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Recent, New, and Forthcoming Orgonomic Publications

Collected Orgonomic Essays  Now Available as Expansion and Contraction

C O R E's next publication, all my A5 booklets until about 2015, is now available. It is a formidable item, weighs a kilo, contains 772 pages including black and white illustrations, all the original references, and a detailed index running to 30 pages. It seems smaller than the version advertised below in 2017 because I have reduced the size of the font. The text is exactly the same. (21. 8. 18.)

An extremely positive development in orgonomy at present (August 2014) is that there has been a number of new publications during the last year or two and there are yet further publications planned. I have posted information about all those I know of on our News Page, but these have appeared as separate items, one at a time and, I daresay, get lost in the string of different items that I post. These important publications will be much more visible with the information about them collected and published on one page. I will continue to post basic information about new titles with a link to this page on the news page. This page won't just include books about orgonomy. If I come across new titles relevant to orgonomy in anyway at all, I shall include them. If site-visitors know of any titles that they think belong on this page, please send details and I will post them on this page. I will be happy to include items in other languages.  

Collected Orgonomic Essays Available Shortly

The collection of my booklets in one volume is slowly getting close to publication and will be C O R E's next book to appear, probably under the title of Expansion and Contraction, so named after the enormous number of entries for that heading in the index, which in itself runs to 30 pages. As usual the printing is held up by difficulties with the graphics for the cover, difficulties meaning one simple fact, that after all these years C O R E still has no reliable assistance with the computer graphics needed to produce a book. The volume includes all C O R E's booklets apart from the last two or three written too late to be included in it. It runs to more than 900 pages and will probably cost £20:00. (04. 5. 17.)

Bions for Beginners Now Available 

At last, after many delays I am pleased to be able to say that this, C O R E's latest publication is now available. That's not just  a promise from the printers. I have two boxes containing 100 copies taking up yet more room in my crowded living space and have already sent a few out to friends. There are even a couple of orders waiting. The book is a simple, practical introduction to the bion experiments and bionous disintegration, Reich's two major biological discoveries. I have tried to provide all the information that a complete beginner who has never used a microscope before needs in order to buy and set one up and instructions for a range of simple bion experiments, including some historic ones in which early pioneers must have seen bions without realising what they were observing. I include lots of back-up information on benches (including ways of improvising one) and microscope sundries and helpful books and suppliers. The cost is £7:50 and UK postage £1:20, postage to Europe is £3:70, USA and the rest of area 2 £4:75, and Australia and Asia £5:05. Please order via the Arti‚Äčficers PayPal page or if you live in the UK, you can also send a cheque to C O R E, made out to C O R E, at PO box 1331, Preston PR2 0SZ. (8. 6. 16.)

C O R E's Latest Publications - Bions for Beginners and Collected Orgonomic Essays

Unfortunately there has been a major problem with my first attempt to get this title printed and I am having to arrange a second attempt with a new printer. I hope it will be available by the end of May now. (Update, 21. 5. 16. I have received the proof-copy from the new printers and hope to receive the final printed copies by the end of May or soon after.) A further volume, a collection of all my A5 booklets, is advancing well. Both titles may be held up by difficulties with the cover designs. The second title is a real tome of about 800 pages. It includes all my published booklets and will cost £21:00. (15. 5. 16.)

This item is, amazingly, on schedule, and should be available mid to late March. I am also getting on well with Animated Earth, though that needs some actual research before I can complete it. In the meantime I have been hard at work on it, correcting the completed chapters and organising and finalising the many references to the complete chapters. Animated Earth has grown into a much bigger project than I had in mind when I started out writing the book, not that I mind that at all. I am quite happy to let a book get as big as it needs to be. I think this book will be quite significant for orgonomy. It makes a few small new discoveries and makes links unheard of until now between Reich and microscopists of the past. (25. 2. 16.)

My short textbook on the bion experiments, Bions for Beginners, has overtaken Animated Earth and will be available towards the end of March, in time for our forthcoming bion week at Easter. This is a short work, about 90 pages long and is aimed at younger students of orgonomy or beginners with the microscope who would like to try the bion experiments themselves. Price £7:50 + postage. It contains practical information for the beginner and lots of leads to further information. It also includes information on equipment, microscopes and relevant literature and some illustrations.

