. He particularly pointed out the worst lie of all, the lie of omission, where one can foist a big lie on the public without uttering a single word that is untrue. Turner's book is one big lie of omission in that it makes no reference whatever to any work that confirms Reich's findings and claims. Turner cannot make the excuse that he does not know about such work and the evidence it has generated, because I know that he has attended orgonomic conferences and met some of the workers who have confirmed Reich's findings. He deliberately chooses to omit all mention of these workers and our research in his book. Readers of his book would not realise that such work and workers even exist.  For a more detailed analysis of Turner's book please see Orgasmatron Review. If you feel this matters, please make representations to theorwellprize.co.uk (31. 3. 12.) (PS 18. 4. 12. I have written to the Orwell Prize chairman pointing out their terrible mistake and the damage that it will do to the prize's reputation, if this book is even short-listed, let alone given the prize.)

The Natural History of the Bion - Part I

This is the title of a new video that I have made for YouTube. It is about various early microscopists who must have seen bions in their preparations without realising what they were looking at. The histories are summarised in my recent booklet - The Natural History of the Bion. This video took many hours of careful work at the microscope to make, not to mention even longer wrestling with the dreadful Roxio video software. Alas, the film will not be seen publicly as the YouTube uploading system won't 'convert' it. I will be happy to send a copy of the video on a DVD to anyone interested enough to get in touch and ask for a copy. Another exhausting, disillusioning experience and days of wasted time to no avail whatever. I can't see a way round this problem, unless any site-visitors have any clever ideas. I have made this DVD in exactly the same way as C O R E's other four videos that are already on YouTube, but somehow this time the system can't cope with it and the YouTube 'help'(sic) team can't or won't help either. (Computers, dontcha luvem?!) PS 8/12. This video has now been posted to YouTube.

New Page on Orgone-Watching

Without any plan or intention, I find people are contacting me about observing the atmospheric orgone energy. This interests me greatly and C O R E has excellent facilities for this, so I have started writing a new page Orgone-Watching. I have now written it and it is in readable form. The information on this page is a summary of C O R E's booklet - Observing the Atmospheric Orgone Energy - and is enough to get you started in this interesting area. I'll try and post some photos of the equipment items that I have mentioned, but don't promise, as posting photos is an area where one.com's software is definitely weak. (PS 21. 3. 12. I've managed it! There is a photo posted of three of C O R E's main observation instruments. It took ages to do it.) That is why there are so few pictures on  this site. I have dozens of interesting photos taken at orgonomic gatherings and of orgonomic equipment and activities, but posting a picture reliably and without badly disturbing everything else on a page is extremely difficult and risky. The page often ends up with photos superimposed over text. (30. 03. 12.)

New Lab Oven

The Genlab oven, which has just arrived, works very well and I have already prepared and examined a peppercorn culture, using the oven, as prepared by van Leeuwenhoek in 1676 and reported on by him in his letters to the Royal Society. This preparation has produced beautifully fine bions and bion agglomerations and I have already got some good film of them. I looked at them on both C O R E's Olympus BX50 and the humble but competent Brunel SP150. If you come to our summer school in August you can benefit from this great improvement to our lab facilities. With solid materials heated to 225 degrees Celsius we can be sure that they are completely sterile before an experiment starts.  (21. 3. 12.)

The oven in question below has now arrived and there is already a peppercorn preparation being sterilised in it, partly to test it, (it seems to be working perfectly, as we would expect from a Genlab product), and also as part of our replication of the early investigations of Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723), the great early microscopist. Film of this culture will, if things go well, appear as part one of a series on the Natural History of the Bion on YouTube. This is a summary of some of the early work in microscopy, where observers must have seen bions without realising what they were seeing.  What a pleasure it is to work with mechanical and electrical equipment and microscopes again after days wrestling with the digital problems of my book Artificers of Fraud. (20. 3. 12.)

C O R E will shortly be taking delivery of a small laboratory oven, which will enable us to dry-sterilise items for our bion work up to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. (The original delivery date given by Genlab, was March 10th.) This will make any results and claims we make about bions and motile forms generated from dead materials completely 'bullet-proof' as far as sterile precautions are concerned. The use of this equipment will make our fndings definitive and above criticism. Perhaps I should have put 'rational' in front of that word criticism, as it won't stop irrational criticism, nor the accusation of 'Brownian motion.' (See our booklet Artificers of Fraud, if you want to know more about the use of 'Brownian motion' as a way of explaining away Reich's discovery of the bions and bionous disintegration. (17. 3. 12.)

