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Great Quotations on the Life Energy

(and Science's Hostility To It) and on Connected Things

The quotation below gives the game away about the much vaunted independence and freedom of science. The whole article is worth reading. It is very relevant to orgonomy and to the fate of Artificers.

Not sufficiently understood by outsiders is the fact that most of science is essentially now a top-down project. There persists a romantic notion (retained by many scientists) that science is a process of free enquiry. In this view, the endless grant applications and the requests for applications are merely quality control measures, or irritants imposed by bureaucrats.

But free enquiry in science is all but extinct. In reality, only a tiny proportion of research in biology gets done outside of straightjackets imposed by funding agencies. Researchers design their projects around funding programs; universities organize their hiring around them, and every experiment is carefully designed to bolster the next grant application.

The consequences of this dynamic are that individual scientists have negligible power within the system; but more importantly it opens a route by which powerful political or commercial forces can surreptitiously set the science agenda from above. (An extract from this on-line article ) (Posted 29. 9. 14.)

Lamarck Rides Again!

Lamarck (1744-1829) was a French biologist and one of the first people to devise a theory of evolution. He believed in the inheritance of acquired characteristics, a theory abominated by the followers of Darwin and modern evolution. Alas for the Darwinists, the theory is making a come-back under the guise of epigenetics. Biologists have discovered that the activation of certain genes is governed by the experience of the organism and 'switched on' or 'off' according to environmental experience and need. Referring to this, the two authors of the book, What Darwin Got Wrong, Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, which questions natural selection as the explanatory mechanism of evolution, write that:

' is still the case that the simple mention of Lamarckism leads the majority of biologists to draw their revolvers.'   

I wrote something similar several times in Artificers to describe scientists' reaction to the bion experiments and any work that suggests the existence of a life energy at work in biology. Sometimes it occurred to me that I was exaggerating and being unkind to scientists. Now two academic scientists have said almost exactly the same. (Their book contains extracts from reviews and it is clear that they have been treated with much hostility for having had the effrontery to question the great St Charles.) (5. 5. 14.)

'Peter, if I loved this baby any more, I'd burst!'

Apologies for overlooking this wonderful, real-life quotation, something a new mother said to me one day on the maternity ward where I was working. I am all the time repeating it to people, when we get to talking about people's spontaneous awareness of the life-energy. This quote is the best example I know of, as it was entirely spontaneous and said by someone who possibly could not even read, who certainly had never read a word by Wilhelm Reich or anyone else connected with orgonomy. (See Reich's The Function of the Orgasm for an orgonomic understanding of the urge to burst.)

The young woman who said the above had 'learning difficulties' and so was considered to be 'at risk' as a mother responsible for a new-born baby. Before she could go home we had to assess her mothering skills and she had to be passed out as competent by the local social services. There was literally a column of tick-boxes for staff to fill in. The paradox of this situation was that this young woman was the most exquisitely sensitive mother imaginable and cared for her baby far better than most new mothers. She noticed his slightest discomfort and attended to it immediately. He was always immaculately clean, tidy, and fed according to his needs. He was never lying in his cot, alone, screaming his head off, not for a single second. When she was actually caring for him, feeding him, or changing his clothes, or bathing him, she looked radiantly happy, glowing with joy and emotional fulfillment. Needless to say, I filled in all the tick-boxes and just let her get on with things. One day I congratulated her on her outstanding mothering skills, all completely natural and intuitive, and said how lovely it was to see her caring for her baby and how happy she seemed. By then we had become quite good friends. She turned and looked at me and said the words cited above, and then returned to the job, changing his clothes and nappy with quiet, deft movements, making lots of eye-contact with her baby. (17. 12. 13.)

As anyone who reads much knows, every now and again we come across short passages or hear someone say something that say as much as a whole book. These may be a paragraph, they may be a short poem or just a few words said unawares, but they convey the message of orgonomy, of the often concealed processes by which people's and especially children's and babies' vitality is crushed and destroyed by our life-denying culture. They may also be sensitive intuitive or scientific insights into the existence of a life force, which have been denied and ignored, forgotten by later generations.

