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Getting to C O R E - please see below

Preparing for a Visit and What Orgonomy Is Not

This may sound strange, as if you are preparing for a royal visitation. No, I don't mean that at all. I mean that it is expensive and time-consuming to travel all the way to Preston, (unless you live in Liverpool or Manchester), and that your valuable time, possible a weekend between weeks of hard work, will be better spent, if you can do some basic orgonomic reading before your visit, so that I do not waste our time answering simple quesions about orgonomy, which you could easily find answers to yourself, if you read a little of the classic orgonomic texts before your journey here. If you come knowing the basics of orgonomy, you are going to have much more important, 'second-layer' questions to ask which will be much more relevant and which may well open up new territory for orgonomy in general, not just for you.

We suggest that you read before your visit Reich's Function of the Orgasm or Selected Writings. Further reading of, for example, The Cancer Biopathy, and Ether, God and Devil, will orientate you and give you some idea of what Reich said in his huge body of work and what orgonomy as a body of knowledge is all about. It seems daft to be coming miles to ask the question 'what's a bion?' when half a minute's reading or a glance at C O R E's web-page on the topic will tell you in seconds. Newcomers to orgonomy with lots of bright ideas about promoting orgonomy and spreading word about it to the wider world need to know something about the incredible, active hostility to it in many quarters and the total indifference to it in the UK. You need to know how mysticism absorbs massive amounts of social and individual energy and blocks so many obvious and probable avenues along which you would expect orgonomy to develop. To get some flavour of this resistance, you can read Reich's People in Trouble. This is an easy read and is not at all technical. All the titles I have cited here are availabe to buy on line and, of course, you can borrow them from your local library, if you don't want to or can't spend too much money at this stage. Reich's books are well worth buying, even if you can afford only a tatty secondhand paperback. (Plenty of copies available via www.abebooks.co.uk ) No other writer that I know of rewards re-reading as much as Reich. You can re-read some, if not all, of his books dozens of times over twenty years and still find new things in them.

There are never enough people interested at the same time to run orgonomic events in this country. I estimate that we would have to have a mailing list of at least 1000 names to stand any chance at all of collecting, say, ten people for any event that we ran, such as a bion-workshop day, a summer school, a birth-preparation day, or a weekend on orgone therapy. C O R E has lost large sums of money trying to set up residential schools and learning days. One has to pay deposits and buy materials and equipment for such events and the loss is enormous when they have to be cancelled. At present our mailing-list of actively interested students in the UK doesn't even run to double figures! (Our colleague in Italy, Francesco D'Ingiullo, reckons that you need to notify 100 individuals about an orgonomic event to get one booking for it. C O R E has not even got 10 individuals who it would be worth notifying about any event we were trying to organise. By 'worth notifying' I mean who have shown an active interest in C O R E's orgonomic activities and have taken part in a previous event or who show serious signs of wanting to take part in another one in the future.)

However, individuals do occasionally contact us, we get an e-mail conversation going, and they eventually want to visit, to meet, and see some of the things we have been talking about. So they visit Preston, maybe for a day or a weekend, and have a very interesting, stimulating time seeing orgonomy in action. People I meet at orgonomic conferences also come to the UK to study with me. A young couple I met at the recent Rome conference did exactly that and came to visit. They wanted to learn how to do the bion experiments and the Reich blood test after hearing me give a short talk on them at the conference.

It is a rivetting experience to observe an orgone-charge vacuum tube luminating in the dark, for example. If you see this at C O R E, you will be one of a tiny number of people in this country to have seen such a phenomenon. The same goes for the bions. You can be a passive observer or actually carry out your own bion experiment on a material of your own choosing with our guidance, if you need it. We have a vast selection of suitable materials here, literally dozens, perhaps hundreds of them. Again you will be joining the small band of people in this country who have actually seen a bion culture under the microscope. There are probably only a dozen of you! Sitting in an accumulator and feeling your temperature rising, though unspectacular, is another rare, unique experience.  Once you have had practical experience of any of the basic orgonomic experiments and demonstrations, you find yourself in a completely different place to someone who has merely read about orgonomy. The sense of grounded knowledge gathered from experience is enormously empowering and makes you bullet-proof in debate. Clearly orgonomic theory and experiment is not the last word and may well be modified by later work, but science has got some big explaining to do, when it comes to the phenomena mentioned above. They are all scientifically repeatable, objectively verifiable, and well documented from many sources.