Reminder to our Russian and Ukrainian visitors

According to our site statistika our website gets more visitors from Russia and the Ukraine than it does from the UK. Пожалуйста, связывайтесь по-русски с нами. Мы довольно хорошо говорим по-русски, и очень ждем ваших  расспросов.  

tingle.org. closed down

Regretfully I have closed down C O R E's site for younger students. In almost two year's on the internet, it has produced no enquiries whatsoever, believe it or not, and it is just not worth spending the relatively small hosting fee to renew its presence. During the first year of C O R E's presence on the internet I paid £99:00 for the sake of two e-mail enquiries, surely the world's most expensive and pointless marketing campaign ever! tingle.org has exceeded this by far, costing £40:00 for no enquiries over two years. Welcome to any younger visitors to our site. If you are curious enough to have got this far I am sure you will be able to get something from the information here. Please enquire further, if you are having difficulties. I can cope with enquiries in Russian, German, French, Scandinavian languages, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, in that order, though I can only reply in the first three languages listed here. (10. 2. 12.)

New Bion Video on You Tube

C O R E  has posted another bion video to YouTube, Bions from an Iron Filing (after Wilhelm Reich). http://youtu.be/8IXIvoBZ9AY This is a very simple experiment written up by Reich in The Canceer Biopathy and the video is a plain replication of it. Simple it may be, but it demands some explanation of what we see here, if Reich's discoveries are the rubbish that science says they are. Doubtless the government will shovel in double quantities of that mysterious anti-orgonomy chemical that they put in the public water and that will stop people from noticing this film. Repeating this experiment, originally devised by Reich, is another example of that strange, yet 'normal' experience that I keep having with orgonomic work. I repeat carefully what Reich himself did and describes in his book, at times, literally, with the book in one hand, as I follow his instructions, and...? The result is exactly as described by Reich. Yet again, practical work confirms his findings. Stand by for further bion videos. The new SP150 microscope has inspired me! Watch out for The Natural History of the Bion. (1. 2. 12.) (PS Apologies to those trying to find this new video on YouTube. I have made it, but can't  upload it. The usual, abstract problems with the software, even though I made this video in exactly the same way that I made the others in, same camera, same software, same procedure to upload, but for reasons best known to YT, their system won't or can't upload it. Apparently many people have the same difficulties (11. 5. 12.).

New Microscope from Brunel

This microscope gets better and better. Inspired by the high quality images on screen on C O R E's HD TV monitor, I made a small film-clip, just to see how it came out. This was so good that I made several more and have compiled a video of them for YouTube, which has now been posted, after hours of slog with the impossible, unstable Roxio software. I won't be doing that again in a hurry. It has already had one viewer, only ten minutes since uploading. Here's a hyperlink to the video, Rock-Dust Bions. (21. 1. 12.)


On Tuesday last we took delivery of a new Brunel microscope, their SP150 model. I have tested this with a fresh bion culture prepared from SEER's rock-dust and various other items and the results are phenominally good, with very clear, sharp brightfield images, even at 2000x using 20x eyepieces borrowed from another instrument. It comes equipped with the usual 10x eyepieces. The item that seems to contribute to such excellent optics is the iris diaphragm in the light source, providing true Koehler illumination, as well as the plan objectives. (Many cheaper microscopes do not have this facility, which gives users much more control over the lighting.) We will be happy to demonstrate this instrument to any visitors. (And we have already got one booked in for February and somebody coming soon after that, dates not yet arranged.) Linked up to our Sony CCTV camera and TV monitor, this microscope gives uncannily sharp images on screen, every bit as good as those we get from our Olympus BX50, which, given the difference in prices, is hardly believable, but true. (18. 1. 12.)

