Orgone Therapy with Babies

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NB Babies in arms welcome at all C O R E events

Orgone Therapy with Babies at London Event

I will be offering demonstrations of OT with babies at our London event, February  12th-18th, at the Tabernacle community centre, London W11, in Notting Hill Gate. (See news or events page for details.) If you would like to see me demonstrate this therapy with your baby, please come with your own baby. Please bring a towel and change of nappy. I look forward to meeting you there. Admission free. (7. 12. 17.)  PS Alas, there were no takers for this offer - beyond belief, isn't it?

Orgone Therapy Demonstration with Baby in Helsinki

Thanks to the efforts of Hanna Nieminem, my host in the countryside in Finland, we had a real, live baby for me to demonstrate with during my talk on orgone therapy with babies at the recent conference. Many thanks to Hanna for her efforts and to parents, Nina and Anti, for bringing their baby to the conference, and to baby Janina, for being such an excellent 'guinea-pig'. Hanna took some lovely photos of this demonstration and I will post them as soon as I can manage it. I always think that we need at least four babies to stand a chance of one of them being in the right mood to take part in a demonstration session and here we had only one, so I wasn't too hopeful, especially as Janina was already wide awake and active when she arrived. You can have four babies available and they are all feeding or sleeping at the same time, but fortunately Janina was relaxed and awake and apparently more than happy for me to show the therapeutic/diagnostic movements to participants. This delightful work always speaks very directly to those watching and seemed to be very popular with the audience. Lots and lots of photos were taken during the session.

If you live in the UK, I can come and demonstrate this therapy for you anywhere by arrangement. This is one of the easiest orgonomic events to arrange as all it needs is a clean floor and enough seating space for the audience that you have in mind and, of course, a few babies. Please contact me at if you want to arrange a demonstration or teaching session. (13. 6. 14.)

Welcome to Kyriakos!

The picture above is of Kyriakos, born May 23rd, the son of our two good friends in Nicosia, Cyprus, (Levkosia, if you are Cypriot), Christos and Andry. Thank you for sending me these lovely photos. Here's a baby completely breast-fed, at one with himself, alert, attentive, and with a hint of a smile in those lovely, open, trusting eyes. (Picture published with their permission, of course, for which many thanks.)

If anyone else reading this has got photos of any other un-armoured babies that they are willing to have published here, please get in touch. We will only publish with your permission and will acknowledge your permission by name, if you wish, or anonymously, if you wish to remain anonymous. It is important that site visitors realise that babies can be happy, relaxed, and at peace with themselves.

Milk Samples for Important Research on Breast-Feeding

Some years ago I conducted some important preliminary research on the relative orgonotic vitality of mother's milk and bottle-feed (formula). For the findings, please go to the bottom of the new page on the Reich Blood Tests. It is important to repeat and film this work and to present it to the October conference in Italy where I am to speak on the Reich blood test. (It was done before we had filming facility on any of our microscopes.) So... to do this, we need some samples of breast-milk. I know it is not very likely that anyone from Preston and feeding a baby at the moment is going to be reading this, but, if you are, will you please be kind enough to donate a few mls of your milk to C O R E for this crucially important work that supports breast-feeding? Please contact me at . Thank you. (5. 1. 13.)   More than four years later, not a single reply.  No comment! (10. 12. 17.)                 

Interview with Jean Liedloff on YouTube

Our friend and colleague in  Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, has just told me about a long interview on YouTube with Jean Liedloff, the author of The Continuum Concept, definitely the most important book ever written about the care of babies and our life-denying culture - Please, please read this book. It could change your life and your baby's life. (3. 12. 12.)

Information for Netmums Volunteers for our August Summer School

[Added 26. 8. 12. Unfortunately we did not get any enquiries at all from netmums members this year and I had to be content with showing students videos filmed at our Easter school in 2010 and a demonstration with a doll! Not the same thing at all. In 2010 we had two volunteers and were able to provide a very interesting morning's demonstration for students. I am leaving the information below posted in case anyone visiting this site wants to try out orgone therapy with their baby. Any mother (or father or granny or anyone) who would like to see orgone therapy demonstrated is welcome to arrange to visit C O R E by arrangement.]

