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Photo Gallery

This page is a selection of pictures taken at C O R E or C O R E's events over the years. These show people, places, and things in random order, with no particular sequence or logic to them. I have just chosen them because they are interesting and show site-visitors something of orgonomy in action. Some of them are of the localitiy of an orgonomic event, so people can get some idea of where we have been and the background to our activities. There are a good few of Preston, which has a poor reputation in the UK and is not a town that is on the tourist circuit, such as Chester or York or Edinburgh. People do not visit Preston unless they have a good reason to. For all that it is the orgonomic capital of the UK with 99% of orgonomic activity in this country taking place in Preston or in connection with it.

I don't know whether I am going to be able to cope with captions, so to start with there won't be any. The people in the pictures may be well-known figures in orgonomy, presenters, researchers, and writers. Some are participants, part of the audience. There are a few babies and small children, even birds, amongst the subjects.  The classical building in the centre picture of the top row was sold at auction a few years ago for £279,000, the price of two small houses in Preston at the moment. Without anything having been done to it at all, it is now for sale again. It used to be the old art school and contains a small theatre and many spectacular facilities. It would make an excellent headquarters for orgonomy and perhaps also have room for other activities. If C O R E had any active supporters, I would open an appeal to raise money to buy this building. But we haven't any, so I won't bother. The river in the next photo is the Ribble, the picture was taken from a bridge about two minutes' walk from the building, which is opposite an entrance to Preston's Avenham Park. The river supports salmon and trout and a rich bird life.










The picture below was taken at the recent (October 2013) conference in Bulgaria on The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water. It shows the  beautifully orgonotic atmosphere in the Borovets area. This was the view from my hotel window. Borovets is a ski resort and 1,300 metres (4,000 feet) above sea level. What a site for an orgonomic observatory it would be! As far as I know there is no orgonomic activity or interest at all in Bulgaria. The photo next to it shows C O R E's powerful 8" (20cm) refractor telescope. It is too large to set up on our observatory balcony, but last night (2. 5. 14.) there was a marvelous view of Jupiter and its orbiting moons, (what Galileo famously saw with his home-made telescope), so I set the telescope up in my living room to observe through a very large window. This instrument would be marvelous for observing the atmospheric orgone and that is what I bought it for, on ebay, of course. If we had room to have it set up all the time and available for use round the clock, what might we not see?!


First posted on October 1st, 2012, last revised May 16th, 2019.

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