 Cyprus Seminar Follow-Up

C O R E's committed and indefatiguable colleague in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, organised a follow-up meeting for anyone interested enough to want to take things further after the recent weekend seminar on orgonomy in Levkosia/Nicosia. The meeting took place last Saturday, January 14th. Nine people attended, including two new people who did not attend the seminar. Good news for orgonomy in Cyprus! (16. 1. 12)

H C Bastian's The Beginnings of Life Reprinted

Students of orgonomic microscopy and Reich's bion experiments will be interested to know that H C Bastian's classic work on spontaneous generation, The Beginnings of Life, which is very relevant to Reich's bion work, is now in print again. It has been reprinted by forgottenbooks.org as two volumes, in exactly the same format as the original of 1872. The price on Amazon (they don't sell direct) is about £20:00. There is a lifetime's work for several orgonomic researchers in these books. It is cited by Reich in The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life. Bastian (1837-1915) was well-known in his day, but has been quietly buried by history as the loser in a  bitter scientific war with Pasteur, Huxley, and the Darwinists of his time. As with Reich, his work was never disproved, it has just been ignored and quietly buried beneath the sands of history. C O R E's latest booklet, H C Bastian's Plastide Particles and Wilhelm Reich's Bions makes the connections between these two bodies of work. (7. 1. 12.)

RIP Dr Heiko Lassek 1957-2011

C O R E regrets to announce the death of Heiko Lassek, a well known figure in orgonomy in Germany. He died peacefully at home on December 28th. Our informants are unaware of the cause of death. Apparently he had been unwell for some time. (5. 1. 12.)

2011 - Review of the Year as Lived by C O R E

In many ways 2011 was a great year for C O R E. We must be known to many more people now than at the end of 2010. My contributions to the research conference at Karavomilos in Greece and to the seminar in Nicosia in December were received warmly by listeners and I have made several new orgonomic friends. Two of C O R E's booklets are now available in Greek and my book Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care is being translated for publication in Greece. Our daily average visitor number for 2010 was 9. For 2011 it was well into the twenties and we had one month, September, when the average was 31. Numbers are continuing strong, though erratic at times, for January this year.This is all great progress.

Note that all this progress is taking place outside the UK, where the relentless indifference of the Brits to orgonomy continues, as glacial as ever. Worse, orgonomy has been the victim of highly public slander and malicious, ignorant attacks in many national newspapers by reviewers of the wretched Orgasmatron book, who clearly know nothing of orgonomy or Reich's work. This makes the job of establishing orgonomy in this country, or simply of putting it before the public, well-nigh impossible. C O R E still has not a single active supporter who we can call on for help to run our events and research projects. It's beyond belief isn't it, to someone reading this page in Greece or Russia or America or Brazil, but that sad fact is true. I am not exaggerating. Still, it could be worse. (At least I'm not in prison.) Many thanks to our colleagues and supporters in Greece, Cyprus, Brazil, and the US for helping us to keep the flame alive. Warmest wishes to you all for success in your work in 2012. (3. 1. 12.)

C O R E/KKO's Event in Cyprus

Thanks to all the participants in our weekend orgonomy seminar in Levkosia (Nicosia) last weekend and to Christos and Andry for the enormous amount of work you must have put into organising it and drumming up interest and bookings. There were around 20 students present each day with a very varying knowledge of orgonomy. The event  was, in spite of a few minor problems, well received and lively. Thanks, too, to the few people who have e-mailed me with feed-back. There were some disappointing aspects to the event. The local midwives who had apparently expressed some active interest, did not appear. (Yet another country whose maternity-care system is perfect. Along with the UK, that makes two!) The surprising thing about this event was that a few of the participants had found out about it by accident, coming across flyers, in one case, for example, placed in someone else's handbag. She read it, thought it sounded interesting, and decided to come. I think you would have to distribute a million leaflets, maybe two million, in the UK to get even one such customer. The idea of someone coming across a flyer for an orgonomic event, reading it, and deciding to come, just like that, is inconceivable in this country. The radio interview did not materialise: the interviewer, Rosie Charalambous, was apparently ill with 'flu. This might have brought in a few more participants and maybe a baby or two for the demonstration of orgone therapy with babies. Unfortunately we had no babies for me to work with and we had to be content with talking about it and a showing of the video made at C O R E's Easter school in 2010.

