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C O R E's Research Projects

C O R E's publication, Artificers of Fraud, is the result of several years' careful work with the microscope, replicating Reich's classic bion experiments and Robert Brown's pollen investigations, originally carried out in 1827, the results being published in his famous paper in 1828, A Brief Account of Microscopical Observations... It is now available. For information on how to buy a copy, please go to Artificers of Fraud. For more information on the book itself, including contents and extracts, please go to Artificers Info Page.

The replication of some of the experiments of the early microscopists

The arrival of our new Genlab laboratory oven means that we can repeat, yet again, some of these early experiments and be doubly sure that the motile forms we get from them are bions. The same goes for the replication of Reich's own bion experiments and any new ones we may devise ourselves. We can now dry-sterilise bion preparations to a temperature of above 200oC. We have already tested the oven, heating a peppercorn bion-culture to 200oC for half an hour and it seems to work very effectively. The oven appears to be carefully made and the temperature controls work very accurately.

The use of orgone therapy in childbirth and orgone therapy with babies

There is no interest in this vital area of orgonomic work and I have abandoned efforts to get people in the UK interested in this work. I shall, alas, be taking my immense knowledge and experience in this field with me to the grave. (Yes, think what that means: please re-read that last sentence.) Don't worry, I shall tell you all where I am going to be buried and you'll be able to dig it up again, if you need it later.

Reich's gravity experiment, reported in Orgonomic Functionalism, Volume 6, Summer 1990.

This experiment is relatively simple to repeat and we hope to do this at C O R E. We have all the equipment, except for suitable access to a few square feet of ground. In this experiment, a small orgone-accumulating device is placed in the ground and a balance placed above it, with the pans equally balanced at the start of observations early in the morning. According to Reich's observations, as the earth's orgone energy field expands during the day, 'gravity' gets stronger and the pan above the accumulating device swings down towards the earth. If confirmed, this is a staggering finding. What on earth would a conventional scientist say if confronted with a demonstration of this finding? We'll have to have our first aid kit to hand. It might kill him!

The Orgonotic Vitality of Compost and Soil

Simple observation and experience gained from doing the bion experiments suggests that a compost heap is a seething pile of bionous disintegation. We are trying to devise a way of measuring the orgonotic vitality of soil. This needs the collaboration of organic farmers or our own bit of land to start horticultural research. (Another good reason for having our own research centre.) We are conducting slowly, one by one, a continuous serious of investigatory bion experiments, the core of which is the production of bions from bran and seed integuments and the high bion yield from the SEER trust's rock-dust. This material is sold as a medium for revitalising tired soil and apparently works dramatically effectively. There is, of course, no model of orgonotic vitality within the world of scientific organic farming, and so this aspect of the dust is not known about amongst organic farmers. I have informed the founders at SEER of my findings so far and they have been passively sympathetic, but no more. (PS I sent them a complimentary copy of Artificers when it was published and have not received even a polite thank-you e-mail from them. My book included mention of their rock-dust, a still-photo of bions prepared from their rock-dust, and a link to their site. This indifference is a good example of how people react to orgonomy in the UK.) A dream I have is of presenting my findings so far to a gathering of organic farmers and growers, but so far all my efforts to make contact with this community have been ignored. Orgonomy and organic farming are surely two communities that should make contact with each other.

The Bio-Energetic Vitality of Human Breast-Milk and Other Biological Preparations

This is an old project that we have taken up again, one which is hugely significant for the welfare of new-born babies and infants in the early months and years. Some years ago I had the idea that it would be interesting to find a way of demonstrating the difference in bio-energetic (orgonotic) charge of mother's milk in comparison with that of 'formula' (bottle- milk). I assumed that the charge of mother's milk would be far stronger than that of bottle-milk. I decided that it might be revealing to put samples of both milks thorugh the Reich blood tests. Milk is only a few cells away from the mother animal's blood stream, its production mediated by the acinae cells, which are between the blood capiliaries and the lactiferous tubules in the breast.

