Artificers of Fraud: The origin of life & scientific deception

This is the first book published on the experimental microscopy work of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. It weaves together the work of Reich and shows its precedents in the work of the great botanist Robert Brown, uncovering a story hitherto hidden to science, which has profound consequences for our understanding of the origin of life.

Robert Brown & the history of microscopy

In 1828 Robert Brown (1773–1858), the great botanist and microscopist, claimed he had seen the primal building blocks of life. He published a paper on Active Molecules, in which he described the pulsation seen in particles emerging from bursting pollen grains in water, their apparent spontaneous movement, and their tendency to form groups that themselves moved spontaneously. He made a clear link between his observations and those of earlier workers on the origin of life. A year later he denied that his work had anything to do with the origin of life and his essay has gone down in the history of science as the discovery of ‘Brownian motion.’

Wilhelm Reich & the discovery of the bions

In 1936 Wilhelm Reich (1857–1957), working in exile in Norway, started research on the origin of life and described motile particles similar to those observed by Brown. He named them bions. He claimed he had witnessed the transition from non-life to life. He developed his experiments in great detail and published his findings quite openly. Other researchers could have replicated his experiments to test his findings. They did not. They abused and ridiculed him, and a press campaign against Reich tried to hound him out of the country. His bions were written off as ‘Brownian motion’ or contamination.

This book tells the story of these two workers and how their findings overlap. It shows how scientists have quietly conspired to bury the history of Brown’s discovery and its true significance. Readers can repeat the classic experiments of these two scientific pioneers themselves. The book shows you how to get started in this interesting field.

The author

Peter Jones has been a life-time student of orgonomy, the science of the life-energy, discovered by Reich during his experimental work with the bions in the nineteen thirties. He has passed a single scientific examination in his life with a mark of 41%. For several years he has been actively involved in repeating Brown’s and Reich’s experiments and uncovering the story, buried by science, of their pioneering work. He is the founder of the UK’s only life-energy teaching and research organisation, The Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education (C O R E). He has contributed to orgonomic conferences and seminars in various countries and students visit the the UK to learn from him. This is his first published book.

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