Participants bought about 60 copies of C O R E's various booklets, of which I took a generous collection, expecting these to be popular, as they usually are at orgonomic events. Two of my booklets, on orgone therapy with babies and orgonomic midwifery, are now available in Greek, translated by Stergios Tsiormpatsis and edited and printed by Christos Pechlivanis and Andry Andreou, to all three of whom many thanks for your tireless committment and work for the event. (22. 12. 11.)

To those of you about to attend our event in Nicosia (Levkosia) at the weekend, I look forward to meeting you. See you there. It looks like it's going to be a lively event. (PJ. 13. 12. 12.)

As you will know if you read our site regularly, I am going to Cyprus next week to help run a weekend seminar on orgonomy. The event has been organised by Christos Pechlivanis and his colleagues in Nicosia. This event goes from strength to strength even before I have arrived on the island. Local midwives are interested and going to attend. This is such a positive development. Even a few doctors have shown some interest. (Unthinkable in the UK.) I have been trying to get midwives interested in the use of orgone therapy in childbirth for decades, without success and here we are, in Cyprus of all places....! The English-language program of CyBc (Cyprus Broadcasting) are going to interview me, (on Thursday, 15th, at 1900, for those in Cyprus able to listen. You can also listen to the program on line. Just put CyBc into a google search and their site comes up first. When you get to the site find the Second Program. I'll try and update this more accurately before next Thursday. Sorry, I haven't been able to, but you should still be able to find it from this information.) To UK site visitors...do you see the point? This is what orgonomy needs in this country to get off the ground and become known and for its treasures to benefit the wider public. Why does this sort of thing never, ever happen in the UK? This is 'happening' in Cyprus because active, committed people are getting off their arses and working to publicise this event. The population of Cyprus is a hundredth the size of that of the UK and yet there is more interest there than here! You can help orgonomy by telling your local media about it when something interesting happens or write and correct inaccuracies when orgonomy gets any publicity. Have you thought of organising an orgonomic event in your area - a bion workshop, a simple talk, an orgone therapy weekend, a birth workshop? I tried the BBC and local media when arranging our 2007 conference. No interest at all beyond a pathetic uncomprehending summary of material I gave them in the local paper! While Turner's book of rubbish and lies (Orgasmatron Review) gets mainstream reviews in all the influential papers in the country. Thank God for Cyprus. (8. 12. 11.)

New Page on This Site

When Turner's Orgasmatron book appeared earlier this year I was so appalled by it and the positive reviews it was getting that I wrote my own review. To read it, please go to Orgasmatron Review. (7. 12. 11.)

Weekend orgonomy seminar in Cyprus, December, 17th-18th.

The weekend meeting in Cyprus goes from strength to strength. I keep getting reports of interest from new individuals almost every day from our indefatiguable supporter and  colleague, Christos Pechlivanis. Someone, a professional cameraman, wants to film the proceedings. An amateur cameraman/woman would be a great advance here! (Any offers, UK readers?) (7. 12. 11.)

The weekend meeting on orgonomy in Nicosia, Cyprus, (Levkosia to natives), organised by C O R E's good friend, Christos Pechlivanis, is going ahead as planned and seems to be generating lots of interest. Already a few students from mainland Greece are travelling to Cyprus to attend. We expect at least 30 participants. There has been an enquiry from a midwife-teacher, who is informing her students and colleagues about the meeting. (Print some more Orgonomic Midwifery booklets, PJ!). The population of Cyprus (600,000) is a hundredth of that in the UK (60,000,000). ???????? No, I don't understand why either. (3. 12. 11, updated 5. 12. 11.)

Yes, C O R E has now had more than 10,000 visitors to our website since we set it up anew in March 2010 with one.com as our new service providers. Thanks to all of you for your interest in orgonomy. In spite of that apparently large number, we still urgently need help with the site and still have not heard from anyone who can help with computer graphics. The reason why the site is so limited, little more than a Word article, is that I lack any but the most basic computer skills and cannot manage to insert pictures on our pages or add videos. We have some interesting film and still photo items that would make our site much more interesting and informative, but I have given up trying to get them on to the pages after hours and hours of fruitless labour. This is the nth time I have appealed for assistance with this work. You would need to live in the UK and be willing to spend time on the phone now and again to advise us with our website problems. C O R E will pay for the phone-calls, of course. (3. 12. 11.)

10,000 web-site visitors?

