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Orgonomic Medicine

One of C O R E 's first booklets was Orgonomic Medicine, (originally written in 1996!), but it is not exactly a best-seller, so I have always presumed that there is little interest in orgonomic medicine amongst site visitors and not bothered with the topic. It has nevertheless occurred to me on and off that there should be a page on this important subject and now an enquirer has contacted me with questions about orgonomic medicine, so it seems high time I got down to it and posted this page. So... here you are, another page. As usual, I am writing it and posting it as I go along, so you can see how it is taking shape and being changed and edited.

What is orgonomic medicine? I don't know whether anyone else has even tried to define it, so this is entirely my own definition. I would say that it is medicine practised with an awareness and understanding of the life energy, the orgone, of its functions within the human organism, of the principle of pulsation in particular, and of what disrupts or enhances this basic biological function. This is all a bit clumsy and I will try to reduce that to something more concise.

Many people who unthinkingly embrace 'alternative medicine' completely reject all of orthodox medicine (allopathic medicine) and assume that orgonomy will do so, too. In some severe cases where a biopathic condition has wrought much damage, the remedy of conventional medicine, for example the removal of a severely damaged organ or limb, may be the only option and so even an appendicectomy or an amputation, could in some circumstances, be orgonomic medicine. However, generally speaking, I would hope that orgonomic medicine would be much less aggressive and intervening than allopathic medicine.

In principle the aim of orgonomic medicine is the restoration of the natural capacity for spontaneous orgonotic pulsation throughout the organism, where it has been disrupted by armouring and/or external trauma. That is a 'counsel of perfection' and since there are no medical orgonomists at all in this country, and few anywhere actually practising orgonomic medicine, no-one here is going to be able to go to an orgonomic physician for treatment.

However there is a secondary level of orgonomic treatment and that is any treatment that does not damge the function of orgonotic pulsation. Since mainstream medicine is unaware of and does not acknowledge the importance of pulsation, many of its treatments ride roughshod over this function. That is why alternative and complementary therapies are so popular. Many people who have never heard of orgonomy are intuitively aware of how allopathic medicine interferes with the organism's natural functions and wish to avoid this disruption. This interference is of course the well-known 'side-effect' of drugs or the long-term consequences of intrusive tests or surgery. 

At a low level this is not problematic. Someone gets a throat infection and goes to their GP (general practitioner, for our foreign readers) and asks for some antibiotics to deal with it. They are duly prescribed and the patient leaves happy. Someone who is aware of the dangers of the use of antibiotics doesn't even go to their doctor and doses themselves with lemon and honey and possibly some more specific herbal remedy and the infection clears up of its own accord. This second way of treating yourself is orgonomic medicine of a sort. It is relying on the organism's natural powers of recuperation and doing nothing to damage the natural function of pulsation.

There's a big BUT here. What if the patient is very old or very young or has just been very ill from some other condition and their natural self-healing powers are seriously weakened? Maybe the infection will not get better of its own accord? An orgone accumulator would be very helpful here, as it recharges the organism's natural healing powers. These seem to be completely dependent on the everyday background energy level of an individual.

This is rather putting the cart before the horse, so let's start at the beginning. In what way does orgonomic medicine differ from mainstream medicine and the other 'complementary' therapies that are now quite well known (eg osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, medical herbalism, etc).


The foundation of orgonomic medicine, as I understand it, is Reich's concept of the biopathy. This is a specifically orgonomic concept and depends on the discovery of the orgone energy and its metabolism within the organism. A biopathy is a pathological state of the energy economy. It is not exactly the same as  an illness necessarily, as a biopathy can exist before orthodox medicine would even recognise any pathology, let alone an illness. It will, however often overlap with a classical medical description of any particular illness. Orgonomic medicine defines biopathies according to their energy levels. On the one end of the spectrum is cancer, the low-level biopathy, and at the other end the inflammatory and cardio-vascular biopathies, the high-energy biopathies. (The Biopathic Diathesis by Dr Robert A Dew, in The Journal of Orgonomy, 1969-1974.) I think that the concept of a biopathy is immensely creative and positive and opens doors into many areas in medicine where orthodox medicine is comletely stumped. Needless to say, a medicine that is totally ignorant of the existence and functions of bio-energy is going to have great difficulty in understanding any condition that is governed by energy levels and disturbed energy functions. I suspect that pre-eclampsia is an obstetric biopathy and that it could be treated orgone-therapeutically. Pre-eclampsia is a typically unsolvable pathology in the face of which modern medicine, for all its clever gadgetry and diagnostic tools, is quite powerless. All it can do is to manage, after a fashion, milder cases and relieve severe cases by the deliberately induced premature birth of the baby.

Recovery from even the most mechanical, absolutely physical injury, such as, say, a random fracture inflicted by someone else's stupidity, is very much governed by the bio-energetic state of the injured person. A vital, lightly armoured person will recover from such trauma much more quickly than a very armoured person whose energy level is low.