Before you get in touch, please have a thorough look at our website and become aware of what orgonomy really means and what C O R E is trying to do. We get cases of 'mistaken idenitity' when people assume without any contact or discussion that we are part of something that we in fact have nothing to do with.

C O R E is not part of the orgonite world. We are not a mystical, new-age organisation and do every thing in our power to blow the smoke of mysticism away. The prevailing mysticism of many young people, the green movement, and the 'complementary' health movement is one of the energy-blocking tendencies that stand in the way of orgonomy's progress at the moment. Please read our web-page on Why People Can't Accept Orgonomy before you get in touch! 

So, if what you have read about here on C O R E's web-site interests you, please get in touch. Younger visitors are welcome to come with a parent or adult companion. Adults are also welcome to bring a friend or partner, if they feel uneasy about coming alone. Your visit can be tailored completely to your own wishes, can be as active as you wish, and explanations adapted to your present level of knowledge of orgonomy. We demand nothing, assume only your interest, and will be happy to answer any questions at all, and to demonstrate anything to you that is within our powers. Obviously there are some limits to this. We have no cloud-buster here and no experience of using one, unfortunately.

Getting to C O R E

C O R E is situated in Preston, Lancashire, which, for our foreign site-visitors, is in the north-west of the UK, about 30 miles/50 kilometres north of Manchester. Students of orgonomy from outside this country might think of adding a visit to C O R E to a holiday trip to the UK. Preston is, for travel purposes, roughly in the middle of the country and very easy to get to.

By train - Preston is on the west-coast mainline between Glasgow and London (Euston) and trains run every hour on this route, sometimes more frequently. Journey times from London are about two and a quarter hours and about the same from Glasgow. There is a second route between London and Glasgow via Coventry and Birmingham. The journey time between London and Preston is much longer, about 45 minutes more, but the trains are much quieter, less full and more comfortable and this is a useful link to the West Midlands. Trains run regularly to Preston from all parts of the country except the north-east and Wales. You can get here from almost anywhere in the UK with one change of train. C O R E is about 10 minutes' walk from Preston railway station. There are regular direct trains to Preston from Liverpool, Manchester and Manchester airport, Birmingham, Blackpool, Coventry, York/Leeds, Edinburgh, and Barrow-in-Furness. You can connect with trains to/from other parts of the UK at Birmingham New Street, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, or Crewe. (Crewe is on the main London to Glasgow route, about 70 miles south of Preston.)

By bus - Preston is on the national coach network and the bus-station is about three minutes' walk away from C O R E. There is a direct route from Skipton in Yorkshire to Preston.

By car - Preston is about 2 miles from the M6 motorway, junction 31. The route from the motorway junction to C O R E is quite simple. Please ask for further directions, if you plan to visit.

[PS Added, November, 2016. I have discovered by accident while enquiring about flights to Ireland that Blackpool airport has gone out of business! So the nearest airport to Preston is now Manchester. By air - it occurs to me that we may have occasional site visitors in Eire and the Isle of Man or Scotland or committed students of orgonomy who want to travel here from Europe by air. There are regular connections between Ireland/the Isle of Man and Blackpool airport.] There are also easy train connections between Liverpool or Heysham, where ferries from Ireland and the Isle of Man dock, and Preston. Visitors from Europe should try to land at Manchester, from which there are frequent trains direct to Preston. Journey times range from about 60 to 75 minutes.

We would normally hope to be able to meet any new visitors at the railway station, which is about 10  minutes' walk from C O R E, but obviously can't promise to meet everyone arriving to take part in an event.  We have a short document that we can send you by e-mail which gives instructions on how to find C O R E from the railway station, just in case you get lost or arrive early, and the motorway. Please ask for this info, if you are driving to Preston. Everyone who uses Satnav gets lost, absolutely everyone. They end up driving round in circles, making frantic phone calls from their car. I can see them from my high-up living room window!

Posted March 29th, 2011, last revised November 28th, 2016.

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