At some point in the next day or so, our 10,000th visitor will look at C O R E's web-site. The numbers so far amount to 9,960 or so. It is hard to be exact as one.com's statistical services do not run to a counter that logs every single visit. Site owners can find out how many visitors they are getting but only about every 24 hours, so we will never know exactly when we top the 10,000 mark. Thanks to all our site-visitors for your interest in orgonomy and C O R E's work. (26. 11. 11.) 

Wonders never cease! C O R E has received an enquiry about our birth work. After about 18 months since our new site was posted, one, single enquiry. Needless to say, it has come from outside the UK. Assuming one enquiry every 18 months from a random selection of westernised countries, we might get one from within the UK in about 15 years. Patience, patience! Rome wasn't built in a day. (27. 10.11.)

Please see our Quotations Page for an interesting new quotation on seeing the orgone in the sky.  Our web-site visitor numbers continue to increase steadily, both to C O R E's and tingle.org.uk's site. (7. 9. 11.)

Further Uninformed, Malicious Attacks on WR and Orgonomy

BMJ 2011;343:d5873 doi: 10.1136/bmj.d5873 (Sorry this is so tiny. The software won't blow it  up.) This link, if link it be, connects you to another ignorant, contemptuous review of Turner's Orgasmatron book, in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), by a consultant physician, of all people, Dr John Quin, a consultant at a hospital in Brighton. Yet again, someone who obviously knows next to nothing about orgonomy and Reich swallows whole Turner's warped and mendacious version of events without ever even wondering if 'all this is true.' Dr Jorgas Kavouras, German GP and author of Heilen mit Orgonenergie, says that any doctor who does not treat a patient suffering from burns with the orgone accumulator is guilty of medical negligence. The core of Turner's book is his 'demolition' of the orgone accumulator, which Dr Quin assumes to be true. There's something wrong here, isn't there? I have no idea how many readers the BMJ has, (10,000-20,000?) but I imagine hardly any of them will have heard of Reich or orgonomy. Now they have read this review they will all think Reich was a charlatan and that orgonomy has got nothing to offer medicine. Welcome to the UK, where medicine is perfect, almost! (6. 10. 11.)

My posting to the comments on the review cited below with C O R E's web address below it three days ago has produced no noticeable increase in the number of visitors to our site. This demonstrates how little interest the UK 'intelligentsia' has in orgonomy. However orgonomists have responded positively to defend Reich and orgonomy. The mindless, prejudiced critics are not getting it all their own way. (29. 8. 11.)  

The Independent has today published a review of Turner's dreadful Orgasmatron book. This is possibly the worst one yet, worst in that it embraces Turner's position of contempt and scorn wholeheartedly, ending with the words, 'Turner is to be congratulated.' It is clear that the reviewer, Michael Bywater, knows nothing of orgonomy and does not suspect for a minute that Turner also knows very little about it. I have posted a comment on the web-page containing the review in an attempt to correct some of the falsehoods. I have attached C O R E's web-address. This will be another bit of informal research into the status of Reich and orgonomy amongst the UK intelligentsia. I will also be writing a letter to the editor today. UK site-visitors - please post your own comments and/or write to The Independent's editor to do something to stem the tide of falsehood and abuse under which orgonomy is drowning at the moment in this country. (26. 8. 11.)

Website vistor numbers continue to increase steadily. The daily average for August so far is 27, three times the daily average for 2010 of 9. (24. 8. 11.)

Microscopy at Very High Magnification  

Thanks to the indefatigable Stergios Tsiormpatsis, who attended the Karavomilos conference, for the long-term loan of an Olympus 250x microscope objective. He found this on ebay and has dug out three other such high-power objectives. For those of you who don't know about orgonomic microscopy, these high-power objectives are not made any longer and are vital items of equipment for the observation of bions and their energy functions, which are only possible at very high magnification, above 3000x, a level not provided by conventional biological microscopes. C O R E now has 2 microscopes that provide magnification levels of over 5000x for our bion research and teaching. The images produced are particularly clear on our high-definition TV monitor. (25. 8. 11.)

7,000 visitors to our website! Thanks for your interest. It would be nice to hear from a few of you, especially any Brits who look at the site. (There probably aren't any, as far as we can tell.) (16. 8. 11.)

