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The Thing that You Can Do

This appeal has been successful and the funding for the documentary has been raised. Congratulations to Kevin Hinchey, who will be making the film and everyone who helped to raise this large sum, more than $180,000. This is possibly the most positive development in orgonomy since Reich's death in prison in 1957. (26. 12. 14.)

The above link will take you to the video about the Kickstarter appeal which aims to raise funding for an important documentary on Wilhelm Reich and his work. This will be the first longer (100+minutes), fully informed and reliably researched film on Reich and will be made  by Kevin Hinchey, a professional film-maker and member of WRIT, the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. He has already researched and written the screen-play and now the appeal has gone out through Kickstarter to raise funds for the making of the film. The target was about $160,000, to be raised by November 21st, 2014. The appeal has been successful, with well over the target sum being raised. It will be a vital step in the advance of orgonomy to have a fully informed documentary film out, being seen widely and placing the truth about orgonomy before the public. As if to underline this urgent need, more ignorant slander is spewing out about the orgone accumulator in reviews of the current Wellcome Collection's exhibition in London, The Institute of Sexology. There is an orgone accumulator in the exhibition. (9. 11. 14.)

Other Things You Can Do

If you are a parent interested in orgonomy and self-regulation, the biggest thing you can do for your child(ren) is to spare them the torments of authoritarian schooling. Home-schooling is legal in the UK, though few parents realise this. Education is legally obligatory, schooling is not. The UK home-schooling charity, Education Otherwise can be found at Their help-line is 0845 478 6345 and their postal address is PO Box 1309, Blackpool, FY1 9HN.

Spreading Word about Artificers and Orgonomic Midwifery

If you want to help orgonomy on its way and in particular C O R E and our activities, please buy or at least tell people about  our first books to be published and now available, Artificers of Fraud and Orgonomic Midwifery. See its own page for how to order from within the UK. And apart from buying them, please tell other people, perhaps your own local library or bookshop, about them. They have not, of course, been reviewed anywhere and probably never will be. (Artificers received an extremely negative, mendacious review in the October 2013 issue of ForteanTimes, a review that attempts to demolish completely the whole point of the book. Though FT is a little known magazine with a tiny readership, the review certainly won't do the book any good.) It is having a hard time in the market place, in a world where information about the life energy is as good as censored off the stage by everyone. It is just unbelievable how anything positive in this field is ignored and yet how much attention hostile, ill-informed, and mendacious information about it gets. This book is about the deliberate distortion of history and science, a distortion that continues to this day. All profts generated by sales of this book go to C O R E's buiilding fund.

Pink Stinks

If you care about the exploitation of young children by commercial interests, in particular young girls, please show your support for This is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation in the UK set up by two mothers appalled by the growing commercalisation and sexualisation of their  young daughter's interests and lives. 'Pink' symbolises the branding and peddling of 'pretty-pretty' girlish things that identify girlhood solely with appearance and superficial prettiness. Needless to say, this commercial approach grossly damages young girls' freedom to regulate their lives and ambitions authentically. It is the opposite of self-regulation. A more adult version of this attitude has recently been shown in a video made to try to persuade more girls to become interested in science - Science: It's a Girl Thing. The video is not about science at all, it's about fashion and lipstick and  how you dress, with a few test-tubes and lab benches in the background. It has been so severely criticised, thank God, that it has been withdrawn by the EC makers. You can still see it on line here and there. Try YouTube. To join Pink Stinks, just sign up on their website. It costs nothing and anyone, male, female, adult, child, can join.

Important Things To Do To Help Protect Breast-Feeding

Wyeth organised an SMA road show in the summer of 2012. According to BMA this was against the code of baby food marketing agreed on by the company. For more information please follow this link - (Apparently they cancelled the show when they realised that BMA were on their tale! Congratulations to BMA on this great victory.)

There is an on-line petition that you can sign to protest against Nestle's attempts to weaken the Philippines' governemnt's policy to protect breast-feeding. The link is -

Aplogies for leaving this page without the link for a few days. I must have left the page to go and find it and been distracted by something. It is now posted above. It has also been posted on our news page for some time. If this link doesn't work, try going to BMA's own website. I presume there is a link to the petition there. ( )

I am sure many people ignore orgonomy, because they feel helpless in the face of the overwhelmingly powerful anti-life forces dominating our world. What can we do? I agree that things are bad at the moment and almost all cultural influences in the western, industrialised countries work against orgonomy, against the nurturing and protection of the life-force. BUT, there are still things you can do to support life, even though there is probably not a single national or international organisation dedicated to the protection of life as orgonomy understands it.