Some of these quotations are from the works of writers who are now quite unknown, buried under the sands of history. The first example I posted here is an extract from a book by John Holt, the American writer on education, learning, and children's lives. In my opinion no-one understands better than Holt did the wounds inflicted on children and their natural learning powers by compulsory schooling. The following quotations from Samuel Palmer, the English painter, show that some people have been able to see the atmospheric orgone energy long before it was scientifically investigated and analysed by Reich. For more information on this interesting topic, please see C O R E's booklet, Observing the Atmospheric Orgone Energy and our new web-page Orgone-Watching.

The Well-Trained Circus Dog

This quote is not directly about orgone energy, but it is about conformity and social obedience, and so is relevant to why so few people can allow themselves to listen to orgonomy. It came to mind when the organiser of the Ulverston Breast-Feeding Festival refused C O R E a stall at their first festival in 2010. I found out about the festival and rang the contact number. We had a long, friendly conversation at the end of which she asked me if I had a website. I gave her the link to C O R E's website and half an hour later, if not sooner, got this devastating e-mail from her refusing C O R E a stall because orgonomy was too controversial and might offend mainstream science. Until she had seen C O R E's site she had not even heard of orgonomy, but she had the classic, knee-jerk reaction that all Brits have towards it and we were refused a stall, a massive set-back for orgonomy in this country, as it would have given us an opportunity to meet a large number of people who would have instinctively been sympathetic towards orgonomy. What a well-trained circus dog, to jump to it and reject orgonomy almost before she had seen it, a classic example of doing one's turn, even when the ringmaster is not there to crack his whip! (PS August, 2014. C O R E has also been refused a stall at the Manchester breast-feeding festival, to be held this summer. The organiser did not even reply to my e-mail.)

Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks his whip, but the really well-trained dog is the one that turns his somersault, even when there is no whip! (George Orwell, As I please, July 7th, 1944, Tribune, London.)

How true, how true! What a well-trained circus dog that organiser was. Authoritarians the world over would be proud of her. Another good quote from Orwell's works is:

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

I have just found this on the wonderful website The quote is given with no context. If I find out where exactly it comes from I will add the details.


Quotations that Give the Game Away

As well as the poetical words of great poets such as Blake and Milton and the thoughts of aware people such as John Holt and Reich himself, there are also the quotes of those hostile to the life-energy, often words that give the game away without meaning to. I have just come across a great example that really does give the game away. It is on page five of Life's Solution by Simon Conway Morris. He writes:

...there is a uniform concensus that vitalism was safely buried many years ago,...

Now, if vitalism is such unscientific rubbish, why is there any need to bury it, least of all to bury it safely? Every book on evolution and the origin of life that I have read contains within the first few pages a swipe at vitalism like this! It is strange the way mechanistic scientists feel such a compulsion to bash vitalism over the head as they wade into their own arguments. Believe it or not, this quote is from a man who is an avowed Christian and who believes literally in the resurrection of Christ! (8. 2. 13.)


Vladimir Nabokov on Curiosity


Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.


(Cited in the introductory quotations in 'Curiosity' by Ian Leslie, Quercus, London, 2014, no source given.)


An Honest Confession of Hostility to the 'Threat' of a Natural Therapy


A few days ago C O R E's friend and supporter in Cyprus, Christos Pechlivanis, sent me a YouTube link to a video on the Bates method of vision recovery. (  When I first found out about Wilhelm Reich's work at almost the same time I also found out about Bates and was very impressed with what I read, even though I had no particular vision problem at the time. It seemed to me that Bates was bumping up against Reich's major discovery of muscular armouring and the deep effect it can have on physiology and human functions, such as seeing. I watched the video on YouTube, made by a US practitioner of the Bates method, Greg Marsh, and was very impressed by a comment he had posted, himself, in reply to a viewer's comment. It was a very honest revelation of the hostility and compulsive scepticism that most people with western scientific or technological training feel to any 'natural' approach to health and treatment. Fortunately there must have been a little window of openness in Greg, because his attempt to disprove Bates's claims turned him into a champion of the method and he is still teaching it, 30 years later. Below is what he said to the enquirer. Please watch the video to get the whole story and to inform yourself about the Bates method, if it is new to you. Greg has kindly given me permission to post his quote publicly, for which many thanks to him. He turns out to be well acquainted with Reich's work amd supportive of C O R E's efforts. Thank you Greg. And thanks to Christos for sending the link.