OBRL Research Seminar, Karavomilos, Greece

OBRL's bi-annual seminar on new research in orgonomy took place last weekend, August 6th-7th, in Karavomilos, a small holiday and fishing town on the coast of Eastern Greece. This was an extremely lively gathering, full of energy and interest. About 35 participants from Greece and about another 10-12 from various other countries attended. The population of mainland Greece is ten million. Pro rata a UK conference would mean about 200 students! Congratulations to all our Greek friends and colleagues for their committment to and interest in orgonomy and thanks to Thanassis Mandafounis, who organised the meeting. Traditionally this meeting is run every two years, alternate meetings in the USA at OBRL, the intervening ones being arranged in other countries wherever there is enough interest for a co-ordinator to emerge. The small Italian contingent present have already offered to run the seminar in 2015.

The yougest orgonomist in the world, Soleima, looking down a microscope with his dad, Francesco, looking on, during an informal  microscopy session in the evening, after arranged events.

As a result of this conference and contacts generated by it, I have been invited to present and teach at an orgonomic event in Crete, possibly next Easter, in Paris sometime in the near future, and at a seminar on self-regulation and the continuum concept in Italy next April. Costas Theodoribosis, the proprietor of Reo, the publishers of Reich's books in Greek, has offered to publish my book on Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care in Greek in a small quantity. One of our Greek colleagues who attended C O R E's 2010 Easter school was already translating this, when Costas found out about it at the conference. (It is also being translated into Portuguese by another participant at our Easter school.)

Thus does orgonomy advance, sometimes spectacularly, outside this country, while the UK press publishes mendacious, slanderous reviews of the Orgasmatron book, reviews which kill any chance of orgonomy ever taking root here. Two or three more such reviews have appeared in the last couple of weeks. I have written a detailed critique of this book and hope to get it published somewhere or other in the mainstream press, though the chances of achieving that are pretty low, I readily admit. If I can't get it published, I will post it to this site.(12. 8. 11) PS 12. 12. 11. I have now posted this review on another page. Please go to Reviews Page.)

Another Dismissive, Ill-Informed Review of Turner's Orgasmatron

Another  deeply negative review of Turner's book on Reich has appeared, this time in The Financial Times. When I say negative, I mean about Reich, not about the book. The reviewers seem to like the book. They are fooled by its scholarly appearance. The FT reviewer calls the book 'well researched.' Turner gets away with this because reviewers obviously know nothing about orgonomy. Well researched is one thing this book is not. How can a writer who confuses Die Funktion (1927) with The Function (1942, in English) deserve any respect at all? (These are completely different books.) Turner has not, apparently, spoken to a single living, working orgonomist while preparing his book! If he did, it would, of course, interfere with  his stance that the orgone accumulator is a load of rubbish and that Reich is to blame for the 'sexual revolution.'

But in the meantime visitor numbers to our website increase steadily. The daily average for July was 26 and the month's total over 800, an increase of about 30% on last month's numbers. These numbers have still not produced any enquiries or contact with committed UK students of orgonomy, but I suppose they eventually will if the numbers go on increasing at this rate. (2. 8. 11.)

Guardian publicity for Adventures with the Orgasmatron

Apathy in the UK towards Orgonomy

Now the dust has settled after The Guardian's huge spread on the Orgasmatron book and after all those extra visitors to C O R E's website...? Nothing, niente, nichts, rien, nic. Not a single e-mail, not a single request for further information, no orders for the free booklet on orgonomy that we offer to all new enquirers. But let's not be too pessimistic. A new enquirer who contacted C O R E just before The Guardian storm broke in effect ordered a copy of Artificers of Fraud, our first order for this book, which is not yet out. But it's coming, slowly. See its special page. (21. 7. 11.)     


My letter to The Guardian has produced a surge of visits to C O R E's website, 65 yesterday, about three times more than usual. It hasn't produced a single e-mail from these visitors, though. Still, thanks for visiting. We look forward to hearing from you eventually. (15. 7. 11.)

In response to the enormous spread of publicity given to Adventures with the Orgasmatron last Saturday, July 9th, in the Guardian Review, I sent the letter below to the editor.

