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Research Projects Waiting in the Wings

Here are the simple outlines of some research projects that C O R E would like to carry out, if we had greater financial resources, more help, and more physical space. Few people in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter, know about orgonomy and of the few who do, most seem to think of it as some crazy speculative scheme thought up in one man's brain with little relevance to the everyday world. If you take a look at reviews of the Orgasmatron book in the UK broadsheet press, published in 2011, you will see what I mean. It does not seem to occur to the general public that orgonomic work generates significant ideas for research that are as relevant to everyday life and to people's well-being as anything devised by mainstream research institutes with their generous funding and lavish premises and staffing.


I had an enquiry recently from someone diagnosed by conventional medicine with leukaemia. This sent me back to The Cancer Biopathy to check up on what Reich had said about this disease. He suggests that the massive over-production of white blood cells that we see in leukaemia is a defence reaction of the white cells to the short break-down time of the red blood cells and that therefore re-charging of the red blood cells by use of the orgone accumulator would reduce the over-production of white cells. I do not know whether he had any opportunity to test this theory, but it would be a simple matter to put his thoery to the test.

Firstly, we build, say, ten, sit-in  orgone accumulators. We find ten volunteers, all diagnosed by conventional medical methods with leukaemia. We lend them all one of the accumulators apiece, make sure that their home environments are suitable and safe for this use, advise them appropriately on the use of their accumulators and let them get on with the project, sitting in their accumulators every day and writing a log-book of their use for an agreed period, say four weeks or twelve weeks. Take extensive haematology samples at the start of the project so that we have an accurate, detailed blood picture of each patient. Repeat the tests weekly during the project. If Reich's hypothesis is valid, these patients should show some recognisable improvement in their blood picture.

Assuming that the NHS could be persuaded to do the blood tests without charge, the total cost would be merely that of the accumulators. If these were built by a gang of motivated volunteers, the cost of the materials would be about £300-400 per accumulator, ie, in all, between £3000 and £4000. Mainstream cancer research in this country spends far more than that every hour.

Bio-Energetic Bond between Mother and Baby during a Breast-Feed

Reich posited (again, in The Cancer Biopathy) a lumination of the orgone energy fields of mother and baby during a feed at the breast. Mothers who are not too armoured report strongly pleasurable streaming sensations during a breast-feed. These streamings are not mentioned in conventional descriptions of breast-feeding. PIP software (Poly-Interference Photography) enables us to photograph or film bio-energy fields.  C O R E possesses all the equipment needed to film breast-feeds with a view to confirming or not the existence of this bio-energy bond between mother and baby. All we need is the use/loan of suitable premises and a few volunteer breast-feeding mothers. Cost? Nothing bar incidental expenses such as travel, refreshments, etc.

Bio-Energetic Vitality of Mother's Milk vis-a-vis Bottle-Milk

We have already done some preliminary work in this field that has produced startling results. This work is based on the standard Reich blood tests and costs next to nothing apart from careful microscopic work and record keeping. We already have all the equipment needed.  This important work could shoot ahead immediately if we had some motivated volunteers to donate milk. 

The Bio-Energetic Vitality of Soil and Compost

This is a more difficult project, which, if it works, may produce significant new orgonomic knowledge. I do not at this stage even know exactly how to move ahead with this project. It is just a theoretical idea of mine that the process of composting must be a bionous one and that therefore richer, organically-farmed soils containing high levels of humus and compost will, presumably, show a higher level of bionous acitivity and therefore higher orgone charge than soils farmed according to the principles of industrial farming and mechanistic science. We need to develop a microscopic test that can be used to measure this difference, if it exists.

The Optical Twinkle on Lights in the Dark

Readers who have visited the page on observing the Atmospheric Orgone will know about the twinkle at night and how it varies according to the conditions of the atmospheric orgone. (Perhaps a few of you have even bought binoculars or a telescope and made some observations yourselves?) While making a shooter recently, (March, 2014), I have at last found a supplier of flexible steel tubing. While playing about with a metre length of this before setting it up to work with the shooter, I managed to straighten it out so that it was possible to look right through it. It seems possible, therefore to do a very significant experiment with this tubing, to construct a length of, say, three metres, or longer if we can find the room, with the tubing wrapped in insulating material so that it becomes a very narrow, very long orgone accumulator. Then we could shine the light of a small light bulb through it and see if such an accumulating device causes the light to twinkle. We could also quite easily construct a control non-accumulating device out of, for example cardboard tubing to check our observations. The cost of a metre of this tubing is not prohibitive and this experiment like all those above except the first one, could be done quite easily with the equipment that we already have available.

Correlating the Atmospheric Twinkle and Weather Conditions

It is theoretically possible to record the intensity of the twinkling of lights and its variation in the dark through a telescope, a photo-electric cell, and a data acquisition software system. Apart from the photo-cell, which costs a few pounds, we have all the equipment needed for this project. We just need some expert help with setting the circuit up. I have lately re-investigated all this and it seems so simple that I might even be able to work out how to do it myself, though it would doubtless be much simpler and quicker if  an expert in the field did it for us. (Any offers?)

The Natural History of the Bion

Those of you who follow C O R E via this website and YouTube will know of the video with the above title and also a booklet with the same title. During my research into the work of the early microscopists I realised that many of them must have seen bions in their preparations without realising they were bions. I wrote up some of these findings in one of my booklets. I have also started to write this material up in more detail in book form. An important figure in this hidden history is Felix Archimede Pouchet (1800-1872), a French researcher devoted to proving that heterogenesis occurs in nature. C O R E possesses his two important works in this field, Heterogenie (1859), and Nouvelles Experiences sur la Generation Spontanees (1864). I am ploughing through the first of these, (all 600+ pages of it!)I hope to replicate some of Pouchet's important experiments and to include the results of this work in the book. (Apologies for the absence of correct accents in the French titles and Pouchet's name. As far as I can see there is no way to add accents in one.com's software.) This book is progressing slowly. I have discovered another contributor to the history, Erasmus Darwin. At the moment things are held up for lack of facilities to collect a sample of arrow worms, which I need to repeat an investigation carried out by Charles Darwin in 1832 on board HMS Beagle. It looks like we need a boat to collect a sample of arrow worms. Any offers? The point of the investigation is that Darwin appears to have seen some bions inside these organisms, without realising it, and I want to check his findings.

Filming the energy field of someone while they are experiencing orgonotic streamings.

This is a recent (July, 2014) idea that I have had after reading the very superficial discussion of the experience of feeling a tingle while listening to or playing moving music on BBC Radio 3's website. The pathetic explanation offered by a professor of neuro-science is superficial and ignores so many important factors understood by orgonomy. It has occurred to me that it would be very interesting and probably very revealing to film the changes in the energy field during this experience. C O R E has got a camera and the PIP software needed to do this. We just need access to a photographic studio to do the filming. (I contacted the presenter of the program, Tom Service, who introduced the discussion, but as always in the UK, have not received a reply. Can you believe it? I have not once received a single reply from the various organisations or individuals that I have contacted or tried to contact to inform them about orgonomy to tell them what orgonomy can contribute to matters under discussion?)

Posted March 23rd, 2014, last revised, May 18th, 2017.

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