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 This page is for visitors in a hurry, though being in a hurry is not a good way to learn about anything, especially something as deep and important as orgonomy. Being in a hurry stops you making real contact with anybody or anything. So, do have a quick look, but please come back and look at the rest of the site.


The UK's only organisation offering teaching in and doing research in orgonomy, the science of the life-energy, discovered, described, and investigated by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) and other workers since his death.  More information - What is Orgonomy? and About C O R E and PJ

Reich's most important discoveries and the books and pages to tell you more

Psychopathology of authoritarianism - (see Work Democracy and Mass Psychology and The Mass Psychology of Fascism)  

Muscular armouring and orgone therapy (Function of the Orgasm, Character Analysis and Muscular Armouring)

Bionous disintegration and the bions (The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life and The Bion Experiments, and C O R E's first published book, Artificers of Fraud, (which has its own web-page).

Orgone energy and health: what is a biopathy? The prevention of armouring in babies and children. Orgonotic pulsation and health. Orgonotic contact between mother and baby. (The Cancer Biopathy, Children of the Future, Birth Page, Babies, Orgonomic Medicine, Reich Blood Tests, Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding, VBAC.)

Orgone energy and the orgone accumulator (Function of the Orgasm, Cancer Biopathy, Orgone Accumulator and Watching the Orgone.)

Orgonomic Functionalism (Ether, God and Devil, The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety, and Cosmic Superimposition) Site page and booklet of the same name, full text available on web-page. 

Observing the atmospheric orgone energy (Cancer Biopathy, Ether, God and Devil and Orgone-Watching.)

A good general introduction is Selected Writings.

All Reich's books are published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York.

What is orgonomy?

To answer this question, please go to our page of that name, where you will find a short essay summarising as far as is possible, what orgonomy is about - What is Orgonomy?

Founder and organiser

Peter Jones, a life-long student of orgonomy, well-known as a presenter, demonstrator, teacher at orgonomic conferences. For more information please go to - About C O R E and PJ 

What does C O R E do?

We run workshops, short schools, and contribute to conferences anywhere where orgonomy is presented to the public. Individuals contact C O R E by e-mail and come to visit to see equipment and experiments and to do them themselves, if they wish. During the Easter period in 2011, for example, we had a total of 8 visitors at various times. In 2012, we ran a week-long summer school and had several individual visitors. (See Visiting C O R E.) We ran a similar week-long school last Easter, 2013.  We can run a workshop, talk or demonstration on any aspect of orgonomy that can be sensibly presented in a short period, say an evening, a day or a weekend. We ran a summer-school in 2012, August 18th-25th. Contact info@orgonomyuk.org.uk For more more information please go to - Events or News. We had two forthcoming events arranged for Easter 2015, study weeks (Monday to Friday) on orgonomic midwifery and the bion experiments, and a third, a study week for beginners, which was due to run in the August. Please see Events Page for further information.

Main Interests

The Use of Orgone Therapy in Childbirth    Orgone Therapy with Babies   Reich's Bion Experiments  and generally establishing and demonstrating, where possible, the truth of Reich's discoveries. Please click on any of these topics to go to a page that will give you more information.


Cramped and limited, stuffed into a private flat, but we possess lots of high quality scientific equipment for orgonomic research and experimentation. For larger events we rent external facilities/venues. For more information, please go to -Facilities 


An outstanding library of ordinary orgonomic literature and books related to orgonomy and a priceless collection of rare publications on the origin of life and the history of research into it. For more information please go to - Library.


We are working hard to build up a UK network of people seriously interested in orgonomy. This is a thankless task, as there is less interest in orgonomy here than in any other western country. We keep trying and are making some very slow progress. If you are from the UK, please register your interest and existence with us - info@orgonomyuk.org.uk . We never hand on personal contact details without asking specifically on every occasion for your permission.


C O R E publishes a large series of booklets on various orgonomic topics. We have lost count, but the number is now more than 50. PJ has also written several books on various aspects of orgonomy. We have now published three of these. The first volume was Artificers of Fraud and is about the suppression over the years of the original discovery of the bions by Robert Brown in 1827 and of Reich's own discovery in the nineteen-thirties. We published this with the hope of raising money for the teaching and research centre that our activities so urgently need. For further information please go to - Booklets, Artificers of Fraud, The Bion Experiments, or C O R E's videos on YouTube. The channel is called orglancs. Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care is at the moment being translated into Greek, Portuguese, and Italian. Several of our booklets are also being translated or have already been translated into Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and German, and are available in these languages from the translators. Please contact C O R E for details, as this situation is changing all the time.  Orgonomic Midwifery and Bions for Beginners have also now been published. The latter is a  guidebook for those who wish to try the bion experiments themselves at home.

Added 17. 10. 17. We are preparing two further titles by PJ for publication. These are Collected Orgonomic Essays, (a working title for a collection of all C O R E's booklets in one volume), and Orgonomic Midwifery and Baby-Care, an introduction for expectant parents to the use of orgone therapy in labour. This item hasn't got a title yet. (?The Urge to Push.)

If you want to keep up with details of our publishing activities, please go to our forthcoming publications page.

Posted May 1st, 2012, last revised, October 17th, 2017.

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