Concerning Orgasm addict (Review, July 9th), there is no connection whatsoever between naturism and the work of Wilhelm Reich, orgonomy. Your use of a photo of naked women dancing in a field to pair nudity with Reich and orgonomy is the lowest sensationalism. There are so many errors and distortions in Turner’s article (extract?) that it is impossible to deal with them all. Suffice it to say that there is much scientific research on the effects of the orgone accumulator, including two randomised control trials. Reich never claimed that the accumulator would ‘improve its users’ orgastic potency’ (Turner’s quotes). Orgastic potency is damaged by muscular armouring and Reich made it clear that the accumulator had no effect on this and could not ‘dissolve repressions’ (Turner’s quotes again). The small rise in temperature in an orgone accumulator has been replicated and refined in great detail with modern computerised temperature readings by Dr James DeMeo of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, (presentation in the UK in 2007, see also his website).

            Weatherwatch of July 6th says the orgone ‘has yet to be detected by orthodox science’.  It never will be detected by science, because science refuses ideologically to even countenance such a concept and resolutely dismisses all evidence and orgonomic experimentation, however rigorous, as pseudo-science.


It was published in the paper today in the following form. The paper reserves the right to edit all letters that it publishes.


WR: mysteries of the orgasm addict

There is no connection whatsoever between naturism and the work of Wilhelm Reich, orgonomy, (Orgasm addict, review, (9th July). Your use of a photo of naked women dancing in a field to pair nudity with Reich and orgonomy is sensationalism. There is much scientific research on the effects of the orgone accumulator, including two randomised control trials. Reich never claimed that the accumulator would "improve its users' orgastic potency". Orgastic potency is damaged by muscular armouring and Reich made it clear that the accumulator had no effect on this and could not "dissolve repressions". The small rise in temperature in an accumulator has been replicated and refined in great detail with modern computerised temperature readings by Dr James DeMeo of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. The orgone will never be detected by science, because it ideologically dismisses such a concept as pseudo-science.

Thus does the press, even the 'enlightened' journalism of The Guardian pull orgonomy's teeth. Still, it's a lot better than nothing. The cutting out of the reference to evidence and experimentation is particularly damaging and greatly reduces the letter's impact, I think. I signed off above C O R E's full name, so any interested readers can easily google C O R E, find our site and contact us. In the on-line version of the letters column there is a hyperlink to James DeMeo and to C O R E. By 1015 today, no messages from any readers. This will be a bit of accidental research, won't it? (14. 7. 11.) PS And so it proved. There was not one single e-mail enquiry from Guardian readers after my letter was published. (For our foreign visitors - The Guardian is a leftish paper typically read by the allegedly most intelligent and educated segment of the population, graduates in the humanities and social sciences, professionals, and 'feminists.') So now we know what they think of orgonomy, don't we? 

Unprecedented Onslaught on Orgonomy in UK Media

I used to complain that Reich and orgonomy got so few mentions in the UK media. That was better than the present situation, where distorted, pornographic versions of orgonomy and Reich's work are all over the media, with ignorant, lascivious comments pouring in from readers. The Guardian's review for July, 9th carried an enormous spread on Chris Turner's recent book, allegedly on Reich and the orgone accumulator, Adventures with the Orgasmatron. The spread included a photo of naked women dancing in a field. There is no connection whatever between naturism and orgonomy and the picture is simply pure lascivious commercialism, as any newspaper editor knows that naked bodies sell. This guilt by association, theirs not Reich's, is a well-known tactic of the gutter. It is grotesque that a paper allegedly catering for the intelligent graduate population stoops to such underhand and malicious deception. And in the meantime people who are suffering, in many cases, suffering dreadfully, perhaps even dying, are denied the benefits of orgonomy, because in this atmosphere of drummed up ridicule and contempt no-one is going to give Reich's discoveries a second look. These distortioners have blood on their hands. If you care about the truth and orgonomy, please write to the relevant editors putting the record straight and demanding correction and/or retraction, as appropriate.

There is even a dig at the cloud-buster in The Guardian's Weatherwatch column of July 6th. The orgone is described as having 'yet to be detected by orthodox science.' Well... no it hasn't been and never will be, as orthodox science resolutely refuses to even countenance the concept of the orgone and will not look at any evidence for its existence or effects, however scientifically that evidence is gathered. The orgone is branded with a rubber-stamp as pseudo-science and laughed out of court. (10. 7. 11.)