Thank you for your interest in this vital work with babies.  I would like to do a demonstration orgone-therapy sesssion with a baby (or more than one if they are available) at a date to suit you and your baby during our summer school (August 18th-25th). This demonstration involves me making various gentle movements with your baby to test for the presence of 'muscular armouring', chronic tension that a baby may have formed to avoid the pain of unsatisfied primary needs or a difficult birth. If the baby in question has no muscular armouring the movements are simply enjoyable for him/her and still demonstrate the principles of this method to observing students. Any parents observing me do this therapy with a baby will be able to try it out themsleves quite safely at home.

Typically we get lovely, relaxed, happy babies for these demonstrations. It is lovely to meet and work with such a baby, but it would be good to work with a baby who has got definite problems such as the experience of severe prematurity, feeding difficulties, etc, so that the demonstration may actually help a baby who needs help and equip his parents and any other relevant carers with some skills that they can use with the baby in question.

The therapy is very slow and gentle and at all times I will stop immediately you, the mother, ask me to. I demonstrate the movements involved beforehand with an NCT doll the size of a full-term new-born baby. I only ever work with your baby while you are present and ask you at all times to remain within eye-contact distance from your baby, so that he/she knows you are there. You can ask me to stop at any point, if you feel unhappy with anything I am doing. In practice this never happens and no mother yet has asked me to stop. I will often stop myself, to give the baby 'breathing space.' I am all the time watching the baby intently for signs of distress. Please scroll further down on this page to see a description of what I actually do and how this therapy works.

I am a very experienced worker in this field and have demonstrated it many times in many different places. I am a retired NHS midwife and worked in the NHS for 15 years. For further information, if this is not enough, and to arrange a time to suit you, if you wish to offer your baby for this demonstration, please contact me at The venue will be in central Preston and C O R E can pay your travel expenses. We will provide a lunch and drinks as appropriate. You are also welcome to take part in any of the rest of our summer school if this interests you. Thank you for your interest. Peter Jones. (Posted August 7th, 2012.)

Event in Italy on Pregnancy, Birth, and the Continuum

This is took place over Easter, April 6th-9th. It included two demonstration sessions by me of orgone therapy with babies. For details, please go to Carunchio 2012.

This information below was posted after our, then, recent Easter school, held in 2010. We are leaving it up for the benefit of those interested in this topic. We shall be attending and contributing to an important conference on self-regulation and the continuum concept in Italy next Easter (2012). We shall post details of venue and dates as soon as these have been arranged.

Orgone therapy with babies is one of the most effective uses of Reich's orgone-therapeutic discoveries. It is easy, effective, and safe. The aim of the diagnostic movements that we make with the baby's limbs and body is not simply to 'massage' him or her. The aim is to discover whether the baby in question has any muscular armouring, the protective tensions that infants form involuntarily to protect themselves from the pain of unsatisfied primary needs. These are very common in babies who have had a difficult experience of birth or who have spent a long period in an incubator separated from their mother.

If the baby has no armouring, the experience of these movements is simply very enjoyable for her. The mother or other carer can quite easily learn some of these basic techniques and movements and the rationale behind them. There will be a demonstration of this work at our Easter school. Please feel free to attend with your baby. There is no obligation to offer your baby for a demonstration. You are welcome to come and to observe if you wish, though once you have witnessed a single session with another baby, we challenge you to be strong enough to forbid yourself and your baby the pleasure of one of these sessions.

C O R E can run a baby-therapy day anywhere within reason. The facilities needed are very simple - a warm, friendly room, a clean floor, and a handful of babies, about 6 ideally at least, as at any one time some of the babies present will be asleep, feeding, or wanting to feed. To enjoy the therapy, a baby needs to be awake, relaxed, and not hungry. I have left the information below on this page, as it applies to all our baby-therapy workshops, wherever they are held, and gives parents an idea of what to expect.

Supplementary Information about C O R E's Orgone Therapy Days 

for Mothers and Babies

C O R E’s Easter School, Herd House Farm

Baby Massage and Movement Day, Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


Information for Mothers and Babies


Thank you for offering to take part in this demonstration and teaching session. We could not continue this work without your interest. This section tells you what we will be doing and what to expect for your baby, if you decide you would like me, Peter Jones, to work with him or her.