Muscular armouring, I would argue, clearly plays an important part in quite mundane, low-level illnesses that send patients to their GPs by the thousand. Let's go back to our patient with a throat infection. The conventional understanding of that will brook no questioning. Oh, don't be silly. it's a bacterial infection. Look, here are the results of a swab we took a couple of days ago. Streptococci present ++, sensitive to Ampicillin and Augmentin, (commonly used antibiotics), end of story. But if a patient gets repeated throat infections, or any other repeated infection, for example, urinary tract infections, conjunctivitis, gastro-intestinal infections, this suggests that there is some disturbance to the organism's natural defences and that this disturbance is present in a particular area or organ system. If you look around amongst your family or friends you will surely know someone who has infections like that. In my own field of midwifery I remember coming across many patients in hospital for urinary infections in pregnancy. These are, for many women, a natural hazard of pregnancy, but there are numbers of women who get repeated and troubling urinary infections, whether pregnant or not. I think it is more than likely that armouring, chronic muscular spasms, play a part in this condition. The use of the orgone accumulator could easily and inexpensively be tried out as a safer method of treatment.  There are many people with infections who baulk at the idea of taking antibiotics. Unfortunately few of them, if any, know about the use of the orgone accumulator. Equally important in any wider understanding of who gets ill and why, is the fact that many women never get urine infections, whether pregnant or not. Saying, oh, she's pregnant, no wonder she has got a UTI, is a cop-out, a way of not bothering to ask the probing questions that could lead to a much more profound understanding of health and illness.

The accumulator appears to be extremely effective in the treatment of burns and trauma. This is unsurprising as all the organism's reparative and healing mechanisms seem to function markedly better in the presence of a high level of orgone energy. (See Heilen mit Orgonenergie by Dr Jourgos Kavouras. I have translated a large part of this book and can show it to anyone seriously interested in the use of the accumulator.)  

Psycho-Somatic Illness

Reich concluded that cancer was a psycho-somatic illness. This word is a difficult on to use within English culture, as many people, when they hear us using it, assume that we mean that the patient is putting the illness on (pretending) for their own underhand reasons. Another understanding of psycho-somatic is that it means the illness is unreal, does not really exist, and that it cannot possibly involve physical changes in the organism. A condition that produces clearly recognisable changes such as a rise in the levels of an indentifiable enzyme or a fever or bleeding somewhere is often seen as a 'real' illness, while one that does not do that and which only produces uncomfortable changes that the patient is aware of but which the doctor cannot identify via certain simple physical markers is seen as less of an illness and therefore 'psycho-somatic'. In extreme cases we get a situation where someone clearly has major disturbance to a pusatory function, but which fits no classical picture of a particular illness that medical students are taught about at university and which, therefore the doctor cannot diagnose. In such a situation orgonomc medicine has some principles to work with - orgonotic pulsation  and the restoration of the organism's capacity for pulsation. Orthodox medicine is helpless in such a predicament.

By sheer coincidence soon after writing the above paragraph I found on line an article in The Guardian discussing and summarising a recent research report on a new treatment for MS (http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/feb/18/study-exercise-therapy-me-treatment) . The comments below the article were a flood of abuse and vitriol as people with ME took exception to people who claimed that the disease was psycho-somatic, even those who have the illness and accept that it is or even only may be psycho-somatic. Behind this claim there always lurks, so listeners believe, the accusation that the condition under discussion, whatever it is, is deliberate and an act for the purposes of the patient. Another response is, it can't be psycho-somatic, look at the actual symptoms I have got, and the individual in question will list all the physical effects of this horrible condition. One comment mentions that emotion can produce physical change and cites blushing as an example. Exactly. If one 'blushes' all the time and it gets built into one's physiology eventually, it is going to produce pathological change, surely. Such a simple, cogent example. One could also cite the chronic effects of sympathetic stimulation of the ANS.

Reich did not mean either of these. What he meant in The Cancer Biopathy was that the disease resulted from a chronic process of contraction and shrinking within the organism and that this process is in its origin psychological. But psychological does not simply mean something that is going on inside a person's head, as it means for mainstream mechanistic psychology and medicine. It means a total contraction of the organism which we can describe in the psychological realm as anxiety and resignation, for example, and in the somatic as chronic bio-physical shrinking. We can talk about the symptoms in one sphere or the other, but we are talking about the same thing, the cancer biopathy.

Doubtless I will refine and recast some of these ideas and tidy this essay up. These are difficult ideas to put across simply and clearly. At least curious readers now have something to work on in this important area. Thanks for your interest. PJ.

I apologise for the delay in completing this page. I will get down to it. Please be patient. I have got lots to do!

The Segmental Arrangement of the Armouring

This is my version of the title of one of Reich's greatest writings in my opinion, The Segmental Arrangement of the Armor, If you want to understand what armouring is, how it works, and the effects it produces on the organism and how certain feelings belong to certain segments, you  must absolutely read this section of Character Analysis. Although we are now getting deep into the principles of orgone therapy, a minute's thought will make the general idea of segments and armouring quite obvious. Someone who has suppressed their ability to cry is bot going to do it with their anal sphincter, are they? It will obviously involve the musculature of the eyes and possibly the adjacent musculature of the cheeks, mouth and throat. 

According to Reich's model there are seven segments; the ocular, oral, cervical, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal and pelvic.

Further topics to be covered:

the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and expansion and contraction (If you want to learn about this from an orgonomic point of view before I can write this section, please read chapter VII of The Function of the Orgasm, The Breakthrough into the Biological Realm.)

bio-energetic charge, osmosis, and metabolism, etc

shallow/deep orgonomic medicine

prevention of armouring and Reich's Orgonomic Infant Research Project

orgonomic midwifery

self-regulation - biological and social

To be continued


First posted January 15th, 2013, last revised August 5th, 2016.

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