More Untruths about WR and His Work on UK Television

Visitors to our website in the UK may have watched the recent series The Sexologists on Channel 4. The episode broadcast on July 23rd had a few minutes on Wilhelm Reich. The information was very limited and in one important case completely untrue. The narrator stated that women patients were brought to orgasm in therapy sessions and that this was the aim of the therapy. This is not true. There was a clip showing an actress purportedly having an orgasm in a therapy session with a male therapist present. 

The program seemed to be an uninformed mixture of a fantasy of what orgone therapy is like and the true facts of Reich's important experimental work carefully carried out and written up in his book, The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety, first published in German in 1937 and republished in English in 1982. No references are given in a TV documentary, so we cannot know where the program makers got their information from. I have sent a complaint to Channel 4 pointing out the error and asking them to broadcast a correction, as do our better newspapers when they print something that is not true. Needless to say, they won't do this and the damage is done. Another few hundred thousand viewers who had never heard of Reich and orgonomy now think he was some sort of phoney pornographer dressed in a white coat. This makes life very difficult for those of us trying to pursue serious scientific research in the field, not to mention those who  might benefit from orgonomy and orgonomic discoveries and knowledge - expectant mothers, women giving birth, new-born babies, the emotionally damaged, premature babies, those suffering from serious accidental burns, organic growers, medical patients, those trying to combat drought and starvation and their victims - sorry, my fingers are getting sore typing this list. Well, they're only insignificant minorities, aren't they, so what do they matter? (8. 7. 11.)

Bad News

Alas, bad news for orgonomy and lots of it. Beatriz tells me in an e-mail that the TV program, which she and I had been looking forward to for many weeks, completely omitted everything she said about the unity of feelings and physiology, the mind and body being a unity, and mentions of armouring, Reich and orgonomy. This is the problem with contributing to broadcasts. You never know what the program makers are going to choose to leave out and you have no control over it. So, once again, Reich's discoveries and the enormous promise they hold out for pregnant women and women in childbirth go unmentioned, have in fact, yet again, been actively concealed. (27. 6. 11.) PS added 30. 10 14. Apologies for the mess in this paragraph. Something bizarre has happened to the software and deleting letters, etc has gone quite mad in the first line. I just can't get it to work and the item is important, so I have left it., for readers to get the point of the censorship, even if Beatriz's name becomes invisible. Beatriz is a colleague in Brazil active in the movement to rehumanise birth in that country.

As well as this, a new book has just been published, Adventures with the Orgasmatron, by Chris Turner, a British author. It has attracted little attention in the UK so far (it won't be published here until August), but has already been widely reviewed in the US and these reviews include the usual tide of ignorance, distortion, slander, and pornographic fantasy that seem to stick to Reich like glue. Apparently the book includes hefty doses of these poisons, too, though I have not read it yet. If you are knowledgeable about orgonomy and Reich's life and work and come across any of these inaccurate reviews, please write in to the journals/programs/papers concerned to put the facts straight or let C O R E know about them, so we can do the same ourselves. It is vital that knowledgeable people stand up for the truth in these cases. (27. 6. 11.)

Belatedly, because of the problems with the other page, thanks to the 8 students who came to study at C O R E over the Easter holiday period and during the weeks after Easter. The turn-out was impressive and some of you clearly made enormous sacrifices to get here to learn. Thanks also to those of you who made generous donations to C O R E's precarious funds and made offers of help with time and work to advance some of our long-planned projects, which have had to be put off until help was available. It is amazing how even the presence of one extra pairs of hands makes things that would have been miracles a year ago, easily possible now. Thanks to this help we hope to push ahead with the making of an educational film on orgonomy and run our long-planned but postponed Life Energy Day in Preston. (I spoke too soon! The offer collapsed and I am still waiting for help to make that video and to run the Life Energy day.)

One of our recent visitors has bought one of our second-hand microscopes, bought on ebay for possible future students. It is very heartening to see this plan working and microscopes going out into the world to be used by committed students. This is the second such microscope to go out to a student. We also lent one to another student for a while.

Peter Jones, Preston, Lancs.

Page started and first posted 26th June, 2011, last revised June 28th, 2019.

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