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Preston Life-Energy Day Cancelled

(The even below has been postponed because of a mix-up with bookings.) Well... we may not be running our life energy day, but, believe it or not, we are having an event in Preston during October, 2017. There will be an exhibition of paintings by Sophie Fernandez inspired by her bion work with the microscope and there will also be art workshops for anyone (not just children), where visitors will get a chance to see some bions down a microscope and to express their reactions and emotions about them as they wish. There will be publications, books, leaflets and even drop-in baby-therapy sessions. Follow our events page for details, as things are confirmed. The venue will be the Ham and Jam cafe in Lancaster Road, Preston. (15. 05. 17.) 

We regret to have to inform local site-visitors, if we get any, that we have had to cancel this event. Our only active helper, who had offered to travel up to Preston to help run it, has had to drop out because of financial difficulties, and I, PJ, cannot run the event single-handedly. This shows just how precarious orgonomy's toehold is in the UK and how we just cannot make any significant progress  until we have at least a small number of active supporters/helpers. At the moment we have none, not a single one! If the cancellation of this event disappoints you, please think of getting in touch and offering to help us with our events. This life-energy day needs two people knowledgeable in orgonomy and about four other helpers to make drinks, help with moving equipment, setting up the exhibition, and keeping an eye on valuable and delicate items during the day. These other helpers do not need to have any specialised knowledge or experience of orgonomy. 

I am leaving the information up so that people can see what was on offer and in the hope that a few readers will think it worth reviving the plan for such an interesting and enjoyable day. With regrets and apologies, Peter Jones.


Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education

Life Energy Day

Preston, Lancashire.

Spring Half-Term Break, 2012, Saturday, 1000-1900.

Date and Venue - to be confirmed  Admission - free.

Because of continued delays with the publication of Artificers of Fraud, C O R E is going to have to postpone this Life Energy Day until the following half-term break. We will confirm the actual date as soon as possible.

Practical demonstrations:

   feel your own life energy in motion

   the orgone accumulator

   life energy meter

   seed germination in an accumulator

   bion experiments

   life-energy therapy with a baby

   life-energy therapy for natural childbirth

   see your own life-energy field on screen

   observe the life energy in the atmosphere, (weather permitting) 

Talks, experiments, videos, hands-on work. Do things yourself, feel your own life energy in motion. Informal talks and explanations all day. Drop in when you want. Further information -

Light refreshments available all day.

Posted July 1st, 2011, last revised October 17th, 2017.

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