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Orgonomic Conference in Rome October 2013 - Report

This is a new page which I am starting almost immediately after the Rome conference. Orgonomic friends who were unable to attend have already been asking me how the conference went.  Needless to say, this report is very personal and is just my response to the event, the people, and the presentations. I don't suppose for a minute that other people who attended will agree with every word I say and make no excuses for that. Every individual's response is their own. It may take me some time to complete this report, as I have now got a repetitive stress injury in my right shoulder, which has developed from spending too much time at my computer, I think. So I need to limit my time with a mouse in my hand. (I am dealing with the problem by using the mouse with my left hand, an extreme solution which slows down my computing work, which is slow enough anyway.)

Having said that, I think the conference was a huge success and I congratulate the organisers, The Italian Association for Orgonomy (if I translate correctly) on an outstandingly positive, enjoyable, and inspiring event. As well as being all those, it was also very informative and I left feeling I had learnt lots of new things, made some quite new orgonomic connections, and also been reminded of some of the basic foundations of orgonomy, which it is possible to forget as one beavers away on one's own square yard of this huge subject. I don't think the meeting was perfect, far from it, but the core of the event, the presentations and all the inevitable contact between participants over meals and in between sessions was a very positive experience. As always at orgonomic events, I left complaining to myself that I had not had enough time to talk to old friends who I had been looking forward to seeing again or enough time to talk to the many new interesting people that I had met and who will, I am sure, also become friends. Although the audience was predominantly 'older', say over 40, there was a good proportion of younger people, certainly enough to know that orgonomy in Italy is growing and drawing in new people, something that orgonomy in other countries, particularly the US and the UK, is not doing at all, and where its survival is in doubt. It was so gratifying to meet younger participants who were doctors, medical students, and students of physiotherapy and midwifery, to name a few of the young people I spoke to. These are exactly the sort of people that orgonomy needs to attract to assure its future and the expansion of orgonomic knowledge and skills. There were three other Brits there, too, all already known to me! (So no new orgonomic faces from the UK, alas.) 

The presentations were all straight talks with plenty of PowerPoint illustrations. I took some overhead transparencies with me in the belief that the conference centre would have an overhead projector. It turned out not to have one and so I had to improvise. This affected my talk on orgone therapy in birth most. I had also brought still photos and a video on disc for my presentations on the Reich blood test and the bion experiments. These actually worked with the help of the conference organisers, mainly the indefatiguable Roberto Maglione. (Many thanks Roberto for your help.) Incidentally, I have just bought PowerPoint for C O R E's presentations, but cannot manage to install it. It seems monumentally complicated. Can anyone come and help with this job, please?

I took 30 copies of Artificers with me and a large pile of booklets, 60-70 copies of various titles. About six booklets remained by the end of the first day and by the end of the second day they had all gone. Participants bought about 20 copies of Artificers and I left the remainder with Roberto for sale within Italy. 

I was sorry that there was little time devoted to the future of orgonomy world-wide. When there was a brief discussion on that, I told the story of how I had tried to float the idea of a research program in the field of bion research, the program to be shared out round the world amongst the small number of people active in the field and able to do the work, in the same way that a research project would be farmed out amongst the researchers in a university department, possibly all in the same university, or with a larger project, amongst researchers at  different universities. That situation would be perfectly normal in mainstream science and with the use of the internet there is no reason why orgonomic research could not be continued in the same way with a virtual 'department of orgonomic microscopy' or group working in any other field of orgonomy. This is my own opinion and others may disagree with me, but a complaint I do have about orgonomy at the moment is that it is stagnant and that very little new research work is going on and that very few original publications have appeared since Reich's death over fifty years ago. I know we are a small band and circumstances are very difficult, but surely a great attractor for new students, serious workers who can contribute to orgonomy in the future, would be a sense of movement and potential in our science. Now is a time of great opportunitiy for any alternative science offering solutions to some of the insoluble problems of mainstream mechanistic science.

PS added December, 2013. A good example of the sort of thing that I am thinking about has cropped up recently. I have received an e-mail enquiry from a Greek orgone therapist asking about the sort of microscope needed in order to do the Reich blood tests. He has thought of this important research project - assess the blood of therapy patients before and after therapy sessions using the Reich blood test, and assess the blood of people before and after using the orgone accumulator. (Reich records doing this with his cancer patients in The Cancer Biopathy.) The results of such a project could be enormously positive for orgonomy, confirming and extending Reich's original formulations of the bio-energetics of the blood and health and illness. It would almost certainly provide additional evidence for Reich's original claims and be useful in defence of orgonomy, not to mention beneficial to possible patients. Only by doing such piecemeal research projects and building up a growing mountain of research-based evidence will orgonomy advance in today's hostile world. There are many similar, quite simple research projects crying out to be done, which do not demand expensive facilities or advanced scientific or clinical skills. If you are interested in hearing about these and  would like to become an active collaborator in this work, please get in touch. There is almost certainly an orgonomic research project that you could contribute to.

Posted October 2013, last revised, October 12th, 2014