What is Orgonomy? A Brief Explanation for Newcomers

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What Orgonomy is Not

Just in case you are on the wrong web-site, it is worth making it clear what orgonomy is not. (We do get many enquiries from people who seem to have misidentified orgonomy.) Orgonomy is not a mystical, new age cult. It has nothing to do with orgonite or chemtrails or similar unresearched beliefs. Although not acknowledged as one by mainstream science, orgonomy is a science, and does its best to investigate the original claims of the early orgonomic researchers, mainly Wilhelm Reich, of course, but occasionally others, and to replicate their experiments. We are, we hope, grounded in reality and experimentation. We welcome rational criticism and do our best to test all our claims seriously and honestly in the lab, if this is possible. We regard mysticism as a toxic plague that prevents the understanding and realisation of orgonomy and its hopes and aims.  (Please see our page Why Can't People Accept Orgonomy? for further discussion of mysticism as a barrier to the understanding and acceptance of orgonomy.)

So... Orgonomy is..

Orgonomy is the study of the life energy, named orgone energy by its discoverer, Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957). The philosophical concept of a life energy is nothing new and has been assumed by all religions, philosophies, and cosmologies until the advent of western mechanistic science in the seventeenth century. This viewpoint  took over science in the nineteenth century and has dominated it ever since. It explicitly denies the existence of this force in nature. It is the first and only philosophy of life and the cosmos to do so. Although the mechanistic point of view completely dominates official science today, many ordinary people outside the scientific community still accept the existence and workings of such a force without question. In fact the only community to whom such an idea is an outrage is the scientific community! Orgonomy is the serious scientific investigation of this life-energy and the body of knowledge that these investigations have produced.

Reich made his discovery by following what he referred to as the 'red thread' of the energy functions within his human subjects. These were his patients in psycho-analysis. As he developed his resistance analysis and later character analysis, which eventually became the first physical psycho-therapy, vegeto-therapy, later orgone therapy, his patients told him that they felt 'something moving' when muscular tensions were released and when they became able to breathe more fully. Reich investigated this something, thinking at first that it might be bio-electricity. Bio-electrical investigations proved positive but did not tell the whole story. (The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety.) Reich focused on the processes of physiological and emotional expansion and contraction within his patients and wondered if these were basic natural functions that could be observed in nature at large. To investigate this idea he studied amoebae and found that he could observe the same processes in micro-organisms.

Following the leads that these investigations provided him with, he discovered the process of bionous disintegration, by which dead matter swelled in water or a nutrient fluid and generated the growth of bions, tiny, highly-charged and very motile vesicles that were the transitional elements between life and non-life. (The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life and The Cancer Biopathy .) These vesicles had a tendency to gather in clumps and even form organisms in some circumstances. Reich filmed these processes under the microscope. You can see some of them on C O R E's videos on YouTube. You can read a summary of this history and how to carry out the experiments in our newly-published book, Artificers of Fraud. For links to these films, please go to our YouTube Videos page. We plan to make a further video for YouTube which will teach students how to carry out the basic bion experiment themselves. If you want to do this experiment yourself before the video is ready, please contact C O R E for further information or go to our page on orgonomic microscopy and the Bion Experiments. This page contains information on how to do a basic bion experiment. We publish two booklets on these experiments - Three Experiments with the Microscope for the Amateur Orgonomist and Further Experiments with the Microscope for the Amateur Orgonomist. These form the basis of our teach-yourself book - Bions for Beginners, which is now available for £7:50 + postage .

Reich found that some of his bion cultures in test-tubes gave out a form of radiation that produced sensations in observers and noticeable physical effects. He investigated this 'radiation' further and this led him to the discovery of the life energy, which he named orgone after its origin in his study of the orgasm function and organic processes in nature. (The Function of the Orgasm and The Cancer Biopathy, originally called The Discovery of the Orgone, volumes I and II.) He devised an apparatus for concentrating this energy. (See our new page on the Orgone Accumulator.) This enabled him to use it medically and to investigate it further scientifically. (The Cancer Biopathy.)

After the basic discovery Reich elaborated it in many directions, laying the foundations of orgonomic medicine, biology, physics, meteorology, and cosmology. (Selected Writings.)

There are many ways of demonstrating the presence or the effects of the orgone (Please see C O R E's booklet and web-page Demonstrations of the Orgone Energy). It is not just a metaphor, as the concept of a life-force often is in the writings of other workers, for example Driesch's entelechy or Bergson's elan vital. We can conduct experiments with it, feel it, see it, and use it to people's benefit. If people were interested in benefitting from orgonomy, it could be applied in many areas of life of vital interest to almost everyone. Unfortunately people are not interested in orgonomy and so its vast promise goes unrealised. In particular, there is less interest in orgonomy in the UK than in almost any other western country.

Last revised  January 2nd, 2019.

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