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What C O R E Can Do for You

What can C O R E offer you, the interested surfer, the committed student of orgonomy, or someone who has just come across orgonomy by accident? I am asking this question into the wind, as we get next to no requests for anything, in spite of having so much to offer the public. Still, now our book Artificers has been published, it is just possible that the book will attract some serious attention and there may be some wider interest in our activities and possible requests to give talks or demonstrations and to run workshops and practical teaching seminars. C O R E, in the shape of PJ, can offer the following services to the public interested in orgonomy. I have presented frequently at orgonomic conferences and have received frequent, positive feed-back from audiences about my clarity and simple style of presentation. I can give these presentations in German or Russian as well as English. I hope I am here speaking to a predominantly UK audience, as my aim is to put orgonomy on the map here while I am still able to. Orgonomy is already on the map in Germany and possibly in Russia also, though I do not know definitely about conditions there.

Now that my book Artificers of Fraud is out, I can give talks and demonstrations of the work behind this history. This would make a very interesting and unusual event for a bookshop or book fair. We have suitable equipment to give a demonstration of a bion experiment that can be observed on screen by a roomful of people. This equipment is mobile and can be taken to any suitable event. 

Talks, seminars, demonstrations on any aspect of orgonomy that can sensibly presented in, say, a day, an evening, or afternoon.

Workshops on any practical aspect of orgonomy such as, for example, the bion experiments, the Reich blood test, orgonomy and organic farming, or orgone-therapeutic preparation for childbirth. (Please go to Birth Page for more information on this topic.) The time needed for these varies greatly, anything from an evening to a full day, even a weekend or week. A repeat of the bion experiments, as outlined in my book Artificers, would be a very effective demonstration of the scientific method for, say, A level biology students. Any school or college equipped to teach A level biology would already have all the equipment needed for these experiments. (We are running a bion workshop next Easter, April, 2016. Please see our events page for details.)

Individualised tuition to the serious student of orgonomy. (There is not enough interest in orgonomy in the UK to organise courses, so I offer the interested student my expertise and experience on an informal, individual basis without charge.) Students can make a donation to C O R E's funds, if they feel our contact has been fruitful for them. ( There is not exactly a beaten track to C O R E made by students taking advantage of this offer, but a trickle of visitors does come to learn with me and these are usually very interesting times for both me and the students.)

Photo-copies of rare orgonomic texts or texts relevant to orgonomy from the history of science.

Workshops for parents and babies on orgone therapy with babies. The Carunchio page gives you an idea of what these events are like.

Stalls with literature, equipment, demonstrations and informal talks to enquirers at conferences, festivals, and so on.

Advice and information to journalists wishing to write about Reich and orgonomy or artists and writers wishing to incorporate orgonomic information or images in their work. (We do get a few enquiries from such people, but they rarely come to anything. People seem to get cold feet very quickly, once they realise what orgonomy is about and its profound implications.)

C O R E possesses  several excellent portable microscopes that we can transport on a trolley along with a CCTV camera and portable, flat-screen TV monitor. This allows us to demonstrate a bion experiment or the Reich blood test to a roomful of students in premises with no microscope or laboratory facilities. We know this works as we recently had a practice run, using the same set-up at a water micro-life day at Brockholes, the local nature conservation  site near Preston. (We now have a portable power supply suitable for microscopes where there is no mains electricity, so we could give a bion demonstration and talk in a shed or even a tent!)

If you are interested in organising an orgonomic event in your own area, please enquire about facilities needed. These vary greatly according to what you want to do. Obviously an informal talk to a handful of interested listeners needs only a sitting room in someone's home. A bion workshop needs certain minimum practical facilities and a birth preparation workshop needs lots of floor-space and a pleasant, supportive ambience. I have extensive experience of teaching many different things in the strangest and most taxing conditions, so I will probably be able to manage somehow or other. I am flexible and adaptive. If in doubt, please ask. With motivation one can usually manage something.

First posted March 3rd, 2013, last revised May 18th, 2016.

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