In the video Greg shows viewers the spectacles he used to need as a young man. Goggles is not the word for them. It is a miracle of natural healing that someone who needed such massively thick glasses can manage without them. This video has inspired the writing of another of my orgonomic booklets, to be called, provisionally Eyes, Armouring, and Orgone Energy. (Now available from C O R E.)

I understand your comment. I have a degree in chemical engineering and lived in a very structured (rigid!) world when I first came across the Bates Method. My reaction was completely skeptical and even hostile. I really only learned more in hopes that I could expose the fraud. But it worked, and it led me into a new paradigm where the mind plays a very big effect on our health even including eyesight.

This hostility is what we are up against in trying to place orgonomy before the world. The recent reviews of the Orgasmatron book in the national UK press show how vitriolic and contemptuous this hostility and scepticism can become. Note the automatic assumption that this therapy is a fraud that must be exposed. It is not pleasant to be on the receiving end of this. Doubtless, when Artificers of Fraud sees the light of day, I shall receive a pretty hefty dose of this hostility myself. (1. 6. 12.) PS added 18. 10. 13. How right I was! The first review of Artificers, in the October issue of Fortean Times, shows the same contempt and hostility. The reviewer says I am mistaking the white blood cells in my eyes for bions! In other words, concoct any excuse you like, we must find a way of rubbishing this threatening knowledge and prove this man an  idiot, so that no-one gives his book a second look!


What Children Need - by Justin Roberts of Netmums


This not a 'great quote', but it implies a great awareness of what children need, and should be screened between programs on TV and repeated between programs on the radio. It is not nominally about life energy, but it is about children's needs, and these needs are loaded with life energy. If their needs are satisfied, that energy stays sparkling, alive, and fresh, like an unpolluted stream. If they are not satisfied, children have to block their energy and it turns sour, rots and decays into 'evil', hate and aggression. Justin Roberts advises parents to -


'Put away your mobile [phone], turn off your laptop, and don't even think about a Blackberry or an iPhone.' (01. 4. 12)


Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) - Seeing the Orgone in the Sky (again!)


...and the polished air sparkles, as if there were crystals of ice floating in it... in A Winter Walk (1843), cited in today's Guardian, (10. 12. 11.) It's funny how mechanistic science keeps saying the orgone does not exist, and yet people keep describing it or the sensations they have when their own orgone energy moves. Only yesterday, on the radio, someone mentioned how some music she loves sends tingles down her spine. (Apologies for the strange positioning of this paragraph. It's's software playing tricks again.)


Posted December 10th, 2011


Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) - Seeing the Orgone in the Sky


...The weather from which I get my subjects and my suggestions for the remainder of the year is that dazzling weather when all the air seems trembling with little motes. A week of that is, to me, worth three months of ordinary fine weather. It is then I see real sunsets and twilights. (From a letter written by Palmer, cited in Mysterious Wisdom, a biography of Samuel Palmer by  Rachel Campbell-Johnston, Bloomsbury, (2011). Posted September 7th, 2011.

 ...the aerial tissues that dapple the skies of spring, ...(from a letter by Samuel Palmer, quoted in Samuel Palmer: His Life and Art by Raymond Lister,  Cambridge University Press, (1987). Posted September 9th, 2011.

John Holt – What is Wrong with Compulsory Schooling


Power cancels out moral rights and obligations. The slave has no moral duty to his master. He has every moral right to dodge and escape the whip, if he can, any way he can. No-one is morally obliged to hold still for punishment. A ten-year-old, a proud, brave, stubborn child, of great character, helped me to see this. One day she refused to go to French class, which she (sensibly) hated. She sat at her desk, while I kept telling her to go. Finally I said that it was my job and my duty to make her go to French class, and that if I could not make her go any other way I would drag her there. She did not move. I approached her desk, ready to carry out my threat. When I was about three feet away, she suddenly looked up, slammed the book shut, banged it on the desk, stood up, and said, ‘All right, I’m going, But it’s just brute force that’s making me go, just brute force!’ She was right. That’s all it was.  (A paragraph from chapter 9, The True Authority of Teachers, in Instead of Education, (1977), by John Holt, published by Pelican Books, Harmondsworth, Middlesex.)

We will add to this page as suitable passages turn up. If you have a good idea for an extract that should go on this page, please let C O R E know. (

Posted July 2nd, 2011. Last revised July 21st, 2016.

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