Animated Earth - The Natural  History of the Bion

I am working on this book at the moment and the text is almost complete. However it will be some time before it is ready for publication as I haven't even started on the references and they often take as long as writing the actual text. This book is about a handful of earlier biologists/microscopists who must have seen bions in their experiments without realising what they were looking at. (If you repeat their experiments, you can see the bions in the preparations.) Animated Earth is a quote from The Temple of Nature by Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802). He is one of the scientists included in the book. After the references come the illustrations, always a massive difficulty for me with my limited skills in computer graphics. Someone with the necessary IT skills could probably get the book ready for publication in a week, possibly even a  day. But these items have waited years to see the light of day, so a few more months won't make much difference. If you can't wait to read about this interesting chapter in the history of science you can buy a short version of the history in booklet form, The Natural History of the Bion. (30. 9. 15.) (PS 10. 2. 16. The completion of this book has been delayed by my discovery of the fact that Darwin, the other one, may have also carried out an examination on HMS Beagle of an organism that contained bions in the shape of what Darwin and other biologists of the time called granular matter. It may be difficult to replicate this investigation as it will involve trawling for planktonic organisms in the sea! Still, I am going to try. The book is still moving ahead slowly, in fact, in the long run is more important than Bions for Beginners as it makes some important new primary discoveries in the field. I haven't forgotten about it, far from it. )

Orgonomic Midwifery an Introductory Textbook

 This book is now available at last and you can order it via the Artificers of Fraud PayPal page. Just add a message that you are asking for OMTB and not AF. (25. 4. 15.)

While the site has been stranded I have been busy with this book. It will now be ready for publication April 1st. (PS 20. 4. 15. Oh, dear! No it won't. Our printers have boobed and printed the 100 copies of the first edition without the all-important illustrations. They have undertaken to make amends and a new printing including the illustrations will be available within a couple of weeks, I hope.) Cost per copy £10:00, second class UK postage and packing £1:50. (ISBN-978-0-9574850-1-3) (28. 3. 15.)

 A textbook on orgonomic midwifery by PJ. This will be C O R E's next book to be published. It has leap-frogged my Collected  Orgonomic Essays, as the midwifery textbook needs to be available for the forthcoming midwifery study week next Easter. I have already completed a first draft and am now adding references and generally improving it, as one does with first drafts. Please see details at the bottom of the page. A proof-reading copy of this has gone out today (15. 12. 14.). Its progress had been held up by the inevitable problems with illustrations, but at last we have found a volunteer artist with an interest in C O R E's projects and we have arranged to start work on the illustrations together next week. (Updated, 16. 1. 15.) 

Now available

Roberto Maglione: The Motions of Life: Was Einstein Really Modelling Brownian Motion? This will be available from this website http://ilmiolibro.kataweb.it/ or direct from Roberto at robert_jumper@yahoo.it (See our news page for a summary of contents, etc.) 

James Strick: Wilhelm Reich, Biologist. Harvard University Press.

James Martin: Wilhelm Reich  and the Cold War. This is the second edition, extensively updated and expanded with the latest information on Reich's persecution. Available from Natural Energy Works (http://www.naturalenergyworks.net )

Recent important publications

James DeMeo: In Defense of  Wilhelm Reich, (2013). New edition of The Orgone Accumulator Handbook (2010).

(Edited by JDeM), Max Hodann, A History of Modern Morals, (2013).

Roberto Maglione: Methods and Procedures in Biophysical Orgonomy, (2012).

DeMeo's books are all available from Natural Energy Works, PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520, USA. (http://www.naturalenergyworks.net ) or from booksellers. He has an arrangement to print copies on demand in the UK which are then sent direct to UK buyers.

C O R E's Textbook on Orgonomic Midwifery

Introduction, Glossary of Terms, chapter 1, Natural Birth; chapter 2, Muscular Armouring and Childbirth; chapter 3, Principles of Orgone Therapy, the ANS and Birth, Expansion and Contraction; chapter 4, The Segmental Arrangement of the Armouring; chapter 5, Recognising Armouring; chapter 6, Emotional Contact; chapter 7, Orgone Therapy in the Labour Room; chapter 8, Assessing Orgone-Therapeutic Birth Preparation; chapter 9, The Onset of Labour; chapter 10, Care of the New-Born Baby; chapter 11, The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding*; chapter 12, Future Research Projects; Appendix A, Everyday Orgone Therapy*; B, Orgone Therapy in Midwifery - a Beginner's Practical Guide*; Reading List and Requisites for Midwives Using Orgone Therapy; Training in this Field; Index.

Illustrations. (Copies of orgonomic midwifery research forms supplied with each copy.)

Items marked * are adapted texts of earlier C O R E publications relevant to midwifery. They are still available separately.

First posted August 22nd, 2014, last revised August 21st, 2018.

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