This hunch proved right. A sample of mother's milk proved to have an extremely long break-down time, like healthy blood. A high orgone charge has the effect of preserving  the integrity of any organ or body product. A sample of ready mixed formula milk, bought in a carton from a local chemist, broke down very quickly. The results of the second Reich blood test, where we autoclave samples of blood or milk in saline solution, showed even more decisive results. This test is a massive assault on the integrity of blood or milk, as they are 'cooked' at a temperature of 120oC for 30 minutes. In this test the globular structure of the mother's milk was still recognisable in most of the sample. The formula milk had decomposed into a bionous, mushy mess with no recognisable structure remaining. This result was a shock. Were people really feeding such a lifeless product to babies instead of their mother's own, biologically vital milk? (This is apart from the vital consideration of the orgonotic contact between mother and baby during a feed at the breast.) See our new Reich Blood Tests page for information on the test and how it is done.

Although apparently decisive, this experiment was difficult to do in C O R E's improvised laboratory facilities, and we did not go any further with it. However, with the development of liquid probes by Heliognosis (www.heliognosis.com ), we are now in a much better position to assess the orgonotic vitality of any fluid samples. The equipment demands no heating or sterile precautions. We simply place a measured amount of the fluid in question in a small test-tube, attach it to the equipment, and get a reading in a few minutes. We already have a volunteer who has offered to donate samples of her milk for this experiment. We need more samples, please. If you are breast-feeding your baby in the Preston area, please get in touch. All we ask you to do is to hand-express small samples of your milk into containers provided by C O R E. We will collect the samples from your home.

Well...we have tested our first samples of mother's milk and there was a considerable difference between the charge of a sample of ready-mixed SMA milk in a carton, bought from Boots, and a sample of mother's milk, even though it had been expressed a couple of days before we assessed it and kept in a fridge. We posted photos of these readings on our old news page, which we had to remove because of software problems.  However, we still have the pictures for anyone who is interested. if you haven't already looked at them.

We hope to make a video of this experiment and post it to YouTube eventually.

Samples of orgone-charged water (charged in our small experimental orgone accumulator) and a natural paramecium culture collected from a farm-yard showed significantly higher readings when compared to reference samples of distilled water.

Living Forms in Sterile Hay Infusions?

Yes, we are not called C O R E for nothing. The R stands for research and in spite of the fact that we are almost completely a one-man band, C O R E does carry out serious orgonomic research. Colleagues in Austria, Greece, Cyprus, and Brazil who attended our Easter school are now collaborating in one of our projects, the investigation of possibly living forms in sterile hay-infusions. See our latest YouTube film on this project - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXickkE3aDU These findings seem to amply confirm Reich's claims made in The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life that vegetable matter in water breaks down into bions and bionous clusters and that these then generate proto-organisms.

We have repeated most of Reich's basic bion experiments and confirmed his findings.  We are developing the hay-infusion experiment described above, repeating it in various ways to be absolutely certain of our findings. This could become a crucial experiment for orgonomy as it appears to confirm Reich's claims unreservedly, a finding which raises important questions for the current tenets of biology. This experiment is not particularly difficult to carry out and we urge you to join us in this project, if you have access to a microscope. Please contact us at info@orgonomyuk.org.uk for more information if you would like to collaborate in this important project.

Bionous Growth and pH Levels 

We are also working on the connection between bionous growth and pH levels, (how acidic or alkaline a solution is, in simple English). Two German researchers, Palm and Doering, published a paper in emotion, (Berlin, 1990), a Reichian journal, in which they found that bionous growth does not occur in solutions with a high pH level. This explained some findings that we had made at C O R E, without finding an explanation for them ourselves at the time. We are now trying to repeat their investigations, possibly filming the findings. If the same solid material, finely ground, produces bions in, say, neutral conditions, (pH of 7.0), but none in a soluton with a pH value of 12.5, the bions cannot be 'Brownian motion,' can they? This finding of theirs, if confirmed, is of enormous importance. When Reich first reported on his bion discoveries in the nineteen thirties, 'Brownian motion' was the dismissive explanation with which his findings were rejected and explained away. Watch this space!

Last edited, May 18th, 2017.