Everything in these demonstrations is entirely voluntary. If you attend, listen to the preamble, watch me demonstrate with a life-size doll, and then decide you want to just watch, that is fine. I never work with an unwilling baby or with a baby whose mother has any misgivings about our work. In practice this work is so gentle and lovely to watch that most mothers are only too happy to let their babies have a go. Older children of, say, two years of age, will often watch and then lie down on the pillows in front of me, asking to have a go themselves. Even then, I would still ask a mother for permission to work with her baby.


The movements which I do with your baby are based on discoveries of how the healthy human body moves when there is no muscular tension present due to childhood difficulties. It is a sad fact that in our society many quite small babies already show some of these chronic muscular tensions. This is particularly likely if a baby has been in an incubator after birth, has been thorough a traumatic birth, or if his or her mother has been in a very poor condition in the vital first days after birth because of a traumatic experience of giving birth. Fortunately, it is very easy to undo these tensions in a small baby as they are at this stage fairly superficial and easily loosened.


I demonstrate the diagnostic movements on the doll at first, while I am explaining in a little more detail the principles of the adult therapy on which this work is based and which it has developed from. If this all goes well and a baby is awake and relaxed and his or her mother is happy for me to go ahead, I will put this baby down on a square of pillows on the floor, kneel over the baby as if I were going to change their nappy, with my knees at their feet. This position allows me to reach the baby without difficulty. I ask the mother to kneel down to one side in a position where the baby can see her all the time. I do not do anything without the mother being present. If you, the mother are not happy with anything I do or the condition of your baby at any time, you can ask me to stop. Your request will be respected immediately without question.


I make friends with the baby first by playing with their feet for a while and wait until the baby realises that the hands doing the foot-massage belong to the person smiling at them from above. (That’s not at all obvious, if you are very little and have not had a lot of experience of life!) Then I work down the baby’s body from head to toe picking up his limbs one by one and making a sequence of gentle movements with them. The baby’s response to these movements is what I am looking for. I will explain how we interpret these and what they tell us. This is not difficult and you can do the movements yourself at home. With the head and stomach and back, I do very gentle kneading movements against the muscles below the skin. I am all the time listening out for signs of emotional distress or pain as I do this. 


These movements, if there is no tension, are enjoyable for the baby and show that he or she has no chronic tensions. Superficial ones often just ‘give’ as I work. Muscular tension in small babies comes and goes according to the situation and only solidifies and becomes permanent, if a problem persists for a long time or if a baby has a severe, sudden trauma. This therapy can be very helpful to a baby who has had a difficult start to life. If you know of someone whose baby has had such a start, please let them know about this day and hand on our contact details. Or just offer them a lift and bring them with you. They will be very welcome.


Venue: Herd House Farm, Halifax Road, Briercliffe, Burnley, BB10 3QZ, on the right of Halifax Road, as you drive away from Harle Syke, about 3 miles from Brierfield station. We can collect you from there if necessary. Please arrange this in advance – I shall be at this address until about 1300 on the Saturday before, April 3rd. Please e-mail C O R E by the Friday before, if possible.


Time and Date:Tuesday, April 6th, 1000 - 1800ish, later if you like. Free drinks and lunch provided to all mothers attending with babies. The other participants attending our week's school are all professionals with an interest in happy, whole babies. Some may be midwives. 


Two mothers and babies attended this day and contributed to what was a very popular and lively day. I was able to demonstrate in some detail orgone therapy with a 6-month-old baby, who turned out to be an absolutely delightful and very effective 'guinea-pig'. Thanks, Lydia, to you and your mother for attending and contributing so much. I was also able to do some work with an older baby, who was, as people say, 'old enough to run away,' and run away he did, being full of energy and interest in what was going on around him and all the interesting people in the room. This is an occupational hazard of orgone therapy with older babies and I am quite used to it. Thanks to you, too, Spencer, and your mother for coming and contributing. It is good to have some small interest in our work from local people. Let us hope this tiny seed will grow into something.


Danny Lowe, one of the participants at our Easter school, very kindly made a good deal of film while I was working with these two babies, and we hope to make a video for YouTube on orgone therapy with babies with this material. Thanks, Danny, for your efforts.


Peter Jones, Preston, April, 2010.

Posted March, 2011, last revised October 23rd, 2018

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