(Added, April, 2014. Yes, the fact that C OR E has twice been refused the right to have a stall and to contribute to local breast-feeding festivals in the UK shows just how bad things are in this country. Orgonomy is censored out of existence and repeatedly denied a voice anywhere.)

Any student of orgonomy knows that self-regulated breast-feeding is vital for the establishment of a healthy bio-energetic state in a new-born and young infant. Social fashions, the obsession with superficial appearance, and economic pressures make this natural function more and more difficult for mothers all over the world, even in rich, well-nourished western countries. I don't suppose a single supporter of Baby Milk Action has even heard of bio-energetic contact between mother and baby, (though I daresay a few of their breast-feeding members have experienced it and wondered what that lovely melting sensation was as their baby suckled), but by standing up for the right of all babies to be breast-fed and opposing the illegal marketing activities of the multi-nationals, such as Nestle and Danone, they are in practice defending this invisible and precious bond, the bio-energetic bond netween mother and baby. (A tiny number of the many nursing mothers who I met on the maternity wards in the NHS told me of the orgonotic streamings they felt as their baby suckled.)

Please become a supporter of BMA. Even if you do nothing, your subscription will help them in their brave work. Breast-feeding matters to everyone, not just to the mothers of young babies and to the babies themselves. Satisfying breast-feeding is the foundation of an infant's orgonotic health. If you know a mother of a new baby who is breast-feeding, offer to do something for her, to do the shopping, wash the dishes, or cut the grass, if she is lucky enough to have some grass to cut. In other words, do something that will allow her to spend more quiet, contactful time with her baby. And of course boycott the products of the firms who violate the WHO's code of conduct. BMA is probably the only organisation anywhere whose aims are completely consistent with those of orgonomy! Nothing underlines more clearly the idiocies of the 'market economy' than the huge efforts devoted to the marketing of an artifical, unnecesary, and harmful product, when nature has already provided us with the perfect food for any new-born baby. Even in western countries such as the UK, bottle-feeding can sometimes land a baby up in hospital. In poor countries with no hygienic water supply easily available it is often a sentence of death.

The latest idiocy on the marketing/mechanism world is the plan, apparently well advanced, in China, to genetically-modify cows to produce humn milk, which can then be sold as a product. About a year ago the perpetrators of this said they expected the product to be on sale in shops in about three years.

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, please read C O R E's booklet - The Bio-Energetics of Breast-Feeding. The text of this important booklet has now been posted in full on a new page - The Bio-Energetics of Breast-feeding.

Items won't be only about breast-feeding, though it is no accident that that is at the top of our list.

Links to documents and information sources cited on other pages is the link to the Lancster University aurora alert service. If you subscribe to this (free), they send you alerts when the chances of seeing the aurora in the UK are very high. If you don't know why this is important orgonomically, take a look at Reich's Cosmic Superimposition. is the link to the PhD of Dr Guenter Hebenstreit, who has confirmed Reich's findings as published in

The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety.

Important Books to Read

This section started out as a list of titles cited elsewhere on this site. I shall shortly be compiling and posting here a list of basic classics, not books by Wilhelm Reich, which I assume automatically students will have anyway, but other important books that any student of orgonomy should have in their library or at least read, if you can't afford to buy them. 

How Children Learn, How Children Fail, and Instead of Education, all by John Holt, published by Penguin Books.

The Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff, various editions.

The Muria and Their Ghotul, by Verrier Elwyn, Vanya Prakashan/Oxford University Press, India, 1991. 

Children of the Future, by Wilhelm Reich, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 1983.

The Sexual Life of Savages by Bronislaw Manilowski, various editions, almost certainly still in print (yes, by Kessinger, PoD, I have just checked, also another edition in the USA and many copies of the Routledge hard-back, which C O R E possesses). This is a classic on sexual self-regulation and Reich used Malinowski's findings in his work.

In Search of the Millenium by Norman Cohn, first published 1957, various editions. (See C O R E's booklet Orgonomy and History if you are wondering why this is here.)

Politics and the English Language, by George Orwell (article, not a book, text available on line).

Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin, by Ashley Montague, Harper's, 1986.

Into that Darkness, by Gitta Sereny, Random House, 1995.

Peter Jones.

First posted April 1st, 2012, last revised September 20th, 2017.

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